Baby Thermometers

Are you a new parent? If so, a digital thermometer is exactly what you need for your newborn. When you suspect that your little one is sick, everything you need is a good tool that will help you make the best medicine for your baby. And one of the most accurate tools you have to do that is a digital thermometer. It works exactly as a regular thermometer but it is much accurate for newborns. Although most thermometers are engineered to be used across a variety of age groups, it is important to use a tool that specifies it is appropriate for baby use to make sure it provides accurate readings when used on your child.
Choosing the best digital thermometer for you and your family can be extremely confusing. There are countless types of thermometers that will give you an accurate reading, which means that it is quite difficult to make the right purchase. After reviewing more than 10 types and brands of thermometers, we can confirm that the models below are the best on the market.

Top 6 Baby Thermometers Comparison

Photo Product Price
 Braun Thermoscan 4020

1. Braun Thermoscan 4020

  • Digital Ear Thermometer
  • 1 second measurement time
  • Clinically tested
  • Memory recall
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 Braun IRT6020 ThermoScan 5

2. Braun IRT6020 ThermoScan 5

  • Ear Thermometer
  • 1 second to take your temperature
  • Clinically tested
  • Memory recalls the last temperature reading in Celsius or Fahrenheit
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 iProven DMT-489

3. iProven DMT-489

  • It has 2 functionalities. It has both a forehead and an ear function.
  • It takes 1 second to take your temperature.
  • Clinically tested
  • The last 20 readings can be easily recalled
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Metene Medical

4. Metene Medical

  • Dual mode use – forehead or ear detection
  • 1 second measurement time
  • Clinically tested
  • 20 readings memory recall
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 Vive Forehead Thermometer

5. Vive Forehead Thermometer

  • Forehead Thermometer
  • It provides accurate temperatures in one second
  • Clinically tested
  • It stores up to twenty readings for easy comparison
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 QQCute Forehead Thermometer

6. QQCute Forehead Thermometer

  • Forehead with Ear function thermometer
  • It reads temperature in one second
  • Clinically tested
  • Memory recall – up to 20 readings
Braun ThermoScan5 IRT6500

7. Braun ThermoScan5 IRT6500

  • Ear thermometer
  • It takes your child’s temperature in seconds
  • Clinically tested
  • Memory function recall

Baby Thermometers Reviews

Braun Thermoscan 4020

The Braun Thermoscan 4020 is the best baby thermometer we reviewed. It is equipped with a unique Feedback system that confirms the right position for accurate readings. Additionally, it comes with a filter detector and ejector. Thanks to its exclusive pre-warmed tip, it provides accurate and repeatable readings. As compared to other thermometers, this digital ear model is so advanced that it can store the last temperature reading. Clinically tested, the Thermoscan 4020 manufactured by Braun is one of the most accurate and safer digital thermometers for newborns and adults alike. Thanks to the pre-warmed tip which minimize the cooling effect on the ear canal, it feels warm and comfortable. What we really like about this thermometer is that is very easy to use. It features a green light that lights continuously while you take your baby’s temperature. Also, the green light will announce you if the device has not been placed in the right position. Overall, the Thermoscan 4020 which has been carefully developed is surely an option worth taking into consideration.



The only ear thermometer with patent ExacTemp technology It is a bit pricey
It provides accurate readings
It ensures minimized germ transfer with disposable lens filter
Attractive and stylish design


If you are looking to purchase an efficient thermometer to monitor your baby’s temperature, take a look at the Thermoscan 4020 manufactured by Braun. It uses an advanced technology and comes with plenty of impressive features. Thanks to its Feedback system, you will always know how to get accurate readings. Also, there is a green light which confirms the right position for accurate readings.

Braun IRT6020 ThermoScan 5

If you are looking for an ear thermometer that provides accurate temperature readings, the Braun IRT6020 ThermoScan 5 is exactly what you are looking for. Like the previous model, the IRT6020 thermometer features a Patented Exact Temp Feedback System that helps you place the device in a good position so it can provide accurate readings. It confirms the right position with a green light and a beep. Its soft tip is warmed up to 34°C which is a major plus because it provides warmth and comfort. As compared to other similar thermometers, this model provides fast readings, a factor which is extremely important when you measure temperature in newborns. To better understand how does it work, you need to know that your eardrum generates an infrared heat. This infrared heat is measured by this thermometer which provides you with faster and very accurate results. Overall, this comfortable and gentle ear thermometer has some impressive features that will definitely make you choose it.



It delivers accurate results. The manual guide is not very useful.
Thanks to its Infrared technology, it is able to take your kid’s temperature in seconds.
Easy to use
Fast and safe for newborns and adults alike.


Another interesting thermometer manufactured by Braun is the IRT6020 model. It is an ear device that provides exactly what you want: fast readings. It comes with a Patented Exact Temp Feedback System which has the purpose to announce the user if the device has not been placed in the right position. Although the manual guide is not very useful, the device is very easy to setup and use.

iProven DMT-489

If you are looking to purchase a digital thermometer with dual functionalities, the proven DMT-489 is the best gadget we reviewed. With its dual functionalities for ear and forehead, this is perfect for newborns and toddlers up to 1 year of age. If you want a dual function model, make sure you opt for a device then allows you to change its modes very quickly. While in the ear mode, it takes one second to record the readings, in the forehead mode the same process will take approximately 3 seconds. Since the thermometer’s display has a good size, reading the measurements and the symbols is very easy. As compared to other digital thermometers, this one comes with an internal Memory which helps it store the last 20 successful readings. It is important to mention that the battery can last for 3000 measurements. More than that, if the device is not used for more than 10 minutes, it will automatically shut down prolonging the battery life.



Great value for money The sound cannot be turned off
It is a dual mode thermometer
Very fast and accurate
Very easy to read display


An interesting model with dual functionalities comes from iProven. The DMT-489 model is an interesting and efficient thermometer specially made for newborns and toddlers up to 1 year of age. It comes with an internal Memory and a great battery which last for 3000 measurements. It is also worth mentioning that if it is not used for more than 10 minutes, it will automatically shut down.

Metene Medical

Purchasing a digital thermometer with ear and forehead mode is indispensable for you and your kids and we know. That’s why, in order to help you make the best decision ever, we present you one of the most efficient dual-mode baby thermometer: the Metene Medical forehead and ear thermometer. This reliable and clinically tested thermometer provides accurate readings and it is able to store and recall up to 20 readings for kids and adults. In order to get accurate temperature readings, make sure you test the device forehead and not near to eyebrows. Also, keep in mind that the ear test is not suitable for newborns. It is suitable only for babies over 3 months. The device comes with a portable case and a useful user manual. Additionally, it is covered by a 1-year warranty. Overall, this affordable thermometer is a great option that you should consider.



Lightweight and really easy to use It cannot be used on newborn babies
Customizable features and large display
Easy to clean
Accuracy and consistency


The Metene Medical is a great dual-mode thermometer which can easily recall up to 20 readings. It delivers fast results and accurate readings. Like any other device, it has a few downsides. For example, it is not suitable for newborns. It can only be used on babies over 3 months. Overall, it is a great product that comes with a 1-year warranty and a very reasonable price.

Vive Forehead Thermometer

The Vive Forehead Thermometer is a great thermometer that provides reliable and accurate readings. It features a large screen which displays temperature measurements in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Also, it has an audible alarm and a low battery indicator. Due to the fact that it uses an advanced infrared technology, it displays the temperature readings in one second. The Vive thermometer is extremely easy to use. The body temperature is detected with the easy, one-touch operation. With its very intense LED light, the temperature is very easy to read even in a dark room. The green color screen is for a good temperature, yellow is for a low-grade fever and red is for a high-grade fever and then a doctor might be required. Additionally, like most advanced thermometers, the Vive model has a built-in memory which helps it store up to 20 readings. In what regards the warranty, this model is covered by a 1-year warranty.



Easy to use and accurate Only a 1-year warranty
Rigorously tested for accuracy
It displays up to four digits


Although we place it in the 5th position, the Vive Forehead thermometer is a great option worth taking into consideration. Thanks to its infrared technology, it can easily deliver fast and accurate results. Also, it features a LED light which allows you to use the device even in dark room. The fact that it is more affordable than the other models is by far one of the biggest advantages of this model.

QQCute Forehead Thermometer

The QQCute thermometer comes with an ergonomic design and a lot of impressive features. It is a forehead thermometer with ear function, suitable for infants, kids and adults alike. It is reliable and extremely accurate, being able to read the temperature in just 1 second. Compared to other similar devices, it is capable of storing and recalling up to 20 readings. What we really like about this device is the fact that it features a fever alarm feature which will let you know with 10 short beeps and a red display if you have fever. Another important thing to mention is that you can switch between ℃ and ℉ in just 6 seconds. You just have to press the “MEM” button for a few seconds and then release. The thermometer is clinically tested and capable of providing accurate readings. Like any other device, it also has a few drawbacks. For example, it doesn’t come with batteries. However, this is not a real problem.



Can be used on either forehead or in-ear It doesn’t come with batteries
It provides accurate readings in one second
You can choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit
It has a large, backlit display


The QQCute is a thermometer that provides accurate readings in seconds. It comes with a built-in fever alarm, a large backlit display thanks to which the patient will be able to take the temperature with minimal fuss. The device is capable of recalling up to twenty readings, which is a major plus for a baby thermometer. All in all, it is a great value for money and a good option to consider.

Braun ThermoScan5 IRT6500

Based on market popularity and available features, the Braun ThermoScan5 IRT6500 was one of the finalists in our reviews. It is on our list for many reasons, the first being that it is extremely accurate. Compared to other ear models, this thermometer comes with an innovative design and a lot of impressive features. Although it has a full list of features, it is not very difficult to use it. It is an upgraded version that can also be used by adults. What you really like about this model is that it comes equipped with multiple disposable lens filters for the ear. This way, it protects your child from cross-contamination and it maintains hygiene. Also, it ensures that earwax doesn’t affect the readings. Apart from being accurate, it has a fast operation. It takes your baby’s temperature in just a few seconds. In addition to this, it should be noted that it also comes with a pre-warmed tip with ExacTemp. Due to this system, it confirms a good position in the ear. Therefore, if you are looking to purchase a quality thermometer for your baby, this could be a great choice.



Disposable Lens Filters
Pre-warmed tip with ExacTemp
It recalls the last temperature
Recommended for infants, children and adults alike


This is another interesting model manufactured by Braun. It is a convenient model that can be used on infants, children and adults alike. For improved accuracy, it features a Patented ExacTemp pre-warmed tip. More than that, it has the advantage of recalling the last temperature. Overall, this is a good thermometer, so go for it!

How Were the Products Rated

digital thermometer
Today’s thermometers are fast, accurate and very easy to use. Plus, they are much safer than traditional mercury thermometers. However, with so many models available for purchase it could be quite difficult to find exactly what you are looking for. Therefore, in order to help you make the right decision, we have gathered some of the most important features a digital thermometer must have.

  • Fever alert

  • The most advanced thermometers are equipped with a lot of features. The fever alert is one of the most important options for a digital thermometer. Not all models come with this option, so it is important to choose a device that provides a color-coded alert. This way, you will know when your baby has a high temperature.

  • Built-in memory

  • Many thermometers come with a built-in memory to store prior readings. While some models are capable to store anywhere from one to 10 previous readings, the most advanced models can easily store up to 30 readings. By using a thermometer with built-in memory, there is no need to record the temperature in the middle of the night. Plus, it is very accurate and it records the measurements correctly.

  • Battery life

  • If you are thinking about purchasing a digital thermometer, make sure you choose a model with a long battery life. The longer the battery life, the less time you will spend charging the device. While some models work with standard alkaline batteries, others use a button cell battery.

  • Backlit display

  • Sometimes, you will be forced to take your baby’s temperature in the dark, if you don’t want to disturb its sleep. That’s why it is recommended to opt for a thermometer equipped with a backlit display.

  • Testing locations

  • If you need a quality digital thermometer, make sure you choose the right one for your needs. With so many models available, it is a bit difficult to make the right choice. However, before making any purchase, decide whether you need a rectal, oral, underarm or forehead thermometer. Your choice depends on the age of the patient. For small kids under three years old, the rectal models are the most accurate.

Age Oral Ear/Tympanic Rectal Axillary/Armpit Forehead/Temporal
Newborn to 3 months
3 months to 3 years
4 to 5 years
5 years and older

What is the Most Accurate Type of Thermometer?

best digital thermometer
With so many types and models and types of thermometers available on the market, it could be quite difficult to choose only one model. However, choosing the best device for your infant will depend on various different things. In order to discover more about the different types of digital baby thermometers and their uses, keep on reading the following lines.

  • Oral Thermometers

  • Oral thermometers are appropriate for infants at least 4 years old who can easily hold a thermometer under their tongue. They are less accurate than rectal thermometers. Therefore, whatever reading you get, it is recommended to add at least 1 degree to it for accuracy. Additionally, in this category, you might also find the digital pacifier thermometers. So, if your baby is still using a pacifier, then it may be a good idea to try a digital pacifier thermometer. He will simply keep the pacifier in his mouth until the temperature is recorded. Although there are many advantages of using these small thermometers, they also have some disadvantages you should be aware of. For example, they are not recommended for newborns. More than that, your child must hold it for more than 3 minutes in his/her mouth. This may be extremely difficult for infants.

  • Ear Thermometers

  • Also known as tympanic thermometers, the digital ear thermometers use an infrared ray to measure the temperature of the eardrum. Although they are quick and comfortable for children and adults, they are not as accurate as other types of thermometers. Most of them tend to over-and underestimate temperatures. That’s why it is recommended to add about 1-2 degrees to the recorded temperature. Also, keep in mind that they are appropriate babies older than age 6 months.

  • Rectal Thermometers

  • These are the most accurate digital thermometers for babies, especially those 3 months or younger, as well as children up to age 3. It is a bit frustrating to measure the temperature of a fussy baby because you must wait about 15-20 seconds for the temperature to be read. This can be a bit difficult with a fussy or colicky baby. However, since they provide the best results and most pediatricians recommend it, it must be used especially for newborns. If you are thinking about using a dual mode thermometer for rectal and oral temperature, make sure you get 2 devices: one for oral use and one for rectal use.

  • Axillary/Armpit Thermometers

  • Sometimes, using a rectal thermometer is not the best thing you can do. In these cases, an axillary thermometer may be the best option you have. Of course, it should be noted that these types of thermometers are not as accurate as rectal thermometers. They tend to under-estimate temperatures by about 1-2 degrees. In these cases, you must add at least 1 degree to it for accurate measurements.

  • Forehead/ Temporal Thermometers

  • The forehead thermometers are the most expensive devices for temperature measurement available to the open market and for good reason. They use infrared light to scan the forehead and measure the temperature. Although they are less accurate than the rectal thermometers, the forehead models are the safest and most convenient and they are even used by pediatricians. Keep in mind that they are not recommended for newborns. They can be used on any baby older than three months.

Why You Should Use a Digital Thermometer?

If you are looking for an accurate medical device to measure your baby’s temperature, a digital thermometer is exactly what you need. It is one of the most useful of all the medical tools that any parent can use at home. Once, there were only traditional mercury thermometers, but nowadays, as mentioned above, you can get some of the most accurate models that are extremely useful. Keep on reading the following lines and you will discover some of the advantages of using a digital thermometer.

  • Accurate readings

  • As compared to those ancient and simple mercury thermometers, a digital one is more accurate. The main advantage of using a digital thermometer is that it not just measures the surface temperatures. It measures the temperature in armpits, mouth and in the ear. If you are a new parent, then a rectal thermometer is the best type you can use. The latest models use infrared laser methodology to measure and record the internal temperature of the body.

  • Fast

  • A digital thermometer has a lot of features and the fact that it is much faster than the traditional model is a big plus. The standard mercury thermometers took time to calculate your temperature readings while the digital models measure a temperature in the matter of few seconds.

  • Memory

  • What we really like about these medical devices is that they are capable of storing a lot of your previous readings. This helps you in comparing the improvements during a fever. A digital thermometer displays the temperature in both degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius.

  • Ease of use

  • The best part of using these digital baby devices is that they are sleek and very handy. In comparison to the mercury device which has to be shaken several times to work efficiently, the digital thermometer is much easier to use. You just have to press a button and the device will provide an accurate reading in just a few seconds. More than that, they are not prone to breakage like the glass models.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Which is the most accurate: rectal, forehead or ear thermometer?
According to several doctors and specialists, the rectal thermometers are the most accurate models. Although they are uncomfortable, they are the most accurate way to check a baby’s temperature.
2What model is suitable for 3 months and over?
The forehead thermometers are the most appropriate models to use. They are easy to use and read the temperature with accuracy.
3 Is it safe to use a mercury thermometer?
Although these are the most popular models, experts recommend to avoid using them because they are potentially dangerous. They contain mercury which can lead to toxic fumes if they break.

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