3D Printing Pen

A bulkier version of a normal pen, the printing pen has gained a vast popularity as it is basically a 3D printing machine in miniature. As you have already guessed, it allows you to create anything that comes to your mind, letting your creativity flow, and enabling you to produce various unique decorations and items to use or put on display. Here, we will provide you with a thorough ranking of the best 3D pens at the moment, and talk a bit more about their usefulness and other important aspects.

Top 5 3D Printing Pens Comparison

1. MYNT3D Professional 3D 2. AIO Robotics PR1002 3. 3Doodler Create 3D Smoky Blue 4. Manve MVP-6 5. Tecboss QP0028
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General Info

Manufacturer MYNT3D AIO Robotics 3Doodler Manve Tecboss
Dimensions 7″ x 0.75″ x 0.62″ N/A 6.3″ x 0.7″ x 0.7″ 6.7″ x 1.1″ 7.1″ x 0.9″ x 0.9″
Weight 9.6 Oz. 13.6 Oz. 12.8 Oz. 1.8 Oz. 1.86 Oz.
Color/Finish White Black Smoky Blue Red Black

Technical Specifications

Power Source USB Charging USB Charging Wall Socket Cable USB Charging, Plug Adapter Power Adapter, Micro USB, Power Bank
Body Type Slim, Ergonomic Shape Slim, Ergonomic Shape Slim, Ergonomic Shape Slim, Ergonomic Shape Slim, Ergonomic Shape
Supported Filaments ABS, PLA, Wood, Metal ABS, PLA ABS, PLA, Flexy, Wood ABS, PLA ABS, PLA
Filament Buttons Extrusion, Unloading Extrusion, Unloading Fast Extrusion, Slow Extrusion Extrusion, Unloading Extrusion, Unloading
Filament Size 1.75 mm 1.75 mm 1.75 mm 1.75 mm 1.75 mm
Extrusion Type Heat Heat Heat Heat Heat


Speed Control 5 Settings 2 Settings 3 Settings 8 Settings
Temperature Control 2 Settings
Continuous Extrusion Setting N/A
Automatic Shut Down
Screen Type OLED Display OLED Display OLED Display OLED Display
Replaceable Head

Drawing Test Performance

Straight Line 10/10 10/10 10/10 9.8/10 9.7/10
Triangle 10/10 10/10 9.6/10 9.8/10 9.6/10
Swirl 10/10 10/10 10/10 9.6/10 9.5/10
Free Drawing 10/10 9/10 9.4/10 9.8/10 9.5/10
Following Pattern 10/10 9.5/10 9/10 9/10 9.2/10
Final Score 10/10 9.7/10 9.6/10 9.6/10 9.5/10


Product Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Month Refund Guarantee 1 Month Refund Guarantee
User Manual
Customer Support
Telephone Support 800-695-5994 1-310-498-4049 1-718-618-9904
E-Mail Support support @mynt3d.com contact @aiorobotics.com help @the3doodler.com support @tecboss.com
Online Chat Support

3D Pen Reviews

1. MYNT3D Professional 3D

If you really want to let your imagination flow and create anything that comes to your mind, the MYNT3D Professional 3D is the right printing pen to go for. It features a textured slide button which allows you to easily change the speed at which the pen operates, thus being able to customize the process to your skill level or general pace. Furthermore, it allows you to change the temperature as well, thus being possible for you to pick the texture of the material.

Another strongpoint worth taking into consideration is the fact that the manufacturing brand is one which has an established customer base and has gained a name for itself on the market. Thus, you won’t be faced with production quality issues and the customer service department will treat the issues with utter seriousness.

As we tested the printing pen in various situations, we actually found it to be the perfect option as its heat extrusion alongside the adjustable speed allow you to work with care and create perfect projects. It is compatible with a wide range of materials, including ABS, PLS, wood, and metal, a highlight on its own as not many 3D pens have such a wide material coverage. Additionally, the OLED display keeps you informed about specs like filament mode and temperature.



Compact size and lightweight design allow you to work with it for hours on end without feeling fatigue A bit slow when it comes to reaching the set temperature
Speed adjustability aspect allows you to create projects at your own pace
Allows you to set the temperature as desired, in 1-degree increments
Excellent customer service – customers are pleased with how helpful the company is when issues arise


Instead of cheeping out and going for a pen released by a fly-by-night company, put your trust into this printing pen manufactured by the already famous and trusted brand MYNT3D. It feels comfortable in your hands and allows you to create anything that comes to your mind, and best of all, it works with a variety of filaments, so it does not limit you in any sense.

2. AIO Robotics PR1002

Lightweight and easy to work with, the PR1002 is the right pen for beginners in manual 3D printing as well as more experienced users. It allows you to choose the speed which feels most comfortable by putting 5 options at your disposal, while the temperature can be adjusted to your liking in 1-degree increments. This versatility in temperature opting allows variety in terms of PLA variants you can use with it.

Although its design is quite professional and there are hardly any flaws to it, the printing pen actually comes at a very affordable price. Thus, you will have a complete tool to create whatever design comes to mind without having to empty your pocket to obtain it. In order to preserve battery and make your life easier when working with it, the pen automatically shuts off after a set period of inactivity.

It heats up quite quickly, so you won’t waste time before you actually get to start working on your project, which is a major upside. Furthermore, you will have maximum control over it due to its comfortable and convenient design. Overall, it is a pen we recommend you spend your money on as it provides everything you need to make anything you can think of.



Its adjustability in terms of speed and temperature allow you to create complex designs Although it is light, it still weighs more than most printing pens available at the moment
It heats up quickly, so you won’t wait too much until you can use it
It automatically shuts off after a certain period of inactivity
Feels comfortable – you will have a pleasant time using it


Allowing you to fully customize the work process with it, the AIO Robotics printing pen makes for a perfect choice for children as well as adults who want to put their creativity to the test and personalize their homes with unique decorations. Best of all, it comes at an affordable price, so you won’t need to sacrifice much in order to purchase it.

3. 3Doodler Create 3D Smoky Blue

The sleek design of this 3D pen should be more than enough for any connoisseur when it comes to figuring out whether or not it feels comfortable to work with it. Obviously, hand fatigue will not be an issue as you use it due to its lightweight design and compact shape, fitting harmoniously in your hand and giving you the needed freedom to produce any project you can think of.

Supported filaments include ABS, PLA, wood, and flexy, so you can basically create any type of item or decoration you want. Due to the fact that it is ROHS, CE, and FCC certified, there is no doubt that it is a safe to use and well-built printing pen. One of its biggest highlights is the convenient continuous extrusion which allows a more rapid project development.

To better appreciate just how great this pen is, know that its manufacturing company, 3Doodler, is the first company to ever create a 3D pen. Thus, its experience in this field is hard to surpass and even parallel. Fairly priced and usable even for complex applications, this is one of the printing pens we urge you buy.



Sturdy yet comfortable design ensures convenience in use and durability Some customers have had issues when replacing the filament
Easy to operate – intuitive use ensures even a beginner will be able to create projects with it
Automatic shut-off ensures power won’t be consumed when you are not using it and forget to turn it off yourself
Great price to quality ratio – affordable and qualitative printing pen


If you are looking for a more budget-friendly 3D pen, then the 3Doodler might be the perfect pick for you. Allowing a customizable experience in terms of temperature and speed, you are not limited at all when it comes to what you can create with it. Furthermore, it feels quite comfortable to work with, so hand fatigue won’t be an issue.

4. Manve MVP-6

This is a great pick for kids as well as adults, the MVP-6 printing pen not being affected when it comes to the quality of the projects it helps produce by the experience of the user. What stands out about it the most is definitely the design, the lightweight profile making it a pleasure to work with it for hours on end, while the ergonomic shape allows you to feel comfortable in the meanwhile.

It is compatible with ABS and PLA materials, so you can basically produce any item you want as there are no real limitations with it. In addition, it allows you to choose between 3 different operational speeds, so you can create the projects at your own pace, relaxed. This is a great element to take into consideration as it greatly affects the quality of the resulting project.

It comes at a very affordable price, so you will not have to make a financial sacrifice in order to purchase it. Furthermore, it can be powered by a USB cable or plug adapter, so you have variety when it comes to its power source.



Lightweight – slim profile encourages continuous use for hours, hand fatigue not occuring Short warranty – manufacturer does not back it for a long period against defects
Fully customizable use – choose the speed and temperature you desire when using it
OLED display provides useful pen status info
Allows you to either charge it with a plug adapter or a USB cable


The ergonomic shape of this Manve printing pen will make it easy for you to reproduce whatever projects you have in mind with utter ease. It comes at a great price and it allows versatility in terms of charging, while performance-wise, we must note that it supports enough materials to ensure you will not be limited.

5. Tecboss QP0028

Last we have this Tecboss 3D pen, a tool which is perfect for use by kids just as well as by adults. What recommends it most for use by children is the friendly technique in which it operates, using heat instead of UV. Also, it is quite light, so it does not put any strain on the wrist of the person using it. We have to mention the fact that it is compact as well, as this is another design element which adds to its appeal in use.

One of its most important features is, by far, the fact that it puts no less than 8 speed settings at your disposal. Therefore, it allows a full customization of the work process when creating projects with it. Furthermore, the fact that it allows you to choose the temperature you consider best suited endorses the use of various filaments, like ABS and PLA.

Another highlight worth mentioning is the OLED display which keeps you updated with the situation of the pen’s stats. Overall, it is an exceptional choice to go for despite the lower position we placed it on in this top. It comes at a great price and it delivers perfect results, so you cannot actually ask more of it.



Great price to quality ratio Only works with PLA and ABS
Provides 8 speed settings to choose between
It performed great during our testing trials
Ergonomic shape and lightweight profile make it a convenient printing pen to use


Manufactured by a trusted brand and boasting an unparalleled design, this Tecboss printing pen will allow you to create whatever comes to your mind in a matter of minutes – depending on the complexity of the project, of course. It is reasonably priced and its overall performance is impressive, so we recommend you go for it regardless of your skill level.

6. Dikale 07A

The easy to use profile of the 07A makes it ideal for people of all ages, children especially. To use it, you are only required to plug it in, wait for it to heat up, and extrude so that you may create anything that comes to your mind. The automatic shut-off and automatic sleep functions make it safe to use for children, all while ensuring a general maximum safety in use.

It is compatible with ABS and PLA so that you may enjoy versatility when it comes to materials used with it. In terms of power, it is rated with a consumption of 10 watts, while the temperature at which it operates ranges from 190 degrees Celsius to 220 degrees Celsius. There are 3 speed and printing temperature settings you can select between.

It comes with 120 feet of PLA filament, sparing you of having to make a new purchase in order to use it for a long time. It boasts a simplistic one button operation, and the LCD screen clearly displays important info like operating speed. Additionally, the manufacturing company offers a 1-year warranty for it and allows you to return it and receive a full refund during the first 30 days after purchasing it.



You can check the operating speed of the pen on the clear LCD screen Shape and size makes it a more fitting choice for children rather than adults
Operating temperature ranges from 190 to 220 degrees Celsius
Compatible with ABS and PLA filaments
Accompanied by a 1-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee


Great for kids, the 07A is a printing pen that allows full customization of its operation. Speed control is provided, having 3 selections you can choose between, while the operating temperature can be set from 190 to 220 degrees Celsius with the simple touch of a button.

How We Rated the 3D Pens to Provide You with an Accurate Ranking

Despite the fact that this is a relatively new market, competition is high as the appeal for printing pens and the demand for these creative tools has skyrocketed. Thus, it was not easy at all to pick and rank the best 3D pens. To make the process go smoother and to make sure we are choosing the right products, we took certain elements into consideration. Find out what these elements are and how they impact the quality of the printing pen by reading the following lines.

  • Design – Shape, Size, and Weight

  • It should be more than obvious by this point why we put an emphasis on the design of the printing pens – their shape, size, and weight shows how comfortable you will feel working with the crating tools. Clearly, it is best for the size of the printing pen to be of around 7 inches in length in order to allow full control over it, for its body shape to be ergonomic, and for it to be as light as possible. The 3D pen to receive the best rating from this point of view is the Manve MVP-6 which measures 6.7” by 1.1”, has an ergonomic shape, and weighs only 1.8 ounces.

  • Supported Filaments

  • The more filaments the printing pen supports the better as you can produce a variety of projects with it, not being limited at all. If you intend to create decorative objects to spread around the house or even take this hobby to a more professional level, this is an important aspect to judge the pen by. The MYNT3D Professional 3D and the 3Doodler Create 3D Smoky Blue are the two pens which are compatible with the biggest amount of materials and that scored highest during testing trials.

  • Test Scores

  • As you can see in the comparison matrix above, we tested each and every printing pen which appears in our top to make sure that you get an accurate description of their quality. When we ran these tests, we created straight lines, triangles, swirls, free drawings, and drawing by following patterns with them. Obviously, our number 1 pick, the MYNT3D Professional 3D received the best scores, more precisely 10 out of 10 points for each testing category.

  • Warranty Length

  • The warranty which backs a printing pen shows how much trust the manufacturer puts into the product and for how long it will be replaced or repaired free of charge in case defects in parts and workmanship appear. Three printing pens received the maximum rating when it came down to this criteria, more precisely the MYNT3D Professional 3D, the AIO Robotics PR1002, and the 3Doodler Create 3D Smoky Blue, all of them being backed by their manufacturing companies for 1 year.

Frequently Asked Questions

?How long should I wait before painting over my creation?
Considering the fact that the filament cools and hardens as soon as it leaves the pen, you can paint over your project when you finish it. Just make sure to check that you are using paint which can adhere to the surface of your creation – otherwise, it won’t stick.

?Is there any maintenance work required for the 3D pen?
Regardless of what model you end up purchasing, no printing pen requires much in the way of maintenance work, which is good news for those who tend to be forgetful with these types of tasks anyway. Just check for clogs and unclog the pen when this does happen, and keep an eye out for feed issues. If they occur, take it to the manufacturer in case it is still under warranty to have it fixed for free.

?Can I draw on my skin with the printing pen?
While the materials used with the printing pen are not harmful in case of skin contact, it is smarter for you to avoid drawing on your skin. You are at the risk of burning yourself or at least being discomforted in case the nozzle is warm – or even hot – and touches this sensitive surface. Thus, instead of taking any risks, avoid printing directly onto your skin in case you want to create a bracelet, for example.

Whether you are a hobbyist crafter, an artist looking for a new technique to create 3D projects to astound gallery visitors, or just someone looking for a fun and ingenious way to relax, relieve stress, and get something out of the experience at the same time, you need a 3D pen. As you have already figured it out, we made sure for all the printing pens which appear in our top to actually be of a superior quality. Furthermore, they are all reasonably priced, so acquiring them won’t take too much money out of your pocket either.

The printing pen which amazed us the most with its operation is the MYNT3D Professional 3D, a pen that does not limit the user in any way, allowing the creation of simplistic as well as complex projects. Allowing adjustability of speed as well as temperature, and compatible with a wide range of filaments, it is the pen we recommend you spend your hard-earned money on. Other notable printing pens which we strongly recommend you buy and use are the AIO Robotics PR1002 which boasts an ergonomic shape and scored almost perfect during our testing trials, as well as the Tecboss QP0028 which is extremely low priced and dependable, allowing variation in terms of power source. Overall, regardless of the choice you make, we fully back it as we have tested the printing pens ourselves and are pleased with their operation.

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