Best Corded Circular Saws

If you want to be sure you make very precise cuts during all your projects, even during the most difficult ones, then it is strongly recommended to purchase a corded circular saw. With this type of innovative tool you will absolutely love the results you are going to obtain. If you haven’t bought a product like this before but you would like one, then the following information will help you make the right choice. Here is a top 5 of the best models available on the market these days.

Top 5 Corded Circular Saws Comparison

1. Makita 5007MGA 2. DEWALT DWS535 3. Milwaukee 6390-21 4. Bosch CS5 5. SKIL 5680-02

Product Specifications

Manufacturer Makita DeWalt Milwaukee Bosch Skil
Length (inches) 12-1/2 19 13-3//4 15 14
Weight (pounds) 10.6 13.8 10.4 10 9.1
Color Teal Yellow Red Blue Red
Blade Position Right Left Right Left Right


Power Source Corded-electric Corded-electric Corded-electric Corded-electric Corded-electric
No Load Speed (RPM) 5800 4800 5800 6200 5300
Amperage 15 Amp 15 Amp 15 Amp 15 Amp 15 Amp
Voltage 120 V 120 V 120 V 120 V 120 V
Watts Out 2300 W 2100 W 1800 W 1800 W N/A

Cutting Performance

Blade Diameter (inches) 7-1/4 7-1/4 7-1/4 7-1/4 7-1/4
Arbor Size (inches) 5/8 5/8 5/8 5/8 5/8
Bevel Capacity (degrees) 56 53 50 56 51
Positive Bevel Stops (degrees) 22.5, 45,56 22.5, 45 45
Depth of Cut at 45 Degrees (inches) 1-3/4 1-7/8 1-13/16 1-7/8 1-15/16
Depth of Cut at 90 Degrees (inches) 2-1/2 2-7/16 2-7/16 2-7/16 2-7/16


Electric Brake
Spindle Lock
Additional Features Two built-in L.E.D. Lights Dual Rip Ports Adjustable TILT-LOK Top Handle Anti-Snag Lower Guard Laser Guide
Reinforced Power Cord TOUGHCORD Cord Protection System Wide and Clear Sight Line Built-in Dust Blower Power-on Indicator
Built-in Dust Blower Extra Wide Saw Hook 3.25 Maximum Horsepower Easy to Replace Brushes Anti-Snag Lower Guard


Comfortable Handle
Cord Length (feet) 8.2 8 9 9 6
Includes Carbide tipped 7-1/4″ Blade Carbide tipped 7-1/4″ Blade Circular Saw Blade 24-Tooth Carbide Blade 24-Tooth Carbide Blade
Blade Wrench Blade Wrench Blade Wrench Blade Wrench Blade Wrench
Carrying case Carrying case Carrying case
Rip Fence


Warranty 1-year warranty 3-year warranty 5-year warranty 1-year warranty 1-year warranty
30-day money-back guarantee 90-day money-back guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee
1-year free service contract
User Manual
Customer Support

Top 2017 Corded Circular Saws Reviews

Given the aboundance of machines available on shelves, it can be hard to pick one certain model and have the certanty that it is the best one you could have chosen. As such, knowing which re the most popular and efficient units will minimize the chances of buying a faulty tool. Take a look at our selection of the top rated saws with circular blade that can help you in your handywork.

1. Makita 5007MGA

The Makita 5007MGA is a very powerful tool that can successfully help you achieve the best results. What we like about this model is the fact it weighs only 10.6 pounds which makes it lightweight enough for a comfortable cut. The 15 amps motor delivers a fast cutting speed of 5800 RPM amps, which means less time spent on crafting your favorite projects. The blade is positioned on the right side of the tool and it has a diameter of 7-1/4 inches and an arbor size of 5/8 inches. Furthermore, the tool has a bevel capacity of 56 degrees with positive stops at 22.5 and 45 degrees. As about the maximum depth of cut, this is 1 3/4 inches at a 45-degree angle and 2 1/2 inches at a 90-degree angle, so you will be able to cut very easily the materials you need. Additionally, the electric brake is a great safety feature because once you remove the finger from the trigger, the blade will stop. At the same time, the convenient spindle lock feature is very helpful whenever you have to remove the blade. Furthermore, we consider the LED lights and the built-in dust blower to be quite helpful when it comes to accuracy and precision of cuts. In what concerns the warranty, the unit is covered by a 1-year warranty, and in case you don’t like the product, you can return it within 30 days and receive your money back.


Another great option is the DEWALT DWS535 which definitely won’t disappoint you. The unit weights 13.8 pounds, but it’s still light enough to handle it with ease. The blade is placed on the left side which makes it easier to follow the line for those which are right-handed. The 15 amps render a maximum speed of 4800 RPM, enabling a fast and efficient cut every time. In what concerns the cutting performance, the tool features a blade diameter of 7-1/4 inches and an arbor size of 5/8 inches. Furthermore, the unit has a bevel capacity of 53 degrees with two positive stops at 22.5 and 45 degrees, offering you increased versatility. Regarding the depth of cut, this is of 1-3/4 inches at 45 degrees and 2-1/2 inches at 90 degrees. Unfortunately, the unit doesn’t feature an electric brake, but it comes with a spindle lock button which is very convenient. Additionally, the cord TOUGHCORD Cord Protection System was specially designed to offer a better cord jerk protection, while the extra wide saw hook smakes the unit handle without any difficulties 2-1/2 inches wide materials. A great advantage of the DEWALT DWS535 is the fact that it comes with a 3-year warranty, as well as a 1-year free service contract. At the same time, you can return the product within a period of 90 days of the original purchase date and you will receive your money back.

3. Milwaukee 6390-21

The next product in our list is the Milwaukee 6390-21 and we believe it’s one of the most efficient products at this moment. Weighing only 10.4 pounds, this tool is a must-have for everyone who wants a trustful unit at work, or just want to do various home-based projects. The 3.25 -horsepower motor is powered by 15 amps which deliver up to 5800 rotations per minute, for fast cutting and precision. Just as the other models, the unit has a blade diameter of 7-1/4 inches and an arbor size of 5/8 inches. Also, the tool has a 50-degree bevel capacity, but unfortunately it lacks the positive bevel stops, so you won’t be able to adjust the tool at common angles to make bevel cuts. Furthermore, the maximum depth of cut at 45 degrees is of 1-13/16, while at 90 degrees is of 2-7/16. The spindle lock feature is quite great because you can change the blade faster, but the bad news is that it doesn’t have an electric brake. Among the most impressive things about the Milwaukee 6390-21 is the adjustable 8-position cushioned top handle which features a patented Tilt-Lok design for increased comfort every time you use the tool. Last but not least, the generous 5-year warranty is surely a great plus because you can rest assured that your product will be repaired in case there are any manufacturer’s defects.

4. Bosch CS5

Made by a reliable brand, the Bosch CS5 is one of the most popular models at the moment. Since it only weighs 10 pounds we can definitely say it’s among the most lightweight tool, being a great solution for both professional and beginners. The 15 amps of power, makes this unit the fastest on the market, having a top speed of 6200 RPM. The blade diameter is 7-1/4 inches and the arbor size measures 5/8 inches, while the bevel capacity is 56 degrees. What we dislike about this model is the fact that it doesn’t have positive bevel stops, so you won’t be able to quickly adjust the bevel for common degrees. As about the depth of cut, the unit features 1-7/8 inches at 45 degrees and 2-7/16 inches at 90 degrees. Also, we would’ve appreciated more if the unit had an electric brake, but still, we like the fact it has a spindle lock. When it comes to features, we were impressed by the anti-snag lower guard which helps reduce snags when making bevel cuts, as well as the fact it has easy to replace brushes. Also, the tool features a dust blower, so the saw dust will be conveniently removed toward the back. At the same time, we would’ve expected a more generous warranty, but since Bosch has always manufactured long-resistant products we trust the quality of the product.

5. SKIL 5680-02

When it comes to powerful tools of this type, the SKIL 5680-02 is definitely one of them. The 15- amp motor delivers 5300 rotations per minute, making the unit a great choice for all those who want impressive results. Furthermore, the tool is the lightest from our list, weighting only 9.1 pounds, which means you will handle it very easily without feeling your hands tired. As about the blade diameter, this measures 7-1/4 inches, while the arbor size measures 5/8 inches. The bevel can be adjusted to a maximum of 51 degrees and the unit has a bevel stop at 45 degrees, enabling you to adjust the saw for accurate bevels every time necessary. The depth of cut at 45 degrees is of 1-15/16 and at 90 degrees is 2-7/16, so you can make the best of your projects. Unfortunately, the unit doesn’t feature an electric break, but it has a spindle lock for fast replacement of the blade, which is very helpful. Another feature we like about the SKIL 5680-02 and others don’t have, is the laser guide which projects a line across the cutting surface to guide you for more accurate cuts. At the same time, the unit has a power-on indicator which lets you know when the tool is plugged in and it also comes with an anti-snag lower guard. Additionally, the unit is backup by a 1-year warranty and in case you are not satisfied with the results, you can return it within 30 days of purchase.


If you are looking to purchase a decent circular saw which is powerful enough to cut even the toughest materials, the PORTER-CABLE PC15TCS is the best choice you can make. This saw it capable of cutting a maximum depth of 2 3/8 inches at 90 degrees and 1 13/16 inches at 45 degrees, which means that you can cut through 2X material at any angle this product can make cuts. The lower guard of this device protects the blade and you without interfering at all while you are in the middle of the cut. Furthermore, keep in mind that it produces up to 5600 rpm and runs on 15 amps. However, this is not the highest speed, but it is for sure far from the slow. Due to its relatively high speed, the blades of the saw cuts through materials fast enough that you won’t feel much resistance. Unlike other models, this one doesn’t come with a laser guide which would help the user cut straight. Also, it doesn’t come with a carrying bag or a rip fence that every circular saw should have. All in all, this is a great product that will surely help you accomplish all your projects.

What You Should Know about These Tools

This type of unit is a powerful and robust tool specially designed to make accurate cuttings with the help of a large spinning blade. In comparison to the cordless models, the corded ones work without batteries and are considered to be a better option when it comes to cut tougher materials. Here are some other interesting things you may not know about these tools:

  • They can be equipped with different blades that can easily rip through wood, but also metal, plastic, and other tough materials
  • In order to protect the users from the jaws of the blade, the tools have a blade guard that covers a great part of the blade. Additionally, they have other safety features, such as the spindle lock, but still they have to be handled carefully.
  • They are available in various sizes, each of them having a specific cutting depth, while the cutting capacity is directly related to the blade diameter. The most common size is of 7-1/4 inches.
  • The tools provide accurate cuts due to the fact it uses large blades that keep you on track. However, if you want to be sure about your cutting precision, you can use a fence or guide to help you achieve the best results.
  • To make sure you handle the saw properly, you should hold it with both hands because you will have a better control on it. Also, before start making a cut, it’s better to let the blade reach full speed.

What to Avoid When Using Them

As helpful a saw can be, it’s still a dangerous tool that requires a special attention when you operate it. Therefore, in order to avoid harming you, here are some things you should avoid just to make sure you won’t be exposed to any risk.

  • Neglecting the Safety Equipment

  • Not wearing the safety equipment is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. The safety equipment is highly important, reason for with you should always make sure you wear it. The most important are the safety goggles, as well as the hearing protection and the proper attire. Remember that safety comes first when using power tools that can literally cut a wide range of materials.

  • Forgetting to Sharp the Blade

  • Working with a dull blade can be very dangerous because you have to use more force in order to make the cut. Therefore, you can seriously harm yourself if you’re not careful. At the same time, you risk damaging the tool if you’re not using it as recommended by the manufacturer. So, one of your biggest concerns before you turn on the unit is to check out if the blade is sharp enough to provide the best results.

  • Standing on the Cord

  • Another mistake people make when working with a unit like this is to stand on the cord. If you do this, you risk blocking the cord and thus the saw can kick back and hurt you. So, in order to avoid this, you should make sure you never stand on the cord.

  • Placing the Saw Down and Not in a Safe Place

  • After finishing the job, you may find easier to place the saw down. However, this habit can be very dangerous, especially if you place it on the blade guard because everyone can run into it and harm themselves. Therefore, a good tip is to make sure you set it down in a safe place and always on the side the blade is on. At the same time, if you know for sure you won’t need it until the next project you can conveniently place it on the carrying case if it has one.

  • Not Following the Manufacturer’s Specifications

  • You may think you know how to use a tool like this, so when you buy a new one you omit reading the manufacturer’s specifications. Nonetheless, this is a big mistake because every tool comes with its own instructions which have to be carefully read before the first use, This fact is available for all power tools.

What to Look for When Buying a Saw with a Circular Blade

If you consider buying a product like this, then you have to know certain things that will help you decide what to choose. To make the research easier for you, we have gathered here some tips that will guide you in making the best decision.

  • Make Sure It’s Lightweight

  • A lightweight saw will allow you to handle it much easier, being able to use it for a longer time without having to take a pause. So, before buying such a tool, check out the manufacturer’s specifications on its weight and see if it’s light enough to help you with your projects. In general, a saw is considered to be lightweight if it weights less than 13-14 pounds.

  • Consider its Power

  • You most certainly want to have a powerful machine that can rip through various materials without encountering any difficulties. For this reason, you should consider looking for a saw which is fast and has around 5000 rotations per minute. In this way you will be sure there won’t be any inconveniences when it comes finishing your work on time.

  • Don’t Forget about the Cutting Performance

  • After you make sure the tool is light and powerful, you should find out all you have to know about its cutting performance. The most important aspects you should consider are the bevel capacity, whether it features positive stops or not, what is the maximum depth of cut at 45 and 90 degrees, and so on. The more you know about the unit, the easier for you to decide.

  • Take a Look at the Features and Conveniences

  • Both the features and the conveniences of an item like this are very important, so before deciding which model is the best for you, read more about them. Among the most helpful features are the spindle lock, the dust blower, the laser guide, and so on. Additionally, you should make sure the unit has a comfortable handle and that it comes with a blade, a blade wrench, or a carrying case.

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