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There is a moment in our lives when we have to be sure that we take only the best decisions, and that is the moment of having a baby. First and the most important of all is choosing a comfortable and safe rest place for the little one. Choosing the best mattress for the newborn’s crib might be really tricky for most of the people who don’t have experience or knowledge about this particular issue. The latest market offers a lot of options but still, is so hard to take the best decision. In case you are dealing with this type of situation, check out our recommendations.

Top 9 Best Baby Crib Mattresses Comparison

Photo Product Dimensions (in.) Weight (lbs.) Material Colors Innerspring System Washable Price

Best Overall
1. Newton Wovenaire Cloud White 28 x 52 x 5.5 11 90% free air and 10% food-grade polymer Moonlight grey, cloud white, sunrise pink, sky blue Check Price

Our Choice
2. Graco 06710-400 52 x 27.6 x 5 10.7 Foam White Check Price
3. Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer 27.5 x 52 x 5 10.3 Medical grade fabric White Check Price
4. Milliard Foam Crib Polka Dot 52 x 27.5 x 5 8.8 Foam Gray with white polka dots Check Price
5. Simmons Kids Beautyrest Ultra Deluxe 27.5 x 52 x 6 19.4 Natural cotton blend cover and AirCool memory foam White Check Price
6. Serta Nightstar Deluxe 27.5 x 52 x 6 17 Durable two-sided cotton design with vinyl cover Grey with pattern Check Price
7. Colgate Classica I 27.2 x 51.6 x 5 8 Hypoallergenic, anti-flammable fabric White Check Price
8. Safety 1st Transitions Baby 27.5 x 52 x 5 8 Polyester fabric White Check Price
9. Dream On Me 25-GR 37.5 x 25.5 x 3 3.5 10% vinyl, 90% foam White Check Price

Crib Mattress Reviews

Newton Wovenaire Cloud White

The comfort of your newborn is quintessential, especially when it comes to nap time. The small one needs proper support for his/her growing body, and a soft surface to sleep on for hours to grow big and strong. The Wovenaire provides just that, this mattress being specially designed to cater to every aspect that is important in the growth of a baby. It offers a bacteria and dust mites resistant surface for the baby to sit and sleep on, thus not existing the possibility for exposure to infections or the apparition of respiratory issues. It is designed to provide temperature regulation so that the small one won’t have a sweaty back. Furthermore, the Breathe-Thru technology used in its manufacturing process ensures optimal breathability so that the small one won’t suffocate when he/she is lying face down.


As this mattress measures 52 inches by 28 inches by 5.5 inches, it is designed to fit all standard size cribs. Furthermore, it weighs only 11 pounds, so you won’t have trouble putting it the crib or taking it out when the time comes to wash it. It comes in 4 different color options, more precisely Moonlight Grey, Cloud White, Sunrise Pink, and Sky Blue. The mattress core is composed 90% of air and 10% of food-grade polymer, thus providing the same comfortable feel as foam and latex do, all without the drawbacks associated with them as there is no off-gassing or toxic chemicals involved. Best of all, the cover is made with highly breathable fabric and quilted to deliver a soft sitting surface, ensuring the baby will sleep uninterrupted.


Certifications matter when it comes to products for babies, and the Wovenaire is certified by GreenGuard for low chemical emissions. Tested and certified by UL to meet this important standard, the mattress delivers low emissions of harmful chemicals like volatile organic compounds, thus not only being safe for the baby to sleep on, but helping promote healthier air quality indoors as well.

Mention Worthy Details
  • Its innovative design allows air to freely flow, providing optimal breathing and temperature.
  • Designed to be used throughout the baby and toddler phases of the child’s growth.
  • Provides the perfect amount of firmness to ensure a good night’s sleep for the small one.

As the mattress is fully washable, you can rest assured knowing that period cleaning to ensure no bacteria or impurities lay on it is possible. The cover zips off with ease, and you can directly put it in the washer to handle cleaning it. We recommend you hang dry it instead of using the dryer as it might shrink and be harder to put back on the mattress. When it comes to the mattress itself, you can wash it in the shower using soap and water, and put it in a stand-up position to dry.

  • It is hypoallergenic, doesn’t contain foam, latex, glue or allergens
  • It comes wrapped up in a breathable, three-dimensional fabric
  • It is 100% recyclable
  • It is comfortable and easy to wash
  • More expensive

This is the most expensive model in our list. It is also the most popular one among parents . Besides the fact that is hypoallergenic, it comes in a nice cover that is very comfortable. Unlike the other models, this one is available in more color options.

Graco Premium Foam Crib

This premium foam crib can also be used as a toddler bed mattress. It’s made from breathable foam that will maximise the air flow for your child. Thus, ensuring a good night rest. In addition to this, the water-resistant lining will help to keep the baby cozy and clean. Furthermore, the material is also anti-static and anti-microbial because it’s free of phthalates and lead. Thus, you will never have to worry about the child’s safety. In fact, you will be pleased to know that it meets the federal flammability standards and it comes with a 6-Years limited manufacturer warranty. Due to the fact that this model has been designed with comfort as a priority, it has 5” of breathable foam. The only thing that you have to remember is that when you remove the packaging, unroll and lay it flat. Please allow 72 hours for the mattress to expand to its full size.

  • Waterproof cover
  • Suitable for toddler beds
  • Self-expanding
  • Breathable material
  • You have to wait many hours before using it

The reason why this model sells so well is because parents enjoy the fact that it meets with the standard regulations and laws. Thus, you and your baby will have a restful night sleep by relying on it. In addition to this, the warranty period is very beneficial for all of those that want an investment rather than a meaningless purchase.

Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer

The Moonlight Slumber is ideal when it comes to the baby’s comfort and safety. It has hypoallergenic features and it is an Eco-friendly product that will surprise you. It comes wrapped in a water and stain resistant cover with anti-flammable properties. It has a two-stage sleep system that can provide a deep restful sleep for children and also their parents. One side is made from an extra firm layer infused with natural plants’ oils perfect for infants, and the other contains a soft plush layer for toddlers or adults. It has an easy way of cleaning by using warm water, a damp sponge, and liquid soap in small amounts.

  • It is an Eco friendly mattress made from plants based foam
  • Has a water resistant air flow ribbon
  • Provides lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects
  • On sides has SafeSewn seams that keep away dust mites
  • Only available on white

The mattress is one of the best products you can go with. It is UL certified for low chemical emissions, being a green option for your baby. Furthermore, it is a long-term investment, as you can also use it after your baby grows. The lifetime warranty is a proof that it will last for many years.

Milliard Foam Crib Polka Dot

The unique blend of foam used to manufacture it not only ensures a comfortable sleeping surface for your small wonder, but, as it is free of any toxins and harmful chemicals, guarantees safety as well. It is designed to contour to the shapes of the baby’s body while delivering even weight distribution to keep sleep quality up. Even though it boasts a high density construction, it is surprisingly breathable, so sweating won’t occur during the night. It even comes with a waterproof cover that prevents small “incidents” from ruining it, cover that is removable and machine washable.

  • Designed to ensure increased air circulation
  • Even weight distribution is granted
  • It contours to the body of your baby
  • Antimicrobial and resistant to allergens
  • None

Not only comfy to lay on, but providing a safe sleeping environment for the baby, this is one of our top recommendations to parents concerned about raising their small wonders as well as possible. It comes at a fair price and provides a waterproof cover that keeps “liquids” from ruining the surface, these two aspects being only a small portion of what makes it great.

Simmons Kids Beautyrest Ultra Deluxe

The product comes with a natural fire protection cover and superior fabric that features water and stain resistant properties. It is able to create a comfortable and pleasant sleep time with its 2 in 1 design that is good for infants and toddlers. It is made without using any toxic or poisonous elements and meets all flammability standards. It provides great stability with its built-in coil springs and can be used on both of its sides. In addition, it comes with Greenguard Gold and CertiPur-US certificates providing a healthier environment.

  • Made with natural cotton fire protection wrap without chemicals
  • Has 2 in 1 design, one side provides firmness for newborns and the other contains AirCool memory foam ideal for toddlers
  • Its cover is water and stain resistant
  • Comes with Greenguard Gold and CertiPUR-US certificates for a healthier environment
  • Some people might not like the innerspring system

Great to consider if you’re looking for a cheaper model that has coil springs. It is made of non-toxic materials and comes with a lifetime warranty. What we like in particular is the possibility to turn it on the other side once your infant grows . For extra money, you can opt for a cover to protect the mattress.

Serta Nightstar Deluxe

This mattress comes with a two-sided design made from blended cotton layers that give an extra comfort. It has a pleasant patterned look and can easily fit in any type of crib. Its 240 heavy-duty innerspring coils give a lot of stability and a firm surface. It is Green Guard Gold certified, meaning that is perfectly safe for your little one and helps improve the air quality inside the room. It comes with a protective vinyl wrap that is waterproof and stain resistant and has finished square corners providing a secure fit inside the crib.

  • Provides a two-sided design and a naturally blended cotton layer for extra comfort
  • Has finished square corners for a secure fit inside the crib
  • It is Greenguard Gold Environmental Institute certified
  • Comes with waterproof and stain resistant vinyl cover
  • Some people might not like the innerspring system

Provides great support and stability to your baby and toddler. It contains innerspring coils and a layer of visco memory foam . It is safe for the environment, being UL certified for low chemical emissions. The vinyl cover is very efficient against water spills and stains. Solid construction that will last many years after purchase.

Colgate Classica I

The Colgate Classica I crib mattress has light weighted properties meaning that you can easily change sheets anytime without an extra help. It comes wrapped in a safe triple layer cover that has waterproof features and can be cleaned in an easy manner using mild soap and a damp cloth. It comes with Greenguard Gold Certificate meaning it doesn’t contain harmful air emissions and is perfectly safe for your little one. This high-quality mattress can easily fit in any standard sized crib and has multiple side eyelet vents that provide an increased airflow.

  • It is lightweight providing an easy sheet change
  • Comes with Greenguard Gold and CertiPUR-US certificates
  • Has multiple side eyelet vents for increased airflow
  • Provides an easy way of cleaning using a damp cloth and mild soap
  • Only available on white

This mattress is affordable and provides the ideal firmness for your baby. It is lightweight and contains hypoallergenic materials . The side vents do a great job at increasing the airflow. CertiPUR-US certified foam and UL certified for low chemical emissions. The cover is waterproof and is very easy to clean.

Safety 1st Transitions Baby

The product is made from a lightweight material so it will not be a problem in case you need moving it. It is a convenient product, considering that it can be easily cleaned using a few wipes and is able to provide a safe sleeping, being Greenguard Gold certified. Unlike other items, Safety 1st has been created to fit all types of standard cribs and toddler’s beds, so you don’t have to worry about its dimensions. It is an innovative product, capable to provide a safe and uninterrupted sleep to your baby by offering the right amount of support.

  • Fits standard cribs and tobbler beds
  • Meets the standards for low chemical emissions to provide a safe sleeping environment
  • It is lightweighted and durable
  • Provides an easy way of cleaning, by only using a wipe
  • Only available on white

Budget-friendly and versatile. This model is the cheapest one in our list and it can be used on both sides. It is lightweight and is made of safe materials. Comes with a Greenguard certification for low chemical emissions. The cover is made of cotton and plastic materials, being water resistant. Unfortunately, it can’t be removed to be washed.

Dream On Me 25-GR

As it measures 37.5 inches in length, 25.5 inches in width, and 3 inches in height, and features 4 90-degree corners that fit all cribs and play yards perfectly to ensure the mattress won’t slip out, this is one of the safer options to go for when it comes to the sleeping environment of your baby. It is made with non-allergenic and anti-bacterial materials, more precisely 10% of it is vinyl and 90% of it is foam. It can accommodate babies who weigh from 3 to 45 pounds. Due to the fact that the cover is waterproof, when the little one will have an accident there won’t be a huge mess to clean up. It meets Federal Standard Flammability Standard 16-CFR 1632, so safety is ensured with it. Furthermore, it is mold, mildew, and odor resistant, ensuring a safe and clean sleeping surface for the baby. However, the warranty isn’t all that generous, the mattress being covered by the manufacturing company for only 3 months.

  • Waterproof cover ensures it will resist liquids and stains
  • Meets 16 CFR 1632/1633 Federal Flammability Standards
  • Accommodates babies weighing from 3 to 45 pounds
  • Comes at a cheap price
  • Warranty lasts only 3 months

If your baby weighs from 3 to 45 pounds, and you don’t have the biggest budget out there to spend on the mattress, yet you still want the small one to enjoy a safe and healthy sleeping surface, this Dream On Me product is your go-to choice.

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