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According to a survey made in 2017 and 2018 by the American Pet Products Association approximately 12.5 million American households own freshwater fish while a lower number of households, 2.5 million, own saltwater fish. The total number of freshwater and saltwater fish held in the U.S. is 39.3 million and 18.8 million, respectively. The statistics also show that fish are currently the third most popular pet in America. There are many reasons why people get fish as pets, including the fact that some species are easy to care for. All you need to do is to properly maintain the aquarium or tank and feed fish regularly.

Once feeding per day is enough for keeping your fish healthy but some people prefer feeding them twice a day, or even more frequently. Anyway, no matter what is your feeding schedule, the most important aspect is to avoid overfeeding. Although feeding fish by yourself is not a demanding task, many people opt for an automatic fish feeder. This is a smart device that dispenses food by following a particular schedule. So, you can choose when exactly you want fish to be fed and the device will dispense food automatically. One of the main advantages of having a fish feeder is the fact that you can go on vacation without asking your relatives or friends to feed your fish. In case you’re interested in buying an automatic fish feeder, take a look at these 5 models selected by us.

Top 5 Automatic Fish Feeders Comparison


1. Eheim 3581 2. Fish Mate F14 3. Lifeguard Aquatics IntelliFeed 4. Kedsum Fish Feeder 5. Proche AF-2009D
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Height (in.) 5.87 1.5 3.66 5.9 4.3
Width (in.) 2.7 4.6 3.07 5.5 4
Length (in.) 3.43 5.5 4.53 4.3 2.5


Water&Food Type
Water Fresh or Saltwater Fresh or Saltwater Fresh or Saltwater Fresh or Saltwater Fresh or Saltwater
Food Dry Food All Fish Foods Dry Food All Fish Foods All Fish Foods
Maximum Number of Feedings per Day 4 4 12 6 4
Capacity Up to 6 Weeks of Feeding Delivers 14 Individual Meals Up to 4 Weeks of Feeding Up to 4 Weeks of Feeding Up to 3 Weeks of Feeding
Battery/Power Adapter Battery Battery Battery and Power Adapter Battery Battery
Number of Batteries 2 AA 1 AA 4 AA 1 AA 2 AAA


Transparent Food Container
Manual Release Button
Adjustable Slider


Fan And Ventilation System Built-In Quartz Timer Pre-Programmed Time Adjustment Knob Removable Stand
Splash-Proof Buttons Optional Ventilation Extending Food Container Secured Door 2 Feeding Modes
Low-Battery Indicator Battery Indicator LCD Display Anti-Jam Feature LCD Display
2 Feeding Modes Slow Release Food Built-In Alarm
LCD Display Moisture-Resistant Hopper


Warranty 3-Year Warranty 3-Year Warranty 1-Year Warranty N/A 1-Year Warranty
User Manual
Customer Support
Online Support

1. Eheim 3581

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Eheim is a well-known brand in aquarium accessories market and it was established in 1949. The vast experience in this field is a guarantee that any product sold under this name is a smart investment. The auto fish feeder we selected is ideal for everyday use and is very reliable when you’re away. It is user-friendly and the added features make it very convenient.


The device is not bulky nor heavy. It comes with a universal installation clamp that simplifies the set-up process. Also, it fits on a wide range of aquariums and the mounting instructions are very easy to follow. The LCD display and the highly responsive buttons are a great advantage as they help you program the device much easier.

  • Transparent food container: by knowing how much food is in the container you will know when it’s time to add some more.
  • High-quality buttons: in order to last for many years, the buttons are highly resistant to water splashes.


With this model, you can use various sizes of pellets, flakes, or any other dry food you want. The food container rotates automatically when it’s meal time and dispenses food in the aquarium. Setting it is a breeze and you have the possibility to program it to feed fish up to 4 times per day. You can also dispense food between feedings with the food dispensing button. At the same time, the built-in slider allows you to adjust the portion as you like. In order to keep food dry, the feeder includes a fan and ventilation system that prevents clogging.

  • Optional second spins: the food drum can be customized to spin twice at 1-minute interval. This feature is great if you have more fish and you have to provide them more food.
  • 2 AA batteries: works with 2 AA batteries that are included. When the batteries need to be replaced, the LO symbol will appear on display.
  • Large container – it can store a high quantity of food, providing up to 6 weeks of feeding
  • Comes with a ventilation system that prevents food clogging
  • You can program it to spin once or twice per feed
  • Large LCD display with long-lasting buttons
  • Includes a universal installation clamp
  • The fan only works when the unit dispenses food
  • The slide adjustment can easily slide around

            This feeder comes with advanced features yet it is available at a reasonable price. It has a simple design and helps prevent overfeeding. You can customize it according to your preferences, being very versatile from this point of view. Overall, it is the nicest option you can go with.

2. Fish Mate F14

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This fish feeder is also made by a popular brand. Fish Mate offers innovative fish-care solutions to all those who want to take advantage of technology. It is suitable for small to medium-sized aquariums and we recommend it if you have just a few fish. As you will see, the device is slightly different in comparison to the other ones, reason for which is one of the most well-liked feeders.


Instead of having a rotation drum, this model incorporates a food container with multiple trays. It has no buttons, just a quartz timer and 4 little red pegs to set the desired meals. The food container is transparent as well as the hopper. In this way, you can tell how many feedings are left. You can use it on multiple aquariums and it has 2 mounting options: on the hood or on the edge of the aquarium.

  • Included brackets: they are provided in case you want to install it on the aquarium.
  • Innovative hopper: it is moisture-resistant to make sure the food it kept dry.


The food container features 14 trays where you can add the food you want. It works with multiple fish food and the best thing is that you can combine two or more types of food in the same tray. At mealtime, the container rolls around and dispenses an entire tray, but gradually, over a period of 2 hours. The timer allows you to set up to 4 feedings at intervals selected by you. Unfortunately, it has no manual release button or slider to adjust the amount of food. But in this case, you don’t really need a slider as you can control the amount of food when adding it in the trays. Also, it lets you know when it’s time to replace the battery, so there are no chances for the device to stop working.

  • Precise food amount: you can add the exact amount of food in each of the 14 trays. You can even measure out food proportions and give your fish the exact amount of food recommended for their species.
  • Promotes a Well-Balanced Diet: due to the fact that it has individual trays for each meal, you can mix more types of food. Also, you can alternate the food by adding one type in a tray and a different one in the following tray. As a result, your fish will eat a different meal each day.
  • Long life battery: the battery can last up to 1 year.
  • Ingenious design with 14 individual food trays promotes a balanced diet
  • Possibility to connect the feeder to the air pump to prevent moisture from building up
  • Well-made quartz timer
  • Takes up to 2 hours to dispense food, which is better for fish health.
  • Includes brackets that allow you to install it on the glass edge
  • No manual release button
  • The battery is not included

Although it has some minors drawbacks, the device works surprisingly well. The food trays are rather small, so it’s not the best option if you have more fish. It is the only model that allows you to diversify diet and to measure out each meal. Also, it comes at an affordable price.

3. Lifeguard Aquatics IntelliFeed

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This is another great auto feeder that accurately follows a fish’s feeding schedule. It has an interesting design that helps keep moisture out the container food. It is suitable to feed your underwater pet not only when you’re away but also when you’re at home. Since the container can store food for up to 4 weeks of feeding, it is ideal for more fish.


With a compact design and great attention to details, the device is a really nice option for every fish owner. One of the best things about this model is that it features a sealed container that keeps moisture away. The transparent food container is not something new but is very useful as you will always know how much food is in there. The LCD display and the digital buttons allow you to program the device without any hassle. In terms of installation, it is very versatile as it easily fits most aquariums. Furthermore, it can be mounted both on the aquarium frame or hood.

  • Rubber suction feet: to increase stability when placed on the hood of the aquarium.
  • Mounting bracket included: no need to pay extra money if you to install it on the aquarium frame.


The container can hold up to 7.5 cubic inches of fish food and you can add pellets, flakes, crisps, or whatever you want. When feeding time, the food container moves forward, spins to dispense food and then return into housing. This system is very ingenious as the container is sealed when not in use to keep food dry. With this model, you can opt for an impressive number of feeding per day – up to 12. Additionally, the slider allows you to control the amount of food released in the aquarium, so you can set it according to how many fish you have. Also, there a manual feeding option if you push the Set button.

  • Optional power adapter: you can purchase the 6-Volt power adapter and simply forget about replacing the batteries.
  • Comes pre-programmed: you can use it out of the box as it is programmed for 2 feedings per day – at 8AM and 6PM.
  • Sealed container that protects food from getting wet
  • Can be plugged in if you opt for the power adapter
  • Comes ready to use with 2 feedings per day.
  • The included mounting bracket and the attached rubber feet offer you more installing options
  • Can be set to deliver up to 12 feedings per day
  • Batteries are not included
  • You have to pay extra money for the power adapter
  • Some customers complained about the fact that it doesn’t dispense the same amount of food each feeding

            The device is a little bit more expensive and you have to pay even more money if you want the power adapter. Still, it is only one that can be plugged into a power outlet. We highly recommend it if your fish aquarium has moisture problems as it successfully manages to keep food completely sealed.

4. Kedsum Fish Feeder

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With this automatic fish food dispenser you can go on holidays without worrying if your fish are properly fed. The device is pretty easy to use and is suitable for different species of fish. It looks very nice and the many built-in features make it a reliable option for many years.


Maybe it is not the most compact feeder but this doesn’t make it too bulky. It comes in a beautiful black and green combination and has a nice time dial and time adjustment knob. It may lack an LCD screen but this makes it easier to use and is great if you’re looking for a more traditional feeder. The food container is transparent and it comes with minimum and maximum indications lines. Therefore, you can always keep your eye on the container and add more food if necessary. Installing the device is not complicated and you have multiple brackets options.

  • 3 installation methods: you can fix it on the aquarium hood or you can use the included tank mounting bracket that allows you to fix it in 2 different ways.
  • 2 pin slots: you can keep your pins within reach by putting them in the 2 slots under the timer.


You can use it with multiple fish food, including pellets and flakes. In order to schedule it, you just have to insert the green little pins provided and it will dispense food automatically once the pins come to the top. You can program it to up to 6 feedings per day. One nice thing about this model is that it has an alarm that activates when the feeding schedule expires. Additionally, the built-in slider allows you to adjust the amount of food as you want. You can also feed fish by pressing the manual release button. It works with 1 AA battery which is not included and which can last for up to 3 months.

  • Well-secured door: in order to prevent food to become wet, the door is secured and the food is kept dry.
  • Anti-jamming design: this feature prevents clumps when the food container rotates to feed fish.
  • Multiple mounting options without any hassle
  • The door of the food container is well-secured for keeping food dry
  • Comes with 2 slots where you can store the pins
  • No clumps to worry about with the anti-jam feature
  • Provides up to 6 feedings per day
  • No low-battery indicator
  • The battery is not included
  • A little bit complicated to fill the food container

All in all, the feeder is a nice option although you have to pay more money for it. It doesn’t notify you when to replace the battery but it works well and is very easy to set up. The food container has a tricky design so filling it with food is not very easy.

5. Proche AF-2009D

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Our last choice is this fish feeder made by Proche. You can opt for it if you want an automatic feeder that does a decent job and comes with basic features. Setting it is a breeze, you just have to read the instructions provided and then let it do its job. Maybe it is not the most advanced feeder out there but most certainly it takes care of your fish without having to be around.


The small design allows you to maneuver it with ease, thus simplifying the installation process. You have to 2 installing methods to choose from, so just like the other models, it is versatile from this point of view. The food container is transparent but it is not very large, being able to store food for maximum 3 weeks. The push buttons and the LCD screen simplify the set-up, so it won’t take more than several minutes to complete the process.

  • Innovative stand: by using the stand, you can clamp it to the tank but you can also remove it to stick the device on the aquarium cover
  • Large LCD screen: measuring 1.1 x 0.5 inches, the LCD screen is large enough to follow the set-up with ease.


You can add pretty much all types of fish food in the container. It works with pellets and flakes but also with strips and powders. Once you add the food, the device can be set up to 4 feedings per day, having the possibility to choose the meal hours. You can easily control the amount of food dispensed by adjusting the slider. There’s also a manual button that allows you to feed fish between meals.

  • 2 rotations per feeding: you can set the food container to rotate twice per feeding. The second spin is at a 1-minute interval. In this way, if you have more fish you can dispense a larger amount of food.
  • Works with 2AAA batteries: the batteries are included and the estimated lifetime is approximately 3 months .
  • Allows you to deliver a larger amount of food by programming it to spin twice per feeding
  • Generously-sized LCD display
  • Promotes 2 methods of installation: to the tank wall or on the cover
  • Large food container door for easy filling
  • Doesn’t have a low battery indicator
  • The lightweigth design makes it less sturdy in comparison to the othe rmodels
  • According to some customers, the double-side Velcro is not very resistant

            The cheapest auto feeder in our list, so it’s nice to consider if you want to save some money. It works well and is very easy to program. Still, there are some minor drawbacks like the lack of a low-battery indicator and the low-quality Velcro.

There’s absolutely no doubt that an automatic food dispenser makes fish keeping much easier. It provides the right amount of food on a regular schedule, thus preventing overfeeding or underfeeding. The models selected by us are the most popular options among fish owners for several reasons: they are practical, reliable, and easy to use. They are not faultless but they are dependable when you need them the most. So, here is our final verdict:

Eheim 3581: Best Overall Feeder
This model is our top recommendation. The good user reviews place it on the top preferences of customers. And why not? It is sturdy and delivers feedings as programmed. Also, it is worth considering if you have a large fish aquarium as it comes with a large food bin. Plus, the price is very accessible.

Fish Mate F14: Best for Diversification
You won’t find any other feeder that can dispense different types of food every other feeding. This allows your fish to eat a varied diet. Also, you can put the exact amount of food for your fish species. Just like the Eheim 3581, this feeder is a budget-friendly alternative.

IntelliFeed: Best for Keeping Food Dry
Suitable if you’re dealing with moisture problems. The unique design allows it to maintain food fresh day after day. Also, it can be connected to the air pump and can be plugged into a power outlet. But all these come at a higher price, so if you’re willing to pay some extra money, go with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

?Are These Devices Suitable for All Types of Tanks?
The automatic feeders selected in this article are suitable for small to medium-sized tanks. However, the size of the aquarium is not as important as the the number of fish you need to feed. If you have more fish, you need a device with a higher capacity.
?How Long Do the Batteries Last?
The battery life depends on many aspects – type and number of batteries, how often you use the device, etc. In general, the batteries should last somewhere between 6 and 12 months.
?Is the Device Safe for Fish?
The device is not harmful at all for fish. Therefore, you can use it on a regular basis and not only when you’re not at home. It is a better option if you want to make sure your fish are fed properly.

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