Best Golf Simulators

Those who like to play golf in their spare time do it for the multitude of health benefits which accompany this sport. But not everyone has the time to go to the golf course every time they are in the mood to play this great sport. Also, some live in areas where there is not a course in their proximity, meaning that they have to travel long distances in order to play. For these people, there is still a viable and effective solution they can turn to in order to continue to play golf without actually having to leave the premises of their homes, the solution we are referring to being the golf simulator. Despite most of them coming at very expensive prices, they are still preferred by a lot of amateurs and experts due to the convenience they present, an aspect that cannot be skipped on when thinking about them. If you plan on prolonging the hours you spend each day playing golf, we recommend you take a look at the comparison table above to see what are the best models of this kind on the market, and which one suits your needs and preferences best. In case you want to learn even more important info regarding the highly popular simulators, we advise you to continue to read this article.

Top 5 Golf Simulators Comparison

1. P3ProSwing Grasstop PKG10000 2. Electric Spin GolfPro GP8411ML 3. OptiShot 2 4. Rapsodo R-Motion 5. Tittle X Trugolf E6
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Product Specifications

Manufacturer P3ProSwing Electric Spin OptiShot Golf Rapsodo Tittle
Dimensions 15″ x 12″ x 8″ 21″ x 16.5″ x 3.5″ 11.2″ x 16.1″ x 3.9″ 3″ x 3″ x 1″ 26″ x 1.5″ x 1.5″
Weight 11.2 Lbs 8.2 Lbs 7.6 Lbs 0.6 Lbs 1.9 Lbs


Provided Data Club Head Face Angle, Sweet Spot, Angle of Attack, Club Head Speed, Swing Tempo, Toe/Heel Height, Hit Distance, Ball Spin, Ball Speed, Left/Right of Path, Left/Right of Center Acceleration, Ball Flight, Sidespin, Distance, Swing Tempo, Club Head Face Angle, Angle of Attack, Club Head Speed Swing Path, Clubhead Speed, Face Impact Angle, Shot Shape, Distance, Swing Tempo, Face Area Contact Club Speed, Ball Speed, Smash Factor, Swing Path, Distance, Launch Angle Club Speed, Ball Speed, Swing Path, Distance, Launch Angle
Golf Course Selection 140 7 15 15 12
Maximum Number of Players 8 N/A 4 4 4
Save Game Option
Supported Game Formats Multiple Fairytale Golf, Demolition Golf, BlockGolf Match Play, Better Ball, Stroke Play, Best Ball, Skins, Alternate Shot, and Stableford N/A Swing Stick


12-Point Swing Analysis Precision Optical Sensors Online Play 3D Motion Technology Realistic 3D Rendered Golf Courses
P3 Guide to Better Golf Golf Challenges Great Shot Tracking Instant Datascreen Readouts OLED Display
Freeze Frames Tethered Surlyn Ball High-Quality Sensor Hardware USB Rechargeable Rechargeable Lithium Polymer 70 mAh Battery
Single Frame Advance USB Powered Mac and Windows PC Compatibility Automatic Shut-Off Windows 7, 8, 10 Compatibility
65 Infrared Optics Remote Caddy Bluetooth Dongle
Online Play

Warranty & Suppport

Product Warranty 1 Year Satisfaction Guarantee 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Customer Support
User Manual

Top Rated 2018 Golf Simulators Reviews

1. P3ProSwing Grasstop PKG10000

If you are really into golf and you want to play the game properly at home, practicing to improve your skills and lower your handicap, then the Grasstop simulator manufactured by P3ProSwing is what you need. Regardless of what season or time it is, you can play, practice, and perform with this simulation device without having to leave your house.

The ingenious technology it features and uses allows it to gather shot data in the most accurate manner possible. Among the important data it tracks when you play are included club path, club speed, club face, the angle of attack, sweet spot, hit distance, swing tempo, and more. If up to this point you are not convinced that this is the right purchase for you, knowing that there are more than 140 virtual courses put at your disposal to choose between will surely make you decide on buying it.

Thus, it is impossible to ever get bored by playing with the simulator as there won’t be the same experience twice as long as you take advantage of the diversity it offers. The multi-player section allows up to 8 different people to use it at once. Therefore, you and friends or loved ones can gather and play golf whenever you are in the mood. Additionally, it features online play, meaning that you can easily set up a private game at home or a public one to play with strangers, enter daily competitions you find online, and even participate in virtual tournaments with others.



Over 140 courses to choose between There are no downsides to this product
Online play feature allows you to play with friends or strangers over the internet
Allows a maximum of 8 players at once
65 infrared optics ensure precise measurement of shot data
It allows you to view your swing through the impact zone


Compact and reliable, offering accurate data regarding your shots, this top of the line simulator from P3ProSwing is what any aspiring golfer needs. Allowing you to practice even when you are at home, we consider it to be the most bidding product in its niche.

2. Electric Spin GolfPro GP8411ML

A great option for any eager golf player who wants to practice at home or at the office, the GolfPro simulator delivers everything you need for a smooth and enlightening practice session. The TruFeel technology the device incorporates along with the Surlyn ball attachment work together to accurately reproduce the physics behind free-ball impact.

Thus, you will not be able to tell the difference between the real-life experience of playing golf and the simulated one if you are using the GP8411ML. A detail worth mentioning is the fact that the device allows a perfect simulation of long clubs with the help of a wedge as long as the ceiling is 8 feet high. It comes with a remote caddy which endorses a convenient use, eliminating any required interaction with a mouse or a keyboard. There are no less than 7 different golf courses put at your disposal to choose between, so you will have diversity from this point of view and playing or practicing surely will not get boring at all.

You can choose from 3 different fun mini-games to spice things up when playing with loved ones – Fairytale golf, Demolition golf, and BlockGolf. Also, there are three challenge modes you can enter to enhance training sessions, more precisely the target challenge mode, the chipping challenge mode, and the distance challenge mode. In addition, the high-speed signal processing technology used by the simulator allows it to track shot data like acceleration, club head speed, path, face angle, and more.



Accurate sound reproduction guaranteed by tethered surlyn ball No information regarding product warranty
Challenge modes are put to your disposal to enhance skills faster Does not feature the save game option
7 different courses you can choose between
Supports three game formats – Fairytale golf, Demolition golf, and BlockGolf
Remote caddy makes using the simulator more convenient


Although it does not put the most impressive amount of golf courses at your disposal, offering only 7 to be more precise, the GP8411ML is still widely considered as one of the best golfing simulators on the market as it delivers precise data regarding your swings and shots, helping you improve your skills while sitting at home.

3. OptiShot 2

The OptiShot 2 is a more compact and affordable option to go with. Of course, it lacks a lot of the features and innovative elements than the upper mentioned better-ranked models come with, but this does not mean you won’t get everything you need if you go with it. This relatively cheap model provides useful data regarding your shots and swings, like swing path, face area contact, swing tempo, shot shape, distance, clubhead speed, and face impact angle.

It allows for a maximum of four people to play on it at once, so you can have fun and play golf with your loved ones whenever you want. It offers a wide selection of 15 golf courses you can choose from. Best of all, these are real courses that are rendered and simulated, so when the weather gets nice or you have the time, you can play on the real-life courses you have already practiced on at home. Therefore, you will not get bored of practicing and playing on it as it ensures course diversity.

The games you can play if you go with it are Match Play, Stable ford, Alternate Shot, Best Ball, Better Ball, and Stroke Play. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows PCs, and it features great sensor hardware in order to be as accurate as possible and to even allow you to putt. Due to the fact that it features online play, you can play with your friends online even when each one of you is in their own homes. In addition, it comes with a 1-year warranty.



Calibration feature allows you to customize the settings for the club you are using at that moment The swing pad is a tad fragile
Self-explanatory help windows eliminate doubts regarding shot data
Affordable purchase – reasonably priced considering its specs and features
Large grass pad makes it convenient to use


Affordable and putting everything you could ever need at your disposal, the OptiShot 2 is widely seen as one of the best simulators for golf. Compact and offering a wide course selection, we strongly recommend it to players who want to improve their skills without leaving home.

4. Rapsodo R-Motion

What the R-Motion delivers is an incomparable golfing experience at a relatively cheap price, allowing you to polish your golf skills from the comfort of your own home. This simulator is powered by a rechargeable battery which provides up to 4 hours of runtime. Additionally, to save battery life, it turns off automatically when you have not used it for a pre-set amount of time. There are no less than 15 different real-life courses you can select and play on, courses that are 3D rendered to look as realistic as possible.

What sets this simulation device apart from most competitors is its ease of use, all that you are required to do being to attach the tracker below the club grip. The rest of the operation will be handled by the automatic shot system. Among the important shot data the simulator gathers, enabling you to analyze your game in depth so that you can make proper changes for the better, we have ball speed, club speed, smash factor, launch angle, distance, and swing path.

These instant data screen readouts allow you to finally take your golf game to the next level so the next time you are on an actual course in a competitive game with friends, you will impress them with your low handicap. Since we are on this subject, know that up to 4 players can simultaneously use the simulator. Therefore, you can play a fun game of golf with friends or family members indoor all year round.



Allows you to play with you real golf clubs – better accommodation and more accurate practice Battery charge lasts for only 18 holes
Reliable precision and feedback offered as soon as you strike the ball
Designed to be perfect for beginners as well as professional players
Swing tracking unit monitors all aspects of your swing


Although it is not the best simulator out there as it does require battery charging after only 18 holes, this is still a wonderful option to go with for practicing at home as it is compact and it supervises every element of your golf game, helping you improve your skills faster.

5. Tittle X Trugolf E6

You can experience real-life golf with this affordable golf simulator which allows you to play at any time in the privacy of your own home. It is designed for both intermediate and experienced golfers because it offers multiple playing conditions. It is very compact, meaning that it will not occupy much space in your home. This compact and revolutionary device connects to a vivid 3D simulator like the TruGolf 6 cloud.

It can be paired with either a golf club or the provided Swing Stick and the sensors will analyze your movements and detect your shots. The data is then sent to the simulator’s software and displayed within realistic golf courses. This means that you will get the chance to try many types of courses and practice different shots, all at a fraction of the price you would spend on a more advanced simulator. Keep in mind that setting it up will require a smartphone and a PC but within a few minutes, it should be ready to use.

As it allows up to 4 players at a time, you get the chance to enjoy a fun and soothing golf game with your loved ones from the comfort of your own home. The 12 realistic 3D rendered golf courses that you get to practice on will have you feeling like you are outside playing rather than inside the house. When it comes to swinging data the simulator analyzes, club speed, launch angle, swing path, distance, and ball speed are included.



Puts no less than 12 realistic golf courses at your disposal Not as feature-rich as other top of the line simulators
Allows you and your family to play and practice together
Rechargeable battery lasts for up to 5 hours of continuous play
Best quality to price ratio – affordable option


Another high-end simulator worth your attention is the Tittle X as it allows you, as well as your loved ones, to play and practice together in the comfort of your own home. Additionally, it comes at an exceptionally low price that makes it quite affordable.

Everything You Have to Know About Simulation Devices for Golf

For a large portion of us, nothing is more pleasant than a decent session of golf on a cool, sunny morning. Sunny skies, a pleasant breeze, and a challenging course make for an incredible approach to spending free time with friends or to sharpen your skills alone. But this cannot be possible at all times, and not for all golf fans. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who either live too far from a course, who just cannot find the time to leave home in order to play, or who live in areas where the weather is bad most of the year. For them, the best solution is to invest in a golf simulator, an investment we advise you to go with as well if you are in one of the upper mentioned situations. After all, it might cost a pretty penny to buy one, but at least you will have fun and practice your skills from the comfort of your own home.

For a better understanding, you first have to take a look at what they are composed of. The most important elements that the top of the line models are composed of are the platform called a launchpad or a swing pad, and the screen which is connected to a computer with sensors. The platform sits in front of the projector screen and it is covered with fake grass and a tee, thus simulating how the game looks in real life. As for the screen, it is connected to a computer with sensors, accurately calculating all the aspects of your shot. Some tracking systems even have the capability to analyze the ball as it flies due to their superior design. In the case of the top tier models, when the ball hits the screen, the information that the sensors have collected appears on the screen.

How the Simulators Work

For a person who is passionate about golf, nothing is more pleasant than a relaxing game on a sunny day. But the perfect weather won’t last all year, and if you want to play or practice when the weather does not allow it, you can put the golf simulator you have invested in to good use. If you are wondering how these amazing simulators work to better understand how to use them and how they can serve you, then continue to read this section of the article.

The simulator is very familiar in use as it imitates almost perfectly the experience had on the course. High-end models come with a platform which you sit on and is called a swing pad, and in front of this platform, there is a projector screen. The platform consists of fake grass or another type of surface, and a tee which allows a realistic simulation of the golfing experience. While you are on the platform, teeing off, the screen displays a very realistic image of a course so that you may direct your shot just as you would on the field.

To play golf with the help of the simulator, all you have to do is to step up on the swing pad, swing the club to hit the ball at the screen, and wait for the direction of the ball to take its simulated course on the screen. These simulators will not only help analyze your shot and swing, but they will allow you to putt as well. The sensors the simulators feature are able to analyze this more sensitive aspect of golf as well so that you won’t feel like you are in a simulated game but rather on the actual course.

How Accurate these Devices Really Are?

Playing golf on a simulator is not identical to playing on a course but it comes pretty close. These devices are capable of providing excellent playing conditions and they replicate on-course conditions in order to help you adapt to the playing mode. Thanks to the multiple sensors, the device tracks your movements and provides real-life data of your playing skills, thus helping you become a better player as well.

Both the platform and the screen are designed to deliver maximum accuracy and to help you get a better understanding of the golf course. For even more precision, they let you choose from a huge number of golf courses, thus offering you the chance to experience many playing conditions. Moreover, you can share the game with other players to make it feel even more realistic. All in all, the device will make you feel like you are actually on a golf course.

Advantages of Investing in a Great Simulator for Golf

If you have taken a real interest in these products, you have already noticed that some of the best models on the market come at exuberant prices which make them inaccessible for a lot of people. Fortunately, there are cheaper alternatives as well, so you can breathe easy knowing that no matter what budget you have, there is an ideal choice for you. On the other hand, the price tag might make you wonder if it is worth it to spend your money on the item. To find out what are the benefits of owning a great performing golf simulator, check out this section of our article.

  • No More Leaving Home to Play Golf

  • If you are a cozy person, the first benefit which will come to mind is the fact that it will spare you from having to go all the way to the golf course in order to practice or play your favorite game. Of course, this is a benefit that best suits those who live very far away from a course, these people having to drive for hours in order to play. Another obvious benefit that follows having this it at your disposal, in your own home, is the fact that you will be able to play no matter how the weather is outside. This is especially important for those who want to level up their skills and cannot play on the course when it is too cold.

  • You can Experiment Many Golf Courses

  • One of the unquestionable advantages is the variety of courses and playing modes it offers. Only the best and most popular golf players can get the chance to play on over 100 golf courses like the ones included by the top products on the market. Thanks to the advanced technologies of these innovative golf devices, you will have the opportunity to play golf on so many courses that you will become an expert.

  • You Can Increase Your Skills Fast

  • Due to the fact that you will be able to play golf when you are at home, you will have the advantage of getting to practice your skills more often. Therefore, your shots will be more accurate because your swing will improve, meaning you will deliver your A-game the next time you compete with your friends on the course in a round of golf. What makes this practice so realistic and great is the fact that top of the line models perfectly imitate how your shots go through different types of weather, so you can rest assured you won’t be caught off-guard even in bad weather.

  • You Will be Able to Play With Your Entire Family

  • Those who work long hours feel like they are departing from their loved ones, not spending enough quality time together. But the addition of a golf simulator can help you a lot when it comes to the relationship you have with your spouse, children, or parents because you will be able to have fun together in the comfort of your own home. Best of all, you will escape the daily routine where you all come home from work or school and just sit in front of the PC or TV, doing something entertaining and interesting for a change.

  • You Can Actually Make Money With It

  • A benefit that will surprise you at first if you did not look at this investment from a financial point of view is the fact that you can actually make money with it. Best of all, it is quite simple to do so. All you have to do is buy a top of the line model, rent a space where you place it or use a spare room of your home, and charge others a certain amount of money per hour to play golf with it. After a while, you will recover the money you have invested and from that point on, you will be purely making a profit.

A Helpful Buying Guide

Are you interested in buying a golf simulator, but you do not know exactly what you have to look for in order to make the best investment possible? Then check out this section of our article to learn more about what makes these products great, thus knowing exactly what are the specs and features you must keep an eye on.

  • Dimensions

  • When buying a simulator, you have to consider its dimensions because you surely do not want to end up with a model which exceeds the free space you have available. Of course, the top of the line units will occupy a lot of space due to the fact that they come with a screen and a canopy, but this does not mean you will not find a great performing model that is more compact either.

  • Number of Playable Golf Courses

  • For you to feel like you are on the golf course whenever you play, you must go with a model that features a variety of playable golf courses. The golf course selection spec shows you exactly how many courses you can choose from, being best for you to spend the extra money on a simulator like the P3ProSwing Grasstop which offers 140 different scenarios of this kind.

  • Supported Game Formats

  • You most probably intend to play with friends and family members as well. In order to make the game more entertaining and to ensure you will never get bored of the game simulator you have bought, make sure you go with one that has a wide selection of supported game formats. A great example is the ES1100 which allows you to choose between Stroke Play, Stableford, 18 Holes, Bingo Bango Bongo, Match Play, Sudden Death, and Practice.

  • Maximum Number of Players

  • For you to be able to enjoy playing golf with as many friends or family members as you want, it must allow a generous maximum number of players. Otherwise, you will probably get bored of it fast, having to play or practice on your own all the time. A great model to go with from this point of view is the OptiShot 2 which offers you and 3 other people the chance to play at the same time.

Price Range for Golfing Simulators

As opposed to other golf-related devices and accessories, the golf simulator is much more complex. Thus, the pricing varies dramatically with this type of product, some simulators costing only a few hundreds of dollars while high-end models can even cost thousands of dollars.

If money is not an issue for you and there is enough room in your house to buy a big simulator, we recommend you go for the purchase as there are numerous features to be enjoyed and a fast and dramatic boosting of your game will be witnessed.

On the other hand, if you do not have too much free space in your home and you cannot afford to spend too much money on this golf item, you can confidently go for a lower-end model that comes with the right features to help you practice your skills when you are not on the course.

This versatility price-wise makes simulators approachable to all golfers, anyone being able to own a device as long as they take their time to find the right one for their budgets. Therefore, what you must take away from this is the fact that there is the right simulator out there for you, all you have to do being to carefully search the market for the best one that fits the budget you want to stick to.

Best Brands in the Field

Great products are delivered by great brands and manufacturers, this being the reason why it is extremely important for you to inform yourself on what are the best brands on the market before proceeding to buy a certain model. When it comes to the production of golf simulators, the brands that you have to look for are P3ProSwing, OptiShot Golf, and Rapsodo, three brands we will tell you more about in the following lines.

  • P3ProSwing

  • P3ProSwing is a brand that has been on the market for a while now, more precisely since 2004. The founder, Leslie B. Otten, wanted to deliver an affordable yet accurate and reliable golf simulation device people could use at home to polish their skills. With the PKG10000, he managed to make his dream come true, now this simulator being one of the most sought-after products on the market. Still working hard to produce even more innovative golf aid products, we are sure that P3ProSwing will surprise us in the near future with more great golf practice devices.

  • OptiShot Golf

  • The OptiShot Golf company is responsible for the amazing and affordable OptiShot 2, a model that has become a fan favorite fast due to its insane capabilities, excellent price, and small footprint. This is not their first model either, the previous one reaching a staggering success as well due to its well-thought design and innovative features.

  • Rapsodo

  • Rapsodo was put on the map when the R-Motion simulator appeared, this product taking the golf world by storm as it offered a cheap but effective solution to practice golf indoors. The hard work it took to design and manufacture this golf simulation device made Rapsodo a household name, and we hope that in the near future the company will surprise us with even more amazing golf aid products.

What Stands Behind our Simulator Ratings

After you have viewed our comparison table of the best models on the market, you are probably wondering what some of the ranking criteria mean, and what made us rank the models like we did. To make matters clear to you, we have written this section of the article. Here, you will learn what stands behind our ratings, thus better understanding what makes these models so great in the first place.

  • Provided Data

  • The amount of data the unit provides regarding the quality of your swing and the accuracy of your shot is by far the most important element which has to be taken into consideration when ranking these products. Being aware of this, we rated the P3ProSwing Grasstop PKG10000 better than the other models because it offers a wide variety of data of this kind, more precisely the club path, club speed, club face, angle of attack, sweet spot, hit distance, swing tempo, and more. These data are shown on the screen after you make your shot, so you will be aware of your progress as you move forward in the game.

  • Save Game Option

  • The save game option is another feature which popped when we looked at the best models on the market, this option being important due to the fact that it allows you to continue playing from where you left off the last time you used the unit. Some of our best models come with it, more precisely the P3ProSwing Grasstop PKG10000, the Rapsodo R-Motion, and the Tittle X Trugolf E6.

  • Video Projector

  • When a golf simulator costs a big sum of money, you can rest assured that the price tag is easily explainable, those models coming with accessories and features that make their performance superior to that of their competitors. An accessory which comes with the top of the line models and can be used for commercial purposes is the video projector. The high-resolution LCD accessory is suspended from the ceiling with a special mount, and it gives the user a clear and crisp image of the simulated course in order to make the experience as realistic as possible.

  • Online Play

  • A feature that caught our attention due to how useful it is for the system is the Online Play feature. The OptiShot 2 and the P3ProSwing Grasstop PKG10000 models come with it, making us rate them better in this department. What makes the Online Play feature so important is the fact that it allows you to play with others online in real time, thus making the experience more pleasurable and fun.

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