Best Back Brace for Women

Back pain is a common health problem many women experience for various reasons, whether they are pregnant and going through body changes or due to a surgery or more severe medical condition. Back braces are very useful in correcting back posture and alleviating pain, which is why many women appeal to the help of these correctional devices. For whatever reason you might need to sustain your back with a brace, here are the best ones that can be used for endless therapeutic benefits.

Top 5 Back Brace for Women Comparison

Photo Back Brace Price
ComfyMed Image

1. ComfyMed

  • Size: 26” to 50”
  • Type: Waist
  • Design: Elastic, Non-sweat
  • Therapeutic Benefits
  • Grip Handles, Removable Lumbar Pad
  • 12-month Warranty
Honter Image

2. Honter

  • Size: 25” to 55”
  • Type: Shoulders
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Therapeutic Benefits
  • Features: Adjustable Straps
  • 12-month Warranty
MedArmor Image

3. MedArmor

  • Size: 28” to 41”
  • Type: Shoulders
  • Design: Non-sweat, Padded
  • Therapeutic Benefits
  • Features: Extra Padding, Neck Brace
  • Money-Back Warranty
Mueller 255 Image

4. Mueller 255

  • Size: 28” to 50”
  • Type: Waist
  • Material: Polyester, Rubber, Nylon
  • Therapeutic Benefits
  • Features: Dual Tension Straps, Flexible Spine Steel Supports
  • Not Available Warranty
FLDL Support Image

5. FLDL Support

  • Size: 29” to 35”
  • Type: Shoulders
  • Material: Perforated Foam
  • Therapeutic Benefits
  • Features: Molded after Figure 8 Brace
  • Not Available Warranty

Reviews of the Top Back Braces for Women of 2018


In case you experience back pain or you went through a surgery like a herniated disc, you will need a brace to support your spine and help you correct your posture. ComfyMed designs one of the best products designed for women. The belt that goes around the waist can be adjusted from 26 to 50 in length so it’s suitable for anyone. It’s made of an elastic material with two grip handles that make it a lot easier to position and it can be worn underneath or over the clothes because it doesn’t sweat and it doesn’t hurt the skin. The therapeutic uses of this brace are endless, including scoliosis, sciatica, osteoporosis, muscle strain, spasms, nerve and ligament injuries, chronic pain, and more. Moreover, it can be worn during a wide range of activities like walking, exercising, heavy lifting, gardening, or cleaning the house. You can wear it between 30 minutes and three hours, after which you must pause to allow the bones and muscles to settle. The added lumbar pad increases the pressure on the spine and extends the beneficial effects. Use it with peace of mind as the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty for the product. When needed, it can be washed along with regular sports gear like equipment or weight gloves.



Adjustable size for many users
Great for solving multiple health problems
Easy to put on and comfortable to wear
Removable lumbar pad
Unrivaled results


This type of brace is an upper-body model that works on your shoulders and helps you improve posture and correct flaws of the upper half of the spine. It looks like a vest and it is very easy to put on and take off without causing any pain and discomfort. It keeps the neck, shoulders, and back in a correct position by gently pulling the muscles. It can be used for correcting a hunchback and a condition called kyphosis. It can even be worn to prevent imminent conditions like clavicle fractures. Made of first-hand materials, it doesn’t cause any injuries or irritations even if it’s worn underneath the clothes. It can be adjusted between 25 and 55” in the chest area so it can be worn by women of all weights. The straps make it very easy to put on and accommodate to any chest circumference so that it will remain comfortable to wear while effective in correcting an improper back posture. The neoprene material is very soft and the brackets are resistant so you can wear it while performing regular daily activities without worrying about it snapping. The manufacturer confides in their product so they proudly stand behind it for 1 year after the purchase, guaranteeing a long lifespan.



Easily adjustable design
Can be used for treating or preventing back problems
Made of neoprene that doesn’t sweat
Can be worn during daily activities
One year warranty


The majority of the back pain problems are located in the upper area because people tend to ruin their posture when walking or sitting down. In this case, a back brace like this one from MedArmor can do nothing but good. It is a very complex system that targets a wide range of back ailments and can correct spine deformities. The adjustable straps go over the shoulders, under the armpits, and form an X over the back to ensure a maximum coverage of the affected area. Thanks to the thick padding, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable and it doesn’t hurt your skin while rubbing against it. You will get two extra pads that you can place anywhere you consider necessary to make it easier to wear. From 28” to 41” in diameter, it can be wrapped around the chest of women who need a little aid in keeping their back straight and their head up. A great detail is the neck brace that can be applied to alleviate neck pain also caused by an improper spine position. It will keep you from keeping your head in a painful position while also contributing to lining the spine in a proper shape. To show you how much they trust the product, the manufacturers offer a full refund in case you don’t receive the expected results after wearing the brace for a certain amount of time.



Firm construction
Both back and neck posture correction
Added padding for more comfort
Easy to put on and take off
Money-back warranty

Mueller 255

If you have tried everything possible and you still couldn’t manage to solve the problems with your back and you still experience pain, the Mueller brace might be your only solution. It’s a waist model with a double-layer design that makes it easily customizable and much firmer than other types of braces. It is effective in alleviating pain and muscle spams while also being useful for treating various illnesses like a herniated disc. You can wear it all day without feeling any discomfort and without sweating underneath it. The brace also includes a removable pad that aids in lowering lumbar pain and keeping your back in a healthier position. It’s made of a combination of polyester, rubber, and nylon that allows the skin to breathe and also ensures the durability of the assembly. There are two sizes available, one that extends from 28” to 50” and a Plus size version that goes from 50” to 70” but is more expensive. No details on the warranty are available so this could be seen as a drawback if you like to buy items with a warranty.



Molded plastic interior No warranty information available
Extends to increased lengths
Lumbar pad attached
Made of two layers of elastic material
Ties with a solid Velcro strap

FLDL Support

Nonetheless, you will get great benefits from wearing this back brace if you want to solve problems like pain or a hunchback. If you wear it every day for at least 30 minutes, it will pull your shoulders back in order to accustom you to adopt a straight position that will not affect the shape of your spine. It has been molded after the Figure 8 brace that looks like a backpack and must be put on like one in order to act on the upper body muscles. It’s very comfortable to wear, being easily adjustable from 29” to 35” so it won’t feel tight and restrict your movements. The part that goes over the spine is very firm while the straps can be tightened or loosened to allow it to serve its purpose without creating any discomfort to you. The material used is a perforated foam that not only allows your skin to breathe but also molds to the shape of your arms to prevent hurting you so that you can even wear it during mild exercising.



Great for every day use No warranty available
Made of breathable perforated foam
Focuses on correcting the shoulders posture
Doesn’t restrict your movements

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