DJ Speakers

No matter if you are a beginner that one day dreams of having the success of renowned DJs like Avicii and Tiësto, a rising star in the music charts around the world, a small local celebrity that has the occasional gig at a pub, or a wedding DJ that is in charge of creating unforgettable memories for young couples, you must make sure that your speakers are of a great quality for your performance to be good.

But choosing the best ones for DJing is not an easy task, being a series of problems that you will be confronted with along the way. For example, you might not find a model that you can afford, or you might even get confused when reading the specs, not understanding how to differentiate what models are actually a good investment to go with.

Top 5 DJ Speakers Comparison

1. JBL PRX425 2. Mackie HD1521 3. Bose F1 Model 812 4. QSC K12 5. JBL JRX225
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Product Specifications
Manufacturer JBL Professional Mackie Bose QSC JBL Professional
Dimensions (H x W x D) 41.1″ x 16.9″ x 20.5″ 30″ x 18.3″ x 18.8″ 26.1″ x 13.1″ x 14.6″ 23.7″ x 14″ x 14″ 43″ x 18.3″ x 16.8″
Weight (pounds) 74 80 44.5 41 94
Enclosure Trapezoidal, 0.7″ Birch/Poplar Plywood Trapezoidal, 20″ Birch Plywood Included Angle High Impact Composite Materials Rugged ABS 0.75″ MDF with Glued and Mechanically Fastened Joint Detail
Grille Powder Coated, 16-Gauge Perforated Steel with Acoustically Transparent Black Screen Backing Powder Coated Galvanized Steel Powder Coated Perforated Steel 16-Gauge Powder Coated Steel 18-Gauge Powder Coated Steel
Finish Black DuraFlex High Durability Black Paint Black Black Paint Black
Frequency Range 48 Hz – 19 kHz 40 Hz – 20 kHz 43 Hz – 20 kHz 48 Hz – 20 kHz 56 Hz – 18 kHz
Frequency Response 61 Hz – 16 kHz 50 Hz – 18 kHz 52 Hz – 16 kHz 52 Hz – 18 kHz 83 Hz – 13 kHz
Nominal Coverage 90° x 50° 80° x 50° 100° x 40° 75° Conical 90° x 50°
Maximum SPL 134 dB 135 dB 132 dB 131 dB 133 dB
Peak Power Rating 2400W 1600W 1000W 2000W 2000W
Amplifier Class D D D D D
Nominal Impedance (ohms) 4 11 8 10 4
Crossover Frequency 2.2 kHz 1.2 kHz N/A 2 kHz 2.2 kHz
Operating Temperatures 32°F-104°F 32°F-104°F N/A 32°F-122°F 32°F-104°F
Input Connectors Neutrik Speakon 2 x NL-2.25″ Combination Female XLR, Balanced Differential XLR/TRS Combo; 1/4″; Stereo RCA 2 x XLR-1/4″ Combo Jack; Stereo RCA; Locking IEC Power Connector; Remote Gain Control Neutrik Speakon NL-4; 0.25″ in TS Phone Jack; Parallel
Output Connectors Male XLR Balanced Male XLR, Balanced Differential XLR Balanced Dual XLR Full Range; Male XLR “Mix” Out N/A
Transportability Two Glass-Filled Nylon Handles with Rubber Grip Two Ergonomic Handles Ergonomic Handles Ergonomic Aluminum Handles Non-Resonant, All-Steel Handles
Suspension / Mounting Twelve M10 Suspension Points Twelve Integrated Fly Points for Horizontal and Vertical Rigging Using M10 Threaded Eyebolts Integrated Mounting Stand; Four M8 Threaded Inserts That Accept Mounting Brackets M10 Rigging Points Twelve M10 Suspension Points
LF Driver 2 x JBL M115-8A 15″ Woofers 15″ Neodymium Woofer with 3″ Voice Coil 8 x 2.25″ Neodymium Drivers; 12″ Woofer 12″ Cone 2 x JBL M115-8A 15″ Woofers
HF Driver 1 x JBL 2414H-C 1″ Polymer Diaphragm 1.75″ Compression Driver with Heat-Treated Titanium Diaphragm N/A 1.75″ Diaphragm Compression Driver JBL 2414H-C, 1″ Exit Compression Driver Mounted on Progressive Transition Waveguide
Display LEDs Limit, Signal, Power/Standy Power ON, EQ ON, Sig/Limit, Thermal Protection, Front Power Light ON Front Light Power, Signal/Clip, Power/Fault, Limit Front Light Power, Power, Signal, Standby, Limit, Mic N/A
Other Features SonicGuard RMS Limiting Flexible Array Directivity Matched Transition SonicGuard
Power Supply and Amplifier Thermal Protection
Warranty 5 Years 3 Years for Electronics + 2 Years for Drivers 5 Years 3 Years 5 Years
Customer Support
User Manual

Disc Jockey Speakers Reviews

1. JBL PRX425

These dual 15-inch speakers and the high-frequency driver that make up the PRX425 provide it with the most astonishing performance a DJ could ask for. The construction consists of a 0.7-inch birch/poplar plywood that is covered in resilient DuraFlex and that features rugged 16-gauge steel grills, ensuring that this is a durable and dependable choice to go with. Professional connectivity is granted through the Neutrik Speakon combination connectors. It features recessed handles that make carrying the gear from the van and to the gig easy and convenient. Additionally, a 5-year warranty is provided for the product, so you can take your mind off repairs as they will be covered free of charge.


The quality construction that it boasts and the amazing features of this model ensure that the sound of your music will reach everyone in the crowd in a natural and intelligible manner so that they all enjoy the experience of listening to your performance. The SonicGuard feature that it comes with has the role to protect the high-frequency driver against excess power, all without presenting an interruption for your performance. It is designed to provide an impressive frequency response, and it offers perfect sensitivity for a professional audio environment. One of the aspects that impress the most about this model is its peak power rating of 2400W.

  • System sensitivity: 100 db SPL
  • Nominal impedance: 4 ohms
  • Coverage pattern: 90° x 50° nominal
  • Frequency range @ -10 db: 48 Hz – 19 kHz
  • Frequency range @ 3db: 61 Hz – 16 kHz

While the most obvious application is for use by DJs and bands that need low-frequency extension during gigs, another great application for the PRX425 is for live sound reinforcement in the case of vocal artists or those who use musical instruments. Thus, regardless of the musical branch you activate it, you will be able to put this acquisition to good use.

  • 134 dB maximum decibel output
  • Quality class D amplifiers
  • Easy to transport due to nylon glass-filled handles with rubber grip
  • 12 M10 suspension points allow you to mount them with ease
  • Backed by generous 5-year warranty
  • There are no downsides to this product

With a maximum sound output of 134 decibels, they are sure to help make your music be heard by every single person in the joint. Furthermore, the innovative SonicGuard technology ensures they will last for a long time, thus not being an investment you will ever regret making.

2. Mackie HD1521

The HD1521 high-definition powered is a 2-way model that delivers class-leading power and clarity when compared to its competitors. The class D amplifier of this model is able to produce an impressive peak power rating of 1600W, being easy to understand why we had to give it the second spot on our top 5 list of the best models on the market.

The acoustic correction processing that it features ensures an intense and unforgettable experience when you are using it. Due to the fact that it features a great quality system tuning and transducer, you can rest assured that the sounds delivered by it will always be of a superior quality. It features an adjustable 3-band equalizer on the rear panel that allows customization.

It comes with 12 integrated fly points that allow horizontal and vertical rigging and a stand that allows you to mount them with ease. In addition, it features a rugged and durable construction, the enclosure of this model being made of birch plywood, a material that ensures a superior protection and a great look that will blend perfectly into any environment.

  • 11 ohms nominal impedance rating
  • Can produce up to 135 dB
  • 1.2 kHz crossover frequency
  • Works in temperatures as low as 32°F and as high as 104°F
  • Features RMS limiting to deliver a higher quality performance
  • There are no downsides to this product

For a powered loudspeaker to be able to deliver 135 decibels is pretty uncommon, but this is exactly what this Mackie product provides. A trustworthy companion for any aspiring DJ, and a reasonably priced entry to begin with, it is one of our top recommendations.

3. Bose F1 Model 812

What impresses the most about the Bose F1 812 when you first look at it is the ingenious design and construction. It is made with high-quality materials like powder coated perforated steel and high-impact composite materials that ensure an impressive durability. The maximum sound output that it provides is 132 decibels.

The flexible array model allows you to shape the vertical output of as you like, meaning that you can match the performance of your system to the needs of the venue where you are at with ease. This increased versatility makes it a fan favorite, being no wonder to the fact that it ranked number 3 in our top.

Best of all, it will automatically change the EQ when the coverage pattern is modified to ensure the best sound quality possible. Other aspects that impress when looking at this product are the generous 1000W peak power rating that it offers and the durable enclosure that is made of high impact composite materials, ensuring that this will be an investment you won’t regret making.

  • Weighs only 44.5 pounds – easy to transport
  • Generous 100-degree by 40-degree nominal coverage
  • Ergonomic handles endorse comfortable transport and handling
  • Flexible array feature allows you to shape the coverage pattern as you please
  • Manufacturer backs it with a 5-year warranty
  • Low peak power rating – only 1000 watts

If the 5-year warranty was not enough to convince you and purchase this product, the flexible array and the rest of its features surely did. Capable of outputting quality sound to make your gigs unforgettable, it is a must-have for DJs who want to have a flourishing career ahead.

4. QSC K12

What makes the K12 stand out from its competitors the most is the fact that it features extensive DSP that enhances its performance. The directivity matched transition of this model offers a remarkable low and high-frequency coverage of the venue where the performance is taking place in order to eliminate any cold or hot frequency zones.

This feature alone is enough to show how great the quality of your shows is going to be if you use this model, having guaranteed success on stage if it accompanies you. Other aspects that impress when it comes to it are the fact that it is able to manage low-frequency transients without sacrificing the quality of the adjacent frequencies, and the fact that it delivers an astounding peak power rating of 2000W. Therefore, with this piece of gear by your side, you will surely be a raging success.

Other notable details about are the fact that it boasts a 10-ohm nominal impedance and that the maximum sound output that it offers is 131 decibels, thus ensuring a great performance.

  • Provides a conical 75-degree nominal coverage
  • It weighs only 41 pounds, so it will be a cinch to transport it
  • Can achieve a peak power of 2000 watts
  • Directivity matched transition provides low and high frequency coverage across the room
  • Great price to quality ratio – affordable option
  • 3-year warranty is a bit lower when compared to what the other models provide

Since not everyone has a large sum of money at their disposal, it is important for more reasonably priced options to exist. This QSC product delivers exceptional sound output and quality without requiring you to spend too much money on it, so if a budget smart option is what you want, this is among your best choices.

5. JBL JRX225

The number 5 entry on our list is none other than the impressive JBL JRX225 model. Just like the top-ranked products, the PRX425, it comes with the innovative SonicGuard feature that helps protect the high-frequency driver from excess power, all without sacrificing the quality of the performance or interrupting it.

The non-resonant, all-steel handles that it features make it easy to move it from your vehicle to the stage or wherever it needs to be placed. It delivers no less than 2000W of peak power rating, which means that the quality of the sound that it produces is undoubtedly great. It has a great durability due to the fact that it has a 0.75-inch MDF construction of the enclosure and 18-gauge powder coated steel grilles.

In addition, it delivers an impressive nominal coverage of 90 by 50 degrees, ensuring that the sound will be perfectly heard by the audience no matter what venue you will be performing in. Also, the 133-decibel maximum sound output is sure to win any crowd over as it is loud enough for the music to be heard perfectly at any gig, no matter the size of the location.

  • Provides a 90 by 50-degree nominal coverage
  • Can reach a maximum sound output of 133 decibels
  • Best described as a real bang for your buck – affordable option
  • SonicGuard technology protects it from excess power without affecting your performance
  • Can be used even if the temperature is as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit at the gig
  • On the heavy side – weighs 94 pounds, a bit more difficult to transport

A bang for your buck and an offer we recommend you do not refuse is this JBL model which provides an amazing maximum sound output of 133 decibels, features the SonicGuard technology, all while maintaining an affordable asking price.

6. Behringer EuroLive B210D

This 2-way PA system is perfect for live and playback applications. It comes at a fair price that makes it affordable even for beginners in the domain, and boasts an ultra-light design that will make it a cinch to move it from the van to the stage and back. It delivers excellent sound even when there are extreme sound pressure levels, so no matter how big of a gig you are tending to, it will live up to the occasion.

It boasts an ingenious trapezoidal enclosure design which enhances versatility when it comes to positioning it, even allowing you to tilt it on its side to use it as a floor monitor. It features a convenient ergonomically shaped handle that makes it easy to set it up and carry it.

The class-D amplifier technology it features provides an outstanding sonic performance while providing huge power. It provides non-fatiguing midrange and treble, and delivers incredible bass generation. Another great feature is the wide dispersion provided by its conical horn. Additionally, a 3-year warranty is provided for it against defects in parts and labor.

  • Delivers excellent high-frequency reproduction due to the 1.35” aluminum-diaphragm compression driver it features
  • Features a 35-millimeter pole socket for stand mounting
  • Trapezoidal enclosure design enhances versatility in positioning
  • Can be used as a floor monitor as it tilts to the side
  • Features class-D amplifier technology

Perfect for live and playback applications, this lightweight product is a force to be reckoned with and makes for a great companion to any aspiring disc jockey. Furthermore, it is reasonable priced, so it is approachable even by beginners.

7. Rockville RSG12

Although the cheap asking price might have you fooled, you should not underestimate it as it provides an amazing peak power of 1000 watts, a program power of 750 watts, and an RMS power of 500 watts. Due to the impeccable sound output delivered and its overall performance, it has become the favorite pick of most customers, thus its status as the best-selling product in the niche.

It boasts a lightweight design that makes it possible for you to transport it from the van to the stage on your own, weighing only 28 pounds. It features built-in recessed handles that make it easier to carry. You can integrate any amplification system with it as it features two input connectors, a speak ONH connection, and a ½-inch In/Out connection.

It features a 12-inch low frequency woofer and high-efficiency piezo tweeters that ensure a full-range of sound for the best experience when you are doing your gigs. Another interesting feature is the 35-millimeter pole socket mount that allows you to install it in any position you like. When it comes to warranty, however, there is a minor downside as it only covers the product for 1 year.

  • 1000-watt peak operating power
  • Best-selling product on the DJ gear market
  • 99-decibel sensitivity at 1 watt per minute
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Lightweight design makes it easy for you to set it up when you are at a gig – weighs only 28 pounds
  • Short warranty length – product is backed only for 1 year

After you check out the asking price for this product, as well as its specs, you will easily understand why this is the best-selling product on the market right now. Boasting a lightweight design and a peak power rating of 1000 watts, it’s one deal you will find extremely hard to refuse.

8. VM Audio VAS4210P

A good DJ must rely on great equipment and this set will surely help them make a name in the music industry. The VAS4210P are 4-way speakers that emit a crisp and clear sound even at very high sound levels. The housing is made of a high-density fiberwood that minimizes vibration to avoid the distortion of the sound and is covered in an aviation-grade carpet that contributes to both the quality of the sound and the aspect.

For added protection of the sound system, the edges and corners are protected with steel grills that limit damage during transportation and use. The 4-way sound is delivered with 3-way high-efficiency horn tweeters and a powerful speaker that emits clear and loud sounds.

The 3-way terminals allow you to connect banana plugs, bare wires, connectors, or TS jacks. You can use them for indoor and outdoor events as well, like nightclubs, venues, concerts, home entertainment, and more.

  • Features 3-way horn tweeters and a powerful speaker which deliver 4-way sound
  • Steel grills protect the corners and edges
  • Fiberwood housing minimizes vibration
  • Design allows you to use them either indoors or outdoors
  • Not the most reasonably priced products in their niche

Despite the rather high asking price, this VM Audio product is still one of our top selections. The reason why we overlook this small issue is because of the formidable 4-way design that enables it to emit crisp sounds, and its fiberwood housing construction which enhances sound quality by minimizing vibrations.

9. Pyle PADH212

If you are a beginner looking to improve the quality of your gigs and make the noise hit the fan as realistic as possible, this Pyle selection is the right choice for you. A lot of customers are praising the fact that the sound quality resembles that of a live session, this element on its own making it a worthy investment. Add to this the fact that it comes at a rather reasonable price and you get a truly desirable product.

With a ported enclosure which guarantees a greater bass response which is going to make your gigs a lot more entertaining for listeners, there are truly only benefits to reap after making this purchase. The professional PA system boasts a medium-density fiberboard construction, the reinforced corners further adding to its durability.

It features two 12-inch woofers with 80-ounce drivers and voice coils so that all sounds are outputted as realistic as possible. In the end, we mention the fact that it is accompanied by a 1-year warranty. While the warranty agreement is active, it will be replaced or repaired free of charge in case of an unfortunate event or unprovoked malfunction.

  • Bass is great due to the ported enclosure featured
  • Peak frequency response ranging from 50 to 20 thousand Hz
  • Features two 12-inch subwoofers with 2-inch Kapton voice coils
  • Rugged constructions ensures durability regardless of how many gigs you tend with it
  • One of the more affordable selections at the moment
  • Plastic terminals and bindings do not make it the most resilient product in its niche

A more reasonable investment and one we strongly recommend for beginners in the art of DJ-ing, this selection from Pyle is worth every cent you spend on it. The two 12-inch woofers transmit the sound perfectly so that the crowd can appreciate your mix, while the 2-inch voice coils improve signal response significantly.

What Makes Them Special?

As most people out there who are not well informed about them, you have probably thought that all disc jockey speakers are basically the same and they are good in most situations. But in this situation, one question arises – why are certain models called DJ speakers? The answer is simple, they are specifically meant for DJ gigs because they are suitable to pump out music at a loud volume so that it can be heard in the entire venue.

This is the reason why they are called powered as well, doing a better job at distributing the sound because of their superior power. What makes them so powerful and great for DJ gigs is the fact that they feature high-quality amplifiers built into their enclosures, the combination resulting in an improved fidelity and versatility.

About Connectors

Normally, when it comes to choosing the cable connectors, you can easily determine what you need by simply looking at the connection types on your gear. Although this is one of the easier parts to understand and decide when it comes to purchasing these speakers, it is still best to know more about the types of connectors that you will encounter and what are their main characteristics. In the following, we will offer you all the info that you need.

  • speakON connectors – These multi-pin connectors are usually found on high-voltage amplifiers and speakers, offering a reliable connection. They are able to handle very high power and their durability is almost unsurpassable.
  • XLR connectors – This is a 3-pin connector that features a positive pin, a negative pin, and a ground pin. Normally, this type of connector is used to transmit balanced line-level and mic-level signals to mixers. Also, it can be used to transmit audio.
  • TS connectors – Tip-Sleeve or TS connectors measure ¼-inch and they are set up for a 2-conductor operation that is unbalanced. The tip is where the signal is applied, and the sleeve makes the connection to the shield or the ground.
  • TRS connectors – Tip-Ring-Sleeve or TRS connectors measure either ¼-inch or 1/8-inch, and they are balanced connectors. These connectors are used when two conductors and a shield are required in one plug.
  • Banana plus connectors – These connectors are designed to join the wires to the binding posts that are situated on the back of power amplifiers. The common configuration of these connectors is to have two pieces molded together with a space of ¾-inch between them.

Why Aspiring DJs Needs Them

Speakers might be the choice to go with as an aspiring DJ, but the top of the line models generally come at expensive prices, being discouraging for some to invest in them. This is especially true when you take into consideration the fact that they have additional components that could fail in time, their repair costing you additional money in case you are out of the warranty period with the product. But there are a lot of advantages that come with them and that outweighs the price and the potential cost of reparation or replacement, making the need for them vital if you want a quality performance.

  • Superior Sound Quality

    As a DJ, you have to make the quality of the sound that they produce a priority because everyone needs to hear your music perfectly, no matter how big or small the venue where you perform is. This superior sound quality can only be delivered by speakers that have a high peak power like the generous 2400W offered by the JBL PRX425. With this gear on stage with you, everyone in the crowd will enjoy the music that you produce and they will respect you for putting in the necessary effort to make their experience as pleasant as possible.

  • High Fidelity

    The high fidelity that great models deliver is not an advantage to be overlooked, these products ensuring a great power output, a higher dynamic range, and less IMD. Due to the high fidelity that they deliver, you can rest assured that the music you play will be perfectly heard by everyone and that the crowd will be more than pleased at the end of your performance. Therefore, they will help you make a name for yourself by delivering a superior overall quality that you won’t find with other types.

  • You Will Look Professional

    Another great advantage that comes with making a quality investment is the fact that you will look professional. The money that you are going to spend on them is truly worth it, the sound that they produce and their high fidelity making you look like an artist that ranks on the first spots in music charts around the world. Therefore, if you want to take a big step toward a flourishing career, you have to invest as much as it is needed on professional equipment that you take with you when you have gigs.

Picking the Right Gear – How to Proceed

When you go out looking for the perfect disc jockey gear, the first question that you have to ask yourself in order to ensure that you are making the right choice is what makes it of a great quality. Instead of buying the most expensive model that you lay your eyes on and hoping that it is actually good, read this section of our article to learn what steps you have to follow to make the right choice.

  • Power Rating

    First and foremost, you have to look at the power rating, this being the best indicator of the sound quality produced by it. The power rating is measured in watts, the general rule of thumb being that the higher the watts are, the louder it will be, and the better your music will be heard in the venue where you are performing. But if money is an issue for you and you cannot afford a model that has a high power rating, you can go with one that delivers exactly the amount of power that you need. For example, if you are a DJ at a local pub and this is the only place where you intend to perform, at least for a while, you should consider how large the area is and how many people usually attend your gigs when you buy the product. If the place where you perform is small or medium-sized, and there are about 50 people that come here regularly, you can go with a 200W model. On the other hand, if you perform at larger venues and there are over one hundred people who come to listen to you, you need a model that offers at least 1000W.

  • Woofer Cone Size

    The woofer cone size is of a great importance due to the fact that it shows how much bass they can handle. For your performances to be of a great quality, the woofer cone size has to be at least 8 inches. Of course, the bigger the size of the woofer cone is, the better because it shows that the bass will be reproduced perfectly even when you are performing in large, crowded venues. Therefore, it is better that you stretch your budget and invest in a model like the JBL PRX425 that has a generous woofer cone size of 15 inches.

  • Portability

    Portability might be an obvious aspect that you have to look into when investing in this equipment, but it is an extremely important one nonetheless. As a DJ, you might find yourself performing in different locations, which means that you have to carry all of your gear with you in the vehicle that you are traveling with. Therefore, it is essential that you look for a portable model that won’t be difficult to transport and move around. For it to be of a superior portability, you should look for a model like the QSC K12, that weighs only 41 pounds and that features ergonomic aluminum handles, making moving it around an easy task.

Maintenance Advice

Just like any other type of equipment, they need to be kept in certain circumstances and they need periodical maintenance routines to be done on them for them to last as long as possible. If you want to make sure that the ones you have spent your money on will always be in a top notch shape and that they will accompany you at your gigs for a long time, check out the following lines because here you will find out what you must do.

  • Regularly Clean Them

    Obviously, just like all other devices, gadgets, appliances, and items that you own, they require being cleaned once in a while. No matter if you do this procedure after every gig or only once every couple of weeks, know that the correct way to clean them is by using a cloth. Avoid the use of any kind of liquid cleaners at all costs as they might actually damage the amplifiers, thus rendering them useless.

  • Store them in a Clean Environment

    Just like cleaning is an important and mandatory procedure, it is equally important to pay attention to where you store them when they are not in use. When you finish your gig and you arrive home, make sure that the room or area where you place them is free of dust. Otherwise, the dust will get in the interior and nets, causing performance loss. Therefore, make sure that the environment where you store them is regularly vacuumed and cleaned of dust, and use a compressed air blower on the speakers to ensure that the dust that might have gotten on the inside gets out as well.

  • Be Aware of the Heat

    An element that you always have to pay attention to is heat. No matter how great the quality is, they will still suffer great damage if left in direct sun rays. Of course, pricier models do have a better thermal design, but they can still fall victims to heat if they are not taken care of and placed away from heat sources. Also, in case they have vent holes on their bottoms, make sure that they are never kept blocked or overheating might occur.

  • Provide Adequate Ventilation

    Another important maintenance aspect that you have to keep in mind is to provide adequate ventilation. This will not only increase performance, but it will enhance the lifespan as well. The best thing to do is to keep fans near them when you have lengthy performances, thus ensuring that they won’t overheat or suffer any damage caused by poor ventilation.

Brands Worth the Money

A good indicator that you can follow when investing in this type of gear is the name of the brand that produces it. After all, you cannot expect anything but perfection coming from industry leaders, this being the reason why we recommend that you take an interest in models that are produced by JBL Professional, Mackie, and Bose, the top brands on the market.

  • JBL Professional

    Priding itself on over 70 years of excellence, the JBL Professional brand is, without a doubt, the most trustworthy and respected company out there that produces this gear. Their core philosophy is that audio innovation is based on an increased attention to every detail when designing them, so it is easy to understand why they are market leaders to this day. The quality of their work can be easily seen even when looking at the ranking of the best models on the market, two of their products being among the top available, more precisely the JBL PRX425 and the JBL JRX225.

  • Mackie

    Mackie is another leading brand that manages to stay among the most reputable producers of speakers due to the fact that they pay close attention to even the smallest of details when designing and manufacturing the products that they sell. The model that they pride themselves on the most is the Mackie HD1521, a top-tier model that delivers impressive, clear sound and that is a popular choice among DJs from all around the world. To better understand how trusted they are among the professionals in this field of work, you should know that none other than DJ Klypso uses their products, being delighted by their impressive quality.

  • Bose

    What makes Bose one of the best brands out there, might you ask? Well, the answer is quite simple, the effort that this company puts into innovating the market that it activates on being impressive, to say the least. The team that stands behind this brand is composed of passionate researchers, engineers, marketers, and developers, this team having a single goal in mind, more precisely to deliver an unmatchable experience to their clients. With innovative and excellent performing products like the Bose F1 Model 812, it is easy to understand why they are fan favorites and why their work is appreciated by so many people.

  • QSC

    Another top manufacturer is QSC, a company that has been around since more than five decades ago. This globally recognized brand has delivered many innovative audio/video system solutions, gathering a loyal base of customers through their ingenuity and passion. It is their strong performance that makes them a beloved choice for most, with products like the K12 being easy to understand why they have reached an amazing height of success.

Influential Features and Specs

Criteria Impact/Importance Best Product
Frequency Range and Response The frequency range is characterized by the actual span of frequencies that they can reproduce. This performance aspect directly affects the frequency response that represents the frequency range versus amplitude. To put it in simpler words, the response represents the frequency that is delivered when a certain input signal level produces a certain amount of output decibels. Mackie HD1521
Maximum SPL The maximum SPL performance specification describes the maximum sound output that comes from them. This is a spec worth taking into consideration when rating and ranking these products because it is a clear indicator of their performance and quality. Mackie HD1521
Nominal Coverage We had to take the nominal coverage specification into consideration when rating the best models on the market because it shows the angle of high-frequency dispersion in the vertical and horizontal planes. Therefore, this spec directly affects the way that the music is heard throughout the venue where you are performing, being of a great importance for the nominal coverage to be as generous as possible. Bose F1 Model 812
Peak Power Rating The peak power rating is measured in watts, and it is the main indicator of the sound quality they produce. In order to figure out what are the best models on the market and to rank them, we took this rating into consideration. JBL PRX425
Transportability Transportability is another aspect that we could not skip on because we are aware of how important it is for them to be easily moved from one spot to another, seeing how they will be transported from the vehicle to the venue and then back to the vehicle on a regular basis. JBL PRX425
SonicGuard Feature What this feature brings new to the table is the fact that it helps protect the high-frequency driver from excess power without interrupting or affecting the performance. Therefore, it is a feature that boosts the overall performance of these two speakers, making us rate them better because they come with it. JBL PRX425, JBL JRX225
Flexible Array Feature What this feature stands for is the fact that it allows users to shape the coverage pattern as they like through the simple repositioning of the top and bottom arrays. When the position of the arrays is changed, magnets will keep them in place, triggering internal sensors that adjust the EQ according to the chosen shape. Bose F1 Model 812
Directivity Matched Transition It provides low and high-frequency coverage across the venue. This way, it basically eliminates the “dead” or “hot” frequency zones to ensure that the quality of the sound will be perfect. QSC K12

Frequently Asked Questions

?Does the woofer cone size matter?
Yes, woofer cone size does matter as this specification shows how much bass can be handled. A larger size of the woofer cones is recommended as it shows the bass will be accurately reproduced even in large venues where there is a big crowd in front of you.

?If I perform outdoors, do I have to worry about them being damaged by environmental factors in any manner?
If they are left out in the sun for too long, overheating can occur. This is not an issue with pricier, high-end models as they feature a more qualitative construction. Also, in case the ones you use feature ventilation holes on their bottom side, make sure it is not blocked for overheating to not occur.

?Does it really matter if I buy them from a reputable, well-known brand or not?
We cannot say for sure that a certain brand will definitely produce better quality speakers. However, the general impression is that four of the leading brands at the moment, more precisely JBL Professional, Mackie, Bose, and QSC generally deliver better quality products. This does not mean they are the only brands out there to produce quality gear for DJs. Take what you have learned from our article and apply your knowledge when you shop. As long as the main specs and features are of a good quality, regardless of the producing brand, they should perform well too.

A professional setup is what you need even as a beginner to start things off on the right foot and have the crowds adore you, becoming their new favorite DJ. As you have already seen, there are more than enough quality products for DJs on the market, so you can have your pick between any of them. Obviously, if you cannot settle for less than the ultimate best, the JBL PRX425 is our recommendation. It is our top pick for easily understandable reasons – if you checked out the review section, you already know what we are talking about. Definitely, the greatest highlights are the 90 by 50-degree nominal coverage, the 2.2 kHz crossover frequency, and the SonicGuard feature that ensures a show where no interruptions will exist. Another model we strongly recommend as it does indeed provide with quality sound output is the Mackie HD1521 that delivers a maximum SPL of 135 decibels and features amplifier thermal protection for prolonged use. However, we must admit that it does come at a more expensive price. Thus, in case you are leaning towards a budget-smart option, the JBL JRX225 is the selection we recommend. It comes at a much cheaper price when compared to its better-ranked competitors, all without sacrificing quality. Some of its important features include the SonicGuard which provides a smooth and lean sound output and the 133 decibels of SPL.

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