Best Golf Ball Retrievers

These are simple objects with the sole purpose of helping you get your golf ball back after a long shot. As they are simple, as they are effective and they can significantly improve your golfing experience. With a long arm and a good grip head, these items can recover a ball from any place, be it a tree or a lake and they will surely limit your effort in looking for your lost ball.

Top 6 Golf Ball Retriever Comparison

Photo Golf Ball Retriever Price

1. Callaway

  • Extends to 6 or 14 ft. and retracts to 45″
  • Aluminum alloy shaft and stainless steel head
  • Comes with zipper head cover
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I Gotcha

2. I Gotcha

  • Extends to 14 ft. and retracts to 20″
  • Compact design
  • Telescoping shaft
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ProActive Hinged

3. ProActive Hinged

  • Various lenghts from 12ft. to 18ft.
  • Lightweight aluminum tubing and head
  • Rubber handle
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ProActive Fluorescent

4. ProActive Fluorescent

  • Extends to 9-feet long
  • Brushed aluminum shaft with orange head
  • Lightweight
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Search N Rescue Two-Ball

5. Search N Rescue Two-Ball

  • Extends to 18 ft. long
  • Stainless steel body with anodized head
  • Innovative square head design to trap 2 balls
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JP Lann

6. JP Lann

  • Various sizes from 6 ft. to 18 ft. and retracts to 40″
  • Black anodized body with orange head or metal head
  • 1 year warranty
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Golf Ball Retrievers Reviews

A golf game can become much easier if you have a golf accessory like this in your bag. This way, every time you will lose a ball, you will be able to get it back fast and without having to climb trees or dig into bushes. Get one of the following models and you will always come back home with all your golf balls in the bag.


The unit comes with a stainless steel retriever mechanism that can pick up balls in a snap, and an ergonomic sure-grip handle. This item is 45-inch long and retracted it can extend to 15-inch. Very easy to use and extremely comfortable, this unit will definitely be a real help on the golf course, for any golfer who wants to play like a professional. There are many users who recommend this retriever as the best one available in the shops today. Therefore, you certainly have plenty of good reasons to go for it.



Very comfortable to hold
It can extend to 15 feet
Dual zip head cover
Stainless steel retriever mechanism


This is without a doubt one of the best units available on the market these days. The unit comes equipped with a dual zip headcover, and it actually looks like another club in your bag. The high quality aluminum alloy will certainly not bend when it is being fully extended.

I Gotcha

The newest addition is the “Executive XL” which is only 3.5-inch longer than the “Executive”, and it can be extended with 4 feet longer. The longest retriever is the “Biggest,” that can extend up to an amazing 18 feet. Therefore, if you are looking for a retriever, you can easily go for one that you can hide in your golf bag or for one that you can cover a lot of ground with The I Gotcha features a telescoping shaft that allows for convenient portability. The price is also reasonable in comparison with other retrievers that cost a lot more. The I Gotcha has a durable construction, a durable aluminum shaft, and it comes with a 1-year warranty. All in all, this unit is very easy to use, and it is without a doubt extremely useful to any golfer.



Very lightweight Difficult to use in soft mud
Durable construction
Simple ball release
1 Year Warranty
Easily traps ball
Works anywhere: water, bushes, and rocks


This model is available on the market in 5 different sizes, in order to meet your individual needs and preferences as well. The “Executive” is one of the most compact units collapsing to a mere 15.5-inch and weighing only 0.5 pounds.

ProActive Hinged

The ProActive Hinged Cup Retriever comes in 3 lengths (12-inch, 15-inch, and 18-inch), including an excellent pocket size. The unit features a rubber handle, so that you can feel very comfortable when using it, and a lightweight aluminum tubing. This model extends to 18-Feet. Golfers all over the world will highly appreciate this product, as it is without a doubt a high quality one, which doesn’t cost too much either, in comparison with other models that can be found in the shops these days.



Comfortable rubber handle
Easily traps balls
Lightweight aluminum tubing


The ProActive Hinged model will trap with ease and then secure very well the ball from water or deep rough. It has the following dimensions: 10-75 x 45-5 x 7-5. It is one of the most popular retrievers available on the market today.

ProActive Fluorescent

This retriever features a brushed aluminum shaft, and it is 9 feet long. Overall, you will certainly not have to lose your golf balls on the course anymore with this fantastic product. Inexpensive, very light weight, and extremely easy to expand & contract, the ProActive Fluorescent Head Retriever is a product that it is worth every penny. It will greatly increase the number of balls that you usually carry home from the bushes, streams and water hazards.



Easy to use Not very durable
Reasonably priced
Easy to grip the ball
Thin design
Brushed aluminum shaft


The ProActive Fluorescent Head Retriever easily traps and secures your golf balls. It can easily and efficiently do this under the water as well, thanks to the bright visible head that can be seen under it. Therefore, no matter where you are going to play golf, you will definitely be happy with the results that this unit will provide you.

Search N Rescue Two-Ball

Unlike other units of this type, this model is specially engineered to provide collapse resistance when it is being extended. Thanks to the telescoping shaft design, the retriever is very easy to carry in most any golf bag. The Search N Rescue Two-Ball comes with a 1-year limited warranty and it features a welded steel wire design basket dipped in a very bright orange epoxy paint for a very high visibility. What you actually must do is to place the head behind the ball, pull and then lift. Then, in order to release the ball, you just need to lift the trip wire and remove. All in all, this is a unit that you must definitely have with you on your golf sessions.



Telescopic shaft design
Welded steel wire design basket
Easy to carry
No breakable locking devices
Grabs and holds two balls


The Search N Rescue Two-Ball is one of the highest quality products available on the market today. It is an item made of 100% U.S. components and entirely hand-assembled in the U.S.A. Each head is actually patented and anodized for corrosion and prevention as well. The heads are made of Delrin, which is the same material that it is used to make industrial plastic gears.

JP Lann Ball Retriever

If you want to stop losing golf balls, this device will be more than helpful and it’s very easy to use. The telescopic pole extends from 6’7″ to 18′ so you can choose the length you desire depending on the courses you usually play on. The pole is made of anodized steel with a convenient rubber shell for easy grip. You can opt for the orange pressure cup that holds onto the ball or the metal hinge type of head that scoops the ball. The orange head is better for use in the water because it’s easier to notice.



Telescopic shaft design
Two head versions
Collapses to 40 inches
Great for use in water or bushes


The reason why this product is one of the best on the market is because the pressure model comes with a 1-year warranty that covers it against workmanship defects.

Best Brands to Choose From

Losing balls during a golf game is something that all players are used to as this is an often occurrence. But it’s a shame to let so much money go to waste by losing the expensive balls or to inconvenience your game and end it because you don’t have any balls left to play with, especially considering that there is a solution to end this problem. The solution comes in the form of using a good retriever to get the balls out of hard to reach places such as water, sand traps, and bushy areas on the course. Of course, when purchasing such an item, you have to make sure that it’s made with the finest attention to detail and that it will actually help you retrieve the balls that you lose. For this to happen, you have to know what are the brands that produce the best quality items of this kind, brands that have made a name for themselves due to selling only great units.

  • Callaway Golf

  • There is no golf fan out there who doesn’t know about the Callaway Golf brand, a brand that has been around since 1982 and that has managed to stay at the top due to manufacturing only excellent golf related items along time. Among the wide variety of golf related products that they have released, there have been numerous successful golf retrievers as well, the most notable definitely being the 45-inch long Callaway. There isn’t a chance for this brand to ever disappear from the top as it always focuses on improving the products it offers to golf players. Therefore, if you want to make sure that you’re actually buying a great quality model, choose Callaway Golf.

  • ProActive Sports

  • ProActive Sports is a brand that is well-known by golf enthusiasts due to the fact that it produces a wide range of different types of golf-related equipment that are necessary when playing. Of course, these pieces of equipment include high-quality retrievers, being no wonder that the brand appears two times on our top once you take a closer look at the specs of the models. What makes this brand so popular and sought after by golf players is the fact that it focuses not only on delivering great products but on offering items that are accessible when it comes to pricing as well.

  • I Gotcha Golf

  • Another brand that is renowned due to selling high-quality models that serve players well is I Gotcha Golf. This company operates as a subsidiary of Dynamic Brands Inc., and it has been founded in 1996. Since the moment it started operating, the company has produced a lot of high-end products that have put it on the map alongside heavier names such as Callaway. As you have probably already noticed, in our top, you can find a model produced by this manufacturer, more precisely the 20-inch I Gotcha. This model that excels due to its compact design, generous length, and ease of use. What’s great is that all the products offered by this brand are of the same high quality, so you won’t go wrong if you purchase any of them.

A Buying Guide for Finding the Best Model

This type of units come in handy during a golf game and if you don’t have one yet, you should definitely complete your golf bag with one of the best models. But how can you tell if a unit like this is good or not? The most certain way is to know which are the details that matter when choosing a particular item and we will help you find out by presenting a quick buying guide.

  • Length

  • No doubt about it, the length of an accessory like this is a major aspect to take into account because it’s what will help you reach long-distance balls. The main purpose of an item like this is to reach balls that are trapped in hard-to-reach places like bushes or ponds. Therefore, you will want to find one that can extend to long length or 18 feet or more so that you will be able to use it on difficult balls. Also, the retriever should retract to small length if you want it to be comfortable to carry around on the golf course.

  • Material

  • Aside from being long, a unit like this should also be sturdy or it will bend when extended at full length. If the material it’s made of is thin and doesn’t have texture, the retriever will bend and you will not be able to get a good grip on the ball. The best items are made of aluminum that is lightweight yet resistant and doesn’t change shape when it reaches long lengths. You can also opt for a stainless steel tube that is equally sturdy.

  • Grip mechanism

  • When you grab a ball with the retriever, you need to make sure it stays in place and for that, you must look for models with a firm grip mechanism. Most golf ball retrievers have around compartment that squeezes around the ball when they reach it so that it won’t be able to fall again. If the mechanism is not very stable, the ball will not be grabbed firmly and chances are you will lose it again. Therefore, test the grip mechanism before you buy a ball retriever to see how well it holds on to the ball.

  • Brand

  • Although not essential, the brand of your sports equipment can count when trying to find a qualitative and durable item. It’s known that reputable brands are more trustworthy when it comes to all kinds of products and golf retrievers are no exception. Therefore, it’s advisable to go for a model designed by the best brands like I Gotcha Golf or Callaway.

Frequently Asked Questions

?What is the difference between a plastic and a metal handle?
If the retriever has a plastic handle, it’s far easier to bend it and it isn’t necesserily useful in all situations.

?It does not specify that it's waterproof, can I stil use it in the water?
Yes as long as it doesn’t have anything electric attached to it, feel free to place in water or soft mud.

?The spring in my retriever broke, what can I do now?
In this situation please get in contact with the customer support team because they might be able to send you a replacement part.

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