Airsoft weapons are used in airsoft sports, and they are replicas of actual guns. They are designed to pressurize air in an internal chamber, this pressure causing the BBs to shoot out of the guns. Due to their design, they are less penetrative, being adored by those who want to do exciting and adrenaline-filled outdoor sports. If you’re into airsoft sports yourself, check out the comparison table below to find out what are the best guns on the market right now. With any of them, you are sure to be the winner of all rounds when playing with your friends!

Top 5 Airsoft Guns Comparison

1. H&K 416 CQB Elite 2. G&G CM16 R8-L Desert Tan 3. G&G M4 Raider 4. Kalishnikov Tactical AK47 5. LT-25B Interceptor SPR
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Product Specifications

Brand Heckler&Koch G&G G&G CyberGun Lancer Tactical
Overall Length 30.7″ 33.5″ 34.8″ 36.6″ 35.5″
Internal Barrel Length 12.2″ 14.1″ 14.3″ 17.9″ N/A
Weight 6.6 Lbs 5.6 Lbs 6.2 Lbs 6.8 Lbs 4.3 Lbs
Body Type Rifle Rifle Rifle Rifle Rifle
Motor High-Torque, Long Type 16000 RPM High-Torque, Long Axis High-Torque, Long Type High-Torque, Long Type High-Torque, Long Type
System Electric Electric Electric Electric Electric
Build Material Metal, ABS Plastic Nylon Fiber Polymer, Metal Nylon, ABS Plastic, Metal Metal, ABS Plastic Polymer, Metal
Color/Finish Black Tan Black Black Black
Battery Type Rechargeable 9.6V Small Butterfly Rechargeable 9.6V Small Butterfly Rechargeable 9.6V Ni-MH 8.4V Stick 8.4V Nunchuck


Operation Semi & Full Auto Semi & Full Auto Semi & Full Auto Semi & Full Auto Semi & Full Auto
Firing Modes Safe/Semi/Full Auto Safe/Semi/Full Auto Safe/Semi/Full Auto Safe/Semi/Full Auto Safe/Semi/Full Auto
Magazine Type Standard M4 Standard M4 Standard M4 Standard M4 Standard M4
Magazine Capacity 320 Rounds 300 Rounds 450 Rounds 550 Rounds 300 Rounds
Muzzle Velocity 335 FPS 390 FPS 400 FPS 380 FPS 410 FPS
Hop-Up Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable
Front Sight Post Globe Post Globe Adjustable Adjustable Flip-Up
Rear Sight Adjustable Adjustable & Removable Adjustable & Removable Adjustable Flip-Up
Ammo Type Airsoft BBs 0.20g – 0.25g BBs 0.20g – 0.25g BBs 0.20g BBs 0.20g BBs
Safety Manual Manual Manual Manual Manual
Caliber 6mm 6mm 6mm 6mm 6mm
Ergonomic Grip
Thread Direction 14mm Negative 14mm Negative 14mm Negative 14mm Negative 14mm Negative
Loudness Rating 3-Medium 2-Low 3-Medium 1-Low 3-Medium
Other Features Detachable Iron Sights Red Dot Optic 6 Position Retractable Crane Stock Adjustable Spin Up Accuracy System Adjustable Crane Stock
Metal Quad-Rail System Adjustable Carbine Stock Sling Adapter Foldable Vertical Grip
Adjustable Buttstock


Product Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Customer Support
Instructions Manual

What We Took Into Consideration When Ranking the Guns

It was not an easy task finding and correctly ranking the best airsoft guns on the market, but we managed to do it after doing thorough research and closely analyzing what each model has to offer. If you are wondering what are the elements, features, and specs that weighed the most when it came to rating and ranking these guns, check out the following lines. Make sure you do not skip this section of the article as being aware of the way we rated the guns won’t only help you appreciate the top that we put together but it will make it easier for you to buy the right airsoft weapon when you go shopping as well.

  • Overall Length

  • The overall length of the gun shows how easy it will be for the user to maneuver it. As we made sure to put your comfort and convenience before anything else, we made sure for the guns featured in our top to measure between 30 and 37 inches in length. This overall length does not only provide a higher degree of realism to the experience when using the gun but it ensures you will feel as comfortable as possible when handling it as well.

  • Weight

  • The weight of the gun is even more important than its length as it indicates how easy you will handle it and how relaxing the whole airsoft session will be. The smaller the weight the better as you won’t get tired too soon after the session begins. Also, you won’t be faced with muscle spasms or another type of discomforting pains in your arms, pains that would have been caused by a heavy gun. Knowing this, we made sure for all the weapons in our top to not weigh more than 7 pounds.

  • Build Quality

  • The quality of the construction is the best indicator of the gun’s reliability and durability. All of the weapons featured in our top are made from the highest quality materials, like nylon, metal, polymer, and ABS plastic. Best of all, they are all realistic replicas as they are molded from actual guns, the manufacturers making sure that even when you touch the guns you will feel like it is the real thing that you are making contact with and not an airsoft weapon.

  • Electric System

  • As you can see, only electric-powered guns are featured in our top. The reason why we chose these five electric guns instead of going with other models which are gas or spring-powered is that they are superior from all points of view. Their durability is superior, they can withstand low and high temperatures without suffering any loss in performance, they help save money in the long run as the batteries which power them can be recharged, and they shoot at faster speeds.

  • Magazine Capacity

  • Another important element we took into consideration when rating the products was the capacity of their magazines. As you have probably already noticed, all of the guns we chose as being the best feature magazines with generous capacities, all of them exceeding 300 rounds. But one which scored the highest rating was the Kalishnikov Tactical AK47 that can hold up a maximum of 550 rounds in the magazine.

  • Loudness Rating

  • When you are in the middle of an airsoft game, you definitely want to relax and unwind. Obviously, this won’t be achievable if you are going to be bombarded by deafening sounds. Being aware of the importance of the sound produced by the gun when you fire with it, we made sure for all of the guns in our top to be quiet. Thus, none of them will present a nuisance when you will be playing airsoft.

What You Should Know About the Guns

Airsoft is a sport which has gained a massive popularity amongst people of all ages due to the fact that it emerges players into a realistic combat experience in the safest way possible. Being invested in the ‘80s, it is even older than paintball, the rival sport that basically has players do the same actions, the only difference standing in the execution and the way the action unfolds from certain points of view. Basically, what you need to take away from this is the fact that airsoft, as long as it is practiced according to instructions, is not only extremely fun but incredibly safe as well.

The guns used in this sport shoot small 6-millimeter round pellets that are known under the name of BBs. Due to the fact that the traveling speed is a lot lower when compared to real bullets, BBs and airsoft guns are quite a safe combination. This might surprise you considering the fact that the guns are usually replicas of actual combat rifles and pistols, a fact that gives the whole experience a lot of realism. Nonetheless, no matter how slow the BBs travel, certain safety precautions have to be in place and followed, the most important being to keep a distance of at least 200 meters from the target you intend to shoot at.

To make the experience of playing airsoft even more realistic, some manufacturers even use real mold when producing these high-fidelity replicas. Thus, not only do the guns look basically the same as their counterparts, but they feel the same way to the touch as well. If you are a fan of shooters like Call of Duty or Counter Strike, this will surely delight you as you will feel as if you have emerged into your favorite computer game when you will be out playing this sport.

Is Airsoft a Safe Sport to Take Up By Kids?

As a parent, your child’s safety is your main concern. Also, you would probably do anything to see the small one happy and satisfied with the activities that he or she takes up. If you have been asked by your kid if it is alright to take up airsoft or if you have ever considered taking the small one to practice this entertaining outdoor sport, it is best to first take into consideration if it is a safe activity for a child to practice or not. Obviously, in this section of the article, we will debate this subject in order to give you a clear answer.

  • Non-lethal guns – First of all, you should know that these are low-velocity guns which are not lethal, regardless of the shooting distance. What makes it possible for the guns to be so safe from this point of view is the fact that they are designed to fire at low velocities which generally range from 170 FPS to 550 FPS, depending on the gun which is used. If your child dreams of playing soldier, this is a great opportunity to fulfill the small one’s dream in a safe environment.
  • Gun safety rules – Even though the guns are not lethal, there still exists the possibility for the child to get badly wounded if the general safety rules are not followed during the game. These rules you and your child must obey at all times are to wear protective eyewear when shooting, to never look down the barrel, to keep the safety on until shooting, to always point it in a safe direction, to avoid putting the finger on the trigger until the moment when the target has been aimed and the firing can commence, and to always treat it like a real gun in order to avoid becoming ignorant of the dangers that might await.
  • Resemblance to real guns – The fact that these are replicas of real guns does not make them dangerous in any way. Sure, a lot of parents do not take kindly to seeing their children holding a realistic-looking gun in their hands, but let’s not forget that it is not actually a lethal gun. Also, there is no correlation between playing airsoft and growing up to be an adult who is a gun fanatic, so you should not worry about this aspect at all.
  • Benefits of playing the game – Airsoft is a sport that no matter if played indoors or outdoors, can come with a wide array of benefits for the child as long as it is practiced in a safe manner. First of all, there is the benefit that the child will get to be active, which is needed for the small one’s health, especially considering how cozy kids these days can be due to tech devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops, devices that do not encourage an active lifestyle at all. Also, if the child plays outdoors, there is the added benefit of the fact that the small one will get to breathe in the fresh and clean air while doing a pleasant activity. Additionally, this sport helps the child focus and gain many skills, precision being the most prominent, skills that could prove to be useful later in life.

In conclusion, as long as the law allows for minors to practice this sport in the country and area that you live in, and if you make sure to take into consideration all the safety concerns and follow the gun safety rules, there should not be any danger involved with your kid playing airsoft. Obviously, it is more than mandatory for you to keep a close eye on the child and accompany him or her during the game, being by the small one’s side at all times.

Pistol vs Rifle – What Type Is Better and Why?

When taking up this sport and buying the gear for it, the first choice that you will be faced with is going to be to decide between a pistol or a rifle. If the pistol is the gun you prefer, you are going to have to choose between a gas or a spring gun as electric weapons can generally hold up more rounds, which is not possible with pistols. On the other hand, when going with a rifle, there are no limitations when it comes to the gun being gas, electric, or spring type.

There is no clear recommendation that anyone can make as it is best for you to choose what suits your preference best. Although, if it were to make a clear difference between these two types of airsoft guns and choose one as being the better choice to go with, we would definitely recommend you go with a rifle. To understand why the rifle is the body type we and many others view as the better option, first, you need to know more about the performance delivered by each type.

Pistols generally shoot at a speed ranging from 170 FPS to 400 FPS, and they have a capacity of 15 to 25 rounds. When it comes to rifles, the story differs exponentially as they generally range in shooting speed from 300 FPS to 500 FPS, and they boast a marvelous magazine capacity ranging from 200 to 600 rounds. Thus, with a rifle in your hand, you won’t only get to boost your game a lot as you will enjoy a superior speed, but you won’t have to refill the magazine too often either, depending on how long your matches are, maybe not having to refill it even once throughout the game’s duration.

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