Golf Rangefinders

RIFFA, BAHRAIN - NOVEMBER 15: Retief Goosen of South Africa using a rangefinder on the 3rd hole during the Riffa Views Invitational Skins Game as part of the celebration of the completion of construction of the Montgomerie Course at Riffa Views, on November 15, 2008 in Riffa, Bahrain (Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images)

Golf players rely on a serious of gadgets that allow them to play better and to reduce their percentage of missed shots. The golf rangefinder is one of the most popular gadgets because it is one of the most useful as well. As you probably know, distance is an important factor to consider when playing golf. Although advanced players are able to estimate it using various things, including markers or bushes, you will be surprised to find out that these physical items are not always accurate. Golfers use rangefinders for accurate and reliable data. After a lot of research into the pros and cons of various rangefinders found on the market, we finally picked 5 impressive models. They are accurate, powerful and equipped with a plethora of interesting features that will help you determine the distance to fixed points, including to the green or flag. You will discover more about this practical golf enhancer by reading the comparison and reviews we have written below.

Top 5 Golf Rangefinders Comparison

1. Bushnell Pro X7 Jolt Slope 2. Bushnell Tour V3 3. TecTecTec VPRO500 4. Leupold 112179 RX-1000I TBR 5. Bushnell Tour Z6 Jolt
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Dimensions (inches) 12.9 x 4.3 x 9.4 1.5 x 3.11 x 4 2.8 x 1.6 x 4.1 3.8-2.8-1.9 4.1 x 1.4 x 3
Weight(ounces) 11.99oz 6.59oz 6.6oz 7.8oz 8.2oz
Color White White Black Black White
Lens coating Fully Multicoated Fully Multicoated Fully Multicoated Fully Multicoated Fully Multicoated


Battery type CR 123 – 3V Lithium CR2- 3V Lithium CR2- 3V CR2 CR2 – 3V
Magnification 7X 5X 6X 6X 6X
Max. range 1000 yards 1000 yards 540 yards 1000 yards 1300 yards
Min. range 5 yards 5 yards 1 yards 5 yards 5 yards
Accuracy ½ yards 1 yard 1 yard 1 yard ½ yards
Scanning mode
Lens diameter 26mm 24mm 24mm 22mm 21mm
Exit pupil 3.7mm 4.8mm 3.8mm 3.6mm 3.5mm
Eye relief 19mm 21mm not specified 14mm 16mm
Field of view 104 m/1000 m 112m/1000m 112m/1000m 97m/1000m 120m/1000m


Tripod adaptable
Additional features PinSeeker with Jolt technology PinSeeker Jolt technology Pinsensor Technology TBR Premium Lens Coatings
Slope technology Scan mode PinSeeker Mode Three selectable reticles PinSeeker Technology
E.S.P.2 Anti-slip ProScan Mode VDT
VDT Distance Target Priority Mode E.S.P.
Accessories premium carry/storage case premium carry/storage case carrying pouch, strap, microfiber cleaning cloth built-in inclinometer, storage case premium carry//storage case


Parts&labor warranty 2 years 2 years 1 years 2 years 2 years
User manual

Laser Rangefinders Reviews

1. Bushnell Pro X7 Jolt Slope

The Bushnell Pro X7 Jolt is one of the most efficient and accurate rangefinders on the market. It may not be the cheapest that you can find, but it is surely the greatest one ever made. When it comes to performance, it’s good to know that it is the most powerful device of the moment. It uses a CR 123-3 v battery which gives the Bushnell X7 a lot of credit for being way ahead of the competition. Additionally, it has a maximum range of 1000 yards to a flag and a ½ yard accuracy. Since most gadgets will offer a 5X magnification, this one will provide an impressive magnification of 7 times. Nowadays, most golfers are choosing it due to its advanced technology and amazing features. As such, it uses a Vivid Display Technology which has the ability to improve the clarity, the contrast, and the light transmission. Plus, it comes with an E.S.P. 2 technology ( Extreme.Speed.Precision) which delivers accurate readings and incredibly fast. Furthermore, it also has other special features such as Slope compensation which provides compensated distances for elevation changes and PinSeeker with Jolt technology that will ensure you when you hit the flag.

  • It covers a wide range of distance.
  • The readings are easy to read on a clear screen
  • It gives the perfect readings
  • To change the elevation, the slope features of the golf range finder provide you the compensated distances
  • This golf range finder is heavier than other range finders.

The Bushnell Pro X7 Jolt Slope is the best product we reviewed. It is extremely popular among most of the golf players. It stands out because it is fast and provides accurate readings. In fact, it is loved and recommended because it is much faster than other similar products. However, it also has a few downsides. As compared to other models, it has a high price. Plus, it is not legal for the tournaments.

2. Bushnell Tour V3

The Bushnell Tour V3 is affordable and provides performance, quality and durability. Like most other units, its 24mm objective has a 5X magnification. Its maximum range extends from 5 to 1000 yards being able to measure distances to the flag with 1-yard accuracy. Moreover, it is powered by a Lithium CR2- 3V battery. When it comes to features, it’s important to know that it doesn’t surprise us with many innovations. As such, it features a PinSeeker Jolt technology that makes it vibrate with short bursts when the laser has detected the flag. Plus, it has a Scan mode feature that offers continuous updates readings of the course on its easy to read LCD display. Nowadays, most players opt for it because it is very easy to read, due to its compact ergonomic design. Besides all these aspects, it is important to know that it is fully waterproof and its anti-slip feature will make it easy to hold even in humid conditions.

  • Compact and light weight design that is ideal for the golf course
  • Comfortable design
  • Easy to operate
  • It features PinSeeker and Jolt Technology
  • It features a Scan mode for continuous ranging
  • It is only rainproof and not waterproof

The Bushnell Tour V3 comes with a compact design and a wide range of features. It is lightweight, accurate and very easy to use. It is recommended for beginners who want to improve their club selection and accuracy. What we really like about this device is that it includes a Scan mode for continuous ranging and PinSeeker and Jolt Technology. Plus, as compared to the Bushnell Pro X7 Jolt Slope, it is legal to use in tournament play.

3. TecTecTec VPRO500

There is nothing more efficient and affordable on the market than TecTecTec VPRO500. It is powered by a Lithium CR2-3v battery and it has a 6X magnification. Moreover, it provides with accurate measurement of up to 540 yards. However, when it comes to advanced technology and innovations, it’s necessary to know that is using Pinsensor Technology that provides fast measurement with 1-yard accuracy. In fact, this is ideal for measuring golf flags, hazards, and wooded areas. Additionally, it features:

  • PinSeeker Mode used for closest distance readings
  • First Target Priority Mode used to focus on the flagstick despite any distractions in the background
  • ProScan Mode used for floating distances on various targets
  • Distance Target Priority Mode used for furthest distance ranging.

On the other hand, the VPRO500 is not waterproof, so it cannot be used in inclement weather.

  • Good price
  • 6X magnification (most models are 5X)
  • Easy to operate
  • Accurate in giving you long distance range up to 500 meters
  • It allows you to combat with drizzles while using the device
  • Not as accurate as Bushnell models
  • Short track record

If you have a limited budget and you are desperately looking for an accurate rangefinder, the TecTecTec VPRO500 could be exactly what you need. Its multilayered optics are great in helping you easily read the results by zooming up to 6X. More than that, it provides accurate results in helping you improve your game. Aside from golf, this device can also be used for hunting.

4. Leupold 112179 RX-1000I TBR

The Leupold 112179 is a quality rangefinder which comes with a lot of innovations. Therefore, it has a powerful CR2 battery, a decent magnification of 6 times and it provides accurate measurement of up to 1000 yards. This electronic device uses an O-LED display, which injects the light into the optical path, so it’s able to improve the clarity and the light transmission. Additionally, it features a TBR which stands for a true ballistic range. This feature is perfect for rifle or bow hunting. Moreover, it allows the user to range a given distance out to 1000 yards and the calculator measures the angle to the target. Once it’s finished with all these measurements, it will show how much should a player hold over or under a target to place the shot. The Leupold 112179 also features three selectable reticles such as Leupold Plus Point, Duplex and Duplex with Leupold Plus Point and a built-in inclinometer which allows the user to measure horizontal distances to extremely far targets.

  • Features a distance of up to 1000 yards depending on the target
  • Three different reticules to choose from
  • It comes with a inclinometer
  • Weatherproof design
  • Up to 6 times magnification
  • Slightly more expensive than your average rangefinder
  • The TBR mode can be hard to use unless you have access to external information about your ammo

Although it is a bit pricey that some rangefinders, you will be surprised to discover that the Leupold 112179 RX-1000I TBR doesn’t cost so much considering all the options it has. It uses a powerful CR2 battery and an O-LED display designed to improve the light transmission. Overall, it is a great option that will surely meet all your expectations.

5. Bushnell Tour Z6 Jolt

The Bushnell Tour Z6 Jolt is one of the most popular choices due to its ergonomic design and its amazing yardage accuracy. As such, it provides a maximum range of 1300 yards to a flag and a ½ yard accuracy. Moreover, it has an impressive magnification of 6 times. Regarding its performance, the Bushnell Z6 features a PinSeeker technology, which will announce your when you hit the flag. Actually, this feature was created to identify the target while ignoring the other objects, including trees and bushes. Additionally, this type of device features a Vivid Display Technology. By using this technology, the player can see the readings under any lighting conditions. In fact, the display information will be shown in red, which will make it easier to read especially against dark backgrounds.

  • Wide field of view
  • Can display to 1/10th of a yard at under 125 yards
  • The contrast of the white aluminium and the rubber is pleasing on the eye
  • Its compact size makes it a really convenient addition to your golfing artillery
  • Firing button requires a very firm press to activate
In spite of how good the others are the Bushnell Tour Z6 Jolt stands out because it has an excellent magnification, a decent size and a super speedy. In terms of features, it comes with Vivid Display Technology which can do wonders for the clarity of your image. Also, Jolt Technology is a great addition, speeding up the process and helping you improve your game.

6. Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11

Just like all the other top of the line telemeters that we have already talked about, the Nikon 8397 ACULON A11 doesn’t only boast a compact body, being very easy to use it when you’re on the golf course, but it is reliable and intuitive to use as well. The user-friendly design that it features requires you to simply push a button in order to get instant distance readings. Due to the fact that it comes programmed with the Distant Target Priority mode, it will always display the distance to the furthest target in case there are other obstacles along the way. It has a remarkable ranging capability from 6 to 550 yards, and it displays the readings in 1-yard increments. You will be pleased to know that it’s waterproof, this will ensure that you will be able to use it no matter how bad the weather is. The quality optics that it features allow a 6x magnification and the 18 mm eye relief minimizes the loss of light due to reflections, offering a clear view when using it. The golf gadget boasts a real angular field of view of 6 degrees and an apparent angular field of view of 43 degrees. In addition, it’s powered by a single CR2 lithium battery that most people who have already bought it stated that they have changed it only once per year.

  • Very competitively priced
  • Clear display
  • High level of accuracy
  • Durable casing
  • It is not waterproof
  • Limited ability to pan across targets and receive updated distances

The Nikon 8397 ACULON A11 is another rangefinder whose incredible features place it in the 6 h position. Although it comes with a lot of interesting features, there are other advanced features, such as distance or slope compensation that you will not find on this device. However, if you are looking to purchase a reliable yet affordable rangefinder, this model can be the perfect buy for you.

7. Saybien SS-1200

Finally, we are glad to include in our list a very accurate rangefinder with slope. The Saybien SS-1200 comes equipped with all the features you love and expect. It uses the latest technology and thanks to its premium long-lasting lithium-ion battery, it can be recharged with a USB cable and wall charger. Keep in mind that all these are included, so you don’t have to buy them separately. This is a very big plus! In what regards the accuracy, we already mentioned that it is extremely accurate. It boasts an impressive accuracy within a yard in spite of its small size. It is lightweight and comes with an ergonomic design. Its 2 modes, with or without slope, make it the perfect tool for hunting and airsoft not only for golfing. It has a 6X magnification and a 2mm objective lens. It can be adjusted for a better picture. It is portable, lightweight and it fits comfortably in your hands. Overall, it is a good option to consider.

  • Accurate to 1 yard measuring up to 1200 yards
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 2 modes: with or without slope
  • 6X magnification
  • Short warranty

With a 6X magnification and a 2mm objective lens, this incredible rangefinder will provide the best picture ever. Its good accuracy makes it the perfect tool for every golfer or hunter. It is legal for tournament play when scan mode is deactivated. Lightweight, portable and very easy to use. For all these reasons, we are proud to include this model in our list.

8. Precision Pro Golf NX7 Rangefinder

If you are on the hunt for an accurate rangefinder, the Precision Pro Golf NX7 is exactly what you need. In terms of accuracy and reliability, this rangefinder is one of the best models out there. It uses an improved technology that provides “Play As” distances to ease your game. This golf gadget also comes with a pulse vibration function. This means that when you shot the target you will feel a short vibration. Compared to other similar gadgets, it is extremely precise and accurate. Despite its small size and compact design, it boasts an impressive accuracy within a yard. It features a 6X magnification. We already mentioned that it is one of the most advanced models available for sale, but it is very important to know that it comes equipped with Adaptive Slope technology, Pulse Vibration technology and with Target Acquisition technology as well. Due to all these technologies, you will be able to practice your game and play better. Plus it can be used in tournament play.

  • Accurate to 1 yard measuring up to 400 yards
  • Pulse Vibration Technology
  • Adaptive Slope Technology
  • Target Acquisition Technology
  • 6X magnification

The NX7 Pro Slope Rangefinder by Precision Pro Golf is one of the most accurate golf gadget out there. It comes with 2 year warranty and a precision care package.

What Should you Know about These Golf Measuring Instruments

Golf rangefinder
When it comes to golf, there is no gadget more accurate and popular than a rangefinder. Thanks to their highly sophisticated technology, they have the ability to help every player improve their driving distance and accuracy by getting a feel for the course layout. A few years ago, most players were using scorecards, sprinkler heads and path marking. These distance measuring devices didn’t prove very effective and they failed to give accurate results. However, nowadays, most manufacturers are creating gadgets with a high level of precision, such as we are going to talk about. In fact, they provide accurate distance to objects on the golf course, but if you want to get the most use out of them, it’s recommended to measure the average distance you hit a golf ball with each club in your bag. Sometimes, even for a professional player is hard enough to estimate the distance from the ball to the hole. The distance is one of the most important factors to consider when you start playing this game.
There are two different types of telemeters:

  • GPS-based
  • Laser-based

Each one of these models will provide plenty of advantages. The GPS-operated devices will allow you to see almost everything around and on the way to the hole from above. This great device will provide the satellite-calculated distance between the ball and the hole. Moreover, it will show you pictures with the safe area where the ball can land or it can give you information about a serious obstacle for the shot. On the other hand, when it comes to laser-operated units, it’s good to know that these devices will give you the precise yardage to the hole for the next shot. Actually, they are more accurate than some GPS-operated items. They provide you with exact information about the distance to the flagstick.

Choosing Between a Laser and a GPS Type

When it comes to picking one of the two types, there are several aspects that incline the scale towards one of them. One of the pros of GPS golf gadgets is the price that is lower, making them a more affordable choice. Although price shouldn’t be the main benchmark, there are players who want to limit their investment so they choose the affordability of GPS units. Secondly, there is the wide range of information delivered by these gadgets that receive satellite data such as updated maps of many golf courses. A GPS model will not only provide distances but will also detect hazards that you can’t see otherwise. Among the cons of these items, we mention the accuracy that is lower than the one delivered by laser models. Although many GPS models use advanced measuring technologies, there are times when they are less accurate in measuring the distance to a target.
Laser types, on the other hand, are more accurate and can deliver exact distances. However, you need to have visibility on the flag otherwise, the laser can’t hit it and determine the distance to it. Still, you will be able to measure yardages even if the course is not mapped by the device, so you will enjoy a larger freedom of use. Bottom line, picking between the two types is a matter of preferences and needs.

Benefits of These Innovative Gadgets in Golf

There are hundreds of gadgets available on the market that can help every golfer improve his game and a rangefinder is one of them. This is an efficient item which can be an excellent tool for any player due to its advanced technology and innovative features.

  • Rapid improvement
    Playing good golf is strongly related to amazing skills. Most people see it as a distant vision and this is an important factor that can help you become more successful. However, with the support of this great tool, you can easily observe the distance and the obstacles from the golf ball to the hall. Using this device is one of the best ways to analyze a golf course. Besides the fact that it is using a technology which allows you to measure the distance to the flag or any other objects, it will also provide slope calculation. All this data will give you an advantage compared to your opponent.
  • Confidence
    Whether you are a newbie or a professional golfer, you surely want to gain more confidence in your game. All these technological advancements can make you more confident and capable and not to mention a more ethical player. Nowadays, most golfers are using this type of advanced technology to improve their planned shots with more confidence. In fact, all these innovative gadgets will help you in measuring accurate distances and finding precise pin locations.
  • Motivation
    Every player knows that an advanced rangefinder gives motivation. It helps you while you are practicing and it motivates you to get the best technique in golf. This way, you can improve your playing skills with time. Furthermore, when you are relaxed and you don’t have any doubts about your shots, you will be more confident in your own forces and more motivated to become a better golfer.
  • Improve your abilities
    There is no better teacher than personal experience. Every experienced golfer that you see on a course has improved his skills through continuous practice. Actually, no one can make a great game for the first time. However, thanks to all these advancements in technology, there are a lot of gadgets including the rangefinders which can help you improve your decision-making ability. You can learn how to measure the distance needed and how to calculate the elevation of where you are aiming. All this knowledge will give you confidence in playing up closer to a hazard than you would normally do.

How to Use Them

Nonetheless, these golf devices are not easy to use if you are not accustomed to them but getting the hang of how they work is not hard after the first couple of uses. To make sure you learn rapidly how to use your rangefinder on the course, follow the advice we give you.

  • The rangefinder you choose needs to have a maximum range beyond the furthest hole on the golf course you use to play. This will guarantee that it will be able to provide accurate readings of the longest targets.
  • The magnification is its ability to bring closer targets that are located at a bigger distance. Before a golf game, adjust the magnification of the golf rangefinder you will use to the point where it will still maintain a clear picture.
  • After you focus on a target on the course, move the image to another point so that you will be able to put the target in context with the other areas of the course.
  • The eyehole of the device should be adjusted on the first hole throughout the entire game because your eyes will get tired at a point if you set the eyehole at an uncomfortable level.
  • Last, but not least, you should keep the lens very clean so that you will be able to see through it. Wipe it after each use with a soft cloth to prevent scratches.

Things to Consider when Buying a Certain Model

Best golf gadget
Every golf player wants to improve their game and he is tempted to use several gadgets, including this type which can help them achieve this goal. It’s very important to choose one which can fulfill your needs. That’s why it’s necessary to pay attention to a few factors, so you can be sure of making the best decision.

  • Budget
    Whether you are purchasing a rangefinder or a product which can track your activity such as a fitness tracker, you should know that it’s very important to consider your budget. There are hundreds to choose from and various brands available, so you should be more confident in finding something affordable. However, if you are looking for a quality rangefinder when buying on a budget, we recommend you to go for the Bushnell Tour V3. This is one of the most effective tools that can provide accurate measurements for up to 1000 yards.
  • Customer reviews
    Everybody knows how important the customer reviews can be when shopping for a gadget. Some of those customers can be professional players and they can provide a lot of useful information about the most efficient models. Anyway, you can find all these reviews on online retail sites, including Over there, you can find everything you want to know and you can also compare models.
  • Easy of use
    If you want to buy such a gadget, we advise you to opt for one that is easy to use. Some products are complicated and they can make a lot of troubles on the field, especially if you are a newbie. An experienced golfer will have no problems using this type of tool, but if you are a newbie, they will give you a hard time when you are on the course. Moreover, if you are not able to hit the target after measuring the distance, you need to know that it cannot help you as much as you wish.
  • Features
    Before purchasing a rangefinder, we recommend you check all its features. These days, most devices come with an advanced technology and innovative features such as Jolt technology, ESP and Vivid Display. Each one of these features provides you with quality, performance, and efficiency. As such, if you are thinking about buying a tool that comes with a lot of advanced features, we advise you to try the Bushnell Pro X7 Jolt Slope. Due to its advanced technology, this is one of the best units available on the market.

Best Brands on the Market

Nowadays, most people are buying gadgets only because they are manufactured by important brands. Actually, they are used to buy brand names for plenty of reasons, including experience, performance, advanced technology and innovative features.

  • Bushnell
    Bushnell has been a leader in high-performance sports optics for more than 70 years. They are the creators of some of the most reliable and highest quality sports optics items on the market. Nowadays, this is one of the most appreciated company because it is constantly exploring innovative technologies and it is trying to develop a lot of products that can make people’s life easier and more enjoyable. Moreover, the Bushnell gadgets have won plenty of awards for their design and performance. As such, whether you are a passionate hunter or an experienced golfer, you should confidently use their devices because they have the ability to provide precision and accuracy.
  • TecTecTec
    Have you ever heard of this company? If not, you shouldn’t worry about this, because it is a young company which is providing quality high tech equipment and great customer service. TecTecTec company manufactures a lot of quality products, from different models of cameras, projectors, and speakers to various types of golf devices. However, each one of its items will bring an advanced technology and numerous features that will help every user improve its work. Plus, it’s important to know that this company is developing a solid reputation through its VPRO500 that is coming with a budget-friendly price and very good customer service.
  • Leupold
    Leupold is legendary for the accuracy and the durability of their products, including riflescopes, spotting scopes, and measuring instruments. Each one has the ability to make user’s life easier and more enjoyable. Most people are buying Leupold due to their advances in technology. Plus, they are coming with a lot of innovative features that can help everyone improve their work. One of the best-rated products of this company is Leupold 112179 RX-1000I TBR. This can help any golfer improve his game.

How we Rated our Top Picks

There are a lot of factors to take into account when buying the quality golf gadget. Each one comes with a lot of benefits and it is able to do an amazing job in comparison to other types of gadgets available on the market. Therefore, in order to help you make the right choice, we have gathered some of the best golf measuring instruments according to their features.

  • Magnification
    The magnification of a gadget is very important because it helps you observe the object closer than it actually is. Most devices have different magnifications. They can come with 0 magnification or with a maximum of 7 times magnification. However, some of the greatest picks have 5,6 and 7 times magnification. Therefore, it’s good to know that a model with 5 times magnification will help you see the object 5 times closer than you can see with your eyes. Higher magnification, such as 6 or 7 will help you hit the target easily with more accuracy.
  • Accuracy
    Usually, these types of devices should be able to provide an accurate measurement of 1 yard up to an optimal distance of 1000 yards. Most of them are very accurate and precise to certain yards. Nowadays, there are a lot of models that can provide a high level of accuracy. However, you may also find others with a low level of accuracy. That’s why it’s so important to check the device for its accuracy. In fact, to determine this factor is quite easy. You just have to set a target on the ground with a known distance and use the device. Compare your known information with the distance provided by the device and see if they match.
  • Scan mode
    Most types of golf measuring instruments come with an interesting feature: the scan mode. This is a button that once is pressed, it starts scanning by itself the targets that you are trying to reach. You just have to wait for a few minutes after you press the button and it’s ready to do a great job. However, it’s good to know that it’s much easier to use one with a scan mode turned on.
  • Pinseeker Jolt technology
    As it was mentioned before, a quality rangefinder comes with a lot of impressive features and characteristics. One of the most important things you need to look for when purchasing a good rangefinder is the Jolt technology. With this technology, you can easily locate and target the pin. When using this device you need to be sure that you shoot the pin and not a tree or something else on the background. As soon as you locate the target, the device produces vibrations.
  • Range tendency
    The maximum and the minimum range that some telemeters can measure is more than what you will need during your golf course. Most models will provide a minimum range of 1 yard and a maximum range around 1000 yards. However, besides this factor, it also matters how easily it can measure or target the long distance or smaller objects.
  • Slope
    The slope function is one of the most important things to consider on a rangefinder. There are a lot of devices that come with this function, but there are also others without it. Usually, the slope is used to measure the elevation between the golfer and their target. Additionally, it estimates the distance that a shot could play, as well as the actual distance to the target. Despite the fact that it is a useful feature, it’s important to know that the slope function is banned for use in tournaments. As such, if it’s not used in a competition, then it’s definitely worth considering.
  • Size
    Usually, it should be of an appropriate size. This means that it must have a compact structure that makes it easier to handle, operate and carry while playing golf. When a rangefinder is too small or too big, it can be very problematic, especially for those players who need their both hands to keep it stable at a particular place.

One of the most interesting parts of our job is that we have opportunities to review a bundle of different products. And for whatever reason, today we choose to talk a little bit about one of the products that we have become most familiar with: the golf rangefinders. As you already know, a rangefinder is an important accessory of any golf player arsenal. It is specifically designed to estimate distances to the hole or other points on the golf course. Almost all of these modern gadgets are equipped with a lot of impressive and innovative features that will help you improve your game. The market is overflowing with a broad array of models, so finding the right device for your needs could be a back-breaking task. But, hey, we are here to help you, and if you are looking for a quality rangefinder to improve your game, this is the right place to be. Take a look at our comparison table, compare the above models and you will surely find something to satisfy your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Which is the best: GPS or Rangefinder?
Some golfers opt for GPS devices while other choose to use laser rangefinders. The difference between these 2 devices is that the first model is able to compute distances, allowing you to see the positions of major features on the course, while the second unit is capable of measuring the distance of an object that reflects a light beam.

2What are the restrictions applied to stand-alone units?
These types of units are only able to measure the distance. It is recommended to opt for a gadget that is equipped with more features, including weather alerts, calendars, clocks or basic scorecard functions.
3 What are the advantages of having binoculars of a larger objective lens?
The size of the objective lens is extremely important to gather light. The larger the lens, the more light is capable of capturing, giving you a much brighter image.

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