Best Humidifiers

While most people worry about excessive air moisture, few know the importance of a balanced air humidity level. It’s true that high humidity is more damaging due to the appearance of mold but a dry air can also cause some serious health issues. As such, it’s essential to have a humdifier at hand to restore the air moisture whenever it is necessary. Keep on reading the following lines to convince yourself of the utility of humidifiers.

Top 5 Humidifiers Comparison

1. BONECO 7135 2. Winix AW600 3. Heaven Fresh HF710-B 4. Honeywell HCM350W 5. Pure Enrichment Ultrasonic
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Length (inches) 15.2 13.4 11.6 13 10.9
Width (inches) 8.8 13.4 7.7 10.4 6.9
Height (inches) 15.4 17.7 11 18.6 9.2
Weight (pounds) 8 15.4 5.4 9.9 1.8
Transparent tank
Carry Handle
Water tank capacity 1.75 gallons 1.3 gallons 1.6 gallons 1 gallon 4 gallons
Color Blue/White White Black/Gray White/Black Blue


Power supply 230V/50 Hz 120V/60Hz 110-120V/60hZ 120V/ 60Hz 110/120-Volt / 60Hz
Maximum run time (hours) not specified not specified 12 24 16
Room coverage area (sq. ft.) 650 600 650 500 250
Ultrasonic or Evaporative ultrasonic evaporative ultrasonic evaporative ultrasonic
Humidity level up to (gallons per day) 3.5 3.17 3.67 2.3 0.95


Warm mist
Cool mist
Digital display
Auto shut-off
Germ-fighting technology
Additional features High-frequency vibration technology PlasmaWave technology Advanced digital technology Self Regulating Evaporative System Ultrasonic cool mist technology
Auto Mode HumidiPur Aroma function QuietCare Performance High frequency vibration technology
SLEEP MODE/abbr> CleanCel Anti-Bacterial Coating Auto Hygrostat sensor Wicking filter Night light sensor
Programmable hygrostat Auto Mode 360-Degree Nozzle
Double jet nozzle Sleep Mode
Accessories Demineralization Cartridge, Hydro Cell & EZCal , cleaning brush AC Adaptor, disk cleaning brush


Parts&labor warranty 3 years 3 years 3 years 3 years 2 years
User manual

Top Rated 2018 Humidifiers Reviews

There are various models available on the market and each one of this model comes with its own innovative technology and many extraordinary features. In the following lines, we have gathered some of the most impressive devices according to their functions.

1. Boneco 7135

Boneco 7135 is one of the best humdifiers available on the market. It is placed on top of the list for its high humidity output, long operating time and germ-fighting capabilities. When it comes to performance, it’s important to know that Boneco is an ultrasonic device which uses a high-frequency technology to convert water into a fine mist which evaporates into the air. It can convert 3.5 gallons of water per day for rooms up to 650 sq. ft. Additionally, it comes with a 1.75-gallon tank, so the user doesn’t have to refill it that often. Nowadays, most homeowners choose to buy this model due to its impressive features. Some of the most useful functions are its two modes, automatic and sleep. Each one of these functions can be simply selected by pressing a button on its LED display. Therefore, you can choose the preferred humidity level and the time you want it to operate, or you can just select the sleep function and set the device to an ideal 60 percent humidity for about eight hours.
Besides its advanced technology and innovative features, Boneco also provides the customer with a lot of accessories such as:

    • Demineralization Cartridge prevents the release of minerals in the air
    • Hydro Cell is using carbon technology to provide constant freshness in products

li> EZCal Cleaner and Descaler cleans and descales every appliance.



It offers both cool and warm mist. High price
Humidifies large areas.
Easy to maintain
Germ protection
Attractive design


The Boneco 7135 is a great unit that provides superior durability and unsurpassed reliability. As far as features are concerned, it is equipped with an LCD display and an auto shut-off and lower indicator light that notifies you that the device is running low on water. In what regards the ease of use, it’s important to know that it comes with a transparent removable tank which allows you to monitor it from outside.

2. Winix AW600

This type of appliance provides plenty of benefits. Unlike other devices that are using ultrasonic technology, the AW600 is using an evaporative system. It adds moisture to the air through a filter in order to ease the unpleasant effects of dryness in your room. Plus, it has the ability to operate silently and it comes with many useful features including a sleep mode that turns off the display lights when the room is dark. For additional air quality, it is using PlasmaWave technology. This type of technology removes the pollutants from the indoor air in order to provide a fresh and clean air. Regarding its properties, it is important to know that this air purifying appliance dispenses up to 3.17 gallons of water per day and it can clean the air in rooms up to 600 square feet. Additionally, it comes in a compact design and has an easy to use a digital display that can help you control and monitor it.



Energy efficient. It is one of the heaviest unit we reviewed
Humidifies large areas.
Easy to operate
Easy to assemble
When it gets dark, the light go off and the fan lowers its speed automatically


Designed as both an air purifier and humidifier, the Winix AW600 is one of the most effective and durable units available on the market. Thanks to its HEPA filter, the AW600 humidifier is capable of capturing a wide variety of airborne pollutants, including dust, pollen, pet dander and mold spores. The main purpose of this unit is to remove the harmful allergens and add moisture into the air. Generally speaking, this is a model that worth taking into consideration.

3. Heaven Fresh HF710-B

If you are looking to purchase an affordable humdifier which can provide performance and longevity, Heaven Fresh HF710-B is the best option you can make. This ultrasonic product is using high-frequency vibrations which can create a micro-fine spray. It can add 3.67 gallons of mist into the indoor air per day for a room up to 650 square feet. As such, it is a perfect choice for bedrooms, offices, and bathrooms. It comes with both cool and warm mist functions and you can choose the desired mode with the digital display controls. It’s important to know that the product has one of the most sophisticated features: the aroma function. By using this function, it increases therapeutic capabilities. Besides this, it has a timer feature which is extremely useful. By using this function, you can set it to run from one to 12 hours at a time. Plus, it also comes with a humidistat, so you can choose the desired humidity level. As such, the humidity can be adjusted from 40 to 80 percent in 5 percent increments. Once it has reached the desired level, it stops operating.



Large capacity water tank It does not have a built-in carrying handle.
Advanced digital technology can produce either cold or warm mist
Low energy consumption
Aroma function for increases therapeutic capabilities
One-touch timer control for up to 12 hours of operation


The Heaven Fresh HF710-B is one of those units that can be used as warm and cool mist humidifier. If you are particularly sensitive to dry air, you will want to look into the features of this amazing model. As such, it includes a timer, an automatic shut-off and a built-in humidistat which allows you to set the humidity level at the desired temperature. In terms of design, it looks more sophisticated than other similar products.

4. Honeywell HCM350W

Increase the humidity level in your home with this stylish, efficient, and quiet air moisturizer designed by Honeywell. The model boasts a modern design with a roundish square housing available in black or white to match any room interior. The water tank is made of resistant glass and is transparent to allow you to monitor the water level. It’s an ultrasonic humdifier that releases a pleasant cool mist that spreads into the air and restores the air humidity so that you will breathe better, your skin will be softer, the furniture will be protected, and the static electricity will be reduced. A great feature worth mentioning is the germ-free operating that ensures no bacteria and impurities will reach into the air. This is due to the patented germ-killing filter that neutralizes germs and bacteria in the water before turning it into mist. The HCM350W is very silent due to the 3 levels of speed that control the noise and mist output. Moreover, it features QuietCare operating that ensures 25% less noise than in other models. On one fill, the device can work for 24 hours without pause, making your home more welcoming and comfortable.



100% dishwasher safe It does not have an automatic shut-off control.
Silence in operation
Simple to operate and maintenance
Well-made for last performance


If you are looking to purchase a humidifier that runs ultra-quietly, take a look at the Honeywell HCM-350 model. In comparison to an ultrasonic unit that produces mist trough a vibration process, this device is an evaporative model which operates a bit different. It increases the humidity with its wick filter. Its filters are easy to replace. Plus, it is very easy to maintain and operate.

5. Pure Enrichment Ultrasonic

This is one of those appliances that must be in your baby’s room. It has a large tank which will add about 4 gallons of mist into the indoor air and will provide coverage for rooms up to 250 square feet. Moreover, it uses an ultrasonic cool mist technology, which will moisturize the air for up to 16 hours of continuous operation without refilling. This type of product provides a lot of useful features such as:

  • 360-Degree Nozzle – Due to its nozzle capability to turn a complete 360 degrees, it allows you to direct the mist in any direction that you want.
  • Nightlight – This item comes with a nightlight which will provide you with a soothing glow for maximum relaxation.



Great travel humidifier Water leaked out from the bottom
It comes with a large tank that will make it run for many hours without refilling.
The auto shut-off feature helps prevent accidents and makes it safe
Simple and easy to maintain, just perfect for first-time users.


As you probably know, the Pure Enrichment has been manufacturing humidifiers for many years, but the Ultrasonic model is by far one of the most quality and useful devices that you must have in your baby room. And this is not because it comes with a lot of features but also because it is easy to use and maintain in a proper condition.

6. TaoTronics Cool Mist

If you feel that your home needs a humidity boost, you can rely on it to increase the humidity level without affecting air quality. This is due to the microporous cartridge that filters the water before turning it into mist, thus eliminating bacteria that could also cause bad odors. However, avoid adding scented oils to the water tank because this could damage it. This sleek ultrasonic unit features a transparent water tank that can hold over a gallon of water, enough to create mist for 15 hours continuously. An innovative feature is the humidity control provided by the electronic display that lets you set the timer, the desired amount of humidity you want to add, and the amount of mist that it will create. As for noise, you have nothing to worry about because the device creates only 38 dB of noise, being quieter than the majority of the products on the market.



Its lightweight feature and compact design makes it portable Due to its small carrying handle, it can be quite difficult to move it from a place to another.
It comes with a 3.5 tank that will make it run for many hours without having to refill it. Its tank is tall and slippery so refilling it will be a big problem
It comes with an easy to understand user manual
It comes with a wide range of safety features


Buyers looking for a quality humidifier should consider the TaoTronics Cool Mist. As compared to other similar devices, it comes with a filter that is soft and absorbent. Cleaning is easy and maintaining in proper condition as well. Plus, it comes with so many features, that it’s a bit complicated to understand what every feature does and how it should be used.

A Few Words on Air Humidity

The air you breathe naturally contains water vapors that make it moister and easier to breathe. An air too dry will also dry your airways, making breathing heavier and encouraging a series of health problems and a feeling of discomfort. A proper level of air humidity is around 50% but this level often fluctuates for various reasons. Usually, the air becomes very dry in the cold season when you use a heating system in order to increase the air temperature. The water vapors in the air are dried when the air is heated, thus creating the feeling of dry air. If the moisture level drops too low, you will start noticing a dry nose, dry skin, and even difficulties in breathing. Children are the most prone to experiencing unpleasantness due to the dry air so a moisturizer is in demand in order to restore the air humidity.

What You Need to Know about Humidifiers?

Most people are using these devices because they want to freshen the air in their homes in order to breathe easier and live healthier. Actually, this is the purpose of this device. It must add moisture into your indoor room in order to create a pleasant environment and alleviate a lot of health conditions. Thanks to advances in technology, there are a lot of humdifiers on the market which can surprise you with their innovative features. Therefore, from various functions such as timers, humidistats, digital displays to auto shut-off options and night light sensors which will provide a soothing glow for maximum relaxation, there are a lot of impressive features and functions that can help you live in a healthy environment. There are hundred of models on the market and each one of this model comes with an impressive number of functions and different purposes, such as:

  • central units are built into your home’s air conditioning and heating systems. They are designed to add humidity throughout the entire house. However, they are some of the most expensive models on the market.
  • impeller devices are using a rotating disk to produce a cool-mist. They are quite affordable for people on a budget. However, it’s important to know that they only work for single or smaller rooms.
  • ultrasonic appliances are using ultrasonic vibration to produce a cool mist.
  • evaporateurs are blowing moisture through a filter. By using a fan, they expel humidity into the indoor air. On the other hand, too much moisture in the air can be problematic for people with respiratory problems. Very high levels of humidity are more likely to encourage mold growth.
  • steam vaporizers are electrically powered and it’s recommended to avoid using them if children are around. They may be budget-friendly and portables, but they are extremely dangerous.

What Are The Benefits of Owning One

Humidifiers are typically used to control the amount of humidity in the air. It’s recommended to avoid using them in environments where the humidity level is too high because they can cause condensation on the walls and floors, which can trigger the growth of harmful bacteria and mold. However, this type of device can provide a lot of benefits.

  • Health benefits

It’s important to know that a healthy house has a humidity level between 30-50%. These days, most householders are using it to create a healthy and enjoyable environment. However, this device can help you reduce the risk of many health conditions such as:

  • Asthma and respiratory irritations – Everybody knows that this type of product can add moisture to the air. Breathing dry air when you have a cold can irritate your respiratory system. Chronic irritations caused by breathing in dry air can provide you with asthma attacks, especially if you are an asthma sufferer. Some of these devices come with a medicine cup which will allow you to add vaporizable medicines to the tank in order to breathe easier and keep your airways healthy. Additionally, if you have problems with your sinuses, adding moisture tothe air can be of great help. Due to its advanced technology, it can provide a proper humidity level in your room, so your sinuses can be healthier.
  • Skin disorders – When the indoor air is too dry, people can often experience skin problems such as redness, irritations, itchiness, allergies and more. Furthermore, it’s important to know that another common cause of allergies and irritations is mold. As you already know, moisture is the main factor for the growth of dust mite and mold. As such, it is a perfect weapon against these allergenic culprits.
  • It protects the house and its valuables

Besides the health benefits, it can help you preserve many elements of your house which can be affected by humidity. Every person has at least one valuable piece of wooden furniture which can be ruined and crack if the air in the house is too dry. As such, it’s advisable to use a humdifier that can add more moisture to your indoor air and protect your home and all its wooden elements from cracking and drying out. Besides furniture, a quality product will also protect the walls, because they can peel if it’s a low humidity level in your home.

  • It reduces heating costs

Most units can really help you reduce energy costs and your carbon footprint as well because they have the ability to make the air moist and warm. In the winter, every user will notice a dramatic change regarding energy usage and costs. These types of products provide a warm, moist air, which retains more heat than cool dry air.

Things to Consider When Buying an Air Moisturizer

If you never thought about getting a device to help you add humidity to the air, perhaps it’s time you start looking for a very reliable and efficient one. However, it’s recommended to choose one which can fulfill your needs. Therefore, you need to consider a few things before buying such a device.

  • Types to choose from

Usually, they come in two types: cool mist and warm mist. Each one of these types uses a different process, but they both have the same purpose: they add moisture to the air. Warm mist items use a simple process. They heat water to a boil and after, they emit the resulting steam. Some of them have mineral filters which can trap water deposits. However, the warm mist presents risks of burns, so it’s recommended to avoid using them near children. On the other hand, the cool mist appliances come in three different models: evaporative, ultrasonic, and impeller. As you already know, each one of these types has diverse purposes, so they are acting in different ways.

  • Room size

If you are looking to get the perfect indoor humidity level, this should be between 50 and 60 percent. However, before choosing the best model, we suggest you measure the square footage of your room. It’s very important to know the room size because a good device must be able to cover the entire area. As such, it’s necessary to know that small devices are made for rooms up to 300 square feet while the medium ones were designed for rooms 300 to 499 square feet. Additionally, you can also find large products for rooms 500 to 999 square feet or extra large units for spaces 1000 square feet or more. There are various models available on the market, so it is very important to find one which can suit your room dimensions and space requirements.

  • Features

When shopping for household appliances, especially for the ones that can increase moisture in the house, it’s very important to check its features and see if it’s suitable for your place. There are various models on the market and each one of these models comes with an advanced technology and a few impressive features that can help you create a pleasant and enjoyable environment. Therefore, it’s good to know that some units have a timer, a digital display, a humidistat and an auto shut-off. In fact, all these features are designed to make people’s life easier and more comfortable.

Top Brands on The Market

When it comes to household appliances, most people are buying only those humdifiers which are manufactured by some of the most valuable brands. The truth is that an important brand can provide quality, performance, and durability, so it won’t disappoint its customers.

  • Boneco

Boneco is the world’s leading manufacturer that provides an exclusive range of appliances designed and created in Switzerland. This company creates household appliances of the best quality, performance, and usability. All their products come with a functional and compact design and plenty of impressive features. Plus, they are able to offer excellent customer service with highly skilled consulting.

  • Winix Inc.

This is a Korea-based company that is engaged in the manufacturing of many home appliances, from air moisturizers, air purifiers, fan heaters and dehumidifiers to various types of condensers and evaporators. Each one of these devices will provide a sophisticated design, an innovative technology and a lot of interesting features. Plus, it’s very important to know that it designs products for any type of budget. As such, if you are looking to buy a quality home appliance, but you have a tight budget, Winix Inc can provide many affordable products.

  • Honeywell

This is an American company that designs and develops various devices and different services. It uses advanced technology in order to make the world cleaner, more secure, more productive and energy efficient. In fact, this company is developing several innovative technologies, including new applications and advanced software services for certain products in order to make better use of your energy resources and to enhance product performance and safety.

What’s Behind our Ratings

For us to be able to rate the most reliable products, we had to analyze their specs and see which are the aspects that really influence their performance. Below, you will find a list of the details that we believed were essential in finding a good device for adding humidity to the air.

  • Coverage area

The humidifier helps you create a healthier and more enjoyable space, especially during the cold season. Each device that can add moisture to the air can cover a certain area. In fact, this is a square-foot measurement which can be found my multiplying the width of the room by the length, in order to determine the maximum area to which a unit can add moisture. However, it’s important to opt for a humdifier that exceeds the space you want to cover because most manufacturers will overstate the real coverage area.

  • Humidistat

This is a measurement instrument which can help you control and monitor the preferred humidity in the air. With the help of this device, it can be programmed to emit enough mist in order to keep the room at the desired level. Additionally, some models can come with a built-in hygrometer which measures the amount of moisture and reports it as a percentage. This way, the user will also know if their room’s humidity is the right level.

  • Timer

Nowadays, most models come with a timer. This useful feature will allow you to program the appliance when you want it to operate. Moreover, it helps you save a lot of money since it is programmed to turn off during peak energy cost periods. On the other hand, it’s good to know that this function can also bring problems. Water that will sit in the tank can breed germs and bacteria, so the tank should be cleaned thoroughly between uses.

  • Digital display

When it comes to impressive features, the digital display is one of them. It provides accurate information about the unit. It lets you know exactly which is the humidity level and allows you to make changes. Furthermore, most products have the ability to alert the user via a note on the display when the water tank is empty. This is an amazing help if the device doesn’t come with a transparent water tank.

  • Warm mist

Some products have this function while others don’t. A warm mist device heats water in order to produce steam, which can humidify the air. Actually, this function can be used especially in cold weather because it can make your room warmer and more pleasant. Moreover, this feature can ease several problems related to the flu, colds and the like.

  • Cold mist

By using this function, you will always have the sensation of a cooler ambiance. Actually, it indicates that the mist your appliance emits is cool. Cool mist also provides a lot of health benefits. It eases congestion, stuffiness and other respiratory problems. Most pediatricians advise using only cool mist products around babies and children because the models with warm mist can cause a lot of accidents.

  • Germ-fighting technology

Nowadays, most units are using Germ-fighting technology. This type of technology is using UV lights, antimicrobial plastics, germ-killing silver technology or boiling. Some of them may have antibacterial particles in their water tank to destroy germs, bacteria and other things that could harm your health, but they are not very efficient. As such, the user still has to do a good routine cleaning and disinfecting.

Maintain Proper Humidity Levels in Your Home

Maintaining a proper humidity level in your home is extremely important to your well-being. While a little moisture is necessary for a house, too much humidity can easily cause health issues. Also, the uncomfortable dampness that it’s in the air encourages the growth of harmful bacteria, mold, mildew and even dust mites. The recommended humidity level is between 30% and 50%. Some humidifiers are equipped with hygrometers that are able to determine if the humidity can create problems in your home. However, if your humidifier doesn’t have a hygrometer, you can find one at hardware stores. Make sure you test the humidity level daily, especially if you or someone in your family has allergies or asthma.

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