Freestanding Tubs

Bathroom fixtures used to be looked at as just necessities, their design not being important because there were not a lot of models to choose from, and their versatility being limited. But this is not the case anymore, the perfect example of how much things have changed being the stylish freestanding tubs. These tubs are able to stand alone, meaning you can position them wherever you want in the bathroom. This aspect offers an increased versatility when it comes to how you will design this room, enabling you to use the fixture as a focal point to enhance the way the bathroom looks with the exposed curves of the tub.

Top 5 Freestanding Tubs Comparison

1. American Standard 2764014M202.011 Cadet 2. Woodbridge 67″ B-0002 3. Empava A1518W 4. AKDY AZ-F274 5. AKDY BT0037
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General Information

Manufacturer American Standard WoodbridgeBath Empava AKDY AKDY
Dimensions (L x W x H) 66″ x 32″ x 23″ 67″ x 31.75″ x 23″ 66.9″ x 31.5″ x 26.8″ 70.9″ x 31.5″ x 28.3″ 67″ x 31″ x 27.5″
Drain to Overflow 14.63″ 13″ 13″ 15″
Weight 120 Pounds 67 Pounds 89 Pounds 150 Pounds 100 Pounds
Material Fiberglass Reinforcement Fiberglass Fiberglass Reinforcement Fiberglass Fiberglass
Coating High-Gloss Acrylic Acrylic Glossy Acrylic Acrylic Acrylic
Exterior Bath Shape Oval Oval Oval Oval Oval
Color Arctic White Glossy White Glossy White White Glossy White


Bath Therapy Type Soaking Soaking Soaking Soaking Soaking
Maximum Water Capacity 58 Gallons 60 Gallons 58.11 Gallons 95 Gallons 66 Gallons
Drain Location Center Center Center Center Center


Adjustable Legs
Slip-Resistant Tub
Extra Deep Bathing Well
Accessory Storage Deck
Easy Installation


Shower Head
Overflow System


Warranty Lifetime 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Money Back Guarantee
Customer Support

Freestanding Bathtubs Reviews

Although the main reason why people choose a freestanding bathtub is related to the design improvement, there are other important aspects that matter when investing in this exquisite sanitary ware. After analyzing these aspects, we were able to create a top of the best 5 products available on the market which have gathered our interest.

1. American Standard Cadet Tub

The American Standard Cadet is our main choice due to the durable construction it boasts, the many accessories it comes with, and the impressive features it delivers to those who go with it. This bathroom fixture measures 66 inches in length, 32 inches in width, and 23 inches in height. The distance from the drain to the overflow is of 14.63 inches, and it has a generous maximum water capacity of 58 gallons.

The materials it is made with are high-gloss acrylic-copped ABS with fiberglass reinforcement, and the hardware finish is chrome. The exterior shape is oval, boasting an incredibly stylish design which makes it the ultimate addition to a modern bathroom. The slip-resistant tub ensures there will not be any unpleasant incidents when you will take a bath. It features a useful accessory storage deck on which you can put all of the products you use when you bathe in order to have them within your reach.

The bottom of the tub is pre-leveled, so you won’t have a hard time installing it as it already has a flat and steady surface. It is complete when it comes to the accessories it is accompanied by, offering a shower head, a faucet, an overflow system, and a drain, thus ensuring you will not have to buy and install any item of an important use separately. In addition, it is covered by an impressive lifetime warranty which proves how much the manufacturer trusts the tub’s quality.



Slip-resistant tub surface ensures safety Doesn’t feature adjustable legs
Accessory storage deck allows a convenient placement of the products you use when bathing
Deep bathing well allows you to submerge your body in the water
Generous 58-gallon capacity
A faucet is included in the package


This complete tub kit is definitely worth every cent you must spend on it as it is designed to not only perfectly compliment a modern bathroom, but because it is built to last as well. Sleek and featuring an extra deep bathing well, it is a purchase you will not regret making.

2. Woodbridge 67″ B-0002

The full fiberglass construction of the B-0002 along with the acrylic topcoat give it a smooth shiny look, enhancing its durability at the same time. Boasting a generous 60-gallon capacity and a 67-inch length, all family members will be able to comfortably bathe in it, experiencing relaxation to its fullest. The tub’s design also allows full body immersion, a fact worth mentioning as it shows how convenient it is to use.

What is highly convenient about it is that it comes with a tube drain which endorses an easy installation, not requiring any modifications to your plumbing scheme. The 13 inches of water depth to the overflow ensure you will be able to submerge easily in this freestanding soaking tub so that you may wash thoroughly. The two layers of acrylic which its wall design is composed of provide maximum insulation. This means that the desired water temperature is kept for a long time and your bath can span over the course of an hour or more without the water getting chilly.

The neat hidden and adjustable legs of the tub allow an easy and perfect leveling to the surface you are placing it on. Inside the tub, there is a gentle slope at the bottom so that you may find the perfect position to rest properly when taking baths. Unfortunately, it does not come with the lengthiest warranty out there as the manufacturer only backs it up during the first year after you purchase it. However, keeping in mind the high-quality construction it boasts, this should not be an issue.



Generous maximum water capacity – 60 gallons Does not come with a shower head or faucet
Soaking design allows you to take a relaxing bath each time you use it
Features adjustable legs which allow you to easily level the tub
Resistant design ensured by fiberglass construction
Features a deep bathing well


Combining sophistication and elegance with a sturdy design, this freestanding bathtub is exactly what your modern bathroom lacks. What we loved when we tested it is the fact that it is easy to clean, so maintenance and keeping the bathroom clean will be made easier than ever due to this addition. An exceptional choice to go with, we strongly back it and recommend it.

3. Empava A1518W

A luxury item that should not miss from any modern household, the Empava A1518 does not only look stunning but it provides a comfy, spectacular soaking experience each and every time you use it. Designed with your best interest in mind, we have to mention the fact that it is a stable and durable tub. You can fill it with up to 200 liters of water so that you will be able to fully submerge in it. The 100% glossy white acrylic gives it a clean, superb look, while the fiberglass reinforcement construction ensures durability as well as superior heat retention.

Thus, even if you do not bathe right away, the water will not lose all its temperature at the rate it does in a normal hot tub, so you can take your time as long as you want without having to enter a tub filled with freezing cold water. Also, this construction ensures the walls remain warm to the touch. As expected, it features adjustable legs which allow you to perfectly level the tub to the bathroom surface, so stability will not ever be an issue to preoccupy you.

The generous size and design it boasts allow for a maximum of two people to use it at once, so you and your partner can take romantic baths together without sitting uncomfortably. When it comes to customer support, know that the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty for the tub. During this period, if any manufacturing problems arise, they will be handled free of charge.



Boasts a 58.11-gallon maximum water capacity Does not come with an accessory storage deck
Features an overflow system that prevents unwanted incidents
Weighs only 89 pounds – easy to install
Fiberglass reinforcement construction ensures durability
Drain is located in its center to optimize drainage


Reasonable in terms of pricing and quite spacious, this 58-11 gallon capacity tub is going to provide you with the ultimate soaking experience. It boasts a beautiful design that perfectly complements modern baths, so even from an aesthetical point of view it is a great purchase to make.

4. AKDY AZ-F274

AKDY is a widely known brand as it manufactures high-quality freestanding bathtubs which are reasonably priced, being accessible to a wider range of customers than the products delivered by other companies in this niche. What makes us rate the AZ-F274 better than other tubs AKDY produces is the strong construction it boasts along with the generous size and capacity. Measuring 70.9 inches in length, you will comfortably sit in it and soak without having to bend your knees.

The material it is made with, fiberglass, guarantees durability, while the acrylic coating gives it a smooth feel and look, helping retain heat as well. Of course, what impresses the most when it comes to this tub is the 95-gallon capacity it boasts and places it on a superior tier when compared to most soaking tubs out there. The extra deep bathing well allows you to completely soak in it. The oval shape it boasts is pleasing to the eyes, making it a stunning centerpiece in any bathroom.

The slip-resistant design ensures safety when getting in and out of the tub, which is especially important for those who have kids and want to make sure the small ones are not in any danger when taking baths. Although it does not come with many accessories, it is still worth the money spent on it as it scores high in terms of construction and design. In terms of a warranty, the manufacturer backs it up for defects in workmanship during the first year after you purchase it.



Slip-resistant to ensure safety when bathing Does not feature an overflow system
Maximum 95-gallon capacity surpasses industry standard On the heavy side – weighs 150 pounds
Extra deep bathing well allows you to soak in the water properly
Acrylic coating and fiberglass construction for durability
Backed by a 1-year warranty


Even though it is not the easiest bathtub to install due to its 150-pound weight, it is one of the better options to go for due to the fact that it has an impressive 95-gallon maximum water capacity which far outweighs industry standard.

5. AKDY BT0037

Another high-quality tub manufactured by AKDY is the BT0037, a model that scores just a little bit lower than the aforementioned AKDY tub as it is quite similar in terms of design and durability. It boasts a fiberglass construction with acrylic coating, so there is no need to worry about its resistance throughout the years. This construction also ensures a quite superior heat retention capability for the bathtub. Thus, you do not have to worry if you delay the soak session a little bit you might find the water cold.

Additionally, the acrylic coating gives it a smooth feel to the touch, ensuring an unparalleled experience when bathing. The oval shape makes it quite the addition to a modern bathroom, elegance being one of its many strong points. The generous 66-gallon capacity it offers along with the extra deep bathing well guarantee you will be able to fully immerse your body when bathing, getting to soak and relax. As expected from a high-end tub, it features a slip-resistant design that makes it safe to use for everyone, including kids and elders.

It features adjustable legs that allow leveling to the surface of the bathroom floor, ensuring stability won’t ever be an issue. In addition, the manufacturer covers this tub with a 1-year warranty, a period when any manufacturing defects that appear will be fixed without asking you a cent for the procedure.



Features an overflow system which prevents the water from overflowing Does not come with an accessory storage deck
Great price to quality ratio – it is one of the more affordable products in its market
Boasts a 66-gallon maximum water capacity
Drain is located at the center for maximum efficiency
Distance from the drain to the overflow system is 15 inches


If you do not have the biggest budget available for this purchase, we recommend the BT0037 as it is quite affordable. Furthermore, it boasts a durable fiberglass construction with acrylic coating, and a 66-gallon maximum water capacity, so you can rest assured knowing that the price does not reflect its quality at all.

6. Empava EMPV-FT1518

We start off with the racy details about this tub, more precisely the fact that two people can fit in it at once if they are the right size. It boasts a soaking design due to its depth and the 58.11-gallon water capacity. Its ergonomic design ensures you will sit as comfortable as possible in it. It is made with acrylic and reinforced fiberglass, a construction which ensures long-lasting durability.

It features a non-porous surface that is incredibly easy to clean, a huge bonus when it comes to a tub as deposits build up on it fast. Another great feature is the fact that the surface of the tub is anti-bacterial, thus ensuring you will always bathe in the safest of conditions. It comes with an overflow and a pop-up drain that prevent the water from spilling out of the tub in case you forget the faucet running.

The adjustable metal feet it features underneath it ensure added stability when you are bathing. It meets all the ASME code standards for quality and safety, so there’s no reason to worry about the quality of its construction and design. In addition, the manufacturing company offers a 1-year warranty for this tub.



High effective capacity of 58.11 gallons Comes at a bit of an expensive price
Anti-bacterial surface ensures a safe wash
Features adjustable metal feet which add to its stability
Made with the highest quality materials to ensure durability – acrylic reinforced with fiberglass
Easy to clean due to its non-porous surface


Although it’s not the cheapest option out there, considering the sturdy, durable construction this tub boasts, as well as its beautiful design which makes it perfectly compliment any bathroom, regardless of the pre-existing décor, it’s safe to say that it is a worthy investment to make.

7. KIVA RHYME 59″ Allure Mini

Our extra recommendation is the Kiva Rhyme tub made of a 5-millimeter sheet of acrylic of the finest quality reinforced with 4 layers of fiberglass. It has a soft glossy finish inside and outside which ensures protection against water hardness and guarantees a sleek presence in your bathroom. Also, the finish combined with the construction of the tub makes it ideal for those who are planning on taking longer baths as it feels relaxing to sit in it.

The tub stands on a stainless steel frame with legs that provide stability and make it easier to install. The overall measurements are 59″ long x 30″ wide x 24″ high, water capacity is 55 gallons and it can hold approximately 300 kg on the sides. It comes with the brass drain, the overflow, and user and instructions manual so you can have it installed fast and enjoy a pleasant bath.

Note that it does not come with the freestanding faucet so you must purchase it separately, but considering the fact that it is not expensive, this is not an addition you should skip on. It is guaranteed to last for 10 years without deforming or fading and if otherwise, you will get a free replacement or repair.



Stainless steel frame and legs ensure stability It does not come with a faucet
Manufacturer warrants it for 10 years against defects
Overflow system ensures water overflowing will not be an issue
Can fit up to 55 gallons of water at tops
Glossy finish protects against water hardness


If a long-lasting investment is what you are looking for, we advise you to give this KIVA bathtub a chance. It is reasonably priced, which is great news for those who are on a budget, its glossy finish ensures water hardness will not affect its surface quality, and the 55-gallon maximum water capacity provides a great soaking session.

Interesting Facts About Freestanding Bathtubs

If you want to go with a freestanding bathtub, it is clear you do not want a tub that simply fulfills its main purpose, but rather one that is both stylish and functional, the curves of the fixture making a great focal point if you place it near the center of the bathroom. In the past, these fixtures used to come at exuberant prices, being above the budget of most people. Fortunately, this is not the case anymore, their popularity and the high demand being the reasons why the price for these fixtures has lowered considerably. On the other hand, one aspect still remains the same, the plumbing being more expensive than that of a traditional model.

Another aspect you should be aware of and that you have to take into consideration when making the purchase is the fact that not all models have shower/tub combos. Therefore, if you want to enjoy taking a quick shower once in a while, but you do not want to invest in a separate fixture, you have to do a careful search for a tub which fulfills both roles. All in all, it is worth to invest in the tub if you want to have a modern bathroom which is unique, and if you want to enjoy long, soothing baths in a stunning decor.

If you wonder whether or not this type of tub is as functional as a regular tub, we must say that this aspect is purely subjective and opinions vary from user to user. People who opt for this type of a tub want to achieve a more sophisticated bathroom design and are willing to make some changes in their home. The fact that the tub will become the centerpiece and it will no longer be placed in a corner makes it stand out more and also takes away some of its convenience. However, if you choose wisely, you will still be able to enjoy a shower or to maintain a tidy bathroom.

Is a Freestanding Bathtub an Investment Worth Making?

A top of the line fixture of this kind usually comes at an expensive price, this aspect making you want to ensure it is worth to purchase it in the first place to not regret your decision later. This is the reason why we have written this section of the article, taking our time to fully explain exactly how you will benefit from owning a tub like this to make it easier for you to decide whether it is the right choice for you or not.

  • It Boosts the Way Your Bathroom Looks

  • The fact that this type of fixture will give a big boost to the way your bathroom looks is an important advantage you have to take into account as the design of this room matters just as much as that of any other room in your home. After all, you cannot have a pleasant and relaxing experience when taking a bath unless the decor is exquisite and it fits your tastes. A top of the line model with a stunning, elegant design is the best choice to go with, being ideal for both a vintage-style bathroom or a modern designed bathroom as well. Just buy the tub and place it wherever you want in the room, preferably in the center or a few steps from the window to make it the focal point when you are entering the room, and enjoy style taken at a whole new level.

  • Flexibility in Placement

  • Traditional freestanding tubs have to be fixed on a wall, this classic arrangement for the bathroom is completely outdated in the modern time we live in. But with a freestanding model, this won’t be the case anymore because you have complete flexibility in placement. Therefore, you can place it in the center of the room, a corner, in front of the window, or wherever you want in order to design the bathroom exactly as you like. Just be aware of the fact that the plumbing costs a little more with this type of tub when compared to the traditional models.

  • Bring the Sensation of Being at the Spa in Your Home

  • When you think of the spa, relaxation and cleanliness are the first two things which automatically pop into your head. With the addition of this fixture in your bathroom, you will bring that sublime feeling of the spa into your own home, having the most relaxing experience possible whenever you take a bath. Just imagine how it would be to sink in the tub you have placed 1-2 feet away from the window, looking at the gorgeous view outdoors while smelling the scented candles you have lit to create the perfect ambiance.

  • The Bathroom will Seem More Spacious

  • No matter if you go with a model that lays on the ground or has adjustable feet, the fixture will give your bathroom a more spacious appearance. The entire area around and beneath it will make the room look larger than it actually is and airier, these advantages being crucial for those who have small to medium sized bathrooms and want to give the impression that they are actually bigger.

How to Take Care of the Tub

It is a shame to spend your hard earned money on a gorgeous tub and see it slowly decay because you did not take a small part of your time to take proper care of it. In this section of the article, we will talk about the maintenance aspect as it is important to be aware of what you have to do to keep the tub clean and looking perfect even after years of use.

Cleaning the tub is easier than you think, all you need to use being hot water that is soapy and a damp cloth. If you have a whirlpool tub, you can run a mixture of vinegar and baking soda or bleach through the system and cycle it. When you are done with cleaning it, just refill the tub with water and allow a thorough rinse to ensure the cleaning agent you used is not left on the surface.

The cleaning procedure does not take long at all, in 10 minutes tops being done with it. Therefore, it won’t be too big of a bother to do it. Also, you should make sure to clean it weekly to ensure no bacteria or debris is left on the surface, contaminants which would inevitably affect your health as you will enter into contact with them when taking a relaxing bath.

If the tub you invest in features an acrylic surface, you should use special cleaners you can acquire from any specialty store. These cleaners are specially designed to protect the finish and add luster to the surface for it to look perfect for a longer time. When dealing with an acrylic surface, make sure you do not use abrasive cleaners, metal brushes, or other types of products which might scratch it.

Choosing the Right Bathtub

When you go shopping for a tub like this, just like with anything else out there, you have to be well prepared and do your homework before you leave home in order to actually buy a top quality model. To make your life easier, we have done the proper research and broken down the important features and elements you have to keep an eye on to ensure you will make the right choice.

  • Durable Construction

  • No one wants to make major changes to their home, being a shame to be put in the position of making these changes when they could have been avoided by simply investing in top quality items in the first place. When it comes to an important bathroom fixture like the bathtub, you definitely do not want to turn your home into a construction site just to change it every year. Therefore, when buying it, make sure it has a quality, durable construction which ensures it will last for years. A great example of a remarkable quality in construction is the American Standard 2764014M202.011 Cadet, a top-tier model which is made with high-gloss acrylic-capped ABS with fiberglass reinforcement.

  • Adjustable Base

  • Stability is of a great importance with a freestanding tub if you want to spend your money on a quality product that won’t fail you in time. After all, you will bathe in it, so it must be stable enough to support you without wobbling. For a freestanding model to have this increased stability, you must look for one that has an adjustable base, of course. The models we recommend you go with from this point of view are the Kaifeng Modern 716KC, the Wyndham Collection Mermaid, and the Wyndham Collection Soho.

  • Deep Bathing Well

  • When you think about taking a long, relaxing bath, you immediately imagine dipping your entire body in the hot, pleasant water of the tub. For this to be possible and for your baths to be truly pleasurable and relaxing, you must go with a model that has a deep bathing well in which you will be able to fully sink your body. As you might have already noticed, all the top of the line models we have presented in our comparison table come with this feature, so you won’t go wrong if you choose any of them.

  • Important Accessories to Look For

  • A freestanding model can come with a number of important accessories, all of them having an important role in how pleasurable the experience of bathing will be. These important accessories you must look for are the shower head, the drain, the overflow system, and the faucet. As expected from a top quality tub, the American Standard 2764014M202.011 Cadet comes with all of these accessories, earning its place on the number one spot due to this reason.

Popular Brands Customers Prefer to Buy From

To make your search easier, we have written this section of the article where you will find out what are the best brands that produce freestanding bathtubs. Only by looking for products they distribute will you be able to enjoy top quality tubs that come with complete features and look breathtaking as well.

  • American Standard

  • American Standard was founded back in 1929, this company being a global manufacturer of heating, air conditioning, ventilating, and plumbing services and systems, vehicle control systems, and bath and kitchen products. This respectable company is among the best when it comes to the production of freestanding bathtubs, this being very clear when you take a look at the American Standard 2764014M202.011 Cadet.

  • AKDY

  • AKDY is a well-known brand as it not only manufactures high-end tubs but other home improvement products as well. What sets it apart and really makes it shine is not only the wide variety of products it puts at the disposal of eager customers but the reasonable pricing it asks as well. AKDY is here to stay, that is for sure, and as long as the manufacturer will keep up this good work, the brand will continue to sell incredibly well.

  • Empava

  • The Empava tub featured in our top is only one example from a long list of high-end products the brand has released throughout the years. The main traits of any tub produced by this manufacturer are reasonable pricing, comfort, and durability, so if you purchase from Empava, you are most likely making a long-term investment which will serve you well.

What Stands Behind our Bathtub Ratings

Knowing what the best models on the market are is not enough, being equally important for you to fully understand what exactly makes them so great in the first place. In this section of our article, we will explain what stands behind our ratings for the best freestanding models out there, by doing this giving you the information you need to better appreciate their quality and capabilities.

  • Drain to Overflow

  • The drain to overflow specification of the bathroom fixture is among the most important aspects that must be taken into consideration when debating its quality. Of course, we did not overlook it, making this element important rating criteria for the models in our top. For you to understand how much emphasis we put on this aspect, know that we gave the AKDY BT0037 a better rating because it has the best distance from drain to overflow, boasting no less than 16 inches.

  • Drain Location

  • If you look at our comparison table of the best models on the market, you will notice that they all share a common feature – the drain is located at the center of the tub’s bottom. This is the ideal location for the drain due to the fact that the water will evacuate easily and fast when you pull the plug out to empty the bathtub.

  • Maximum Water Capacity

  • The maximum water capacity of the product shows what is the maximum amount of water that can fit in it. From this point of view, we gave extra credit to the AKDY AZ-F274 model which has a maximum water capacity of no less than 95 gallons, meaning that it allows you to sink your body into a generous amount of water when you are taking a bath.

  • Slip-Resistant Tub

  • A slip-resistant freestanding tub is mandatory if you want to ensure safety when taking a bath. After all, you would not want to slip and hurt yourself when you enter it. This is the reason why all of the top of the line tubs which ended up in our ranking of the best freestanding models come with this feature, rating them according to how safe they are to use as well.

  • Accessory Storage Deck

  • An accessory storage deck is a feature not a lot of the products of this kind come with, unfortunately. But due to the fact that the American Standard 2764014M202.011 Cadet comes with it, we had to give it extra credit when rating it. After all, it allows you to put all of the products and items you use when you bathe in your reach, so you won’t have to ruin the appearance of the bathroom by laying them around the tub whenever you take a bath.

After a long, tiring day, you need a relaxing bath to unwind and rejuvenate. Seeing how modern homes are designed with the utmost of taste, it would be a shame to ruin the décor in your bathroom with an ugly bathtub or shower. A veritable centerpiece for this room is the freestanding bathtub, not only due to its design but due to the generous soaking space it puts at your disposal as well. For utter refinement, the tub we recommend is the American Standard 2764014M202.11 Cadet which boasts a 58-gallon maximum water capacity, allowing you to properly soak in it. It is a slip-resistant tub that is made of fiberglass and high-gloss acrylic coating, and it is backed by the manufacturing company for a lifetime. Another tub we suggest you truly look into is the Woodbridge 67” B-0002 that features an extra deep bathing well and adjustable legs. It also allows you to soak in a maximum of 60 gallons of water due to its spacious design. On the other hand, if you put reasonable pricing at top of anything else, the AKDY BT0037 is the right choice to go for. Not only is it cheaper than most quality freestanding tubs, but it allows you to soak in up to 66 gallons of water.

Frequently Asked Questions

?Can it overflow when I am taking a bath?
Considering the fact that there is an overflow system installed specifically for this issue to be covered, it is unlikely for water to spill out of the tup. However, you should take precaution and do your best to not forget the faucet on and leave to do other lengthy chores as the system might not be able to handle the water flux, a moment when overflowing will occur and you will return to a flooded bathroom.

?Is floor reinforcement needed before I install the tub?
Normally, there should be no issues from this point of view, reinforcement rarely being a necessity. However, if you are unsure whether or not it is needed in your case, you should call in a suitably qualified professional to assess the floor prior to the installation. This way, you make sure there is no risk taken whatsoever.

?What size length should the tub have for it to be considered a soaking tub?
For the best experience when you are soaking in the tub, it should measure at least 65 inches in length, and hold approximately 50 gallons of water minimum. This way, when you immerse in it, your entire body will be covered by the water and you will get to experience soaking to its fullest.

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