Best Bamboo Sheets and Bedding

Nevertheless, the quality of your sheets weighs as much as the quality of the mattress or the pillow when it comes to a restful sleep. Sleeping on synthetic fabrics that get hot or wrinkle at night will certainly not help you get a good sleep so switching to bamboo bedding is an excellent idea. The top bamboo sheets are made of high-quality fibers that ensure a breathable and comfortable sleeping environment, as you are about to see.

Top 5 Bamboo Sheets and Bedding Comparison

Photo Sheets and Bedding Price
Cosy House Bamboo Bed Sheets

1. Cosy House Bamboo

  • Wide pallet of colors
  • Many sizes to fit any bed size
  • Soft bamboo from rayon fibers
  • Lifetime warranty
Royal Hotel Silky Soft Bamboo Cotton Sheet Set

2. Royal Hotel Silky Soft Bamboo Cotton Sheet Set

  • Multiple attractive colors
  • Many sizes to fit any bed size
  • Easy maintenance sheets
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Resorts Resource Group Super Soft Bed Sheets

3. Resorts Resource Group Super Soft Bed Sheets

  • High-quality 100% bamboo sheets
  • Soft and hypoallergenic texture
  • Many sizes to fit any bed size
  • Washing machine washable
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Egyptian Bedding Rayon from BAMBOO Sheet

4. Egyptian Bedding Rayon from BAMBOO Sheet

  • Stunning colors to choose from
  • Extended range of sizes
  • 100% luxurious bamboo fibers
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Zen Bamboo Luxury Bed Sheets

5. Zen Bamboo Luxury Bed Sheets

  • Beautiful colors match any bedroom decor
  • Soft bamboo and microfiber blend
  • 30-day money back warranty
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Reviews of the Top Bamboo Sheets and Bedding of 2017

If you made the wise decision of repalcing your old sheets with bamboo, you must know that there are many products available on the shelves. However, the highest level of comfort will be achieved if you try one of the models we have selected and reviewed for you.

Cosy House Bamboo Bed Sheets

Among all the bamboo sheets available for purchase, we came to the conclusion that this set from Cosy House is a top choice for many reasons. First of all, we were impressed with the durability and softness of the sheets, which is due to the high-quality bamboo and polyester microfibers that offer both the softness and the thickness. The material is dust-repellent and moisture-resistant so you can cont on them in winter and summer as well. No bad odors will appear between washes and you will enjoy a cozy sleep without the fear of allergens and impurities. The sheets are manufactured without the use of chemicals or additives so even children can sleep on them. Still, there will be no wrinkles or shrinking and the sheets will remain in the perfect condition for a long time. The bamboo fibers are naturally breathable so your skin will enjoy an airy surface and will remain cool in the summer while providing warmth in the winter. The set includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and 4 pillow cases in 3 different sizes and 10 color choices to meet all your tastes. The lifetime warranty comes to strengthen the quality and durability of these amazing sheets.



Soft bamboo and polyester blend Not 100% bamboo
Naturally breathable texture
Multiple color choices
Easy maintenance
Highly durable texture
Lifetime warranty

Royal Hotel Silky Soft Bamboo Cotton Sheet Set

A good set of bamboo sheets and bedding should be durable enough to remain intact after prolonged use and soft enough for you to enjoy a pleasant sleep. These two qualities can be found in this Royal Hotel set of sheets made of a blend of 60% viscose from bamboo that is extremely soft and 40% cotton that completes the delicacy of the fibers. With a 300 thread count, the sheets manage to provide a luxurious feel that can be compared to pure silk or cashmere. The temperature-regulating properties of the blend make the sheets suitable for all year use as they will stay either cool or warm depending on the ambient temperature. Moreover, the materials are hypoallergenic and can instantly repel dust mites so they will remain clean between washes. Your skin will enjoy a soft feeling and you can stay away from allergies with these chemical-free sheets. As for maintenance, it will not result too cumbersome since you can wash the set of sheets and pillow cases in the washing machine in cold water, with no bleach or fabric softener. Although the sheets won’t develop wrinkles, you can always press them with a warm iron if you want to give them a hotel-like look.



High-Quality bamboo and cotton blend Not 100% bamboo fibers
Chemical-free materials
Hypoallergenic sheets perfect for allergy sufferers
Wide range of colors to pick from
Silky soft texture

Resorts Resource Group Super Soft Bed Sheets

If the previous two sets of sheets were made of a bamboo blend, next, we bring to your attention a set made of 100% rayon from bamboo grown in sustainable conditions, with no pesticides, herbicides, or artificial irrigation. This guarantees that the sheets don’t contain any harmful substances that could cause or worsen any allergies. Thanks to the 350 thread count, the sheets are exceptionally soft and silky, 10 times better than cotton or silk. Also, the bamboo fibers manage to absorb moisture and to prevent it from causing unpleasant odors, thus ensuring the most delicate touch for your skin all year round. It’s recommended to wash the sheets before the first use and you can even use the washing machine, although you need to be careful with the water temperature and the detergents you use. Never add bleach or fabric softener and wash and dry on low heat. The set includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillow cases available in 3 sizes and 4 color choices.



Incredibly soft 100% bamboo You need to be careful when washing them
Hypoallergenic materials for a comfortable sleep Limited colors pallet
Easily washable in the washing machine
Eco-friendly composition

Egyptian Bedding Rayon from BAMBOO Sheet

The first sign of a quality sheets set is in the materials used to manufacture them, so it is certified to be of complete trust. The 100% bamboo fibers offer it a delicacy that outcomes cotton or silk so you will manage to improve the quality of your sleep. In addition, the bamboo is also thermal-regulating to make you feel cool in hot nights and warm in chilly nights, another aspect that contributes to your comfortable sleep. If you often suffer from allergies, you should definitely consider changing your sheets with these ones that keep dust mites and bacteria way and ensure a smooth breathing throughout the night. Being made of natural fibers makes the sheets more demanding when it comes to washing, so make sure you only use cold water and you never add bleach no matter if you wash them by hand or in the washing machine. If the other sets come in 4 or 5 size choices, this one has no less than 9 different sizes to choose from, just to make sure you will get the right size. And with the 10 color choices, there is no doubt you will find the right one for your bedroom.



100% bamboo fibers Pretentious washing
Wide range of sizes Might get scratchy after extended use
Hypoallergenic and dust-resistant

Zen Bamboo Luxury Bed Sheets

You can sleep like a baby on these amazing sheets made of the finest quality blend of bamboo and brushed microfiber that feel so soft to touch. The 4-piece set of sheets includes a bed sheet, a duvet sheet, and two pillow cases so you will obtain a luxurious bedroom design. Choose between the 12 colors available and pick the size that matches your bed so you will enjoy the perfect set of bedding. Although not entirely made of bamboo, these sheets are dust resistant and naturally hypoallergenic in order to make everyone feel at tease and improve the quality of their sleep. You can forget about wrinkles, bad odors, sweating, or dust with these sheets that are so easy to care for. There is no need to iron them because the fibers remain smooth and plush-like, being more convenient than regular cotton sheets that get wrinkled. Moreover, the sheets can be washed in the washing machine at low temperatures so keeping them clean shouldn’t be a tedious chore. To convince you of the quality of the product, the manufacturer provides a 30-day money back warranty so you can see for yourself how great these sheets really are.



Made of high-quality bamboo and microfiber Confusing size chart
A variety of colors to choose from Not 100% bamboo
Hypoallergenic and dust-repellent
Machine washable and wrinkle-free
Satisfaction money back guarantee

Benefits of Sleeping on Bamboo

With the increasing popularity of bamboo bedding, you might be interested in trying either a bamboo sheet, a duvet, or a mattress with a bamboo cover. Regardless the choice, you will enjoy plenty of benefits, most of them strongly related to your health. If you want to be convinced you’ve made a good choice, here are some of the advantages brought by sleeping on bamboo.

  • Natural sleeping environment

  • Instead of going for artificial fabrics like viscose or polyester, it’s advisable to choose natural fabrics that don’t emit toxins or bad odors. Bamboo is a natural plant that is environmentally-friendly and can protect and strengthen one’s health.

  • Hypoallergenic barrier

  • One of the most beneficial effects of bamboo fibers is that they create a barrier against dust mites and allergens that alter your breathing and cause allergic reactions. Given that bamboo allows the air to breathe, air impurities pass through the fibers and fail to remain inside the fabric, like it usually happens with other types of bedding.

  • Temperature control

  • Synthetic sheets tend to get very hot at night or remain cold in the winter season, thus making you feel uncomfortable. Sheets made of bamboo have the ability to control temperature and adapt to your body’s temperature. This way, you will feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter and you will enjoy a more restful sleep.

  • Moisture deterring

  • If you sweat, your sheets become a proper place for bacteria and germs to develop. With sheets made of bamboo fibers, you can forget about sweating and bad odors due to their ability to deter moisture and to prevent odor-causing bacteria.

  • Soft touch

  • Last, but not least, bamboo sheets and bedding create a soft texture that is pleasant to touch and perfect for sleeping. Bamboo fibers are more delicate than silk or cotton so they are great for designing items that come into contact with your skin.

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