Best Bidet Toilet Seats

Although it seems less important than other areas of the house, the bathroom is the place where you spend around 1.5 years of your life, so you need to make sure they are spent well. Several home improvements can help you make the bathroom more welcoming and comfortable and the bidet toilet seat is one of them. With added benefits compared to a regular toilet seat, this item provides increased levels of hygiene and comfort so that you will enjoy pleasant moments in the bathroom. Sit comfortably while we reveal more details on these innovative bathroom devices.

Top 5 Bidet Toilet Seats Comparison

1. Brondell S1000-EW 2. BioBidet Supreme BB-1000 3. SmartBidet SB-1000 4. TOTO SW2044 5. Feel Fresh HI-3001WT
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Size (W x D x H inches) 15 x 21x 6 15.6 x 21 x 9 20.6 x 17.9 x 7.3 20.5 x 23.5 x 9 19.8 x 19.5 x 6.52
Weight (pounds) 14.3 22 10 16.3 13.8
Display LCD LCD LCD Control Panel
Style Elongated/Round Elongated/Round Elongated/Round Elongated/Round Elongated/Round
Colors Pure White White/ Biscuit White Cotton White/Sedona Beige White


Type Electric Electric Electric Electric Electric
Voltage 120V 120V N/A N/A 120V
Number of Nozzles 2 3 1 Twin Spray 1 Twin Spray 1 Twin Spray
Nozzle Material Stainless Steel N/A Plastic Plastic Plastic
Water Heating System
Drying System
Power Save Mode
Batteries Operating


Slow Close
Heated Seat
Adjustable Temperature
Adjustable Wash Sprays
Posterior Wash
Feminine Wash
Remote Control

Additional Features

Aerated wash spray 3 in 1 nozzle with Vortex wash The seat has a safety on/off skin sensor which activates the bidet only when seated Oscillating or pulsating stream
Nozzle oscillation Nozzle oscillation
Self-sterilizing nozzle Pulsating massage technology with bubble infusion


Parts and Labor Warranty 1 Year 3 Years 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Customer Support

Top Rated Bidet Toilet Seats Reviews

The market provides a plethora of bidet toilet seats that promise top be the best but only some of them are trully efficient and come with a series of benefits. Without wasting time, let’s have a look at the top rated products that we have carefully analyzed.

1. Brondell S1000-EW

The first product that caught our attention is the Brondell S1000-EW that is by far the most quality one that we reviewed. The manufacturer’s attention to details can be seen in every feature, starting with the elegant design. The first innovation is in the two nozzles that are made from stainless steel, unlike all the others that are made of plastic. This makes the seat safer to use and keeps it cleaner. In addition to the self-cleaning system, the nozzles also have a sterilizing option that removes any bacteria and germs. You will find in this seat everything you need for a complete feeling of comfort, from a heated surface to adjustable water pressure and temperature. Furthermore, you will enjoy an air drying mode and an aerated wash spray to make you feel more at ease while using the bidet seat. The nozzles oscillate to ensure a full coverage for a posterior and feminine wash. The seat also includes an energy saving mode, a deodorizer for enhanced freshness, a remote control, and can also be operated on batteries. The warranty that accompanies the seat is a standard 1-year that covers any defects in workmanship and operating.



Automatic deodorizer leaves a fresh smell in the bathroom with each use of the bidet Not the longest warranty out there
Self-sterilizing nozzles ensure maximum cleanliness and safety in use
Water heating system provides pleasant warm water for the bidet experience
You can adjust the temperature of the heated seat to your liking


Boasting a fancy yet simple design, this bidet toilet seat makes for the perfect addition to a modern bathroom. Encouraging good hygiene with its multiple features and innovative design, this is an investment worth making as it does not disappoint in the convenience and health departments. Additionally, you have to keep in mind the fact that it is made by an industry leading manufacturer, so quality is not an issue with it at all.

2. BioBidet Supreme BB-1000

In second, we ranked the BioBidet Supreme BB-100, a stylish and practical bidet seat that comes with a long list of features. The design is clean, with two available colors to match any bathroom décor. A feature that makes it stand out is the number of three nozzles that deliver a Vortex wash that will reach over the entire seat, from front to bottom. The nozzles are oscillating in order to create this type of wash that ensures the most thorough cleaning. With adjustable water temperature and pressure, you have full control over the stream of water. The seat is heated and features a soft close, making it very easy and comfortable to use. We continue the list of features with the self-cleaning system of the nozzles, a drying system to reduce toilet paper use, an Eco mode, remote control, deodorizer function, and an interesting pulsating massage with bubble infusion that enhances the feeling of comfort. Moreover, the warranty of the product is a 3-year period that is the longest seen in these products.



Wireless remote control provides a convenient manner to operate the toilet seat bidet and change settings as you like Asking price is a bit higher when compared to other products in this niche
Self-cleaning capabilities take out unwanted cleaning work you would have otherwise been forced to do
Consistent water temperature ensures a pleasant experience from start to finish
Industry-leading warranty – backed for 3 years


Providing a perfect pampering session you so sorely need, this high-end toilet seat is a must-have in modern households. Encouraging healthy habits by providing a thorough cleaning after you do your “business” in the bathroom, this elegant and effective product is one you will surely adore using.

3. Smart Bidet SB-1000

The third best model that can help you improve your personal hygiene is the Smart Bidet SB-1000, a product that is part of an advanced line of bathroom improvements. It is available in white only and it can fit both round and elongated toilets. It’s very lightweight and has a soft close system that prevents it from slamming behind you when you leave the bathroom. With the single water nozzle, Smart Bidet SB-1000 can deliver a powerful stream of warm water with adjustable pressure and temperature levels. Plus, the seat includes a skin sensor that only turns the water on when it senses skin, to prevent water and energy waste. It includes all the other essential features like Power Save mode, drying system, self-cleaning nozzle, deodorizer and remote control. There is a 1-year warranty that covers the product for your peace of mind.



You can adjust the warm air dryer level to your liking Some customers have complained that the range of the cleaning wand was not sufficient for them
Reasonably priced when compared to similar products
Wireless remote control ensures a convenient operation
Features an energy saving mode which reduces battery energy consumption


Built to last and manufactured with your comfort, convenience, and hygiene in mind, this toilet seat is one for the taking. The hygienic filtered water it uses to wash you with ensures no hazard of infection or disease will ever exist if you will use it. Additionally, it boasts a self-cleaning nozzle design which further enhances the sanitary aspect of using the bidet.

4. TOTO SW2044

Another one of our options is this bidet seat from TOTO that is actually a very good choice packed with all the necessary features that increase comfort and convenience. The only drawbacks are the single water spraying nozzle and the lack of a power saving mode that would help you limit the energy usage. Other than this, it comes with a water heating system with multiple temperature levels, customizable water pressure that delivers both posterior and feminine wash and you get to choose between an oscillating and a pulsating water stream. The list of features continues with an air drying system, a deodorizer, and even a remote control for distance use. You can also use the LCD screen to make your selection and there are two delicate shades of cream and white to choose from. Just like the previous one, the TOTO SW2044 is covered by a 1-year warranty for parts and labor.



Sprays a light mist on the seat to make it slippery and comfortable Might be out of your range financially – a bit expensive
Any unpleasant odors will be masked by the automatic deodorizer it features
Pulsating cleanse option will have you feeling wonderful as the water fluctuates to offer a soothing rinse
Easy to install and connect – does not require a professional installation


Providing numerous programs to choose between and coming in two options – for elongated and for round toilets, this bidet seat makes for a great purchase. However, be warned that it is a bit more expensive when compared to other products in this niche, but this does not mean it is not worth the investment.

5. Feel Fresh HI-3001WT

Our last choice comes from Feel Fresh and is a toilet seat that can be a great option even if it does not come with all the features found in the previous ones, especially if you want to spend less money on it. It lacks important options like a power saving mode, a drying feature, or a deodorizer, but is packed with some other features that balance its efficiency. First of all, it comes with a water heating system with adjustable temperature levels and adjustable wash sprays that reach for both posterior and feminine wash. The single plastic nozzle that spreads water is self-cleaning. The seat is heated and comes with a soft closing feature to avoid annoying slamming. Unlike the other bidet seats that come with an LCD, this one has a control panel and unfortunately, lacks a remote control as well. The warranty that comes with it lasts for 1 year after the purchase date.



Comes at a reasonable price – more affordable than other bidet seats A few customers had issues with leaks after several months of using it
Promotes cleanness and healthiness through the gentle washing it provides
Self-cleaning design ensures little to no maintenance work required with it
Quiet close ensured by the slow close lid – you will not wake the entire house up after you are done with using the toilet


Coming at a cheap price and boasting a durable design, this Feel Fresh product is one we strongly recommend you go for if you care for intimate hygiene. Boasting the same features as higher-end bidet seats and making for an exquisite addition to your modern-style bathroom, it is an option you should not overlook if you are on the hunt for this type of product.

6. Bio Bidet BB-600E

Another recommended product we have for you is designed by BioBidet and is the model BB-600E, a sleek seat that will turn your toilet into the cleanest and most comfortable item in the bathroom. It fits elongated toilet seats and is available in white so it will perfectly blend into your bathroom decor. You will improve your personal hygiene with the dual nozzle that provides both posterior and feminine wash and that is appropriate for children to use as well. For the ultimate comfort, you can choose the temperature of the water it sprays and you will enjoy an oscillating airflow with pulsating massage technology and bubble infusion. The lid closes slowly so there will be no banging in the middle of the night. Thanks to the Energy Save Mode, the seat will reduce the use of electricity by only flushing for as long as necessary and it will also limit your use of toilet paper. To close the list of advantages, note that the BB-600E is covered by a generous 2-year warranty.



Offers front and rear wash cycles to ensure you will always get the needed cleaning Not the most reasonably priced product in this niche
Allows you to select the desired temperature setting for the toilet seat
Side panel layout makes it convenient for you to change setting to your liking
Provides a steady stream at a constant temperature each and every time you use it


Although it does not come at a cheap price, this seat is worth your attention and money as it is accompanied by numerous features, making it one of the most convenient options on the market at the moment. Offering numerous wash modes and making you feel comfortable each and every time you use it by allowing you to set the desired temperature for the seat, it will surely be a pleasure to sit on it.

Everything You Need to Know About

Personal hygiene is a top priority and given that people have started to become more aware of that, the market comes to their help by offering a wide range of products, including bidet toilet seats. Aside from the toilet in your bathroom, you can add a bidet to complete your personal hygiene. Bidets have been used for a very long time and although it used to be a luxury only available for the rich, it is now an accessible asset anyone can enjoy at home. Regular bidets are a sanitary fixture with a faucet that dispenses water, thus enabling the user to wash their intimate parts. Since the bidet is quite bulky and requires a space of its own in the bathroom, bidet toilet seats have been designed for those with small bathrooms. Bidets are more hygienic than toilets because they provide a thorough wash and rinse off the intimate parts of the user, thus reducing the number of infections or unpleasantness caused by a poor hygiene.
There are two options to choose from when it comes to installing a bidet in your bathroom and the choice depends on your personal preferences, the size of the bathroom, and the budget you have available.

  • The most expensive choice is the complete bidet toilet seat that goes on top of your toilet so it manages to combine both functions. What these items really are is a combination of a regular toilet seat with all the functions of a bidet. These seats are a more compact version of traditional bidets and they provide the same effectiveness in cleaning your intimate areas. They come in all sizes and shapes to match any type of toilet you have at home so you won’t have to replace your old sanitary ware. One of the main questions everyone is asking is whether or not they should have a bidet at home or if not having one would affect their hygiene. Many people give up the idea because they have small bathrooms that do not allow for another sanitary ware. Although the choice mostly depends on everyone’s personal tastes, there are few things that promote bidets as more hygienic. And with the space-saving seats, there are even more reasons for you to have one at home.
  • The second choice is a bidet attachment which is actually a nozzle that can be attached to the regular toilet seat. It is a cheaper version that simply sprays water through a nozzle that can be placed on any type of toilet whether it’s new or old. This attachment is very easy to install and it can provide a decent washing although it does not include all the features of a bidet seat. When buying one, make sure you see if it is compatible with your toilet because some models require the water tank to be installed separately.

What Benefits It Brings

Every time you decide to make a purchase, you do it because it provides a series of advantages that will help you lead either a healthier, a more comfortable, or simply a more pleasant life. This is the case with bidet seats and every person who buys one of these does it mainly for the hygiene advantages it provides. Nonetheless, there are many reasons why you ought to have this type of a toilet seat installed at home.

  • Increased Hygiene

  • Above all the other advantages, the extended cleanliness is the main reason for their popularity. Unlike a regular toilet seat that all it does is provide a comfy sitting, this seat is equipped with a number of nozzles that deliver a stream of water. This aids in washing your intimate parts in a much better way so that you will enjoy an increased feeling of freshness. Moreover, the spraying nozzles include a self-cleaning mechanism that keeps them clean use after use without you having to clean them yourself.

  • Convenience

  • Having to get up from the toilet seat and perform a cleaning is cumbersome, not to mention uncomfortable. Thanks to the bidet seat, this will no longer be an issue. The stream of warm water provides the highest level of comfort and you won’t have to perform any cleaning yourself. Some models even feature a draft of air in order to dry your intimate parts so you won’t have to use any toilet paper afterward. The fact that the seat is usually heated increases the comfort and makes it even more appealing.

  • Space Saving

  • Having a toilet seat and a bidet in the bathroom requires plenty of space and some homes do not provide that amount of space. The bidet toilet seats are the solution to this problem so you will enjoy their advantages without having to sacrifice space or give up on your personal preferences. Simply attach the seat to your regular toilet and start using it every time you go to the bathroom.

  • Stylish Design

  • If your bathroom is designed in a very modern style, you will definitely want a bidet seat at home. These items are cutting-edge and come with innovative features like touchscreen control panels that enhance their aspect. Bottom line, they are made for the most demanding homeowners who want to bring technology into their homes.

How to Choose the Best Ones

As you probably expected, the rising popularity of these items has brought an abundance of products on the market. Many manufacturers come to the attention of the clients with versatile and user-friendly products, making it hard for the regular client to pick a certain model. In order to make the best choice, you must know what makes a good model and which are the features worth paying for.

  • Pay attention to the design aspects

  • Although not essential, the design matters when it comes to picking the model that fits your toilet seat. You can choose from a rounded or an elongated shape and it is important to know which one you need or the toilet you have at home. Aspects like color or the type of control panel are purely related to aesthetics or convenience.

  • See how many nozzles it has

  • The number of nozzles influences the intensity of the stream of water that will be sprayed after each use. The more nozzles, the richer the stream, so the better the cleaning. In addition, if the nozzles clean and sanitize themselves after you use the bidet, you will enjoy a cleaner and safer bathroom and you won’t have to touch the seat in order to clean it.

  • How many washing types it has?

  • For a unit to be really efficient, it must provide both front and bottom wash, meaning it should feature a posterior and a feminine wash option. This refers to the distance the water is sprayed to so that you will enjoy a complete wash that will prevent any health problems.

  • Check if the seat is heated

  • Nobody likes to sit on a cold toilet seat when they need to use the bathroom so having a seat that provides a warm surface is everything you could ask for. Therefore, make sure the bidet seat you lay eyes on has a warming feature so you will never have to touch a freezing seat again.

  • Additional features increase the quality

  • If the seat you like has several additional features, you will enjoy even more convenience in using it. Some models come with a deodorizer that scents the bathroom after every use while others have adjustable heat levels for the water so that you can choose how warm you want the sprayed water to be.

  • Pick an energy saving unit

  • Despite the fact the bidet toilet seat must be kept plugged in for the water and the seat to remain warm, you can still save energy if you know what to look for. The Eco mode feature is a must-have if you want to limit the energy use and it will help you forget about the energy consumption problem.

Top Brands on The Market

Every field has its top and lowest brands and the ones you should be looking for are the most popular ones that show respect and consideration towards customers. We recommend Brondell and BioBidet Supreme for their excellent products. Without further ado, let’s have a look at the top brands on the market.

  • Brondell

  • Brondell has a wide experience in manufacturing home and health products designed to improve the lifestyle of their clients. Aside from bidet toilet seats, Brondell also specializes in water filtration systems and air purification devices that rely on the most advanced technologies. Our top choice comes from this popular brand and we liked it because of its carefully-designed features.

  • BioBidet

  • This is a company that focuses solely on sanitary ware and comes to the attention of the market with many innovative and one-of-a-kind products that provide comfort. Their best seller ranks second in our ratings and is an item that will completely change your personal rituals.

  • Smart Bidet

  • The third best brand is Smart Bidet, suggestively named to match the quality of their products. They provide a series of innovative seats that can fit any toilet in the clients’ homes in order to be accessible to everyone.

What Stands Behind our Toilet Seat Ratings

For us to rate our five top picks, we had to do some research so we could base our ratings on several aspects that influence an item’s quality, performance, and durability. We looked into the features and specifications of each product and we came to the conclusion that some of them are essential, some are worth trying while others were simply useless. Keep reading so you too will know how we rated our finest picks so you will learn more about these items.

  • Nozzles type and number

  • For a toilet seat to be really efficient, it must rely on as many nozzles as possible and it should be able to provide a complete cleaning. This is why we chose as the two most quality items the ones that had 2 or 3 nozzles that are able to spread the water over a wide area. Brondell and BioBidet Supreme are the seats that use 2, respectively 3 water nozzles with oscillating or pulsating technologies designed to provide an intense feeling of comfort and cleanliness.

  • Self cleaning nozzles

  • The main concern regarding bidet seats is related to their level of safety in use and the infections that could appear in case of contact with a dirty surface. To remove this concern, we rated the items according to how well they manage to stay clean and for that, we picked the ones with a reliable self-cleaning system. Moreover, the best product also features a sterilizing option that kills any existing germs and bacteria.

  • Complete wash

  • While some bidets only provide a posterior wash, others also reach the front areas and are great for ladies to use. When rating the top items, we looked for those that covered the posterior and the feminine parts as well so that the cleaning will be complete and the hygiene increased.

  • Adjustable water temperature and pressure

  • For you to feel comfortable, the seat must provide full control over its operating. The best items on the market feature adjustable water temperature levels that allow you to control how warm the water will be. Moreover, the wash sprays can also be controlled by adjusting the pressure of the water stream so that you will be able to choose how powerful you want the water to flush.

  • Power saving mode

  • This bathroom addition can be a high energy consumer in your house since it is constantly plugged into a power source. Therefore, it is important to pick a model that can help you limit the consumption and that can only be done with a Power Save mode that our top three choices include. This reduces the energy waste by preventing useless flushes and limiting the water used during the most intense hours of use.

  • Drying system

  • Aside from looking for a bidet seat that sprays water, we also looked for products that came with a drying system that completes the cleaning process and also limits the use of toilet paper. Our top choices feature an air drying function that dries the water sprayed so that you will enjoy the ultimate pampering.

  • Extra features

  • While not mandatory, additional features manage to make a particular item more appealing and a better bathroom asset. Therefore, we took into account features like deodorizer for an extended feeling of freshness or a remote control for easier access to the commands.

  • Battery Operating

  • Most of the seats we encountered require being plugged into a power source and only the first one, namely the Brondell S1000-EW came with batteries that allow it to function even when the power is not working or you do not have a socket nearby. This extends the use of the seat and makes it more practical.

Frequently Asked Questions

1The seat must be connected to a power outlet?
Yes, you will need to install an outlet next to the toilet seat to have it running.

2What is the difference between a heated seat and a bidet seat?
The main difference is the price, bidets being more expensive. They also differ in some functions, and not all bidet seats can be heated but most heated seats include a bidet nozzle.

3Will I have to replace the toilet if I want a bidet seat?
No, most seats match every toilet type and size. Just make sure you choose the correct shape and that you install it properly.

4Is it OK to wash the seat with water?Does this damage the electrical parts?
There is no risk of damage if it gets into contact with water.

5Could I install it myself or will I need the help of a plumber?
If you follow the instructions, we are pretty sure you will be able to install it without any assistance.

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