Adjustable Standing Work Desk

Sitting too much might really be a serious issue for your health. People who sit a lot every day develop a higher risk of diabetes, and heart disease. Moreover, sitting all the time burns very few calories per day, and you are prone to gain weight and to obesity. Most of the people who work in an office usually sit down at least 8 hours per day. But hopefully, standing desks are becoming more and more popular nowadays. They come with a lot of benefits and they can improve your health more than you would have ever thought. Except for obesity and diabetes, they can fight against cardiovascular disease, cancer, and premature death. Choose a healthy way for a long and happy life.

Top 6 Adjustable Standing Work Desks Compared

Photo Product Name Dimensions Product Weight Maximum Height Weight Capacity Color High Feature Price
Stand Steady KYLMA37BL Image
Best Overall
1. Stand Steady KYLMA37BL 37” x 12” x 20” 32.2 pounds 20.5” 35 pounds Black Dual tier large surface Check Price
FEZIBO FZ-SD01B Image 2. FEZIBO FZ-SD01B 36.2” x 22” x 16.3” 47.4 pounds 16.3” 33 pounds Black Removable keyboard tray Check Price
Smugdesk SPF-CSP-1 Image
Our Choice
3. Smugdesk SPF-CSP-1 32” x 24” x 7” 34 pounds 15” 35 pounds Black Arrives fully assembled Check Price
VIVO DESK-V000K Image 4. VIVO DESK-V000K 34.8” x 20.8” x 7” 35.6 pounds 19.7” 33 pounds Black Space efficient Check Price
Mount-It! MI-7940 Image 5. Mount-It! MI-7940 36.9” x 30.4” x 4.5” 45.2 pounds 17” 132 pounds Black & Grey Versatile and portable Check Price
VARIDESK 49900 Image 6. VARIDESK 49900 36″ x 26.8″ x 4.2″ 52.1 pounds 14″ 35 pounds Black Ergonomic design

Stand Steady KYLMA37BL

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Our first recommendation is a sturdy and durable product that will offer you health benefits and comfort when working. It comes with a hydraulic pump that allows you to sit or stand easily. Its ergonomic design and other facilities will fit anyone up to 6.3”. This is the tallest desk converter due to the top shelf that can adjust up to 20.5”. Now there is room for everything you need to keep on your table, the dual-tier large surface allows you get well-organized and place all the gadgets. If you need only one level just remove the keyboard tray and continue your tasks. Sturdiness and durability are two other features that will provide high-efficiency. It can hold up to 35 lbs so you can easily store two monitors and their accessories, too.


Say goodbye to the back pain and improve your health by using this innovative item. Among the most important health benefits that it can bring, it can also:

  • Stop neck and back pain: Standing corrects your position by stretching out your spine. Raise the monitor up to the eye level and straighten the spine even further
  • Improve mood: Have more fun by using this type of item that lets you move more during the day. Now you don’t have to spend all your time on a chair and get muscle pain
  • Boost productivity: This product lets you focus more while increasing your productivity during the whole of the day. Now you can work in a more dynamic and efficient way
  • Ergonomic design
  • Dual-tier large surface
  • Sturdy and sleek
  • Easy and dependable
  • Some complained about the keyboard space

This product is saleable due to the fact that it has a large dimension so you can place all the needed equipment for doing your job. Also, you can use it easily by just lifting it in a couple of seconds.


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Create a healthy work environment by using this product that allows you to move at the office. Adjust it easily from sit to stand in just some seconds. Its large surface is easy to fit monitors and other accessories that you need. It is also equipped with a keyboard tray and gives you the option to remove it if you do not necessitate it. The ergonomic design is made of a durable and resistant material that holds up to 33 lbs. The product comes pre-assembled which is another pro because you just have to use it as it comes and this is all. You will notice how your health will improve after using this standing item. It will reduce the risk of back pain, diabetes, and heart problems.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy operation
  • Dual-tier design
  • Sturdy structure
  • Some say it is heavy weight

This product is popular due to the fact that it brings health effects and improves your posture. Get rid of back and neck pain and start using this office item.

Smugdesk SPF-CSP-1

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This is another of our recommendations due to its ergonomic design and efficiency. It offers high stability at even 15”+ height extension. It is ideal for larger workspaces, it can easily lift up to 35 lbs so you can store two monitors and other needed supplies. You can easily move it from sitting to standing by just squeezing the brake paddles on both sides moving it to the needed height and then letting go. It is easy and quiet and helps you get rid of the back pain. Another perk of this product is that it comes fully assembled so it does not require installation or other tools. Moreover, the item is backed by a 1-Year warranty, and 30 days money back guarantee.

  • Large design
  • Silky-smooth and quiet
  • Easy operation
  • Fully assembled
  • Some say that it is heavy

This product sells so well due to its most significant features such as the large dimension and sturdiness. Improve your muscle health by using this comfortable and ingenious item every day when working.


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This stand is another of our favorite items because allows you to find the balance between sitting and standing during the day. Just go from sitting to standing in a couple of moments by using the new touch locking system that will immediately lift it up. It is made of a solid steel frame that holds weights up to 33 lbs, so you can easily store both the monitor and the laptop. Moreover, it is space efficient due to the fact that it provides room for writing, drawing, and many other activities. It comes with a keyboard tray that can also be removed if you do not need it. The item has a very simple assembly, it only requires minimal assembly. The product is backed by a 3-Year warranty.

  • Quick transition
  • Strong and stable
  • Space efficient
  • Easy operation
  • Some claim that the shelving is fragile

This is a saleable item because it offers you a great work environment due to its most meaningful characteristics such as the dual-tiered design, durability, and quick transition. Also, the fact that it is space efficient is a plus.

Mount-It! MI-7940

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This ergonomic workstation will improve your health and posture when working. It is a portable desk that can be used also as a speaker’s podium. You can take it everywhere you need to, for instance at conferences, or just when going to work, due to its portability feature. Also, it is equipped with a locking wheelbase for a better stability. You can easily adjust its height by using the two handles on both sides of the item. The height of the top platform can be adjusted up to 17” so it will fit perfectly for everyone who uses it. Additionally, the cart has a weight capacity of 132 lbs, with approximately 33 lbs for each shelf. You can freely store the monitor, the laptop, keyboard, printer, and many other necessary supplies.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Portable and efficient
  • Wide and spacious
  • Durable material
  • Some say it is difficult to assemble

This product sells so well due to its ergonomic and portable design. You can take it wih you at work and you can also move it around due to its wheels that let you maneuver it easily.


This is another product to take into consideration due to its ergonomic design that will help you improve your posture at the office. It is ideal for two monitors and it measures 36” so it is suitable for larger workspaces. The two-tier design is meant to offer an upper display surface for the monitor and large keyboard and mouse desk so to facilitate your job. You can safely place other accessories, too, because it will stay stable and sturdy due to the high-quality materials. What’s great is that you can use it both sitting and standing due to its adjustable style. Furthermore, there is also a rowing lift to keep the ache and pressure off your back. It can be easily raised thanks to the spring-assisted mechanism and it comes fully assembled, there is no need for other tools.

  • Space for two monitors
  • Durable construction
  • Stable, simple, and thoughtful
  • Fully assembled
  • Manufacturing could be better
This is a saleable product because it improves your back health and helps you keep a straight and correct posture. Moreover, its large size allows you to place other important documents or objects.

Risks of Sitting

Even it might sound unusual, sitting is the new smoking. You may ask how can this be possible? Living an inactive life can bring you a lot of health issues. The less sitting or lying down throughout the day, the better are the chances for a longer and healthier life. Studies claim that if you stand or move around the risk of early death is lower than when sitting at a desk all day. The sedentary life can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, anxiety, and depression.

  • Leg muscles ruining – Sitting for long periods can generate the waste of leg and gluteal muscles. These muscles are essential for walking and for keeping your stability. If they got weak you can easily injure from falls or when exercising. Walk more, move around even when you are at the office, and replace the sitting desk with a standing one.
  • Obesity – When moving, your body digests the fats and sugars you eat. If you spend a lot of time sitting, the digestion might not be done properly, so you retain those fats and sugars into your body. Research claim you need 60-75 minutes per day of intense activity to fight the risks of boundless sitting.
  • Hips and back pain – Hips and back will not support you well if you sit for long periods. This way, sitting can lead to hip joints issues. The back is important, too, because if you are sitting with a wrong posture it can damage your muscles. The wrong posture can also cause spine problems, which can be very painful.
  • Varicose veins – Sitting can also lead to spider veins, this happens because it causes blood to collect in your legs. Usually, this type of disease is not dangerous but it can sometimes lead to blood clump which can cause severe problems.
  • Heart disease – This is one of the most serious issues caused by sitting. It is so harmful that even an hour of intense exercising may not fix the negative effects of one day spent sitting. So, spending more time on your feet is more beneficial than you would have ever thought.
  • Diabetes rise – If you sit all day you are more liable to diabetes. This is not because you do not burn any calories but only because you just sit. Sitting can change the way your body answers to insulin, doctors say.

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