Baseball Gloves

The expression “it fits like a glove” has to apply to the baseball mitt you end up buying as you need it to feel snug, not risking the glove to slip off when you are hitting the bat or catching the ball. As there is little equipment to worry about when it comes to the game of baseball, you must at least make sure the pieces you buy are able to provide the help and support you need to win the game. Obviously, the glove you wear plays a big role in the quality of your game, thus being necessary that you not take this purchase lightly. In the following, we will present you with the quality baseball game gloves you will feel best practicing and playing with so that you may improve at the sport through the support offered by a snug mitt.

Top 5 Baseball Gloves Comparison

Photo Baseball Glove Price
Mizuno Prospect Image

1. Mizuno Prospect

  • Shell material: Full grain leather
  • Size: 11.5”, 11.75”
  • Position: Utility
  • Webbing: Wave Flex
  • Back: Velcro strap conventional
  • Available for left and right hand throw: Yes
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Rawlings Player Preferred Image

2. Rawlings Player Preferred

  • Shell material: Full grain leather
  • Size: 12”, 12.5”, 13”, 14”
  • Position: Any position
  • Webbing: Basket
  • Back: Conventional Flex loop pull strap with Velcro
  • Available for left and right hand throw: Yes
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Wilson A360 Image

3. Wilson A360

  • Shell material: Full pigskin leather
  • Size: 10”, 11”, 11.5”, 12”, 12.5”
  • Position: Utility
  • Webbing: Aso
  • Back: Open
  • Available for left and right hand throw: Yes
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Rawlings Renegade Image

4. Rawlings Renegade

  • Shell material: High-density cushioned leather
  • Size: 12”, 12.5”, 13”, 14”, 15”
  • Position: Any position
  • Webbing: Basket
  • Back: Neo-flex with Velcro strap
  • Available for left and right hand throw: Yes
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Franklin Sports Field Master Series Image

5. Franklin Sports Field Master Series

  • Shell material: Thick synthetic leather
  • Size: 10”, 10.5”, 11”, 12”, 12.5”, 13”, 14”
  • Position: Infield/pitcher, all positions, outfield
  • Webbing: Trapeze
  • Back: N/A
  • Available for left and right hand throw: Yes
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Baseball Mitts Reviews

Mizuno Prospect

Available in two color options, more precisely a black and silver or a black and red combination, the Prospect from Mizuno is, by far, the comfiest baseball mitt to wear at the moment. Best of all, the price tag is not all that extravagant either, so it is likely an option to match the budget you have set as well. The soft lining on the palm ensures the impact strength when the ball hits your hand will be atoned and that you won’t feel a thing. It features the Heel Flex technology that offers a flexible and forgiving heel, thus being a perfect pick even for beginner players. It features the PowerLock fit which is a simplistic yet highly effective fit which ensures security when you are wearing the glove. Its MZO lining ensures perspiration is dispersed from the skin for your play not to be inconvenienced by it. Another impressive element is definitely the FlexBridge hinge which ensures less restriction to the back of your hand, thus allowing you to feel comfortable when you play. Furthermore, it features TartanFlex webbing which is basically a woven design that provides an increased flexibility, thus making the glove perfect for the utility position.



ParaShock Palm Pad ensures comfort in use by absorbing the shock when you catch a ball
HiLo lacing ensures the integrity of the lace webbing will be preserved with its alternating design
Polyurethane palm lining increases glove durability and comfort in wear
PowerClose technology makes it easier for you to catch the ball without it slipping afterwards
Perspiration won’t present an issue in your game due to the MZO lining


Reasonably priced and qualitative from all points of view due to the materials used in its manufacture and its overall design, the Prospect is a must-have glove for utility baseball players. It features a soft palm lining which retains shock and makes you feel comfortable when wearing the mitt, while its full grain leather shell ensures durability and support.

Rawlings Player Preferred

Strength and durability are two of the main traits boasted by the Player Preferred, a glove we recommend to all slow pitch players out there. Its design and the materials used in its manufacturing recommend it for baseball as well as softball, being ideal for recreational players. It might not come in any color variations, but it does come in 4 different sizes, more precisely 12-inch, 12.5-inch, 13-inch, and 14-inch option, meaning that you won’t have a hard time finding the perfect size option for you. The conventional back design makes it a familiar pick, while the Flex loop Velcro strap allows you to adjust it and ensure it fits perfectly. Due to the basket-style webbing it features, it basically allows you to play any position you want in the field, thus being one of the more versatile options to go for. Another aspect worth talking about is the easy break-in it provides, which is all due to the full grain leather shell it features which enables it to retain its shape perfectly.



Palm padding delivers a superior impact protection when you catch a high-speed ball Some customers have complained about its durability when playing at a more pro level
Velcro strap allows you to adjust the fit of the glove to the size of your hand perfectly
Webbing allows you to play in any position you desire
Leather lace ensures it is a long-lasting investment
Shape retention allows a quick and easy break-in


A glove worth every cent is the Player Preferred from Rawlings, a mitt we strongly recommend due to its reasonable asking price and quality full grain leather shell. Just note that it is designed for slow pitching, an aspect you have to keep in mind in order to make sure it is the right pick for you. Also, do not forget about its all position usability as it is one of the few mitts that provide this luxury.

Wilson A360

As soon as you encounter the name Wilson you know that the product in front of you is indeed a quality one. The A360 makes no exception to this rule, this baseball glove being an ideal pick for young players regardless of their skill level, and for adults who have not yet become seasoned players but are rather trying to learn the game. It is a utility size mitt which we recommend strongly as the palm and web are made with pigskin leather, a durable material that makes you feel like a pro when playing. There are five size options you can choose between, and when it comes to hand orientation, you can either pick the right-hand throw model or the left-hand throw model. It features a hook and loop strap that allows you to fit the glove to your particular hand size, thus providing a sense of security you need when you are on the field with your eyes on the ball. It boasts an open back design that feels more familiar and friendly to beginner players. Overall, it is the go-to developmental mitt without a doubt, its design and features recommending it for aspiring young baseball players.



Features hook and loop strap that allows you to fit it tightly to your hand Not a good pick for seasoned players
Customers have reported that it breaks in excellently
Utility size glove perfect for younger players
You can find the right model for you regardless if you are a right hand or left hand throw player
Open back style makes it more comfortable to wear


A utility size glove you will not see yourself without is the A360, a successful Wilson product that has pleased numerous players up to this point. Its Aso web and the full pigskin leather are only two of the traits which add to its comfort in use and durability over time, ensuring this is an equipment piece you will grow fond of and that will actively participate in improving your game.

Rawlings Renegade

Rawlings makes yet another appearance in our top, this time with the Renegade glove which we find to be one of the best options for recreational players and beginners looking to improve and one day maybe even make it to the League. We start off by praising the low asking price for the mitt, a price which ensures it fits your budget regardless of how limited it is. Also, we cannot overlook the fact that it comes in 5 different size options to suit your game preferences or the size of your hands, these size options being a 12-inch, a 12.5-inch, a 13-inch, a 14-inch, and a 15-inch model. One of its biggest highlights, by far, is the fact that it comes 90% broken-in from the factory, more than what most gloves boast. Thus, you can really consider it ready to play as it provides the ideal surface of the palm to catch high-speed balls and make sure they won’t slip out. It is designed to be a slow-pitch glove, an aspect which influences its usability during the game, making it better suited for use by amateurs rather than professionals. Furthermore, the basket web it features gives it an outstanding enhanced usability, making it the right pick regardless of your position during the game.



5 different size options to choose between Great for recreational games, not professional, competitive ones
Comes 90% broken from the manufacturer
Webbing allows you to use it regardless of the position you play in
Impact protection is ensured by its high-density cushioned leather palm
Lightweight pro mesh ensures comfort and flexibility in play


The extended shape retention along with the 90% broken-in from the factory design of this baseball mitt makes it one of the most desirable equipment pieces for recreational players at the moment. Furthermore, its low asking price only adds to its desirability, making it a real bargain you should not miss.

Franklin Sports Field Master Series

If you are a beginner or recreational baseball player, the Field Master Series glove is the right pick for you. Not only is its profile perfectly suited for amateurs, but it comes at a very cheap price, thus not presenting a large investment which a beginner or occasional player might later regret making. One of the best aspects with this mitt is that it actually comes in 7 different size options – 10-inch, 10.5-inch, 11-inch, 12-inch, 12.5-inch, 13-inch, and 14-inch. Each size is suited for a different position in the field, so you have to make the pick depending on what position you know you will end up playing in. When it comes to throw style, it comes in right hand as well as left hand throw variations, so you are sure to find the one that matches your style. The hand-formed pocket it features enables easy catches and scoop-ups, making the game seem a lot easier for you. In terms of adjustability, it has you covered as it features the Contour Fit system which allows thumb adjustments. Woefully, there is a downside to it that we must mention, more precisely the fact that it is made with synthetic leather rather than true leather. This aspect does indeed affect its durability, but as long as you use it recreationally and not professionally, there should be no issues.



Contour fit system allows a customized fit on the thumb It is not made with true leather – manufacturing material is thick synthetic leather
Hand-formed pocked ensures you will have an easy time scooping up balls as well as catching them
Multiple option sizes are perfect for different field positions
Great price to quality ratio
Trapeze design of the web conceals the seams and provides extra depth


For those who are on a tight budget and who want a mitt perfect for recreational baseball sessions, this Franklin Sports glove is the right pick. Not only does it boast probably the best price to quality ratio, but despite what its synthetic leather body might have you thinking, it is actually one of the most durable picks on the market.

How to Fit the Baseball Mitt

An iconic piece of equipment you cannot play baseball without, the glove is one of your main concerns if you want to have an easy time on the field, regardless of your skill level. When it is out of the box, the glove can be quite inflexible, aspect you have to take care of by practicing in order to use it comfortably on the field. When you do pick this baseball equipment, there is one primary element of focus, more precisely for the mitt to fit your hand properly. Find out some useful tips regarding how to make the right choice and follow the steps described below to make sure the glove you wear will never slip out or inconvenience you during the play.

Quick tips:

  • Try out more mitts before you decide;
  • Give different brands a try;
  • Examine the leather and seams;
  • Never go larger than the size of your hand;
  • Check for fitting adjustment.
  • Step #1 – Take Your Age Into Account

  • Glove size and player age are tightly linked to each other, so this should be the first element you take into consideration to make sure the mitt you choose fits you well. Proper size can vary in 0.5-inch increments depending on the age of the player as well as the position he or she plays in. Infielders generally use mitts that are 11 or 11.5 inches in size, while outfielders add an inch or half an inch to this size. This size applies to adult players, so when you are buying for a child, you have to go lower. For example, if your child is 3 to 5 years old and plays as an infielder, you should pick a glove that is 9 or 9.5 inches in size.

  • Step #2 – Try It Out

  • No matter how confident you feel on the specs of the glove and how convinced you are that it is a proper fit, you should still try it on. This way, you know for sure whether or not you can adjust it to fit snugly on your hand, ensuring that it won’t slip or slide when you are playing. Of course, you have to take into consideration the fact that as time passes, the glove will become more pliable as it is being used.

  • Step #3 – Try Other Sizes

  • Before you do take a final decision, we recommend you move up and down in size based on how the mitt feels when you put it on to make sure that the size you pick is the closest to perfection. Control and fit adjustment are the two most important aspects to look into when it comes to baseball mitts, and the only way you can be 100% sure that it will fit properly is to select the one that offers the best reliability.

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