Air Mattresses

Many people experience times when they need an additional bed for a guest or want an extra bed that costs little money and is easy to care for. They can successfully replace regular mattress and provide the same level of comfort. Therefore, any time you need a new mattress, consider throwing an eye over our recommendations and you will discover that they are full of benefits.

Top 5 Air Mattresses Comparison

1. Insta-Bed Raised 2. Lazery Sleep 3. Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam 4. Coleman SupportRest 5. SoundAsleep Dream Series
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Size Queen, Twin Queen, Twin Queen Queen, Twin Twin
Measurements W x H x L (inches) 80 x18 x60 Queen, 74 x18 x39 Twin 78 x 19 x 58 Queen 60 x 22 x 80 75 x 18 x 39 Twin, 78 x 18 x 60 Queen 73 x 38 x 18
Type Indoor Indoor/Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor Indoor
Material N/A Vinyl, Plush Flocking Vinyl, Plush Flocking Vinyl, Plush Flocking Multilayer, Puncture-resistant
Color Light Brown, White Burgundy Gray Light Green Dark Blue


Construction Welded Construction Dual Chamber Design Fiber-Tech Construction Support Lock ComfortStrong Coil System Double Lock Valve ComfortCoil Technology
Indented Sides
Waterproof Top
Grip Bottom
Maximum Weight Capacity(pounds) N/A 500 600 300 lbs Twin, 600 lbs Queen N/A
Fill Time 4 minutes 4 minutes 4 ½ minutes N/A 3 minutes


Pump Primary Pump NeverFLAT Pump Built-in electrical Built-in electrical Not Included Built-in electrical
Number of Firmness Settings 3 7
Auto Shutoff Pump
Carry Bag


Parts and Labor Warranty N/A 1 Year 1 Year N/A 1 Year

Airbeds Reviews

After analyzing many products on the market and comparing their particularities, we were able to draw conclusions of the best-rated ones and we thought it will be helpful for you to discover them. Our top picks promise to be comfortable and durable and you will certainly be pleased to have each of them at home.

1. Insta-Bed Raised

We were overly impressed with the versatility and convenience of this air mattress available in two different sizes to meet your space needs. The raised bed design is excellent for a comfortable sleep and the soft texture contributes to creating a cozy bed. It has indented sides to keep you in place and a sturdy welded construction with circular coils that create a strong yet soft sleeping surface.

The mattress is available in light brown and can be matched with a headboard if you want to obtain a separate airbed. The top is waterproof and the bottom is gripped to prevent sliding on any type of flooring. The features that are worth mentioning about this mattress are various and we should start with the two different pumps, one that flats the unit in less than 4 minutes, and the neverFLAT pump that monitors and maintains the air pressure inside the mattress.

The first pump automatically turns off when the mattress reaches the right pressure in order to prevent damage. You can choose from 3 different firmness settings according to your sleep preferences. The mattress is portable and comes with a carry bag for transportation.



Two pumps in one matterss
Soft suede top that prevents sheets from falling
Pump shut-off feature when the mattress is fully inflated
Fast inflating time in less than 5 minutes
Strong and firm shape with interior coils


The consistently comfortable feel it provides along with the durable design it boasts make this mattress a purchase for the long-run. Regardless if you intend to use it yourself every night as you prefer the plush feeling it offers or if you are purchasing it as a spare bed when you have guests over, it is an investment which will not disappoint and that we strongly recommend you opt for.

2. Lazery Sleep

The second best model that caught our attention is this one from Lazery that manages to bring some interesting innovations. First, there is the dual chamber design with 40 air coils that create the ultimate relaxation feeling. The vinyl surface has a plush top that creates a velvet-like touch and keeps the sheets from sliding.

This contributes to the comfort of your sleep and ensures that the mattress will be easy to use. You can choose from two sizes with different measurements and the burgundy shade will surely catch your eyes. You can easily inflate the mattress with the built-in electric pump that has a shut-off feature that turns it off the moment the mattress is inflated to perfection.

The biggest novelty is the remote that comes with the pump and that allows you to select from 7 firmness settings, from the softest to the hardest, depending on your tastes. When you no longer need the mattress, deflate it and store it away in the carry bag that ensures protection.



Rigid mattress with multiple material layers A bit expensive when compared to the products in its niche
Rapid pump that infaltes it in minutes
Can withstand weighs up to 500lbs
Firmness level setting
One year warranty


Although it is a rather big investment to make for some, we recommend you choose this Lazery Sleep mattress as it is plush and built to withstand immense weight.Providing multiple firmness settings to suit all types of sleepers, it does not matter who will end up using it as it is ensured to be a wonderful option for anyone who comes over at your place and for you as well for that matter.

3. Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam

If you need a comfortable mattress that you can count on no matter how many times you need to use it, consider throwing an eye at this one made by Intex. The mattress available in Queen size is great for holding adults of children weighing a total of 600 pounds, which is impressive for an inflatable mattress and it will not lose shape throughout the night.

This is due to the FiberTech construction consisting of thousands of polyester fibers that ensure both sturdiness and comfort. With the built-in electric inflating pump, your mattress will be inflated in around 4 minutes and although it does not include features like a shut-off or adjustable firmness, you will surely enjoy a restful sleep. Easily deflate, roll, and store the mattress away when you no longer need it.



Waterproof flocked top ensures nighttime sweating will not affect the look or quality of the product Pump does not automatically shut off
You can adjust the firmness of the mattress as desired by simply pushing a button
Offers proper support to ensure that back pains will not appear
Indented side design keeps the sheets from slipping when you sleep
Convenient storage ensured by the duffle bag in which you can put the mattress once it is fully deflated


Conveniently priced and built to last even when heavy people are sleeping on it, this Intex mattress is an option we encourage you give a chance. The soft to the touch plush flocking it boasts is only one of the numerous features this product delivers, so you need not worry about convenience when sleeping on the comfortable surface it provides.

4. Coleman SupportRest

If you have heard of Coleman and their inflatable products, it is no surprise to see that they also manufacture inflating mattresses and very good ones as well. This one we chose is available in two sizes so you can get the one you need or even both. The manufacturer has put a lot of attention into designing a durable mattress and you can see it from the reinforced construction that allows you to sleep on a solid and soft surface.

Thanks to the Dual Lock valve, the mattress will not lose air during the night so you will wake up with the same firmness you fell asleep on. The only drawback is that you will need to buy the pump separately as it is not included. Luckily, there are compatible pumps available for purchase so aside from the additional expense, this should not be an issue.



Double lock design of the valve ensures air leaks will not be an issue Does not offer multiple firmness settings to choose between
Comfortable, even sleeping surface provided by the coil construction it boasts
High profile ensures you will have an easy time getting in and out of bed
Extra cushioning delivers a comfortable surface to sleep on, ensuring back pain will not be an issue for you anymore
Affordable price as opposed to similar products in its niche


One of the more affordable options on the market right now, this Coleman mattress is a high airbed you will love sleeping on as it is both comfortable and durable. Designed to be used indoors as well as outdoors, there are no actual limitations when it comes to how and when you can use it, an aspect you cannot overlook as it makes it more versatile than other products in its niche.

5. SoundAsleep Dream Series

The fifth mattress on our list is a compact model available in a Twin size that will perfectly fit your guest bedroom or serve as an extra bed for your child’s sleepover colleague. The SoundAsleep model is made of a highly resistant material and using an innovative ComfortCoil technology with a dual-chamber construction that prevents any air leaks.

This guarantees the ultimate comfort throughout the night and extends the lifespan. The built-in pump inflates the mattress in 3 minutes and deflates it just as fast so you can easily store it away.



Internal air coils provide a firm and flat surface for a consistent, quality sleep Does not come with a remote control
Thick, multi-layer design makes it waterproof and puncture-resistant Does not offer multiple firmness settings to choose between
Fast inflate and deflate time ensure not a lot of time will be lost until you actually get to use it
A lot of customers have praised customer support for their seriousness when handling requests
Reasonably priced – in the price range set by most customers, regardless of their possibilities


An option worth taking into consideration as it comes at a cheap price and provides a comfy surface to sleep on at night, this airbed from SoundAsleep is one of our top recommendations for you. The fast inflate and deflate times along with the thick flocked top it boasts are not the sole highlights of this product, as you have already concluded yourself after reading our review.

6. Serta ST8400160

The sixth position in our top is occupied by the amazingly comfortable Serta ST8400160 raised air mattress. Not only does it come at a remarkable price but this mattress actually provides you with an ideal sleeping surface despite the fact that it is not a classic memory foam mattress. The 18-inch raised height that it boasts makes it easy for you to get in and out of bed. It is a durable and long-lasting investment as it is made with quality materials that are puncture and water resistant.

The 35 circular coils that it features offers a very comfortable sleeping surface, ensuring a quality sleep each night. For convenience in use, it features a neverFLAT pump that not only monitors the air pressure in the mattress but it maintains it automatically during the night as well.

Also, there is a primary pump that automatically inflates and deflates the mattress without requiring you to put any effort into these tasks, taking only 4 minutes for the pump to finish and for the mattress to be ready for use. When it comes to the warranty that accompanies this mattress, know that it is backed up by Serta for no less than two years since you purchase it.



Feature automatic controls which ensure a convenient inflate/deflate operation Costs a bit more than similar airbeds
Allows you to customize the firmness level to your liking
Features pressure sensing technology which monitors and adjusts comfort level continuously
Vertical and horizontal reinforcements in its construction ensure it will maintain a perfect shape
Backed by a 1-year warranty


Widely appreciated for its strong construction and the plush, comfortable sleeping surface it delivers, this Serta airbed is the one you should take home with you if you cannot settle for less than the best. Featuring a flocked top which feels plush and smooth against the skin, and made with puncture and water resistant materials, it is a mattress we strongly recommend you go for.

7. WonderSleep Classic Series 20”

An inflatable bed which features the latest technologies in order to provide a comfortable sleeping surface, this WonderSleep mattress is one of our top recommendations for those who are on a budget. Due to the DreamCoil technology it uses and the 7×5 array of strong air coils, it provides the best support for your back so that you will not only sleep comfortable but wake up without feeling any back pain.

It takes less than 4 minutes for the mattress to inflate or deflate, and with the help of the rotary pump, you can do these procedures without actually putting any effort yourself. The waterproof flocked top it features provides a plush surface to lay on, one through which water won’t pass. It features puncture-resistant materials which ensure this is one of the most long-lasting investments you will ever make.

Its reinforced bottom prevents it from slipping on the carpet and scaring you while you are sleeping. It boasts double the height of traditional airbeds, measuring 78 inches by 58 inches by 20 inches. Furthermore, the manufacturing company backs it with a 1-year warranty, so in the off chance that anything happens to it in during this period of time, it will be replaced free of charge.



Reinforced bottom prevents it from sliding on the carpet
Measures 20 inches in height, more than most airbeds out there
Takes less than 4 minutes for it to inflate/deflate
Features the DreamCoil technology which ensures proper support throughout your sleep sessions
Cheap price makes it an accessible option


An airbed that is guaranteed to offer you the best quality sleep you ever had, this WonderSleep entry is one of our favorites as it not only uses the latest technologies out there, like the DreamCoil techn which makes it highly supportive, but because it comes at an extremely cheap price that makes it accessible to everyone as well.

The Utility of These Mattresses

You are probably wondering why on earth would you prefer to sleep on a mattress filled with air than on a regular mattress that seems more comfortable. To find all your answers, we invite you to discover the utility of these mattresses and why people often resort to them when they need an extra mattress. As long as you know what to choose, we assure you that you will enjoy only the best of your inflatable mattress.

  • They are are convenient

  • First of all, the price is lower than the prices of a memory foam or latex mattress so those who need an additional bed or want to equip a bedroom they rarely use often buy an air mattress that is more affordable. Secondly, it is easier to take care of, it does not require special cleaning and it is easier to store.

  • You can save space

  • Having extra folding beds seems like a good idea but what happens when you need to store them away? You need plenty of room to keep bulky beds stored but with the inflatable mattress, this problem is in the past. All you have to do is deflate it, roll it, and put it in its carry bag that is the size of a regular bag and store it anywhere you want. If you use it occasionally and it will be stored most of the times, it is your best solution for saving space.

  • Extra sleeping room for guests

  • You cannot get a good sleep without a mattress, but what if you need some extra sleeping space and you cannot keep an additional bed in the room? Whenever you have guests, you need to come up with an idea to accommodate them and nothing is as convenient as an inflatable mattress that can be up in minutes. You can make your guests feel comfortable and at home with a soft and luxurious air mattress so you won’t have to accommodate them in folding beds or crowd them on the sofa.

  • Increased comfort

  • These mattresses are very comfortable and can really help you get a better sleep. Many people choose this type of mattress over the traditional one because they love the feeling of sleeping on air. The indented sides keep your body from falling off the mattress while the soft silky top ensures a delicate touch. Just wrap the mattress in your favorite sheets and enjoy a restful sleep.

  • Healthier sleeping

  • You probably know how dirty a regular mattress can become and how many germs and mites can hide inside the thick layers. With an air mattress, you can forget about allergens and disturbing impurities as no dust mites or bacteria can gather inside it. Given that it is filled with air and is made of non-allergenic materials, it is perfect for allergy sufferers and can keep you away from all the breathing problems caused by sleeping on a filthy mattress.

What Makes It Good

Not all the mattresses are equally good and some can last for longer or stay inflated much better and the difference is in some aspects that you need to focus on. Doing some research is always helpful so keep the following details in mind next time you want to buy an air mattress so you can be certain that your choice will be the best.

  • Excellent body support

  • A good inflating mattress should keep your body in a comfortable position throughout the night no matter if it deflates a little. If you feel like you are falling off the mattress or that your body sinks in it, it is not sturdy enough and you could wake up with back pain. Therefore, look for ones with multiple air chambers that maintain its shape and with indented sides that keep you from falling.

  • Durable materials

  • The fact that it is inflated with air makes this mattress more fragile and prone to breaking so it is important to choose models made of welded sturdy materials, usually vinyl and puncture-resistant. Accidents might happen and the last thing you want is your mattress to break and deflate overnight so the quality of the mattress is the main aspect you need to consider.

  • Ease of use

  • Last, but not least, the air mattress should be easy to inflate, deflate, and store away. Considering the large size, it is not appealing to inflate it using a manual pump so an electrical pump is in demand. Whether you go for a built-in or a separate pump, check the inflation time and the pump’s settings to see how easily you can get the hang of it.

What’s Behind Our Ratings

We found plenty of mattresses online and in stores and it was quite hard to pick the best model. To narrow down our options, we took into consideration some aspects we believed to be vital in making a good purchase.

  • Inflating pump

  • If you do not want to blow air into the mattress using your mouth, you have to make sure it comes with an electric pump that does all the hard work for you. If the pump also has a turn-off feature that stops it the moment the mattress has reached the desired firmness, all your work is done.

  • Indented sides

  • To prevent it from sagging and becoming flat, keep your eyes opened for indented sides that strengthen it and maintain its shape. All the good ones have strong sides so that no matter how much you jump on it, it will never change shape.

  • Waterproof top

  • Accidents happen and chances are you will spill something over it when you sit on it so it is best to get one with a waterproof top. You might think that since it is made of rubber, it is waterproof, but learn that the top is covered in a soft fabric that should keep moisture away. Otherwise, you will get the top wet and you won’t be able to sleep on it.

  • Weight limit

  • Given the fact it is an inflating mattress and not a regular one, it is more prone to damage if the weight capacity is exceeded. If you want the entire family to be able to use it, choose one that has a high weight limit. This can differ according to the size but you can find large sizes that can carry up to 600 lbs.

Proper Mattress Maintenance

For you to enjoy your air mattress for as long as possible, you need to take good care of it in order to prevent accidents that could damage it. This type of mattress is more delicate and requires some special attention when handling so that it won’t break and become useless.

  • Do not jump on the mattress

  • No matter how tempted you or the children might be, try not to jump on the mattress because the increased pressure might break it. Also, avoid exceeding the maximum capacity of each model in order to prevent any incidents. Overloading it could force the seams to crack and the mattress to lose air.

  • Avoid pulling it hard

  • When maneuvering the air mattress, avoid pulling its sides too hard or trying to move it while someone is sleeping on it. Regardless how durable are the materials it is made of, the mattress could break if something opposes resistance while you pull it.

  • Do not get it near flames or pointy objects

  • In order to prevent any accidents, never place the air mattress near a heat source like a heater, a fireplace, or a stove. Heat can melt the material and the damage can be irreversible. Sharp and pointy objects or even furniture edges can be dangerous for the air mattress so always maneuver it with care and install it in safe places.

  • Inflate it properly

  • Many people inflate their air mattress over the limit, thinking that it will already deflate in a few hours, and out of commodity to re-inflate it. This can cause the mattress to crack and it is something that should be avoided. It is best to inflate it to the maximum then re-inflate it after a few hours to prevent it from breaking. To make things less complicated, some pumps have a shutoff feature that stops them from inflating when the mattress reaches the top point.

  • Patch any existing hole

No matter how well you take care of your air mattress, the inevitable can happen and it can break, cases in which you need to fix it before the damage gets bigger. Patching the product can prevent further breaking and it can be done with rubber patches that you can find in stores.

Top 3 Mattress Brands

It is not necessary for a mattress to be delivered by a popular manufacturer but, in most cases, the top brands are those who put a high price on the quality and durability of their products. We surveyed the market and looked for the top manufacturers that claimed to design the finest mattresses and whose quality recognized by customers worldwide.

  • Insta-Bed

  • The top mattress we chose comes from Insta-Bed, a brand that is in constant pursuit of the most advanced materials and technologies that deliver the ultimate satisfaction. Their indoor and outdoor models and airbeds are sought-after because of their quality and durability. It is important to choose top-notch products and the care for details can be observed in every aspect so you can rest assured knowing that your guests or yourself will be sleeping on the coziest air mattress.

  • Lazery

  • Another reliable brand that specializes in quality is Lazery and you can easily see that their products aim to be the best in every aspect. The special patent pumps with remote controls make these models stand out and you will definitely notice an increased level of comfort the moment you sit on the soft surface.

  • Intex

When you think of inflatable tubs, pools, or mattresses, one name comes to your mind and that is Intex. You can be certain that the products designed by this brand are famous for their durability and quality. There are many models to choose from and regardless the one you go for, it is guaranteed that you will enjoy a great air mattress that will last for many years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

?Can I inflate it without a pump?
Unfortunately, you cannot because there is no way that you can blow as much as air as an air pump. You can try but it is highly unlikely to be as efficient.

?Can I adjust the firmness of it?
For the majority of the models that we have mentioned you can, however, if you are not bothered to have this feature but still want it, adjust the air in the mattress.

?Will it aid my back pain?
Here, it all depends if you know what the correct firmness is for your back. What you have to do is test out different models and pick the one most suitable to you.

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