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As a backpacker, you have the possibility to enjoy the nature with your friends and discover many wonderful things. But you also have to face many challenges. Besides the fact that you have to live on a strict budget, you also have to learn how to survive with what’s in your backpack. And the more things you add, the heavier it becomes. This is one of the reasons why many people opt for a backpacking quilt to the detriment of a sleeping bag. It is lighter, cheaper, and very comfortable.

Here you will find 5 outstanding backpacking quilts that provide good insulation and cushioning. Most of them are warranted for life which is a proof of their lastingness. We reviewed each of them, and we highlighted both the pros and the cons. All you have to do is choose the one that fits your size and promotes unrestricted movement.

Top 6 Backpacking Quilts Comparison

Photo Product Unfolded Dimensions (.in) Weight (oz.) Insulation Shell Lining Warranty Price

Best Overall
1. Thermodown 15 Degree Regular size: 78 x 56; long size: 84 x 57 Regular size: 35; long size: 38 700 fill-power 90/10 white duck down Light and durable 20D ripstop nylon 320T polyester pongee Limited lifetime Check Price

Our Choice
2. Therm-A-Rest Corus Regular size: 76 x 48; large size: 80 x 52 Regular size: 22.57; large size: 24.69 650 fill nikwax hydrophobic down, RDS, thermacapture seams 20D polyester pipstop w/DWR 20D polyester taffeta Limited lifetime Check Price
3. ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters A4030 80 x 50 27 High loft polyester fill 40-denier nylon ripstop with water repellent 30-denier nylon taffeta with water repellent finish 2-year warranty Check Price
4. Sierra Designs Backcountry Quilt 80 x 58 24 700FP PFC-free DriDown 20D polyester ripstop 15D nylon ripstop Limited lifetime Check Price
5. Mountain Hardwear Bozeman Quilt 92 x 54 33.5 Thermal.Q 120 g/m² 75D Plain Weave Plush polyester fleece lining Limited lifetime Check Price
6. Outdoor Vitals Aerie Down Underquilt 10 x 7 x 7 36.3 IDFL/ RDS duck down 20 denier ripstop polyester with VitalDry DWR coating 20 denier ripstop polyester Limited lifetime Check Price

Backpacking Quilts Reviews

Thermodown 15 Degree

If you’re looking for more sleeping versatility in your backpacking trips, then you need a quilt. One of the best to go with is this model made by Paria Outdoor Products. The brand is well-known for making accessible yet well-made products for all those who want to enjoy the great outdoors. For more versatility, you can pair the quit with an inflatable pad.


The outer shell is made of 20D ripstop nylon that is very soft and durable and the inside of the quilt is made of 320T polyester pongee that is a high-quality material. Inside the quilt, the manufacturer added 700 fill-power 90/10 white duck down that provides excellent insulation. All these materials make it very soft-to-touch and very comfortable. This model has a temperature rating up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Horizontal baffles: they are sewn very well, so they help keep the insulation very nice.
  • Wide opening: easy to get in and out. Also, you can just lay down and fold it on top of you.


The quilt comes in 2 sizes: the regular one is 78 inches long and 56 inches wide and weighs 35 ounces while the long size is 84 inches long and 57 inches wide, weighing 38 ounces. It comes with a nice stuff tack to transport it with ease and keep it protected during storage.

  • Cinch cord at the top: allows you to pull it around your shoulders and use it as a sleeping pad during cold nights.
  • Cinch cord on the foot box: you can use it to extend the foot box out and achieve a wide open foot box and regulate body temperature.
  • 20-inch zipper on the foot box: allows you to use it as a sleeping bag or to open it up as a blanket.
  • Secure clips: they have pad straps that come with the quilt and allow you to secure the sleeping pad. Also, you can use the clips to create a mummy bag and increase the warmth.
  • Filled with 22 oz.(regular size)/24 oz.(long size) of 700-fill power down
  • Includes 2 straps to easily position and secure it on the pad
  • The foot box can be completely sealed with the help of the zipper, snap closure, and cinch cords
  • Comes with a mesh storage back to protect it while not in use
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Not the best option for taller people, especially the regular size

Nice option if you want to invest in a long-term quilt. It comes with some nice features that are meant to help you get the most out of it and enjoy a comfortable sleep while you’re camping. You can also use it as a blanket for mountain picnics. The only inconvenience is that the long size is more appropriate for medium height people, so tall people may find it rather small.

Therm-A-Rest Corus

Another great option to go with is this model made by Therm-a-rest. This brand is well-known in this industry, so you can be sure you won’t be disappointed with your choice. It is available in 2 sizes, therefore you can choose the one that fits you better. Due to the fact that it has a compact and lightweight design, you can store it in your backpack and carry it without too much effort. The materials it is made of are highly resistant and comfortable, helping retain radiant heat for extra warmth.

In order to secure it to the sleeping pad, the quilt features perimeter loops that allow unrestricted movement. This model comes with a water resistant insulation and a water repellent finish, being ideal for all 4 seasons. For more convenience, the toe box can be fully closed for extra warm. Besides the stuff sack, you will also receive a storage sack.

  • Has water resistant and water repellent properties
  • The toe box features an elasticized pocket
  • Retains radiant heat due to the TherpaCapture seams
  • 2 different options to choose from
  • Features snoop loops to secure it to the sleeping bag or pad
  • When unpacked for the first time, it may have an unpleasant odor
  • Not suitable for taller people, especially the regular size

In comparison to the previous model, this one is more expensive. However, it looks nice, is versatile, and does a great job at retaining radiant heat. Besides this, it is small in size and lightweight enough for your trips. It is water resistant and doesn’t absorb too much moisture. The only complaint is that it emits an unpleasant smell that may persist for several days after unpacking it.

ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters A4030

With this quilt you can forget about the uncomfortable camping nights. The manufacturing materials make it a great option for all sorts of trips as it keeps you warm during the entire night. Due to the water-repellent finish, the quilt doesn’t absorb moisture as other similar products. It is available in only one size but it comes in multiple color options like lime and charcoal, navy and royal, or red and charcoal.

It is best suited for fall camping but you can also use it for hammocks. When it comes to comfort, this model features nylon taffeta linings. This translates to a cozy and restful sleep. It has a temperatures rating of 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, in comparison to the other models, this one doesn’t come with a storage bag and is warranted for only 2 years.

  • Has a temperature rating of 40-50 degrees Fahrenhei
  • Multiple color options to match your preferences
  • Features 2 snaps and a Velcro strip that allow you to seal the foot box
  • The water repellent properties keep moisture and stains away
  • Budget-friendly option
  • No side clips to secure it on a sleeping pad
  • Short warranty

Nice option if you have a limited budget. It comes in various color but only one size. You have the possibility to seal the foot box and the material does a great job at keeping moisture away. However, we dislike the fact that it is covered by a short warranty and doesn’t come with side clips for attaching it to a sleeping pad.

Sierra Designs Backcountry Quilt

The quilt is ideal for people with a height of maximum 6 feet and 4 inches and it is made of durable and comfortable materials. It features an open-back design and is available in one size. At 27 ounces it is pretty lightweight, so it won’t add extra weight to your backpack. What is interesting about this model is the fact that it features a built-in hood to keep your head warm during the cold nights. At the same time, the full-length arm pockets provide insulation whenever necessary.

This product is EN rated and tested, so you can trust what you’re buying. It is made of top-quality materials that provide superior comfort, allowing you to have a restful sleep and get up energized in the morning. Besides the stuff sack, it also includes a mesh storage bag to keep it protected between trips.

  • Features insulated arm pockets and hood
  • It is EN rated and tested for superior performance
  • Includes a nice mesh storage bag
  • Rated at a limit temperature of 27 degrees Fahrenheit and a comfort temperature of 37 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The foot box is insulated and is 42 inches wide
  • Not suitable for extreme temperatures
  • There’s no possibility to ventilate the foot box

Well-made quilt that will last for many years. It features a V-shape design and an insulated foot box. Additionally, it has an innovative hide-away hood that insulates your head when the temperatures drop too low. Also, it comes with hand pockets in the corner for maneuvering it much easier. Unfortunately, this model is pretty expensive and it has some minor drawbacks but overall it is a great option to consider.

Mountain Hardwear Bozeman Quilt

With this quilt, you can rest assured as you will be well-protected against the cold temperatures. There are 2 ways in which you can use this model. First, you can use it as a blanket or an additional layer for your sleeping bag. Secondly, you can use it as a quilt by clicking the snaps located in the foot box. This model is available in 1 size and 2 color options. Therefore, you can opt for a beautiful combination of refined pine and electron yellow and alpin orange and bright island blue.

Due to the fact that is made of high-quality materials, the quilt is very resistant. At the same time, it is very comfortable, so besides the fact that it keeps you insulated, it also helps you enjoy a comfortable sleep. One particular thing that we like about it is the microfleece-lined stuff sack that doubles as a pillow. This quilt is not the lightest one in our list and when rolled is wider than the other models. However, it is much longer.

  • The stuff sack can be used as a pillow
  • It is long enough to accommodate tall person
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Can be used as an insulation layer
  • The water-resistant properties
  • Not very compact when folded
  • Not so great in extreme temperatures

The quilt is suitable for tall persons and comes at an affordable price. It features a plush polyester fleece lining that keeps you warm during the night. Also, it is versatile and the included stuff sack can be used as a pillow. It is water-resistant. Nevertheless, when folded it is not as compact as the other models.

Outdoor Vitals Aerie Down Underquilt

This is a versatile quilt as it has multiple uses. You can use it as a hammock under quilt or pod system, a sleeping bag, or a technical blanket. Using only quality materials that are meant to improve your comfort, the quilt is one of the best options to go with. The exterior is made of durable water repellency coating that prevents water from getting inside the quilt while the interior contains 800 fill power down to keep you warm for the entire night – the filling weights around 19 ounces.

With a temperature rating of 20°F, the quilt is ideal if you’re a three season camper. It provides great insulation for a almost the entire year without having to buy more equipment. This model features a baffled grid that simply locks the down into place, eliminating any possible cold spots. It also has a durable YKK zipper located on the right size. In order to use it around the hammock, it comes equipped with hanging loops and drawstrings and the manufacturer also included a suspension kit.

  • Available in 2 colors – black and green
  • Features a water resistant coating
  • Packs closely together to save space
  • Includes all the accessories you need for hammock camping
  • Features a Velcro zipper cover
  • It is heavier than most under quilts

This model is very practical as it can be used in so many ways. It is comfortable and keeps you warm even at 30-35°F. The water resistant exterior and the highly efficient filling makes it a good option for every camper. However, it is a little bit more expensive in comparison to other models.

The main purpose of this article is to help you choose the best quilt for your trips. For this reason, we paid a special attention to the quality of the quilts. The material they are made of play a significant role, so we made no compromise. Our first option, Thermodown 15 Degree, is a great choice if you want a well-made quilt that can be used for many years. It is the most convenient choice in terms of quality-price ratio. The second option, Therm-A-Rest Corus is the most expensive model selected by us but is compact and lightweight. It comes with some nice features but we wouldn’t recommend it for tall people. Another interesting quilt, although a little bit more expensive, is Sierra Designs Backcountry Quilt. The innovative features make it a nice option for every travel enthusiast. If the price is the main criteria in choosing a backpacking quilt, then we recommend you ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters A4030 or Mountain Hardwear Bozeman Quilt. However, the first model has a short warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

?Are the Quilts Machine Washable?

In general, the quilts are machine washable, but there may be some exceptions. Therefore, you should always check the washing instructions provided by the manufacturer before washing it. It’s recommended to wash your quilt in a high-capacity front-load washer. In order to remove dirt, you should wash it on a regular basis, more exactly after a full season. You may consider buying a special detergent as the normal one may not clean it thoroughly. You should opt for a delicate program that uses cold water in order to avoid any tears. In case it has a water-resistant shell, you should turn the quilt outside down. Then, if possible, dry it on a low setting. After the drying cycle is complete, let it air out for a few days.
?What Sleeping Pads Are Suitable for These Quilts?
The quilts that feature an attachment system that allows you to secure them on pads work with a wide range of sleeping pads. However, there are some exceptions like thin pads or those with openings.
?How to Choose the Proper Size?
In order to get the right quilt, you need to follow some guidelines.
1. Length: Measure your height and add 4 or 5 inches.
2. Width: Measure your shoulders. Add 6 to 10 inches according to the thickness of the quilt and the type of sleeper you are.
3. Foot box: Usually, the circumference of the foot box is generous enough to allow your feet to move freely. Nevertheless, if you have larger feet, is best to check the size of the foot box to make sure it offers plenty of space.

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