If you have the right type of knife with a sharp blade, cooking becomes easier and the result will be tastier and better looking. They are starting to become more and more popular as people discover their high quality and the durability of the blade. Given that you will hardly have to sharpen it during its entire lifespan, a ceramic knife is a great addition to your kitchen arsenal.

Top 7 Best Ceramic Knives Comparison

Photo Ceramic Knives Price
SHAN ZU Ceramic 8

1. SHAN ZU Ceramic 8″ Knife

  • Sharp 8” ceramic blade
  • Ergonomic non-slip handle to eliminate fatigue
  • Perfect for slicing, mincing, and dicing
  • Zirconium blade never rusts
  • No need to sharpen
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Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution

2. Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution

  • Sharp 7” ceramic blade
  • Ergonomic non-slip handle to eliminate fatigue
  • Great for slicing, mincing, and chopping
  • Never rusts and does not react to food acids
  • Can be sharpened with Kyocera sharpeners
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Vikilulu Ceramic Chef Knife

3. Vikilulu Ceramic Chef Knife

  • Sharp 6” ceramic blade
  • Ergonomic non-slip handle to eliminate fatigue
  • Use for slicing bonelss meat, fruits, and vegetables
  • The blade never rusts or reacts to ils and food acids
  • No need to sharpen
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Chef Made Easy Ceramic Chef's Knife

4. Chef Made Easy Ceramic Chef’s Knife

  • Sharp 8” ceramic blade
  • Ergonomic direct-injected rubber handle
  • Rust proof, germ-resistant, and stain-resistant
  • Comes with protective sheath on the blade
  • The zirconia blade can go years without sharpening
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Aicok Ceramic Chef Knife

5. Aicok Ceramic Chef Knife

  • Sharp 6” ceramic blade
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design
  • Twice as sharp as steel for slicing, dicing, and chopping
  • Never rusts, resistant to bacteria, and no browning the meat
  • Comes with protective sheath to eliminate the need to sharpen
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Vos Ceramic Chef Knife

6. Vos Ceramic Chef Knife

  • Sharp 8” blade
  • Ergonomic handle with specially designed grip
  • 15 times more resistant and sharp than steel
  • Never rusts and does not react to foods
  • Comes with recipe booklet
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Cusibox CB-CK002

7. Cusibox CB-CK002

  • Sharp 6” ceramic blade
  • Ergonomic design non-slip handle
  • Perfect for all kitchen applications
  • Chemically inert to acids
  • Can go years without requiring to be sharpened

Ceramic Cutlery Reviews

Good knives are worth having at hand but excellent knives like the ceramic ones are more than mandatory in any kitchen. The most qualitative ones like the following models with durable blades which never get dull can help you prepare delicious dishes without ruining the aspect of your ingredients so they are definitely a must-have for any cook.

SHAN ZU Ceramic 8″ Knife

A good chef must rely on the highest quality knife that will make the food look and taste better. If you aspire to become a chef at least for your family, make sure you have the Shan Zu knife at hand. The 8″ blade is long enough to allow you to chop, slice, dice, and mince anything from boneless meat to fruits, fish, vegetables, or bread. The handle is ergonomically designed to eliminate hand fatigue and to prevent accidents while the blade remains sharp use after use. No bacteria will get into the blade or the handle so you can be sure the knife will remain clean even if you only wash it with water. You will never have to sharpen the blade because it is sure to remain in perfect condition up to 15 years, also thanks to the included sheath which protects it when stored.



Innovative zirconium oxide ceramic
Great sharpness over the years
Non-bacterial handle and blade
Precision in cutting with one hand


The reason why this is one of the most popular models is because the blade is certified to be non-toxic and resistant to the acids and oils in the food so that your meals will taste delicious and the color and texture will not be modified. In additon to this, people that have already bought it, thoroughly emjoy its resistance to bacteria.

Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution

The quality of a knife can be seen in the details of its blade and handle and in how smoothly it can be maneuvered. The 7” blade is made of ceramic ground to microscopic size by diamond wheels which ensure perfect sharpness that remains intact use after use.Another innovation is the black blade that goes through a complex process in a hot-isostatic press which ensures a higher durability of the knife. Whenever you feel like you want to put a new edge on your knife, you can use an electric sharpener which protects the blade and does not crack it. The lightweight design of the blade and handle contribute to the smoothness in use. You will have full control over the blade while cutting and you won’t have to put a lot of pressure so your hand won’t get tired. The blade is guaranteed to never rust and it will never be affected by acids or salts in the food you cut with it. It will remain intact so that you can easily wash it with water and there will never be food remains that could develop bacteria and germs. Also, it does not alter the color of the food and thanks to the sharp blade, it maintains a chef-like aspect of your food. The handle is made of a non-porous plastic which does not retain bacteria, mold, or odors like the wood handles do, so the cooking process will be cleaner. There are no rivets used as the handle is molded over the tang of the knife so there are no places for mold to reach.



Excellent sharpness
Non-bacterial handle
Innovative durable ceramic
5-year warranty
Precision in cutting without any pressure


This is another popular model because this Kyocera knife boasts a durable and sturdy design which makes it incredibly easy to handle while providing excellent results in chopping, cutting, or slicing. Kyocera uses a proprietary type of zirconium called Zirconia Z206 that ensures the quality and reliability of each knife. To complete the list of advantages of this knife, there is a 5-year warranty that comes with the product.

Vikilulu Ceramic Chef Knife

Having the right knife when cooking can definitely improve the taste and aspect of your recipe and can make your job a lot easier. This is why you need to get this Vikilulu knife which will make you feel like a real chef. The 6” blade is so sharp that it will last over 15 times more than any other knife with a stainless steel blade. You can use it to cut, slice, mince or chop anything from herbs to vegetables, fruits, or meat. If you want to protect the sharpness of your knife, avoid cutting bones or striking it against hard objects. This will ensure you will never have to sharpen your knife and it will remain precise and easy to use. When you are done with it, simply rinse it with water and dish soap and remember not to wash it in the dishwasher. Since there are no rivets on the handle, no food remains can get inside and create mold, germs, or bad odors. The plastic used for the handle is FDA approved so you can be sure it will not release toxic substances into the food. The ergonomic handle makes it very easy to maneuver and limits the pressure you need to put on it, thus reducing hand fatigue. The knife won’t slip even if your hand is wet so you won’t be at risk of cutting yourself while chopping.



Sharp ceramic blade No protective sheath
Smoothness in use
Durable blade does not lose sharpness
Ergonomic grip handle


This model sells so well because thanks to the high-quality ceramic used in creating the blade, it will never rust or turn your food brown, nor will it ruin the aspect of the food. It won’t be affected by acid foods like tomatoes or oranges so you can use it without concern. It is a powerful cooking tool that will improve the way you cook.

Chef Made Easy Ceramic Chef’s Knife

Whether you want to slice some fruits, chop some meat, or mince your favorite herbs, this is the knife you need to have at hand. The 8” blade makes it so versatile and you won’t need another knife for any operation in the kitchen. Moreover, the blade is very durable and can last for much longer than other knives before needing a quick sharpening. It is made of zirconia that is almost as hard as diamond and it can last for many years without losing its sharpness. The blade can be easily washed and it will never rust or develop stains or odors. The handle is wrapped in a rubber layer that ensures a good grip and eliminates hand fatigue. You can choose an orange, a green, or a black handle to match your other kitchen tools. To protect your knife’s blade, the manufacturer delivers it with a transparent sheath that also prevents you from cutting yourself when reaching for your knife in the drawer.



Long blade Some clients state it is a fragile knife
Multiple handle colors to choose from
Great for cutting soft foods
Protective sheath included


This model is another bestseller because the Chef Made Easy knife boasts a proprietary handle made of direct-injected plastic which eliminates the need for rivets which could encourage the development of mold. The antibacterial properties of ceramic blades make them excellent for use in the kitchen as there is no risk of developing germs or mold that could get into the food.

Aicok Ceramic Chef Knife

Another wonderful choice in terms of performance in cutting with precision is this Aicok knife made of a durable ZR02 Zirconium which has been passed through several heat and cooling processes in order to give it the unmatchable durability. The sharp 6” blade can cut thin slices of anything from meat to fruits, cheese, or bread and it will not become dull even after years of intense use.
When using a knife, aside from the sharpness, it also needs to provide comfort in use because no one likes a knife that constantly slips or requires you to put pressure on the handle. The ergonomic handle contributes to the convenience of the knife by providing a good grip that will remain sturdy even when handling slippery or oily foods. Moreover, none of the oils, juices, or acids in the food will affect the quality of the blade as it is non-rust and very easy to clean with water and soap. It is guaranteed that the knife will remain clean and bacteria-free so that you will enjoy easy and healthy cooking.



High-quality blade
Ergonomic handle
Antibacterial and easy to clean


The reason why we have chosen this product is because the Aicok knife is very lightweight because ceramic is half the weight of regular metal knives, thus allowing you to maneuver it without effort. In addition, the knife comes with a protective sheath which prevents accidental cuts and protects the sharpness of the blade.

Vos Ceramic Chef Knife

The last suggestion we have for those of you who want to experience the ultimate cooking perfection is the Vos knife with a generous 8” ceramic blade which enables you to use it on a wide range of foods. You can slice with a high velocity so that cooking will become a more pleasant chore.
Another advantage of this Vos knife is the good grip provided by the plastic handle that won’t slip from your hands even if they are wet or oily. The handle has an ergonomic shape which balances the pressure so that the cutting will be smooth and you won’t have to press onto the food in order to cut it. Combined with the lightweight design, the result is a knife you will have full control over and that will be easy to maneuver. Inside the box, you will also find a sheath to protect the blade and your hands from accidental cutting. To ensure you of the quality of their product, the manufacturer accompanies it with a 30-day money back warranty so you can return the knife if you are not satisfied with its performance.



High-quality ceramic blade Slightly brittle
Lightweight design
Ergonomic handle
30-day money back warranty


This popular item is one of the best because it’s so sharp that you can use it for slicing, mincing, dicing, or boning meat and it will turn out to be smoother than any other knife you have used before. The blade is very resistant, made of a durable zirconium which can last for many years of use without becoming dull or develop any rust.

Cusibox CB-CK002

We start off by advising you to take a deeper interest into this product as it comes at a very cheap price. Considering the fact that cutlery will most likely be put to intense use, this is an aspect worth taking into consideration. It features a quality zirconium oxide blade which not only retains sharpness like no other blade does, requiring sharpening only after years of use, but that resists rust, helping retain the taste and odor of the foods you cut with it. The ergonomic shape of the handle ensures your hands won’t tire that easily, while the non-slip profile it boasts maximizes safety in use. This knife is extremely easy to clean up, all that it requires being a quick rinse with cold or warm water, and for you to wipe it off with a clean towel. As this is a chef’s knife, you can basically use it for any cooking task in the kitchen, so versatility is to be enjoyed with it.



One of the best priced chef’s knives on the market
Zirconium oxide blade is rust-free
Easy to clean up
Comes with a protective sheath
Backed by a 1-year warranty


The quality zirconium oxide used in the manufacturing of the blade ensures a rust-proof cutting tool you need in your kitchen as it ensures your food will retain its natural taste and odor. Lightweight, easy to use, and not requiring much attention in the way of sharpening as this is a task you will most likely perform after many years of use, the Cusibox is a gear piece you need as a responsible chef.

Reasons to Choose Ceramic over Steel Knives

Metal knives have been around since forever, being a great discovery for humankind. However, they come with their downfalls which are why the ceramic ones have been designed to correct what the others do wrong. Here are some of the main reasons why you should replace your old knives with more modern ceramic models.

  • Very sharp blade
  • The main advantage of ceramic blades over metal blades is that they are sharper and become dull much harder, almost never. Therefore, you hardly need to worry about sharpening them as the blade will remain as sharp as the day you bought the knife.

  • More hygienic
  • Since there is no metal to react with the acids in food, there will be no rust or browning of the food. The lack of any chemical reaction means that the taste and color of the food will not be affected.

  • Attractive design
  • You will notice that they are very appealing and bring a touch of novelty to any kitchen. The multitude of colors and the modern design make them a great addition to your cooking tools.

  • Easier to clean
  • Because ceramic is not porous and the entire knife is made of one piece, you will be able to clean it easier and no food residues will remain stuck in the handle or the rivets.

  • More lightweight
  • You will be able to handle these knives with more ease because they are lighter and more ergonomically designed. Ceramic is half the weight of metal and the knives offer a well-balanced grip and superior control over the cuts.

5 Knives Every Chef Must Own

If you are not deeply interested in cooking and the secrets of the most talented chefs, you probably think that all knives are the same and your arsenal should not include more than one knife or two. You will be surprised to know that there are many models and that each respectable chef must own at least 5 of them to make sure they will be up for any job. Here are the most important knives which contribute to the success of a dish.

  • Chef’s knife

  • This is the most versatile knife, used for a variety of tasks from slicing large chunks of meat to chopping vegetables. It’s large, one of the largest available, and it is very easy to use because it has a wide blade with beveled indentions which create air pockets during chopping. However, it is quite bulky so it’s not great at cutting small foods.

  • Paring knife

  • This is the smaller version of the chef’s knife and it is used for slicing and dicing smaller foods that cannot be cut with a long and wide blade. It is great for fruits and vegetables and you can core or trim anything you like for decorating a plate. The blade is smaller in comparison with the handle which makes it very easy to maneuver and great for creating details in foods.

  • Boning knife

  • As the name suggests, this one is used for boning and it does an excellent job thanks to the thin and long sharp blade. It is very thin and sharp at the tip to allow it to go around the bones and joints and allow for easy twisting and cutting of the meat. If the blade is flexible, it’s perfect for fish and poultry while a stiffer blade is more appropriate for harder meat like pork or beef.

  • Carving knife

  • This one is particularly used for steaks because it offers amazing maneuverability and precision in cutting thin slices of meat. The blade is long and averagely wide to make it able to firmly cut through a turkey or a large steak. Many carving knives come in a pair with a fork to help you grab the piece of meat from the plate.

  • Bread knife

  • Despite the name, it is not only used for cutting bread but it can also cut through foods that are, otherwise, difficult to cut. This knife has a large serrated blade that can slice through the peel of waxy fruits and vegetables like peppers, onions, or tomatoes. As such, they can aid in chopping, slicing, or mincing foods which tend to slide under the blade of regular knives.

Should You Sharpen Ceramic Cutlery?

Over the past few years, knives with ceramic blades have been advertised as the only knives which never become dull so they would never require sharpening. This is not completely true because some knives start to lose their sharpness after a certain amount of time of extended use. Also, many people avoid buying these because they are convinced the blade cannot be sharpened and once it becomes dull, the knife is useless. This belief is not founded and you must know that it is perfectly right to sharpen ceramic blades as long as you know how to do it. Most knives are made of Zirconia which indeed has an increased durability compared to other types of materials but is not a wonder material by no means.

Therefore, sharpening ceramic blades might come in question at some point and when that happens, you must know that you have to be very careful not to damage the edge of the blade. For this, you need to use the proper sharpening stone that is fine enough to prevent the blade from chipping. Never apply too much pressure on the blade and try to position it widthwise over the sharpening stone. This means that you must pull the entire width of the blade over the stone and not just the edge so it will not break or chip. Use both hands to make sure you will not hurt yourself and press gently over the blade. Pull it slowly over the surface of the grinding stone so the sharpened area will be wider and the blade will not be damaged.

The best advice we can give you when it comes to sharpening them is to use a professional electric sharpener which includes a special type of grinding stone that treats ceramic the way it should. Electric knife sharpeners can be used on any type of lade, including serrated because it allows you to position the blade at the right angle that will ensure you will not destroy it.

In terms of healthy and convenient kitchen tools for cutting, chopping, dicing, slicing, or mincing food items, this product is unsurpassable. As you have probably already concluded after reading the rest of this article and reaching this point, steel cutlery pales in comparison to these knives as these cutting tools are designed with your best interest in mind, requiring little to no attention when it comes to sharpening them and never failing you when performing various tasks in the kitchen. From the numerous models we reviewed to provide this ranking, we strongly consider the SHAN ZU Ceramic 8” Knife as being the top tier choice to go for if an unfaultable quality is what you aim for. Close behind came the Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution which charmed us with its flawless design and remarkable sharpness. Also, convenient to use and reasonably priced, the Vikilulu Ceramic Chef Knife is a tool any cook who aspires to perfection needs in his/her collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Can they be used for cutting meat?
Yes, the blade is strong enough to cut through meat.

2Can I use a sharpener on my ceramic cutlery?
As long as you do it properly, ceramic blades can be sharpened. Read our section on sharpening.

3Would you recommend them for all purposes?
There is a ceramic knife intended for every purpose in a kitchen so you can definitely choose ceramic cutlery only, if you wish.

4Are black knives more qualitative than white ones?
The color of the ceramic is mostly aesthetic, both types being equally efficient in a kitchen.

5I wonder if I could wash the ceramic cutlery in the washing machine. Isn't the blade too brittle?
Ceramic is dishwasher-proof so there is no risk of ruining the blade if you want to wash it that way. The only recommendation is to use the silverware basket.

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