Bamboo Sheets and Bedding

The quality of your sheets weighs as much as the quality of the mattress or the pillow when it comes to a restful sleep. Sleeping on synthetic fabrics that get hot or wrinkle at night will certainly not help you get a good sleep so switching to bamboo bedding is an excellent idea. The top bamboo sheets are made of high-quality fibers that ensure a breathable and comfortable sleeping environment, as you are about to see.

Top 8 Bamboo Sheets and Bedding Comparison

Photo Products Price
Cariloha Classic 4 Piece Set Image
Best Overall

1. Cariloha Classic 4 Piece Set

  • Viscose from bamboo
  • 5 color options available
  • Available in 4 different sizes
  • Washing machine safe
  • Lifetime warranty
Cosy House Bamboo

2. Cosy House Bamboo

  • 40% rayon from bamboo and 60% polyester
  • Wide pallet of 13 colors
  • 3 sizes to fit any bed size
  • Washing machine and dryer safe
  • Lifetime warranty
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Zen Bamboo Luxury
Our Choice

3. Zen Bamboo Luxury

  • 40% bamboo and 60% microfiber blend
  • Beautiful 12 colors match any bedroom decor
  • 5 sizes to fit any bed size
  • Washing machine washable
  • 30-day money back warranty
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Royal Hotel Silky Soft Bamboo Cotton Sheet Set

4. Royal Hotel Silky Soft Bamboo Cotton

  • 60% viscose from bamboo and 40% cotton
  • 13 attractive colors
  • 6 sizes to fit any bed size
  • Washing machine and dryer safe
  • 90-day warranty
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Resorts Resource Group Super Soft Bed Sheets

5. Resorts Resource Group Super Soft

  • High-quality 100% bamboo
  • Available in 4 neutral pale colors
  • 3 sizes to fit any bed size
  • Washing machine washable
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Egyptian Bedding Rayon from BAMBOO

6. Egyptian Bedding Rayon from BAMBOO

  • 60% bamboo rayon and 40% Egyptian cotton
  • Stunning 10 colors to choose from
  • Extended range of 7 sizes
  • Washing machine and dryer safe
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LuxClub Bamboo

7. LuxClub Bamboo

  • 40% bamboo and 60% microfiber blend
  • Amazing 20 colors match any bedroom decor
  • 4 sizes available
  • Washing machine washable
  • 30-day money back warranty
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Cosy House Unique Bamboo

8. Cosy House Unique Bamboo

  • Great fabric blend – 60% micro-polyester and 40% bamboo rayon
  • Available in 16 different colors
  • Comes in 4 different size options to suit your bed
  • Machine washable and can be tumbled dry on the low setting of the dryer
  • Accompanied by a lifetime warranty
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Bamboo Bedding Reviews

If you made the wise decision of replacing your old sheets with bamboo, you must know that there are many products available on the shelves. However, the highest level of comfort will be achieved if you try one of the models we have selected and reviewed for you.

Cariloha Classic 4 Piece Set

Yes, this set does come at a more expensive price than other entries in our top, but it is justifiable and worth it considering the fact that it is made with viscose from rayon. The 4 pieces include 2 pillowcases and 2 sheets, one fitted and one flat. It is available in five colors that include Ivory, Sage, White, Bahama Blue, and Sandy Shore. There are 4 size options to select between as well, including Twin, Queen, King, and California King. The material that goes into the manufacturing of these pieces ensures a safe, hypoallergenic sleeping surface so that your health is protected while you doze off at night. One of its most spectacular features is the fact that the moisture-wicking and naturally breathable material provides you will a cool sensation when you sleep. Furthermore, the manufacturing company backs it with a lifetime warranty.

  • Set includes 2 sheets and 2 pillowcases
  • 230-thread count for softness and durability
  • Full length elastic makes it easy to fit to your mattress
  • One of the more expensive entries on the market

As it is made with quality viscose from bamboo, this set ensures a 100% safe surface to lay your body and head on at night as allergens won’t be present in bed with you. It might cost a pretty penny, but it is definitely an investment worth making for the safety it provides alone.

Cosy House Bamboo


The material is dust-repellent and moisture-resistant so you can count on them in winter and summer as well. No bad odors will appear between washes and you will enjoy a cozy sleep without the fear of allergens and impurities. They are manufactured without the use of chemicals or additives so even children can sleep on them. Still, there will be no wrinkles or shrinks and they will remain in the perfect condition for a long time.


Among all the products available for purchase, we came to the conclusion that this set from Cosy House is a top choice for many reasons. First of all, we were impressed with the durability and softness, which is due to the high-quality bamboo and polyester microfibers that offer both the softness and the thickness.


The fibers are naturally breathable so your skin will enjoy an airy surface and will remain cool in the summer while providing warmth in the winter. The set includes a flat and a fitted sheet, and 4 pillowcases in 3 different sizes and 10 color choices to meet all your tastes. They do not include any harmful chemicals and they can be also used by people who suffer from allergies.

  • Soft bamboo and polyester blend
  • Naturally breathable texture
  • Multiple color choices
  • Highly durable texture
  • Easy maintenance
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Not 100% bamboo

Cosy House Bamboo are perfect because they are specially made to offer you a comfortable sleep. Since they contain bamboo fiber, they help control body temperature, no matter if it is winter or summer. Cleaning them is very easy as they can be washed in the washing machine. Additionally, there are 3 sizes available and multiple colors to match the with your bedroom. Last but not least, the greatest advantage is the included lifetime warranty.

Zen Bamboo Luxury

You can sleep like a baby on these amazing sheets made of the finest quality blend of bamboo and brushed microfiber that feels so soft to touch. The 4-piece set includes a bed sheet, a duvet sheet, and two pillowcases so you will obtain a luxurious bedroom design. Choose between the 12 colors available and pick the size that matches your bed so you will enjoy the perfect set of bedding. Although not entirely made of bamboo, they are dust resistant and naturally hypoallergenic in order to make everyone feel at ease and improve the quality of their sleep. You can forget about wrinkles, bad odors, sweating, or dust with them. There is no need to iron them because the fibers remain smooth and plush-like, being more convenient than regular cotton models that get wrinkled. Moreover, they can be washed in the washing machine at low temperatures so keeping them clean should not be a tedious chore. To convince you of the quality of the product, the manufacturer provides a 30-day money back warranty so you can see for yourself how great they really are.

  • Made of high-quality bamboo and microfiber
  • A variety of colors to choose from
  • Hypoallergenic and dust-repellent
  • Machine washable and wrinkle-free
  • Satisfaction money back guarantee
  • Confusing size chart
  • Not 100% bamboo

We really like Zen Bamboo as they are made from superior fabrics that provide a high level of comfort. This set is perfect for allergy sufferers as it is hypoallergenic, so you can offer it as a present to your beloved ones. Deciding what color you like best can be quite difficult as there are no less than 12 colors available. When it comes to cleaning it, you can use the washing machine but you have to follow the provided instructions. As a tip, you should be careful when choosing the size for your bed as it may not be as specified in the size chart.

Royal Hotel Silky Soft Bamboo Cotton

A good set should be durable enough to remain intact after prolonged use and soft enough for you to enjoy a pleasant sleep. These two qualities can be found in this Royal Hotel set made of a blend of 60% viscose from bamboo that is extremely soft and 40% cotton that completes the delicacy of the fibers. With a 300 thread count, they manage to provide a luxurious feel that can be compared to pure silk or cashmere. The temperature-regulating properties of the blend make them suitable for all year use as they will stay either cool or warm depending on the ambient temperature. Moreover, the materials are hypoallergenic and can instantly repel dust mites so they will remain clean between washes. Your skin will enjoy a soft feeling and you can stay away from allergies with these chemical-free sheets. As for maintenance, it will not result too cumbersome since you can wash the set and pillow cases in the washing machine in cold water, with no bleach or fabric softener. Although they won’t develop wrinkles, you can always press them with a warm iron if you want to give them a hotel-like look.

  • High-Quality bamboo and cotton blend
  • Chemical-free materials
  • Hypoallergenic design makes them perfect for allergy sufferers
  • Wide range of colors to pick from
  • Silky soft texture
  • Not 100% bamboo fibers

Royal Hotel Silky Soft is made to last, so you can rest assured as your money will be well spent. They are very soft to touch and can prevent persipration, allowing you to have a peaceful sleep all year. There are no chemicals involved in the manufacturing process and if you suffer from allergies you will be very pleased with them. There are no less than 13 colors and 6 sizes to choose from.

Resorts Resource Group Super Soft

If the previous two sets were made of a bamboo blend, next, we bring to your attention a set made of 100% rayon from bamboo grown in sustainable conditions, with no pesticides, herbicides, or artificial irrigation. This guarantees that they do not contain any harmful substances that could cause or worsen any allergies. Thanks to the 350 thread count, they are exceptionally soft and silky, 10 times better than cotton or silk. Also, the fibers manage to absorb moisture and to prevent it from causing unpleasant odors, thus ensuring the most delicate touch for your skin all year round. It is recommended to wash them before the first use and you can even use the washing machine, although you need to be careful with the water temperature and the detergents you use. Never add bleach or fabric softener and wash and dry on low heat. The set includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillow cases available in 3 sizes and 4 color choices.

  • Incredibly soft 100% bamboo
  • Hypoallergenic materials for a comfortable sleep
  • Easily washable in the washing machine
  • Eco-friendly composition
  • You need to be careful when washing them
  • Limited colors pallet

Resorts Resource Group contains only bamboo fabric, so you can fully enjoy the properties of this set. There are no chemicals used for making them, so they are hypoallergenic. You will simply love this set as it is very soft and comfortable in comparison to the synthetic ones available on the market. You can wash the set in the machine but you have to be careful as there were reported some problems. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions and they won’t be damaged.

Egyptian Bedding Rayon from BAMBOO

The first sign of quality is in the materials used to manufacture them, so it is certified to be of complete trust. The 100% bamboo fibers offer it a delicacy that outcomes cotton or silk so you will manage to improve the quality of your sleep. In addition, the material is also thermal-regulating to make you feel cool on hot nights and warm in chilly nights, another aspect that contributes to your comfortable sleep. If you often suffer from allergies, you should definitely consider changing them with these ones that keep dust mites and bacteria way and ensure a smooth breathing throughout the night. Being made of natural fibers makes them more demanding when it comes to washing, so make sure you only use cold water and you never add bleach no matter if you wash them by hand or in the washing machine. If the other sets come in 4 or 5 size choices, this one has no less than 9 different sizes to choose from, just to make sure you will get the right size. And with the 10 color choices, there is no doubt you will find the right one for your bedroom.

  • 100% bamboo fibers
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Hypoallergenic and dust-resistant
  • Pretentious washing
  • Might get scratchy after extended use

It is worth considering if you are looking for some well-made sheets that offer you the possibility to choose from more sizes. From this point of view, this set is the most versatile, as you can choose from no less than 9 sizes. When it comes to colors, you can also opt for one of the 10 colors available and transform your bedroom in the coziest place on earth. This particular set is hypoallergenic and it easily adapts to your body’s temperature. However, you have to be careful when washing them as they require special attention.

LuxClub Bamboo

Enjoy the most restful sleep with the LuxClub set made of a soft blend of 40% bamboo and 60% microfber that is softer to touch than cotton. The pleasant texture ensures a comfortable sleeping and protects your skin from allergens and dust mites. The antibacterial layer is excellent for children and sensitive people and can be the answer to many skin conditions. They are guaranteed to remain cool to touch in summer and warm andf fluffy in winter so your body temperature will be adapted to the sleeping conditions. You will never sweat while laying on these moisture-repellent sheets made of the finest bamboo. You can choose from 4 sizes so you will find the one to match your bed size and what is really impressive is the extended palet of 40 colors to pick from. You will certainly find the one that will best suit your bedroom design. The set includes one flat and one fitted sheet, and two standard pillow cases.

  • Made of high-quality bamboo and microfiber mixture
  • The largest variety of colors to choose from
  • Easy machine washable
  • Hypoallergenic and dust-repellent
  • Not 100% bamboo

It is the most versatile when it comes to the available colors. Matching them with your bedroom’s design is quite simple, you just have to pick the appropriate color and enjoy a good night’s sleep. Just like the other sets, this one is also suitable for people who suffer from allergies, featuring at the same time temperature-regulating properties. In case you do not like the product, there is nothing to worry about as you will receive your money back as soon as possible.

Cosy House Unique Bamboo

Boasting a spa-like softness, it is a certainty that you will sleep as if you were on a cloud if you set these sheets and bedding on your bed. The 4-piece set includes a fitted and a flat sheet, and two pillow cases, and it comes at a cheap price which makes it truly affordable. As it comes in no less than 16 different color options, you are sure to find the right one to match your bedroom décor. The fabric blend is composed of 40% bamboo rayon and 60% micro-polyester. The rayon plays the role of regulating heat in order to provide a cool and breathable sleeping surface, thus ensuring comfort won’t ever be an issue. As it is elasticized all around, it will sit securely on the bed all night, regardless how much you toss and turn. Furthermore, the materials used in its manufacturing are naturally hypoallergenic, so it presents a safe sleeping surface. When it comes to size options, there are 4 selections to choose between – Full, Queen, King, and California King. In addition, the manufacturing company offers a staggering lifetime warranty for them.

  • Naturally hypoallergenic materials make this set safe for your sleeping environment
  • One of the cheapest sets you will find on the market
  • Elasticized all around to ensure a secure fit
  • Fits oversized mattresses perfectly
  • Soft and wrinkle-free, so you won’t have a hard time caring for them
  • Breathable materials keep you cool throughout your nocturnal slumber

As it is made with quality materials, more precisely bamboo rayon and micro-polyester, you can confidently rely on this set to provide you with the most comforting night’s sleep possible. Best of all, the breathable profile of these materials ensures you won’t feel hot when you sleep, regardless of the season.

Why Sheets Matter

If the mattress is chosen based on thickness, body support, and movement resistance, the sheets should also be analyzed carefully because they are a major part of a comfortable and restful sleeping environment.

  • The material you choose must be soft and delicate to the skin so that you will experience a gentle touch every time you go to bed. Poor quality materials are coarse and can irritate your skin even if you are not necessarily a sensitive person.
  • If the colors are not well impregnated into the fibers, chances are you will see them coming out on your clothes. Cheap products made of low-quality materials tend to lose their color with every wash so you could end up with old-looking sheets shortly after purchasing them.
  • Given how many allergens and impurities can hide inside the mattress, it is recommended to buy sheets that create a shield between your skin and the health-threatening debris. A good set made of fabrics that have not been treated with chemicals can help you fight allergy symptoms like a runny nose, stuffed nose, or itchy eyes. This is why it is important to pick only the best, especially for your children.
  • You probably know how annoying it is to sleep on sheets that feel cold in the winter and get extremely hot in the summer. The temperature regulation of the bedding you choose is an essential factor for a restful sleep. Choose those that adapt to the temperature of your body and that keep you comfortable throughout the year.

Benefits of Sleeping on Bamboo

With the increasing popularity of bamboo bedding, you might be interested in trying either a bamboo sheet, a duvet, or a mattress with a cover. Regardless the choice, you will enjoy plenty of benefits, most of them strongly related to your health. If you want to be convinced you have made a good choice, here are some of the advantages brought by sleeping on bamboo.

  • Natural sleeping environment

    Instead of going for artificial fabrics like viscose or polyester, it is advisable to choose natural fabrics that do not emit toxins or bad odors. Bamboo is a natural plant that is environmentally-friendly and can protect and strengthen one’s health.

  • Hypoallergenic barrier

    One of the most beneficial effects of is that they create a barrier against dust mites and allergens that alter your breathing and cause allergic reactions. Given that bamboo allows the air to breathe, air impurities pass through the fibers and fail to remain inside the fabric, like it usually happens with other types of bedding.

  • Temperature control

    Synthetic sheets tend to get very hot at night or remain cold in the winter season, thus making you feel uncomfortable. Models made of bamboo have the ability to contrcreatesperature and adapt to your body’s temperature. This way, you will feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter and you will enjoy a more restful sleep.

  • Moisture deterring

    If you sweat, your sheets become a proper place for bacteria and germs to develop. With models made of bamboo fibers, you can forget about sweating and bad odors due to their ability to deter moisture and to prevent odor-causing bacteria.

  • Soft touch

    Last, but not least, this product creates a soft texture that is pleasant to touch and perfect for sleeping. Bamboo fibers are more delicate than silk or cotton so they are great for designing items that come into contact with your skin.

Choosing the Best Set

It is very important to sleep on quality sheets because they contribute to how well and restful you sleep. Therefore, you should not spare any effort in finding the perfect set that will provide the ultimate comfort throughout the night and our advice will help you reach your purpose.

  • Check the composition

    Although you can hardly find 100% bamboo fiber models, you can get 60% bamboo combined with delicate cotton or microfiber. This is why it is important to check the composition to make sure you will get quality materials. Blends of viscose, rayon from bamboo, cotton, and microfiber are the most popular ones that ensure a pleasant texture.

  • Look for airy fabrics

    If they will get hot, you will not feel comfortable as you will sweat the entire night. Also, the moisture could lead to the appearance of bacteria and mites if the air does not circulate. A good set allows the air to circulate and prevent moisture absorption so you will enjoy the best temperature control and a restful sleep.

  • Make sure they are soft

    If you feel that the ones you have laid your eyes on are not as soft as you would want, do not buy them thinking that, eventually, the fabrics will become looser and they will get softer because chances are they won’t. Thick fabrics that are rigid to touch are not very comfy and will scratch your skin so it is best to avoid them. Go for silky soft bamboo threads that are even softer than cotton.

  • Get a good brand

    Some brands are more popular and trustworthy than others because they have managed to provide clients quality products that lasted in time and remained as soft and resistant as they were on the purchase day. Check our comparison table to see which are the brands that have won the trust of their clients with products that stand up to the expectations.

Organic Bamboo or Egyptian Cotton?

Although bamboo is a grass, it can be processed to turn into a soft thread that is perfect for bedding. If you are confused and you do not know which of the two is the best choice for a restful sleep, here are some arguments that will help you make up your mind.

  • Bamboo is more environmentally friendly than cotton

    Growing cotton takes a few years and it implies using large amounts of pesticides, which is not a good thing for the environment. Bamboo, on the other hand, grows much faster and it does not require accelerators to boost its growth. Harvesting it has no side effects on nature because it’s sustainable so it is a safer alternative if you are Eco-conscious.

  • Bamboo absorbs moisture at a higher rate

    Unlike cotton that tends to get very hot, bamboo is three degrees cooler so it stays dryer even if the room temperatures increase. If you sweat, it manages to absorb moisture and to dry off very fast so you will wake up feeling fresh and dry.

  • Bamboo is more considerate with your skin

    If you suffer from allergies, eczema, or you have a delicate skin, you will be better off sleeping on bamboo that is cleaner than cotton. In order to become hypoallergenic, cotton must be treated with substances but bamboo is naturally antiseptic, antibacterial, and antimycotic. It will create a natural barrier between your skin and the impurities that usually appear on bedding.

  • Cotton is more expensive

    If you consider the financial aspect, you will notice that bamboo is more convenient because it comes at lower prices without cutting on quality. A set made of the finest viscose can cost half the price of a set made of Egyptian cotton. If the cotton sheets you find are very cheap, chances are it is not Egyptian cotton but a more affordable option called Pima cotton.

Many people overlook the aspect of buying quality sheets because they do not realize how essential they are in ensuring a restful sleep. When buying things for the bedroom, people mostly focus on the mattress because they are convinced it is the only thing that can contribute to the quality of their sleep but they could not be more wrong. The sheets are equally important because they are in permanent contact with your skin, unlike the mattress. The best sets ever known are made of Egyptian cotton that is the softest and most delicate type of cotton used in fabricating bedding, robes, towels, and more. Cotton is a plant that creates small white bulbs that are harvested and turned into thread used to create a soft material. However, lately, it has been surpassed in quality and delicacy by bamboo that was proven to be more delicate than silk and cotton combined.

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