While back in the day people only relied on gas or fire whenever they needed to cook their food, nowadays, the options include the multi-purpose microwave oven that has innovated and eased the cooking process. The latest models come with useful features designed to simply defrosting, cooking or reheating and their increasing popularity is a sign that the kitchen appliances field really needed these small yet amazing units. Given the popularity of these appliances, no wonder the market abounds with models of various sizes and designs, enough to meet the needs and tastes of every customer. Since it’s so important to do some research and to compare various products, we thought we would give you a hand in finding the best countertop models.

Top 5 Countertop Microwaves Comparison

1. Samsung MC12J8035CT 2. LG LCRT2010ST 3. Panasonic NN-SN651BAZ 4. Danby Designer 5. Westinghouse WCM11100SS
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Design Specifications
Size (inches) 18.5 x 20.8 x 15.9 23.9 x 19.2 x 13.6 20.7 x 15.8 x 12.25 15.9 x 21.2 x 11.8 15.9 x 21.2 x 11.8
Weight (pounds) 62.8 54 23.4 36.6 35.3
Color Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Black, White Black, White, Stainless Steel Black, White, Black w/Stainless Steel trim
Door Type Drop Down, Glass w/ handle Push-open, Glass Push-open, Glass Push-open, Glass Push-open, Glass
Control Panel Glass Touch Buttons Touch buttons Push buttons Touch buttons Touch buttons
LED Display
Interior Ceramic Enamel Ceramic Enamel Ceramic Enamel Chrome/Stainless Steel Ceramic Enamel
Capacity(cubic feet) 1.2 2 1.2 1.1 1.1
Power(watts) 1600 1200 1200 1000 1000
Cooking technology Power Convection Technology TrueCookPlus Inverter Technology Microwave Microwave
Cooking Power Levels 10 N/A 10 10 10
Turntable Diameter(inches) N/A 16 13 1/2 9 1/2 N/A
Sensor Cooking
Auto Cook Presets
Child Lock
Interior Light
Beep Reminder
Keep Warm
Defrost Auto Defrost Express Defrost Turbo Defrost Speed Defrost Speed Defrost
Other Features
POWERGRILL DUO EasyClean Interior Quick Minute Cook by Weight Auto Weight
SLIM FRY Add Time Delay Start Defrost by Weight
Parts and Labor Warranty 1 year, 10 years for magnetron 1 year, 10 years for magnetron 2-Year 18 months 1 year, 5 years for magnetron
Customer Support
User Manual

Microwaves Reviews

1. Samsung MC12J8035CT


For the most demanding of you who want a cutting-edge unit that will complement the design of their kitchen, we recommend the Samsung MC12J8035CT because it’s a true work of art. At first glance, you will discover a sleek shiny item with a glass door and touch control panel and a large handle that breaks the lines. Inside, the spacious 1.2 cu.ft. oven can hold various sizes of pans and plates enough to feed an entire family. The enamel-coated interior is scratch-resistant and so easy to clean that you can simply wipe it with a cloth.


Thanks to the outstanding 1600 watts power, the oven can heat to up to 10 levels and the food will be evenly cooked regardless the time chosen. Although it doesn’t feature a sensor option, it comes with auto cook pre-set programs and a grill function that allows you to extend your cooking skills. For those who prefer frying rather than broiling, the oven features a Slim Fry technology that can make delicious foods without adding oil. Convenience features like a timer, a quick defrost or Keep Warm complete the utility of this product.

  • Durable material that is difficult to scratch
  • One-touch button operations
  • Grill function
  • Can cook meals without excess oil
  • Keep warm setting
  • Does not feature a sensor option

The reason why this is the best sellers is because the cooking innovation comes with the powerful convection technology that includes hot air that circulates inside the oven in order to penetrate the food properly.

2. LG LCRT2010ST

To continue the list of innovative products, we have chosen the LG LCRT2010ST model that also brings a novelty in the kitchen. We are referring to the TrueCook Plus technology that takes away the guessing from cooking and helps you set the right time and temperature for each type of foods, based on a series of codes that you can find on the item’s packaging.

It boasts a sensor cooking technology that measures the level of humidity in the food and calculates cooking time and intensity for the ultimate results. Thanks to the smart EasyClean interior with curved edges, removing the food residues is possible using only a damp cloth. The intuitive controls make cooking easier as you can select exactly what type of dish you want to prepare, be it fresh or frozen.

  • It’s incredibly powerful
  • Interior light allows you to see the food whilst it’s inside the appliance
  • It can calculate the cooking time by itself
  • Easy clean feature
  • Express Defrost settings
  • Some claim that it’s heavy to handle
  • Hasn’t got a Keep Warm feature

This is a popular model because it’s a very large oven with a 2.0 cu.ft. Capacity and a 16” wide turntable that can hold large pans and pots. This means that its one of the most suitable item to purchase, if you have a large family.

3. Panasonic NN-SN651BAZ

Another model that doesn’t settle with regular cooking is this one from Panasonic that brings into your attention the Inverter Technology that cooks food evenly without drying it of its juices and moisture. The unit comes with separate buttons for making popcorn, defrosting at a turbo speed, or adding more time or increasing the power level.

There is also a handy Keep Warm button that keeps the food at the proper temperature until you open the door and take the food out so you won’t have to reheat it twice. At 1.2 cu. ft., it’s not the largest model but it can surely handle the needs of a medium sized family.

  • One-touch button operations
  • Turbo Defrost feature
  • Cooks food through sensors
  • 2-Years warranty
  • Powerful cooking settings
  • It does not have a Child Lock feature
  • It does not send reminder notices by making sounds

The reason why this product is another bestseller is because the oven also uses sensor cooking to analyze the moisture of the food so that the heat and time will be adjusted to perfection. This means that your food will be cooked with perfection thus, eliminating the risk of potential food poisoning.

4. Danby Designer

This model ranked in fourth but it will surely please you with its wide range of functions. The cooking technology is based on the regular microwaves that penetrate food inside out in order to ensure a faster and more even cooking than in a gas oven. Although not very attractive in design, Danby will manage to fit on any kitchen counter thanks to the compact shape that matches the 1.1 cubic foot interior.

The interface is very user-friendly, with 6 buttons with pictograms for potatoes, pizza, popcorn, frozen dinner, beverage, or reheat. There are 10 levels of power to choose from, as well as a timer, a speed defrost, and a Cook by Weight button that makes it easy to select the cooking parameters according to the food’s weight. No extra features are available with this model that comes at a very reasonable price.

  • Beep reminder
  • You can warm up liquids
  • Keep Warm feature
  • Defrost and cook by weight
  • Pockets friendly
  • Some people say that it does not fit with every decor
  • It does not have a Child Lock setting

The reason why we have decided to pick this model is because it’s extremely simple to use. This makes it one of the most appropriate items to buy for the elderly. Especially because the one-button function are big enough to be seen even by those who experience vision loss.

5. Westinghouse WCM11100SS

Last on our list, we have this Westinghouse oven designed to make you feel like a true chef in the kitchen. Just like the previous one, it has 6 separate controls for different types of foods like pizza, potatoes, or popcorn.

To make things even easier, you have 10 power levels to choose from and a programmable timer to set a specific cooking time. In addition, this compact 1.1 cu. ft. oven has defrost and cook by weight functions that eliminate the vague choices of time and temperature. To prevent unwanted operating, the unit comes with a child lock safety feature.

  • Child Lock safety feature
  • Interior light that shows you when the food is ready
  • Easy to clean
  • Speed Defrost
  • One-touch button operations
  • It does not send audio reminders
  • It does not have a Keep Warm option

This popular model sells fast because of its safety feature. You do not have to worry that your child will be able to play with it because once the child lock is turned on, you do not have to worry about such detail.

6. Toshiba EM925A5A-BS

The 900W power rating indicates that this appliance doesn’t joke around, providing enough power to heat up and even help prepare certain meals. It boasts a generous 0.9 cubic feet capacity and the turn table it comes with measures 10.6 inches in diameter. Speaking of sizes, the appliance itself measures 19.2 inches in length by 15.9 inches in width by 11.5 inches in height, which means that it won’t take up too much space on your kitchen counter.

There are a total of 10 power settings you can pick between, but what truly makes it shine is the fact that it features 6 pre-programmed functions that you can select from, which include Popcorn, Beverage, Pizza, Potato, Frozen Vegetable, and Dinner Plate. If you want to save on utility costs, you can use the power saving mode it features. In case you are heating up a meal in the middle of the night, you can turn off the sound it produces at the end of the program to not wake up everyone in the house when it’s done. There’s a child safety lock in place which ensures the children won’t be able to tamper with it. Furthermore, it features a digital control panel that makes it incredibly easy to use, so you won’t face any difficulties when it comes to its operation.

  • Provides 10 power settings to suit your cooking needs
  • Child safety lock prevents the small ones from using it
  • Digital control panel enhances ease of use
  • Boasts a generous 0.9 cubic feet capacity
  • Puts 6 pre-programmed functions at your disposal

With a spacious interior of up to 0.9 cubic feet capacity and unparalleled ease of use granted by the digital control panel and numerous pre-programmed functions it comes with, this Toshiba entry is a must-have in any modern kitchen.


Although it is intended for placement on the counter, its profile even makes it possible to integrate it with your kitchen cabinets to clear up space, or separately purchase a hanging kit to keep it out of the way. It delivers 800 watts of power to heat up meals quick, and the 1.1 cubic feet capacity it boasts ensures you can prepare food for the whole family with it. There are an impressive 10 power levels that you can pick between to suit the task at hand. It features electronic controls that ease your work considerably as you use it.

However, what is spectacular with it is the fact that it comes with sensors that enable a more thorough control over the cooking process, automatically adjusting time and power so that your meals are perfect each and every time. There is even a special defrost option where you enter the weight of the food, and the appliance automatically sets the optimal time for the defrosting process. It comes with a convenient add 30 seconds button that you can quickly use when you need a little extra time for the meal to heat up. Additionally, a 1-year warranty is provided for it.

  • Large capacity – 1.1 cubic feet
  • You can set the control lockout to prevent accidental activation or unwanted tampering
  • Features sensor cooking controls that automatically adjust time and power
  • Convenient button that adds 30 seconds to the preparation time
  • On the expensive side

Feature-rich and easy to use, it is a must-have in any modern kitchen as it provides a convenient and intuitive manner to heat up, defrost, and even prepare foods. It might not be the cheapest entry you will stumble upon, but it is definitely one worth taking into consideration.

8. hOmeLabs EM134AJ3

Boasting a 1.3 cubic feet interior, it is your go-to choice if you are on a budget yet still want to enjoy a quality appliance. It measures 20.44” by 16.78” by 12.4”, so it won’t occupy too much space on the counter, which is ideal for those who have crowded kitchens. It puts 10 power levels at your disposal to choose between so that you may properly prepare any meal. Furthermore, there are 7 pre-programmed settings and 11 cooking functions to select from, so it is basically limitless in terms of what you can do with this useful kitchen appliance.

It has a 1050-watt power rating, and it is an alternative current only model. The convenient memory function makes it easier for you to utilize it as your preferred settings are stored, thus saving time when preparing meals. For the sake of safety, it features the safety lock function which prevents the small ones from using it. Furthermore, hOmeLabs offers a lengthy 2-year warranty on this countertop oven, so any defects will be handled free of charge.

  • Safety lock prevents the kids from using it
  • 11 cooking functions and 7 pre-programmed settings to choose between
  • Offers a spacious 1.3 cubic feet interior
  • Covered by a 2-year warranty
  • Memory function preserves your preferred settings to save time when you are using it

One of the cheapest yet most qualitative countertop overs you will find, this hOmeLabs entry really won us over with its performance. It delivers a plethora of settings to select between, ensuring that any food you like you can prepare with it, and the 6-quart capacity makes it possible to heat up even larger meals.

Everything You Need to Know About These Products

Among all the small kitchen appliances one has at home, the microwave oven is, perhaps, the most frequently used due to its wide array of functions. Unlike a regular oven, it lets you perform a series of functions like defrosting or reheating, not to mention they take less time to prepare a whole meal. They rely on a type of waves called microwaves that are not similar to other radiating waves that might affect your health. The intensity of the waves can cook food to perfection similar to the convention or the gas ovens and the best part is that they are smaller in size and come with many features, including a grill. These are only a few of the reasons why you should have one in the kitchen.

These products come in many types differentiated by the installation mode. There are coop, built-in, or over-the-range ovens that can be placed in various areas of your kitchen. Among all, the countertop ones are the most popular because they don’t require any installation work and you can easily move them anywhere you like. Discover below more advantages of preferring a countertop oven over another type.

  • Easily portable

    If you choose a built-in or an over-the-range unit, you won’t be able to change its lace unless you move the entire kitchen furniture, so the design options are limited. The countertop version, on the other hand, can be placed anywhere so you can move it as many times you want. Moreover, some units come with trim kits that allow you to turn a regular countertop model into a built-in unit without any additional costs.

  • Space-saving

    Having a small kitchen or limited counter space means that you won’t be able to fit all your useful appliances and you might have to give up on some of them. However, the compact design of the countertop oven allows you to keep it in your kitchen without using too much space. There are many sizes to choose from, depending on the space you have available and your cooking needs because the exterior sizes also influence the interior sizes.

  • Affordable prices

    It’s important to save some money when buying appliances, especially if you can get the same performance at a lower price. Countertop units come at lower prices than the other models but don’t sacrifice quality or cooking performance. You can choose from multiple features and options that enable you to cook, reheat, or defrost any type of food while also saving some money.

Are They Dangerous?

A serious concern of many people is related to how healthy these ovens really are because the thought that they are based on a type of radiation makes people have second thoughts before using it. However, many studies have been performed and tests have been run in order to determine whether or not these ovens are a health hazard and the majority of the results have pointed that there are no major risks in using this appliance. Here are some arguments that will convince you to never be afraid to use your oven at home.

  • The waves used inside such an oven are of a frequency that doesn’t actually radiate your body and can’t possibly cause any malformations. An oven that operates properly releases a certain amount of waves that don’t get into contact with your body as they can’t get past the door. However, you should make sure that your unit’s door closes well so there aren’t any emissions that could affect you.
  • The cooking time is smaller than the regular time spent in a regular oven that operates on gas or electricity. Therefore, the food is exposed to less heat while still resulting evenly cooked due to the waves that surround and penetrate food entirely. Less time in the oven means less heat processing, thus more nutrients are kept inside the food.
  • The waves don’t alter the molecular structure of the food so there are no risks of mutations that could cause health problems. The heat penetrates the food and given the short amount of time and the carefully adjusted intensity, the food is not exposed to any chemical reactions related to its safety and conformity.
  • The latest ovens designed nowadays combine a series of innovative technologies and features that guarantee maximum performance without posing any risk to your health. The convection or inverter technologies provide the perfect cooking environment for any type of food and guarantee the best results worthy of a chef.

Brands We Recommend

Some manufacturers know how to meet the needs of a wide market and manage to design appliances that not only bring some innovative features but also manage to last a long time. Among the long list of brands, here are the ones that we thought were the best in providing quality units with the latest technologies.

  • Samsung

    It’s not a surprise that Samsung manages to stay at the top of the preferences of customers around the world. Their appliances are usually high-end units that deliver excellent performance and the microwave ovens are not outdone. The offer includes stylish and elegant units that use the most advanced technologies so that every need in terms of cooking is satisfied.

  • LG

    Nevertheless, LG should be on the list of the finest brands because they surely know how to please their customers. The long history of designing appliances of all kinds helps them perfect and innovate their means of manufacturing top-notch products. The same happens with the microwaves that wear the LG brand and that don’t seem to fail in any way when it comes to innovative, fast, and perfect cooking.

  • Panasonic

    A veteran of electronics, Panasonic is a reliable brand when it comes to a wide range of products. The array of choice is so large that it can be hard to choose only one product, although a quick research will help you make up your mind faster. If you want quality at a good price, Panasonic is the best option.

The Aspects behind Our Ratings

  • Capacity

    The capacity of an oven doesn’t necessarily have to do with its performance but more with its convenience and should be a choice made based on your needs. If you need to cook large meals for a big family, you should get a larger unit like the LG LCRT2010ST that has a 2.0 cubic feet capacity but if you need a smaller unit, a 1.1 cu. ft. model like the Danby Designed will suit you just fine.

  • Power

    The cooking power of an oven means how much it can heat at the highest temperature level so that the food will be evenly cooked even if it’s frozen. As you can imagine, the power is very important in determining the performance of your oven because if it can’t reach high temperatures, chances are it will not deliver perfect steaks or cakes. Our top choice oven has a 1,600 watts power that allows it to reach 10 power levels and make cooking anything a breeze.

  • Cooking technology

    Although most models are based on the same cooking technology, the field advancements have brought some unique methods that involve either convection, steam, or hot air. A unit that boasts an innovative cooking technology is more likely to deliver healthy foods that are tasty and evenly cooked. The first three ovens in our top are designed using new technologies that change the way you used to cook in your microwave oven.

  • Helpful features

    When we rated the ovens, we also checked the features they came with because they are linked to how well the appliances worked. Convenience options like interior lights, LED displays, beep reminders or keep warm functions helped us determine which machine was better than the other.

  • User-friendly design

    We considered that a good oven should be one that is easy to use and that takes away the guessing of preparing a meal. Therefore, we only picked units with intuitive controls that are user-friendly and can make anyone feel like a real chef. Each one of our ovens have auto cook presets and allows you to add or remove cooking time in order to achieve the perfect meal.

  • Warranty

    It’s important to know that your purchase will be protected for many years to come and that you can rest assured knowing that you won’t have to pay for expensive repairs. This is why we recommend buying from reputable manufacturers that stand behind their products for as long as possible. Our two favorite choices come with a 1-year warranty for parts and labor and 10 years for the most important component which is the magnetron.

Frequently Asked Questions

?Are they dangerous to my health?
The many studies that were created on this issues have concluded that they are not hazardous to our health.

?Will it fry food?
Some models have an innovative feature that will fry your food without the need of adding extra oil. All you have to do is set the settings right.

?Will it cook different type of dishes?
Yes, the majority of the models that we have mentioned are so versatile that they cook whatever type of food you put inside of it.

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