Same as golf balls, golf discs are designed to fly certain distances on various paths and their purpose is to train the player’s accuracy and speed. This makes them challenging and entertaining at the same time. Disc golf has been invented many years ago and has continuously grown in popularity. No matter if you are a skilled player or just a novice, is highly important to use a good golf disc. We have gathered here various models that not only look nice but also work well. Each of them was specially designed for different throws and some of them come in a set of more discs. With their help, you will be able to improve your skills faster, so take your time and choose wisely.

Top 9 Golf Discs Comparison

Photo Product No. of Discs Size (gm) Diameter (cm) Speed/Glide/Turn/Fade Material Color Price

Best Overall
1. Innova Blizzard Champion Beast 1 130-139; 140-150; 151-159 21.2 10.0/5.0/-2.0/2.0 Air bubbles plastic Different colors Check Price

Our Choice
2. Innova Disc Golf Starter Set 3 and 1 mini disc Driver, Mid-range, Putter, Mini disc Mini disc varies in size from 6 to 15 cm 9.0/4.0/-2.0/2.0; 4.0/4.0/0.0/3.0; 2.0/3.0/0.0/1.0 DX plastic Different colors Check Price
3. Discraft Ultra Star Sport Disc 1 175 10.75 N/A Premium plastic Different colors Check Price
4. Discraft Deluxe Disc Golf Set 4 2 Drivers, 1 Mid-range, 1 Putter N/A N/A Pro D plastic Different colors Check Price
5. S Super Stupid Soft Voodoo 1 150-160; 160-165; 165-170; 170-176 21.1 3.0/4.0/0.0/1.0 Gateway S Series plastic Different colors Check Price
6. Axiom Proton Insanity Driver 1 50-160; 160-165; 165-170; 170-175 21.1 11.0/5.0/-2.0/1.5 Proton Series plastic Different colors Check Price
7. Innova DX Leopard 1 145-150; 151-159; 160-164; 165-169; 170-172; 173-175 21.2 6.0/5.0/-2.0/1.0 Basic plastic Different colors Check Price
8. Innova DX Valkyrie 1 145-150; 151-159; 160-164; 165-169; 170-172; 173-175 21.1 9.0/4.0/-2.0/2.0 DX plastic Different colors Check Price
9. Yikun Discs Professional Disc Golf Set 3 165-176 (Driver); 165-176 (Mid-range); 165-175 (Putter) 21.2/21.1/21.1 9.0/5.0/-2.0/2.0; 5.0/5.0/0.0/2.5; 2.0/3.0/0.0/2.0 Premium plastic Different colors Check Price

Golf Discs Reviews

Innova Blizzard Champion Beast

If you want to get a high-quality disc, then opt for one made by Innova. This brand has gained the trust of many customers due to the quality of the discs as well as their versatility. This model is a long distance driver that is suitable for beginners and professionals alike. It is one of the most popular models you can currently go with.


To match your preferences, the disc comes in multiple sizes and colors. Its weight ranges from 130 to 159 g and has a diameter of 21.2 cm. Additionally, the rim has a width of 2 cm and a depth of 1.1 cm. It is made of solid plastic but it is very lightweight and easy to throw.

  • Air bubbles technology: the disc incorporates multiple tiny air bubbles to reduce its weight. As a result, the disc is lightweight yet very stable.
  • Speed, glide, turn, and fade: it has a speed rating of 10, a glide rating of 5, a turn rating of -2, and a fade rating of 2.
  • Endorsed by the world champion Barry Schultz: the disc is also used by one of the best disc golfers, Barry Schultz.

Best Usage

The fact that is lightweight, the disc is ideal for people with slow arm-speeds. It was specially designed to boost the driving distance of all players. It is mainly used as a distance driver but it can also be used as a long distance roller. Additionally, it is suitable for downwind shots and turnover throws, being a nice option for beginner players who look for more distance.

  • Attractive design
  • Durable Champion plastic
  • Suitable for forehand and backhand throws
  • This item is also used by the world champion Barry Schultz

This disc is great for all those who love playing disc golf. Innova Blizzard Champion Beast is made to last and we love the fact that is very easy to use. You can use it for a wide range of throws, being very versatile from this point of view. The beautiful design makes it quite attractive and it is available in a wide range of colors.

Innova Disc Golf Starter Set

In case you haven’t played this sport before and you need some reliable golf accessories, then the Disc Golf Starter set is one of the best options. The set includes 3 products as it follows: TeeBird – fairway driver, Roc – mid-range driver, and Rhyno – putter. All the discs were carefully selected in order to help you achieve great results by concentrating more on the game and less on this golf accessory. Therefore, all the include discs are very easy to throw and they maintain a clean flight path, making the entire game a very exciting experience. Additionally, the set comes with a driven mini marker disc. However, you should know that the colors of the discs, as well as their weights may vary from one set to another.

  • Very popular among players
  • Quality material
  • Easy to throw
  • Stable discs
  • Not suitable for high speed

In case you want to buy a set, the Innova Disc Golf Starter Set is one of the best to consider. It comes with 3 discs and an extra mini disc, all of them being easy to use and very durable. Each disc is suitable for differet throws, so instead of 1 piece, you will have 4. The discs come in a different colors.

Discraft Ultra Star Sport Disc

A great golf disc is very resistant and offers excellent results and luckily the Discraft Ultra Star Sport Disc makes no exception. The disc weighs 175 grams and it comes in a wide variety of colors, including fluorescent yellow, ultra violet, or bright orange. In what concerns its performance, the Discraft Ultra Star Sport Disc is the official and exclusive disc of the USA Ultimate Championship Series ever since 1991. The contoured grip makes the disc very easy to handle, while the aerodynamic design enables it to maintain a straight line in the air. Therefore, if you want a reliable product, then the Discraft Ultra Star Sport Disc is definitely a great choice.

  • Various attractive colors
  • Made in USA
  • Good price
  • Official and exclusive disc of the USA Ultimate Championship Series
  • It gets scratched very easily

Discraft Ultra Star Sport Disc is another reliable choice if you want to invest in a resistant and easy to handle disc. Featuring a contoured grip which allows you to handle it with ease, this disc is perfect if you want to make sure you get the best results. The many colors available and the aerodynamic design makes it a very popular choice among many users.

Discraft Deluxe Disc Golf Set

Another great option for players of all skill levels is the Discraft Deluxe Disc Golf Set which comes at a great price and the included discs are made of a durable plastic. The set includes 2 drivers, one mid-range and a putter. Furthermore, for increased convenience, the set also comes with a carry bag for the discs, so you can conveniently take them with you in every time you want to use them. The great news is that the set includes the distance driver named “The Surge”, which is one of the bestselling bombers. The disk offers great performance in calm and moderate wind speeds. Additionally, the set is PDGA approved and the golf discs come in different colors like blue, yellow, green, white, and so on.

  • High performance models
  • Come with a disc golf carry ba
  • Attractive design
  • The discs are easy to use
  • The discs may get scuffed easily
  • The carry bag is made of cheap materials

This set comes with 4 discs and the materials used in manufacturing it are very resistant. Discraft Deluxe Disc Golf Set is indeed a great choice as it is approved by the Professional Disc Golf Association. At the same time, the set comes with a carry bag for storing the discs and transporting them with ease. However, you have to be careful as the surface of the discs gets scraped very easily.

S Super Stupid Soft Voodoo

The S Super Stupid Soft Voodoo is a great straight line putter that is suitable for short to medium drives. The disc is very soft and comfortable, being made of a flexible plastic. With the help of the S Super Stupid Soft Voodoo you can improve your game in a short period of time, being a perfect addition to your bag. The item has a completely round nose as well as a small bead and it can hold a straight line every time you throw it. The weight ranges from 150 to 175g and it comes in different colors. Besides the fact that the disc features a very attractive design it’s also very accurate and stable.

  • Attractive design
  • Comfortable
  • Great for short to medium drives
  • Rather heavy
  • Some customers complain about the fact that it’s not that soft as described

S Super Stupid Soft Voodoo is very resistant and stable, reason for which is very popular mong many disc golf enthusiasts. Even though it is heavier than other discs, it is very comfortable and delivers a great performance every time. You will also love the stylish design and the beautiful colors it comes with.

Axiom Proton Insanity Driver

This golf disc if great for distance drives, long turnovers, tailwind drives, and flip drives and it can be used by experienced golfers who can control their speed and direction. It’s a 20mm distance driver made of polymer, with a metallic sheen on a plastic core. The texture is gummy, with a good grip and the shell is very durable and resistant to impact. It has a worn-in inertia with an increased speed and less fade. It’s great for powerful throwers and it provides high precision and turnover. The color of the disc may vary and you can choose the one you like most.

  • Soft and good grip textur
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Great for powerful shots
  • Not suitable for beginners

Axiom Proton Insanity Driver is a versatile disc and it is great for more experienced players. The beginners may find it more difficult to handle, so if you are new to this sport, you may want to consider one of the other models in our list. Due to the fact that this disc is soft and it features a great grip texture, it will help you achieve the best results without too much hassle.

Innova DX Leopard

This is another disc made by Innova. When it comes to well-made golf discs, this brand is one of the most reliable ones on the market. The model selected by us is a fairway driver that is very easy to handle. It is ideal for beginner players, but is a nice choice for intermediate and advanced players too. The disc provides a great glide and good flight path. With Leopard you can wave between trees without no hassle. Unlike other models, this one will help you improve your throwing technique. The disc has a diameter of 21.2 cm and a height of 1.6 cm. Furthermore, it has a speed rating of 6, a glide rating of 5, a turn rating of -2, and a fade rating of 1.

  • Provides a good grip
  • Beautiful design
  • Straight flight with minimum fade
  • Gets good distance
  • Made of basic plastic so it wears pretty easy

            Great option for beginners, so it should be in every disk golf player’s bag. It is very easy to throw and it does a great job at maintaining the line. You can use it for midrange shots. It comes in various sizes and looks very nice. The only drawback is the cheap plastic it is made of.

Innova DX Valkyrie

This is a distance driver that is suitable for players of all skills. It has a diameter of 21.1 cm and a height of 1.4 cm. At the same time, it features a rim depth and width of 1.2 cm, respectively 1.9 cm. The disc has a speed rating of 9, a fade rating of 2, a glide rating of 4, and a turn rating of -2. It is available in multiple sizes, each of them offering different advantages. Therefore, lighter sizes provide extreme range for downswing throws while heavier sizes offer great upwind distance. The disc is available in DX plastic which is cheaper and wears faster but provides a good grip. However, you can also opt for a model made from more resistant Innova plastics. Also, the color you will receive may vary.

  • Available in multiple sizes for various throws
  • Flies very well and it holds the line
  • Very easy to throw and provides a good grip
  • Suitable for both beginners and pros
  • The DX plastic is not the best option in terms of durability
  • You will receive a random color

All in all, the disc is great and comes with multiple positive reviews. It is a good option if you want a first distance, a long turnover, or a tailwind driver. Furthermore, it comes at an affordable price. The only major drawback is the fact that is made of cheap plastic but if you care for it properly it will last for a long time.

Yikun Discs Professional Disc Golf Set

This set includes 3 discs: driver, mid-range and putter and each of them has different specifications. The driver features a diameter of 21.2 cm and it has a speed rating of 9, a turn rating of -2, a glide rating of 5, and a fade rating of 2. The mid-range has the same diameter and the same glide rating, only that the speed rating is 5, the turn rating is 0 and the fade rating is 2.5. The last disc, the putter, has a slightly smaller diameter – 21.2 cm – and a speed rating of 5, a glide rating of 3, a fade rating of 2 and a turn rating of 0. All the 3 discs are made of durable plastic and they are designed according to PDGA regulations on weight and size.

  • Money-back guarantee
  • They feel very comfortable in your hands
  • Each disc features oriental paintings
  • Budget-friendly
  • Some customers complained about the fact that the discs are not quite durable.

This set is suitable for players of all skill levels but it is highly recommended for beginners. They fly well and are made of quality plastic but their durability is questionable. Buying the set is more convenient than purchasing the discs separately.

Disc Golf Explained

           Disc golf is a sport that has many things in common with the traditional golf. Unlike regular golf that uses golf clubs, this particular sport uses flying discs. The sport is also called Frisbee golf and it was invented in the 1900s. However, it wasn’t until 1970s that it become the modern game that we know today.

The rules for playing this sport are rather simple. The player, using a golf disc, has to throw it at a target, also called a hole, from a tee area. In case the target is not reached, the player has to throw it again from the landing position of the disc until the hole is aimed. The hole or target is basically a pole that extends up from the ground, having chains and a basket. Usually, the game is played on a course which is 9 or 18 holes long. The goal is to complete the course until the last hole and the winner is that player who has the fewest throws at the end of the game.

The disc golf can be played on various types of terrain, so it’s more permissive than the regular golf. In what concerns the discs, those used in the present are smaller but heavier in comparison to the old ones. At the same time, they are specially made to better control them, being able to reach high speed when throwing them. Furthermore, there are three categories of disc golfs, that is putters, mid-range, and drivers.

How to Find the Right Model for You

Controlling a golf disc might seem difficult and almost impossible without hours and hours of training and practice. However, knowing which type to pick is crucial in mastering the technique of throwing them at a precise target. As such, here are the main characteristics that you should pay attention to when choosing a golf accessory like this.

  • Skills

    The first thing you must keep in mind is how advanced your skills are and according to this, you must choose a disc. If you are a beginner, you should go for a model that is very easy to handle and that follows a straight path. If you are more experienced with throwing discs, you can get one with a wide turning radius and very fast.

  • Stability

    One of the aspects that influence the controllability and accuracy of a golf disc is the stability that is ranked on a scale from -3.0 (as being the most stable) to 3.0 (as being the less stable). As such, if you are a beginner, you should go with a model with a stability of or below 1.0. If you want to prove your skills, a model with 2.5 or 3.0 will be your best pick.

  • Weight

    The weight also influences the stability and ease of use of a disc so you should guide your purchase by how much the item weighs. The lightest that weigh under 150 grams are the most stable and easier to throw by newbie golfers while the ones weighing over 200 grams are the hardest to control.

Benefits of This Sport

Playing disc golf has numerous advantages, including physical and mental benefits, but also social benefits. Therefore, if you want to be active and spend some quality time with your family and friends, this game can truly help you achieve this. Furthermore, the activity is rather inexpensive, so you won’t have to pay too much money to have fun.

  • Low Impact Physical Activity

    One of the most remarkable things about this game is that it won’t damage your joints as other physical activities usually do. On the contrary, it’s believed that this type of activity can even help your damaged joints recover. At the same time, you lose weight and improve your cardiovascular system.

  • Improves Your Mood

    Another great benefit of this activity is the fact that it helps you eliminate stress and improve your mood. Also, this is a great game for people who struggle with depression, being the perfect way to recover your self-confidence and enjoy life.

  • Promotes Social Bonding

    If you don’t want to play disc golf alone, you can play with family, friends or other players, being a great way to socialize and share new experiences with them. There are also various clubs where you can sign in and participate in the meetings where you can bond with other people and make new friends.

  • A Great Way to Enjoy Nature

    This game allows you to play it in the park, in the backyard, or wherever you want, so you can enjoy nature and relax. We live in a busy world, so every moment spent in the middle of nature is a great way to interact with it and recharge your batteries.

            Disc golf is a challenging game, allowing you to relax in the middle of the nature and maybe meet new people. The success in this game highly depends on the golf disc you use, as not all of them are right for your experience level. After comparing the top-rated models, we came to the conclusion that Innova Blizzard Champion Beast is the best one to choose as it can be used by both beginners and professionals. It acts very well in throwing it forehand and backhand and is very well made. We also like Discraft Ultra Star Sport Disc as it is extremely easy to handle and is available in no less than 14 colors. At the same time, it is the official disc of the USA Ultimate Championship Series. However, if you want to opt for a set of multiple discs, we recommend you Disc Golf Starter Set with 3 different discs or Discraft Deluxe Disc Golf Set that comes with 2 drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions

?How Many Types of Disc Are Available?
There are various types of discs and each one of them is meant to match a different shot.
1. Distance drivers: Specially made to provide high speeds and achieve the maximum range. Usually, they have a beveled, sharp edge.
2. Fairway drivers: Provide great speed but also accuracy. They are easier to control, thus easier to throw. This makes them a better choice for beginners.
3. Mid-range: Not as aerodynamic as distance drivers although they also have a beveled edge. They are ideal for accurate mid-range shots but they can also be used for putting or approaches.
4. Putters: Designed to deliver great results for short drives like putting and approach shots. They are accurate and provide a high level of predictability.
?What Weight Should the Disc Have?
There is no general answer to this question. For best results, you should always choose the right weight for the wind at your course. More wind automatically requires more weight in order to resist the forces of the wind.
?What Do RHBH/RHFH and LHBH/LHFH Mean?
These terms refer to the throwing style and they have the following specification:
1. RHBH – Right Hand Backhand
2. RHFH – Right Hand Forehand
3. LHBH – Left Hand Backhand
4. LHFH – Left Hand Forehand

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