Best Garage Bike Storage Racks

When the garage becomes too cluttered, the bike storage rack can be the best solution for keeping your bikes in one place and saving some space. This smart organizing item is great for large families who own multiple bikes but can also come in handy for those who have only one bike but no floor storage room. If you need one too, this article will help you find the rack that best meets your needs.

Top 6 Garage Bike Storage Racks Comparison

Photo Garage Bike Storage Racks Price
Monkey Bars Bike Storage Rack, Stores 3 Bikes

1. Monkey Bars 1003

  • Can store up to 3 bikes
  • Made with powder coated steel
  • Easy 15-minute installation
  • Backed up by a lifetime warranty
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Double Vertical Bicycle Storage Hanger Rack for Garages or Apartments

2. Rage Powersports Double Vertical Bike-Stand-5

  • Can store 2 bikes in a vertical position
  • Generous 132-pound maximum capacity
  • Has a great heavy duty construction
  • Fast and easy 15-minute installation
  • Backed up by a 1-year warranty
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Allen Sports Wall Mounted 2-Bike Storage Rack

3. Allen Sports 201B

  • Can store a maximum of 2 bikes
  • Can hold approximately 75 pounds
  • Features a powder coated finish
  • Comes fully assembled – all that you have to do is to install a single screw
  • Backed up by an amazing lifetime warranty
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TidyGarage Wall Mounted Bike Rack

4. TidyGarage BR1 Wall Mounted

  • Can hang a maximum of 4 bikes
  • Can hold up to 300 pounds
  • Heavy duty powder coated steel frame
  • Easy to install bracket
  • Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee
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Racor B-1R Solo Vertical Bike Rack, White

5. Racor B-1R Solo

  • Can store one bike in a vertical position
  • Maximum capacity of 50 pounds
  • Boasts a steel construction with an epoxy finish
  • Easy to install – no assembly required
  • Covered by a 1-year warranty
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Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Storage System Horizontal Bike Rack, 1784457

6. Rubbermaid FastTrack 1784457

  • Can store a single bike
  • Can hold up to 50 pounds
  • Epoxy powder-coated finish resists cracking and rust
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Backed up by a 1-year warranty
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Reviews of the Top Garage Bike Storage Racks of 2017

Now that you know what a bike rack can do for you and how it can help you save room, you are probably interested in learning which one is the most durable and stable. Our reviews contain info on the design, weight capacity, and warranty of the sturdiest garage racks so that you will know which one to go with.

Monkey Bars 1003

It is a great choice not only for large spaces, but also for smaller ones, like sheds or apartments. Storing a bike in a small apartment can be rather difficult, especially if you’re not the only one passionate about cycling. Nevertheless, with the help of the Monkey Bars 1003, you can efficiently store up to 3 bikes everywhere you want. The installation process is very simple and it only takes 15 minutes, the included accessories being 2 shed brackets, 1 – 35″ monkey bar, 3 j hooks, and 1 hardware bag. Additionally, the hooks easily slide on the bar for effortless adjustability, which is quite helpful. In what concerns the warranty, you will surely love the fact that it comes with a generous lifetime warranty, which means the bike storage rack is very strong and stable.



High-quality Material
Doesn’t Occupy Too Much Space
Can Handle Bikes of All Sizes
The Hooks Can Easily Slide on the Bar for Effortless Adjustability
Great for Small Places


The Monkey Bars 1003 is one of the best options available on the market due to the fact that it can easily hold no less than three bikes regardless their size. It is made of powder coated steel which is a very resistant and durable material, reason for which you will enjoy the bike rack for a long period of time.

Rage Powersports Double Vertical Bike-Stand-5

The pivoting hangers and hooks will keep bicycle’s balance with the center of gravity. It is excellent for optimized bicycle storage in the garage, apartment, basement, and even shed. It features a quick support pole with twist-to-tighten design that extends from 63-inch to 114-inch high, and a rubber insert for the top hanger which you need to use use when securing your bike. The Rage Powersports Double Vertical Bike-Stand-5 comes with a heavy duty construction with grooved rubber foot pads and a foam grip handle as well. In order to use this rack, you just need to locate ceiling joists or studs for a very solid placement, then telescope open to the approximate size required. Once you do so, you must unscrew padded feet equally on each end until the bar will actually stay in place, and then tighten very well by turning the entire bar firmly by hand at the foam grip.



Very Easy to Install
Fully Adjustable
1-Year Warranty
Perfect for Garages, Apartments, Sheds, and Basements


This is another excellent bike storage rack that will definitely do a wonderful job. It is absolutely great for garages and apartments as well. It is fully adjustable, and it has a maximum 132 lb. capacity. It’s one of the best sellers because it has a 1-Year warranty upon shipment arrival.

Allen Sports 201B

The Allen Sports 201B also works as a repair stand, which is certainly another wonderful advantage. You will be able to install it yourself, just by using only one wood screw. This item is available on the market on black, it weighs 4.3 pounds, and it has the following dimensions: 15.3 x 3.1 x 16.7 inches. You will also like the fact that it is not an expensive product. It is actually quite affordable. The manufacturer provides for the Allen Sports 201B a lifetime warranty on workmanship and material as well, so that every customer can be 100% satisfied. All in all, you definitely have plenty of good reasons to purchase this item, in case you do not know how to store your bike.



Patented Design Only 2-Bike Storage
Lifetime Warranty on Workmanship and Material
Very Easy to Install
FDA approved manufacturer


If you are looking for a clever way to store your bike in the garage, then the Allen Sports 201B is exactly what you need. It is excellent for bicycle storage in your home, garage or even apartment. Thanks to the patented design, it can fold up out of the way when it is not being used, which is without a doubt absolutely great.

TidyGarage BR1 Wall Mounted

As mentioned earlier, with the TidyGarage BR1 Wall Mounted you can hang up to 4 bikes vertically or you could order 2 and hang the bikes horizontally between the racks. It features a heavy duty white powder coated steel frame, and a vinyl coated steel hook that will definitely protect your bicycle from scratches. Therefore, you will certainly be completely satisfied. The TidyGarage BR1 Wall Mounted weighs 4 pounds, and it has the following dimensions: 24 x 3 x 12 inches. It is the perfect choice for all those who are looking for a clever way to store their bikes in the garage.



Can Hang up to 4 Bikes Vertically
Reasonably Priced
Heavy Duty White Powder Coated Steel Frame
Vinyl Coated Steel Hook
Great for the Entire Family


This is another great rack that will help organize up to 4 bikes. Therefore, even if all the members of your family have a bike, they can easily store them in the garage, just by using this wonderful rack. If you purchase this product you are investing your money because it’s useful for the whole family.

Racor B-1R Solo

If you have only one bike to store in your garage, then this is without a doubt exactly what you need. The Racor B-1R Solo is available on a single color, white, and it has a 1-year limited warranty. It features a steel construction epoxy finish that ensures corrosion resistance for years of rust-free storage, and it weighs 1.2 pounds. The rack is equipped with an exclusive security loop that will accept cable locks for optimal theft-deterrence indoors and outdoors as well. It also has a very solid steel construction that will definitely provide an optimal durability and support. Therefore, you will be able to confidently use it many years to come, without any sort of problems.



Solid Steel Construction It can Store only One Bike
Optimal Durability and Support
Space Saver
Steel Construction Epoxy Finish that Ensures Corrosion Resistance for Years
1-Year Limited Warranty


This is a great product as it can store one bike vertically along the wall, so that you can save some space in the room. There are some molded rubber hook guards that will protect tire and rim as well. Therefore, you will not need to worry about the fact that your bike might be damaged, because it will not be affected absolutely at all.

Rubbermaid FastTrack 1784457

Take into account the fact that the hardware is not included. It is specially designed to hold most bikes with 12- to 26-inch frames, bikes that can weigh up to 50 pounds. It comes equipped with a cast aluminum gripper that will snap tightly enough into the FastTrack rail system for that mounting application. Furthermore, it is protected with a soft coating that will definitely not scratch the bike rim. The Rubbermaid FastTrack 1784457 folds up against the wall when it is not being used so that you can have enough space to move around. It has a satin nickel powder-coated finish that will not rust, chip or crack for years, which means that this item is a long-term investment, which will not disappoint you absolutely at all. Overall, the Rubbermaid FastTrack 1784457 is without a doubt, exactly what you need, in order to safely store your bike in your small garage.



Very Easy To Install It can Store Only 1 Bike
Very Soft Coating that will Protect Your Bike The Hardware is not Included
Folds up Against the Wall


This wonderful bike rack is absolutely excellent for those who have a bike and want to store it but have a limited space in their garage. It can store 1 bike horizontally on the wall. All you have to do is to mount this hook to a stud or to the Rubbermaid FastTrack rail system, and then just store your bike. It can also be mounted directly to a wall.

What Makes the Bike Storage Rack a Necessity

If you’re not the type of person who likes to go shopping and make purchases compulsively, then you most probably always like to weight the advantages and disadvantages of making a certain acquisition. In case you’re a bike owner, a purchase that will definitely help you a lot is to invest in a product like this. To find out why this is a necessity, an item that you shouldn’t go without, read the following lines.

    • It Helps Save Space

One of the most important benefits that come with installing a rack is the fact that you will save space in the garage. Seeing how you most probably store a multitude of different items there as well, it truly comes in handy to have the possibility of clearing floor space by installing this item and placing the bike on it. A lot of space will be gained this way, and the garage will look better as well, not being too crowded anymore.

    • It Helps Reduce Clutter

If you’re the type of person who stores in the garage most of the items that you don’t use regularly or that you use outdoors, this area of the house is probably a war zone. Clutter inevitably appears when you store too many items in the same room, and it makes it practically impossible to find what you’re looking for with ease or without hurting yourself by knocking over who knows what object you forgot you even placed in the garage. The addition of such an item to the garage will make a huge difference, helping you clear out the mess and reducing the clutter considerably.

    • It Keeps the Bike Safe

Bikes are prone to damage if they’re not stored properly, and it’s a shame to expose them to such dangers when there are solutions that you can turn to in order to keep them safe. Of course, the optimal solution to go with is to install this type of storage rack for your bike because it will keep the bike off of the floor and isolated from the rest of the objects in the garage. Also, it will make it impossible for you to knock the bike over and ruin it.

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