You need to use this product if you want to cut curves or free-hand cutting. In addition to this, you can use it to rip lumbar into thinner or circular pieces. You also need it for accurate cutting. It can provide you with extraordinary versatility and precision. This is why workshops all over the world use this product. In addition to this, with whatever model you choose, you will be able to complete small or large jobs professionally without too much hustle. You will also enjoy the fact that these models are made from heavy-duty materials. It is corrosion resistant and will be able to last for many years to come. Furthermore, the greatest thing about this item is that you are investing your money rather than making a meaningless purchase.

Top 5 Band Saw Comparison

1. Grizzly G0555LX 2. Rikon 10-305 3. WEN 3962 4. POWERTEC BS900 5. SKIL 3386-01
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General Info
Manufacturer Grizzly G0555LX Rikon 10-305 WEN 3962 POWERTEC BS900 SKIL 3386-01
Dimensions (L x W x H) 27″ x 67-1/4″ x 30″ 33-1/4”” x 21” x 15-1/4” 25 1/4” x 15 3/4” x 13 3/4” 20” x 13” x 29” 31.1” x 16.2” x 12.8”
Weight 246 Lbs 68 Lbs 83.3 Lbs 89Lbs 37.9 Lbs
Material Iron Iron Iron Aluminum Aluminum

Technical Specifications

Power Source Electric Electric Electric Electric Electric
Operating Voltage 110 – 220 110 120 120 120
Power Cord Length 6 ft 8 ft 7 ft 8 ft 6 ft
Band Saw Size 14” 10” 10” 9″ 9″
Maximum Cutting Width 13.2” 9 – 5/8” 9-3/4 9 – 2” 3-1/2
Maximum Cutting Height 6″ 4 – 5/8” 6″ 10 “ 6″
Blade Speeds 1800 – 3100 FPM 2,780 FPM 1520 – 2620 FPM 2460 FPM 2800 FPM
Standard Blade Length 93.1/2” 70-1/2” 72″ 62″ 59-1/4”
Distance from Spindle End to Table Surface 17-1/4″ 16″ 9‐1/4″ 15″ 8″
Blade Width Range 1/8” – 3/4” 1/8” – 1/2” 9‐1/4″ 1/8″ – 3/8″ 1/8″ – 3/8″
Type of Blade Ball Bearing Ball Bearing Ball Bearing Ball Bearing Ball Bearing
Phase Single Single Single Single Single
Watts/HP 1 HP 1/2 HP 1/2 HP 2/3 HP 1/2 HP
Work Table
Table Dimensions 14” x 14” x 1.2” 13-3/4” x 12-1/2” x 1” 14-1/8 x 12-1/2 x 1” 11-3/4” x 11-3/4” x 1” 12” x 11-3/4” x 1”
Table Tilt Degrees Left 10, Right 45 Left 0, Right 45 Left 0, Right 45 Left 0, Right 45 Left 0, Right 60
Floor-to-Table Height 43” 39-7/8” 25” 10” 5”


Dust Port Dust Port Two Speed Options Blade tracking window Dust Port


Product Warranty 30 Days 5-Year 2-Years 2-Years 3-Years
User Manual
Costumer Support
Telephone Support 1-800-523-4777 978-528-5380 1-847-429-9263 847-780-6120 1-877-754-5999
E-Mail Support

In-depth Product Review

1. Grizzly G0555LX


This cast iron frame product model comes designed with a precision-ground cast iron table. It has an all bearing construction which means that you can get done large or small jobs. The unit consumes 11A at 110v or 5.5A at 220v. This is a standard power consumption so you can determine how long you want to keep the machine functioning. Additionally, it has a cutting capacity of 13 – 1/2” so you can cut a variety of things. Don’t worry the 4” dust port will be able to catch the mess.

Included Accessories

When you receive the package you will notice that you will get a 3/8” blade, extruded aluminum fence and a miter gauge. You will also receive a rock-and-pinion guide post adjustment for upper blade guides. Rise or lower the guide post height as you wish, with a simple touch of the handle. The thing that sets this model apart from its competitors is the fact that this product is certified to UL and CSA standards.

  • It can cut through any type of wood
  • The blades stay sharp
  • Easy to assemble
  • Certified to UL and CSA standards
  • Some claim there’s a problem with the trunnion beneath the table

The reason why this is a popular choice is because the computer-balanced cast iron wheels and the sturdy T-shape fence design, makes it easier for you to maneuver the machine. This is great news if you are a beginner or this is the first time you are using such product.

2. Rikon 10-305

This model is suitable for small shops or areas where there isn’t too much space to waste. Just like the majority of models, it features ball-bearing guides. This will keep the blade in line so you will be able to cut with precision. Additionally, you can also enjoy the quick-release fence that can slide in a track machine into the edge of the table. You can tilt the table 45 degrees to the right. You will enjoy the fact that this model also comes with 2” tall fence and a 2-1/2” dust port. It will be big enough to keep the mess away.

The footprint measures 9-3/8” x 15-7/8”. This is very convenient as you will be able to maneuver the machine much easier and better. Blade speed reaches 2780 FPM so even though it’s reverently small in size, you can still get large jobs done with precision and fast. Overall, this model has a general-purpose woodcutting blade. This means that you can cut through even the toughest woods.

  • Designed with a rip fence that allows free hand work
  • Drift remains constant
  • Tracking adjustment is easy to maneuver
  • It’s for general purpose
  • Doesn’t come with a miter gauge

This is another bestseller for many reasons. The first being that it’s extremely safe to have if you have children around or people that are less experienced using the machine. This is because it comes designed with a safety on/off switch with locking key. This will prevent unauthorized use..

3. WEN 3962

The 3.5 amp motor will be able to create cuts that are 6” deep and 9-3/4 wide. You can use the 72” on any wood that is 1/8” to 1/2” in size. The spacious 14-1/8” x 12-1/2” work table can be tilt 45 degrees to the right. You can operate this machine at two speeds of either 1520 or 2620 FPM. With the 9-3/4” throat this machine will be able to glide through any type of boards. In addition to this, the ball bearing operation will provide you with a smooth operation and a dependable service.

The thing that sets this model apart from its competitors is the fact that it has been designed in order to provide you an easy time operating and assembling the machine. For example, the easy-to-assemble stand can elevate the product without sacrificing space. This means that you can manage it to fit your specific needs. In addition to this, you can rely on the two year warranty provided by this reliable company.

  • Designed with a sliding miter gauge
  • Reversible fence
  • Two-speed operation
  • 2-Years warranty
  • Some are not happy with the precision when cutting circles

The reason why this product sells so well is that it comes with a lot of features at no extra price. For example, you will get a onboard measuring guide and a flexible worklight with an independent power switch. As well as, a dust port which can be extremely convenient.


The patented blade guard will provide you an easy time to adjust it and change the blade whenever you wish. As well as, it has also been designed with a rack and pinion adjustment to make it easier to tilt the model 45 degrees to the right. You will also enjoy the blade tracking window. In addition to this, the quick-release blade tension lever makes blade changing easy. Therefore, you can get done any type of job you have. Regardless if it’s small or big. If you purchase this item, you will be offered great versatility.

The product measures 31.1” x 17.7” x 11” so it’s suitable for smaller spaces. It’s also lightweight so you will be able to transport it with ease. The model has been designed with accurate measuring system so it makes it perfect for precise cutting. The window allows you to track the blade so you can get creative with your work. Doing free hand work has never been easier.

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great for precision cutting
  • Lightweight unit
  • Some are not happy with the precision when cutting circles

This is another popular choice because it is very accurate and precise. You will be able to use it for delicate procedures and you can adjust the blade within seconds. It’s very practical and easy to use so you do not need years of experience beforehand.

5. SKIL 3386-01

The model has been designed with a rip fence for straight and precision cuts. The conveniently placed LED work light will provide you a better view of the workpiece. The rack and pinion table will allow fast adjustment for angle change and height adjustment. Additionally, the EZ view blade tracking lets you align the blade easily. The motor uses 2.5 amp, which is average for such machine. Therefore, you get to choose for how long you want the machine to operate. Don’t worry even if you keep it on for the whole day, it will not affect your electricity bill too much.

The ribbed aluminum is able to get tilted 45 degrees. The material is corrosion resistent and you will be able to have it for many years to come. You can also thoroughly enjoy the blade guide that can be adjusted for custom depth setting.

  • Suitable for small jobs
  • Dust port is included
  • Suitable for intricate cutting
  • Custom depth setting
  • The machine can get very hot

This is one of the best selling product because it’s another model that comes with a lot of accessories included. For example, you will receive a working lamp, a parallel guide, miter gauge and hex key. These will be very beneficial especially if you are a beginner.


This model can power through various materials. It has a cutting capacity width of 13.5” and a height of 12”. In addition to this, it has also been designed with retractable blade guard which can move up and down from 0 to 12”. Therefore, you can work with large pieces as well. It has been constructed from cast iron frame and the blade speed can run from 1500 to 3000 SFPM. The worktable measures 15” x15” and it’s designed to tilt 10 degrees to the left and 45 degrees to the right. Thus, you will find it easy to maneuver the machine.

The upper and lower ball bearing guides will ensure that it reduces friction. Thus, it has a long blade life. The quick-release blade tension will make sure that you can do adjustments fast and easy. The poly-v belt will give you the choice of choosing between two speeds for better control. The greatest thing about this is that the machine has been designed with an easy-to-view tracking window. Thus, you do not have to touch anything.

  • It can cut through a range of materials
  • Quick-release tension
  • Easy to assemble
  • Retractable blade guard
  • Some say that customer service should be better

The reason why this sells so well is because this machine ensures accuracy. For example, the blade guide post has a rack and pinion adjustment which further improves accuracy. The tension spring will improve its performance much better.

7. Grizzly G0561

This large capacity model has a small footprint and it’s also portable. This means that you can easily take it from your workspace into the back garden with ease. It’s designed to cut 7” round and 7” x 12” rectangular stock. It also features hydraulic down feed control, coolant system, blade brush and more. The heavy-duty construction has a cast iron bed and a cast iron body frame with cast iron wheels. Additionally, it’s permanently lubricated ball bearings and heavy gauge steel stand will be able to resist for many years to come.

Furthermore, the hydraulic feed control is easy-to-use and it has an automatic shut-off in order to provide you will full control of the machine. It has quick positioning vise and a coolent system so you don’t have to be a professional to know how to use it. The motor has 1 horsepower and the blade size measures 93” x 3/4”. The blade speeds have a capacity of 90, 135, 195, and 255 FPM. Its overall dimensions is of 48” x 16” x 40”. Thus, it won’t take a lot of storage space.

  • Designed with cast iron
  • Automatic shut-off
  • The blade is included
  • Hydraulic feed control
  • Some people reported cylinder leaks

The reason why we recommend this product is due to the fact that it’s very easy to manuvre this model. Simply adjust the valve on the coolant hose to control the flow of the coolent.

How To Avoid Getting Injured

This product is the same as any other power tool. You need it in order to get large or small jobs done professionally. Therefore, you must think about your safety at all times. You may have already noticed that this item has sharp blades that can slash even through metal or thick wood. Thus, if you are not careful, it can even slash right through your finger. Please handle the machine correctly at all times. Below there are some tips which you must always remember.

  • Keep the wheel cover shut – The majority of people that get hurt, do it because they simply ignore this. When the machine is operating, the wheels and the blade spin at several thousand feet per minute. There is no way you will have such a quick reaction to retrieve your hand if you put it underneath them. As well as, the speed can create so much friction that it can simply cut a finger off. In addition to this, if the blade does snap, it’s extremely likely that it will fly towards your direction. Imagine if it hits you in your eye. The imminent damage will be devastating.
  • Use the fence – The reason why you should always use it if your model comes with such feature, is because there will be a lot of debris flying around. Therefore, you can avoid hurting yourself and you can avoid cutting yourself. You can even use a push stick if you want to be extra careful. Whilst it can be a nuisance, you will not risk getting your fingers caught. As well as, if you are a beginner, the fence and the stick will be very helpful at the beginning.
  • Blade changing – The first and main rule of all power tools is to unplug it from the power source. Do not try to adjust or change the blades when the machine is running even if the blade you are currently using snaps. The best option would be that you unplug it from the socket. This is because the motor can receive the wrong information and the machine can get started when you are handling the blade.
  • Follow instructions – You must remember that not all machines operate the same. Therefore, you must read the user manual every time you purchase a new machine. Additionally, you must also look online at videos which physically show you how to assemble the product or change the blades carefully as you want to avoid it snapping.

Maintenance Tips

If you care about the machine, there are certain things that you need to do in order to ensure that you will have it for many years to come. In order to make precision cuts efficiently, you need to be certain that the blade is properly tuned and the guides are adjusted to the specific needs. Of course, without doing this you can cut, but the cuts produced will be extremely rough and you may risk breaking the machine to the point of no return

Keep it clean. This machine is mostly fuss-free and low maintenance. All you have to do is keep it dust-free and all debris is off the machine. This is because the motor can get clogged up. As well as, some models have motors that can get very hot and the sawdust can damage the functionality of it. Don’t worry this is all that you need to do.

Check that the blade can get through the material you are pushing through. If you want to push the efficiency of the model, you can risk breaking the machine. This is because a 1HP motor can never cut through a metal. As well as, ensure that the blade can cut through the thickness of the wood.

Frequently Asked Questions

?Can I secure it to a surface?
Yes, you should be able to bolt it down to a table or wood piece. As well as, you can even bolt it down to concrete to make it less wobbly.

?Why doesn't the blade move?
You need to check three things. The first being that you should check the blade tension and analyze whether the blade is loose. Next, check if it’s broken as a snapped blade will stop moving. Finally, drive belt must be damaged or broken. Replace it and everything will go back to normal.

?Do I need to remove the table before changing the blade?
You can remove or change the blade without getting the table out of the way. Nonetheless, if the blade is longer, you need to adjust the roller guides and it can be easier to remove the table first.


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