Best Inflatable Hot Tubs

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about a hot tub is the luxury. While it’s true that hard-side models come at inaccessible prices for most, the same can’t be said about inflatable hot tubs. Inflatable units provide all the benefits of traditional models, but they come with their own set of advantages, the most important being the fact that they have cheaper prices. To learn more about these amazing additions that you can make to your home, read the following lines.

Top 5 Inflatable Hot Tubs Comparison

1. SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet Pro 2. Canadian Spa CSCHTRG29 Rio Grande 3. Intex 28443E PureSpa Jet & Bubble Deluxe 4. Intex 28409E PureSpa Plus Bubble Spa 5. Coleman SaluSpa
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Product Specifications

Manufacturer BestWay Canadian Spa Company Intex Intex Coleman
Dimensions (W x L x H) 71″ x 71″ x 28″ 70″ x 70″ x 29″ 77″ x 77″ x 28″ 85″ x 85″ x 28″ 77″ x 77″ x 28″
Weight (pounds) 76.5 81 149 114.4 88
Seating Capacity 6 Persons 4 Persons 4 Persons 6 Persons 6 Persons
Tub Material Polyester Laminated PVC Polyester Laminated PVC+Synthetic Leather 3-Ply Laminated Material 3-Ply Laminate PVC TriTech Fabic + Laminate PVC
Indoor/Outdoor Use
Shape Square Round Round Round Round
Power Cord (feet) 22 15 12.5 N/A 12.5


Wattage N/A 1340W 1300W 1300W N/A
Water Capacity (gallons) 210 217 210 290 254
Maximum Heat Capability 104°F 103°F 104°F 104°F 104°F
Jets 120 Air Jets & 8 Hydrojets 88 Air Jets 120 Bubble Jets & 4 Massage Jets 170 Bubble Jets 120 Bubble Air Jets
Flow Rate (gallons/hour) 320 N/A 460 460 320


Water Filtration System
Rapid Heating System 2-3°F/h 2-3°F/h 2-3°F/h 1-2°F/h 2-3°F/h
Digital Control Panel
Hard Water Treatment System
Salt Water System
I-Beam Construction
Cushioned Floor
Easy Assembly


Carry Bag
Filter Cartridge
Chemical Floater


Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Online Support

Top Rated 2018 Inflatable Hot Tubs Reviews

1. SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet Pro

The SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet Pro model is great for both indoor and outdoor use, this highly portable tub being ideal for those who want to enjoy complete relaxation and tension relief. It has an impressive 6 person seating capacity. The durable tub is made of polyester laminated PVC. It has an amazing water capacity of 210 gallons, and a flow rate of no less than 320 gallons/hour. The maximum heating capability of this model is of 104°F. It features 120 air jets and 8 hydro jets that work together to provide the user with an unforgettable massage. The heating system heats the water by 2-3°F per hour. It comes with many useful features like a water filtration system, a hard water treatment system, a saltwater system, a timer, and a digital control panel. For increased comfort in use, it features a cushioned floor. It comes with important accessories like a cover, a filter cartridge, and a chemical floater. In addition, the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty for this inflating tub.



Power cord measures 22 feet in length Doesn’t feature I-Beam contruction
Allows up to 6 people to sit in it at once
Water capacity of 210 gallons
Can heat the water inside it up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit
Features a rapid heating system that ensures you won’t waste time on using it

2. Canadian Spa Company CSCHTRG29 Rio Grande

The Canadian Spa Company CSCHTRG29 Rio Grande can be used both indoors and outdoors. The tub is made of polyester laminated PVC and synthetic leather, ensuring that it won’t get damaged easily. Also, the I-Beam technology used to manufacture it ensures increased stability and safety in use. It can accommodate a maximum of 4 people at once. It has a water capacity of 217 gallons, and the rapid heating system is able to raise the temperature of the water by 2-3°F per hour. The maximum heat capability that it features is of 103°F. It comes with 88 air jets that deliver a soothing massage. To ensure that the water in it will be of a great quality and safe to sit in, it features a useful water filtration system. The cushioned floor of this model ensures that it will be extremely comfortable to use the hot tub. The accessories that it comes with are a cover and a filter cartridge. Also, it’s backed up by the manufacturer for 1 year.



Features 88 high-quality air jets Doesn’t feature a salt water system
Can seat a maximum of 4 people at once Doesn’t feature a hard water treatment system
Impressive 1340 wattage
Intuitive use ensured by the digital control panel
Features the durable and stable I-Beam construction

3. Intex 28443E PureSpa Jet & Bubble Deluxe

The Intex 28443E PureSpa Jet & Bubble Deluxe can be placed both indoors and outdoors. This inflatable tub has a seating capacity of 4 persons. The frame is made of a 3-ply laminated material and it features the innovative I-Beam technology, both of these elements showing that this is a durable choice to go with. The maximum heat capacity of this model is 104°F, and it uses 120 bubble jets and 4 massage jets to provide an amazing hydro massage. It boasts an impressive 210-gallon water capacity, and it has a flow rate of 460 gallons per hour. It heats the water by 2-3°F per hour. The important features of this model are the easy-to-use digital control panel, the water filtration system, the hard water treatment system, the salt water system, and the comfortably cushioned floor. The accessories that come with it are a carry bag, a cover, a filter cartridge, and a chemical floater. Also, it’s accompanied by a 1-year warranty.

4. Intex 28409E PureSpa Plus Bubble Spa

The Intex 28409E PureSpa Plus Bubble Spa is perfect for use both indoors and outdoors. It features the I-Beam technology, and the tub is made of 3-ply laminated PVC. It boasts a generous 6 person seating capacity. The 290-gallon water capacity and the 460 gallons per hour flow rate show that this is a high-end model that delivers nothing but quality to those who use it. The 170 bubble jets that it comes with offer the perfect massage. The water inside it can reach a maximum temperature of 104°F, that will rise by 1-2°F per hour. It features a water filtration system, a hard water treatment system, a cushioned floor, and a user-friendly digital control panel. It comes with are a carry bag, a cover, a filter cartridge, and a chemical floater. In addition, it’s covered by the warranty for 1 year.

5. Coleman SaluSpa

The Coleman SaluSpa is a 6-person model that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The frame is made of TriTech fabric and laminated PVC. It uses 120 bubble air jets to provide a soothing massage. It has a 254-gallon water capacity and an astonishing flow rate of 320 gallons per hour. It heats up the water inside it by 2-3°F per hour, and the maximum heat capacity that it boasts is of 104°F. The most important features that it comes with are the water filtration system, the I-Beam technology, the easy-to-use digital control panel, the timer, and the cushioned floor. When it comes to accessories, it is accompanied by a cover, a chemical floater, and a filter cartridge. Also, it’s backed up by the manufacturer for 1 year.

6. SaluSpa Paris with LED Light Show

If you really want to have fun, you must definitely try the SaluSpa Paris with an entertaining LED lights show that will surely bring a fresh air to your yard. The tub itself is made of a high-quality and durable material similar to leather that boasts the innovative TriTech triple reinforced structure. This consists of a polyester mesh core wrapped in two layers of PVC that ensure a robust and sturdy construction. This means that you can sit on the edges and they will not change shape under your weight. Also, the floor is air pad-cushioned so you will enjoy a soft sitting surface no matter where you place it. Six adults can fit in this hot tub that can hold 260 gallons of water and measures 77 inches in diameter and 26 inches in height. The SaluSpa Paris comes with a pump that inflates it in a few minutes and a control panel that allows you to set the water temperature to up to 104 degrees F. The heating system is controlled with a timer that turns it off when the water has reached the selected temperature to prevent overheating. In addition to all these great features, it brings the fun element of LED lights in different colors that light the bottom to create an interesting effect.

Important Inflatable Tub Info You Should Know

These Hot Tubs are a definite must-have for those who are looking for a versatile method of relaxing and entertaining themselves whenever they have some free time. By going with a bigger capacity model, you can enjoy this item with guests too, getting to relax in the soothing water of the tub together. But how much do you actually know about these entertaining items? To learn everything you need about them, check the rest of this section.

  • Durable Construction

  • You might be tempted to think that inflatable models are fragile, being easily prone to destruction. But this isn’t the case, high-end models having a quality construction that ensures they will last for a long time, and that they won’t be punctured easily and get deflated. Best of all, the quality materials used in the fabrication process provide comfort as well. After all, durability isn’t everything, being very important for them to offer a pleasant, relaxing experience when using them too. Most of the models on the market are made of polyester laminated PVC, a material that offers everything you need in terms of durability and comfort.

  • Water Filtration

  • All top rated inflatable hot tubs come with a water filtration system to ensure that the water remains clean and fresh. This system is able to eliminate sediments and debris, making the use of the hot tub a safe experience. Also, it saves you time and money because models that don’t come with this feature require you to change the water more often. Therefore, don’t underestimate the importance of a water filtration system when you look for the best model to go with because it’s mandatory for your health and well-being.

  • Importance of Jets

  • The most important element is the number of jets that it comes with. The higher the number, the better because they work together to provide a comforting massage that helps you relax, relieve stress, and soothe the tension in your muscles. Jets come in many types, but they all serve the same purpose, being the most important aspect that people must take into consideration when shopping for these items.

How to Take Proper Care of the Hot Tub

Just like regular hot tubs, inflatable models require some maintenance work to be done for them to be safe to use. The good news is that it doesn’t take long to perform any of the maintenance tasks typical for inflatable hot tubs, and these tasks don’t require you to put a lot of effort into them either. There is a total of 4 chores that you can’t skip on, chores that we will explain here.

First of all, you must make sure that the pH and the alkalinity levels of the water are in check. This is a test that you have to do once per week using a water test kit that either comes with the tub or that you purchase separately from a specialty store. The target level that you should try to maintain is for the water to range in pH from 7.4 to 7.6. Anything higher or lower causes the degradation of the tub, damaging the material that it’s constructed from.

Another maintenance task that you should perform quite often, more precisely every time you use the tub or once per week in case you don’t use it that often is to sanitize the water. To do this, you must pour a sanitizing solution into the tub, a solution that you buy from specialty stores. When it comes to the amount of solution that you should pour into the tub, you must follow the instructions given on the package of the sanitizer as the amount differs from one product to another.

What you mustn’t forget to do every week is to remove the filter from the hot tub and clean it. Read the user manual that the tub comes with to see where the filter is located, and clean it by simply wiping away the debris that has gathered on it with a cloth or a paper towel while holding it under running tap water. If you notice that large debris has gathered in the tub, immediately check the filter to see if any of that debris is trapped in it to avoid any damage from being done to it.

Once per month, you should empty the inflatable hot tub and clean its interior thoroughly using liquid soap, water, and a damp sponge. Rinse the interior of the tub until soap bubbles aren’t visible anymore, and let it dry completely before storing it. If you don’t follow this advice, mold or mildew will inevitably appear on it.

The Advantages of Using One of These Amazing Additions

As with any potential investment, before purchasing an inflatable hot tub, you have to consider whether it’s worth your money or not. Fortunately, the advantages that they bring are many, ranging from increased portability and good pricing to a wide array of health benefits.

  • Portability

  • What makes inflatable hot tubs far superior to conventional models is the fact that they are portable. Unlike conventional models, the inflatable ones can be deflated in no time and moved from one spot to another with ease. This benefit comes especially in handy to those who travel a lot and who want to enjoy the experience of using the hot tub wherever they go. When you want to place it in a specific location, simply find a level ground, set it there, inflate it, and wait for the water to heat up before you start using it.

  • Cost Savings

  • Conventional models are extremely expensive, meaning that they are an impossible investment for most people. On the other hand, inflatable models come at considerably lower prices, some even costing one-tenth of the price of a traditional model. This is an advantage worth taking into consideration because you will not only save a huge amount of money, but you will do this without sacrificing quality at all. Also, the lack of hassle when assembling and installing them is worth taking into account. In addition, the easy installation means that you will save money because you won’t need to hire a plumber or an electrician for this task.

  • Versatility

  • Another important advantage brought by going with an inflating tub is the fact that it offers increased versatility when it comes to location, allowing the user to place it either indoors or outdoors. This is a great benefit to enjoy, especially considering that when the bad weather comes you won’t really want to go outside. When the temperature shifts or the weather turns cold, simply deflate it and move it indoors.

  • Improved Circulation

  • As expected, they come with a wide variety of health benefits as well. The most important health benefit of all is definitely the fact that using this type of tub helps improve blood circulation. The hydro massage that it offers and the hot water in which you will soak is going to cause the body temperature to rise. In return, your blood vessels will dilate and blood circulation will go a lot smoother. The people who benefit the most from this advantage are those who suffer from arthritis, providing them with better movement and less pain in the joints.

  • Stress Relief

  • Stress accumulates fast these days, all of us being affected by it. Instead of letting yourself get overwhelmed by the stress of your private life and work-related issues, relieve it in a fun and soothing way by soaking in it. The reason why it has impressive stress-relieving capabilities is that it helps stimulate the release of endorphins that give an overall sense of happiness and well-being, lifting your spirit and making all the worries go away.

  • Reduced Muscle Pain

  • Tense muscles and sore joints are health issues that appear now more often than ever, a lot of people of different ages suffering from unbearable pains that don’t allow them to yield normally. However, the jets help considerably reduce muscle pain, tension, and stiffness by providing a relaxing, high-pressure hydromassage. Therefore, you will enjoy the same benefit that you would if you were to get a massage from a professional, all without having to step outside of your home.

  • A Better Night’s Sleep

  • After a resting night’s sleep, you feel better, more energized, and capable of confronting any task thrown your way. Also, a resting night’s sleep ensures the proper function of your organs, meaning that your health will have a lot to benefit if you get about 8 hours of quality sleep each night. But not all of us can enjoy the quality night’s sleep that we need, generally, mild insomnia being to blame for this occurrence. In case you’re one of the people who have this problem, you should know that sitting in the hot water will help you fall asleep faster and wake up feeling rested. This is all due to the fact that the stress you are dealing with will be reduced, and your mind won’t be so crowded when night comes and it’s time to hit the sack.

Downsides of Inflatable Tubs

Unfortunately, there are a few downsides to inflatable hot tubs, but the good news is that some of these cons can be managed if you’re aware of them, or even avoided altogether by simply investing in a quality product, to begin with.

  • Potential Lack of Durability

  • If you don’t buy a quality hot tub, you’ll end up regretting it as the material in the inflatable won’t resist intense use and it will get punctured easily. This lack of durability is a major flaw as it shows that it’s not a dependable investment, not lasting as long as you would like it to last. Of course, even if you spend your money on the best inflatable tub, it will still be outshined by a hard side model when it comes to the durability of the construction.

  • Reduced Heating Power

  • Inflatables use a 120V electrical outlet. Unfortunately, this translates to a drastically reduced heating power when compared to the hard-side hot tubs. But this shouldn’t necessarily be viewed as an issue considering the fact that the water in inflatables can reach quite high temperatures if you don’t cheap out and invest in one of the better models on the market. For example, the top of the line SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet Pro can even reach up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, a water temperature that should suffice regardless of your preference.

  • Unpleasant Cooling Effect

  • Instead of using real water jets, inflatable use air jets that blow the air around in the tub. This causes the water to cool down a lot faster than it would if you were to use a hard side hot tub. To fix this problem as much as possible, make sure that the inflatable you go with isn’t made with materials that lose heat as well. If you do this, you should get about 20-30 minutes of good heat in the tub.

How to Choose the Most Reliable Models

Are you looking for a tub to relax in when you come home from work, or when you have guests over? Then you’d better make sure that your money is being spent on a top quality model that will not only last for years, but that will feature everything you need to have an unforgettable, relaxing experience when using it. To find out exactly what you are looking for when buying an inflatable hot tub, don’t skimp on reading this section of the article.

  • Quality Construction

  • First and foremost, you have to look for a model that has a quality construction. The durable construction is going to ensure that it will be a lasting investment, meaning that you won’t have to replace it for a long time. What we recommend is to look for a model like our top choice, the SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet Pro that features polyester laminated PVC for the construction of the tub. Also, to figure out whether you’re looking at a top quality model or not, you should search for the I-Beam technology feature as well because it shows increased stability, safety, and durability.

  • Ideal Seating Capacity

  • Another important aspect that you have to take into consideration is the inflatable hot tub’s seating capacity. What we recommend you go with are models that can accommodate 6 persons at once, like the Coleman SaluSpa or the Intex 28409E PureSpa Plus Bubble Spa. But if you know that you won’t have that many guests over and that you don’t actually need a large seating capacity, it’s perfectly fine to go with a model like the Canadian Spa Company CSCHTRG29 Rio Grande as well, a model that has a seating capacity of 4 persons. All in all, just make sure that you think well about this aspect before you go shopping to not regret your decision later.

  • Number of Jets

  • The jets are the ones that provide the soothing and relaxing hydro massages. To experience a truly unforgettable massage, you have to look for a model that features a large number of jets. A great choice for you is a model like the SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet Pro that comes with no less than 120 air jets and 8 hydro jets. This top of the line model will soothe any muscle or joint pain that you feel due to the impressive number of jets that it comes with, and it will relax you beyond belief when you receive the massage as well.

  • Useful Features

  • The most important feature that you have to look for when making this type of a purchase is for it to come with a water filtration system. If the model that you lay your eyes on comes with this feature, you can rest assured that the water will be clean and fresh at all times. This means that your health won’t be put in danger when using it and that you won’t have to change the water as often either.

    Another important feature to look for is the rapid heating system. A model like the Coleman SaluSpa, that raises the temperature of the water by 2-3°F per hour is what you must look for, the fast pace of the heating system ensuring that not a lot of time will pass until you will be able to use it.

    Last but not least, another mandatory feature to look for in order to ensure that you’re investing in a quality model is the presence of a digital control panel. This feature will make it convenient and easy to change the settings, allowing for a user-friendly operation.

  • Warranty

  • One of the most important factors when purchasing an inflatable hot tub is the warranty. Most products are built to be portable and comfortable, not necessarily to be durable. Therefore, most manufacturers cover the pump and the heater with a 1-year warranty and the tub pool with a 30-to 90-day warranty. As such, if you are looking to make this kind of an investment, make sure you choose one that features a longer warranty period of the tub pool. However, with proper care and maintenance, it should last for months even years.

Top Brands on The Market

To make sure that you’re investing in a quality item, you have to look for a hot tub that is produced by one of the leading brands on the market. When it comes to the production, the top brands that you should go with are BestWay, Canadian Spa Company, and Intex.

  • BestWay

  • Since the BestWay company was founded in 1994, it has delivered top-tier sporting and leisure products, making a name for itself on a very competitive market. Probably the most impressive one they have offered to their already loyal base of customers is the SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet Pro, an inflatable model that has impressed with its amazing capabilities and affordable price tag. The main objectives of this brand when manufacturing and distributing their high-quality tubs are the satisfaction of customers and the protection of the environment.

  • Canadian Spa Company

  • The Canadian Spa Company is one of the most renowned and respected brands on the market. In 2015, this global brand has even won the Best of Class Award, this title being deserved due to the high-end hot tubs that they have delivered to customers. For over 30 years, they have managed to bring joy to those looking for great-performing hot tubs at fair prices. As time has passed, this brand has focused on innovation and quality, this being the main reason why they have managed to provide impressive models like the top of the line CSCHTRG29 Rio Grande.

  • Intex

  • Intex is another top brand that you have to take into consideration when you go out to purchase a relaxing tub. This brand prides on providing only affordable products that are meant to last and that are innovative, delivering high-end features to those who use them. During the over 40 years since Intex has been founded, they have managed to gather a loyal base of customers that don’t purchase from any other manufacturer. Their passion and the quality of their work can be best seen in great models like the 28443E PureSpa Jet & Bubble Deluxe and the 28409E PureSpa Plus Bubble Spa.

  • Coleman

  • With a rich tradition of products that are manufactured in the United States with cutting-edge technology and affordability, the Coleman brand is recognized as a powerful brand people can trust. The innovation of this brand provides a remarkable 75% retention rating, meaning people will opt for Coleman over a competing brand. That’s why 87% of Coleman owners will strongly recommend the brand to others. And no to surprise, their products come with features that provide an eco-friendly purification system, exclusive upgrades and cost-saving technologies.

What’s Behind our Ratings

Probably the first question that popped into your head when you saw our ranking of the best products in this category on the market was how we have chosen and rated these specific models. To make you understand what’s behind our ratings for you to better appreciate quality, read the following lines.

  • Seating Capacity

  • One of the first aspects that we took into consideration was the seating capacity of the top of the line inflatable hot tubs on the market. This is the reason why the number one spot in our ranking is taken by the SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet model that has an impressive seating capacity of 6 persons. After all, people purchase it in the idea that it will be used when guests will come over as well. Therefore, the bigger the seating capacity, the better because more people will fit in it at once.

  • Maximum Heat Capability

  • The maximum heat capability shows what is the maximum temperature that the water can reach. When rating the top tier models that we have chosen, we made sure that they all feature a maximum heat capacity of around 104°F. This is the ideal temperature for the water to reach, being high enough for the experience of soaking in it to be as pleasant as possible.

  • Jets

  • Of course, we couldn’t skip on the number of jets that it came with. When rating the best models on the market, we had to take this element into consideration because a high number of jets shows that the user will receive a relaxing and pain soothing massage when soaking in the water. This is the reason why the impressive Intex 28409E PureSpa Plus Bubble Spa caught our attention, the 170 bubble jets that it features ensuring an unforgettable experience for those who use it.

  • Water Filtration System

  • Another important element that we have based the rating of the models in our top on is the presence of a quality water filtration system. As you can see, they all come with this feature, meaning that you will be able to safely use any of them without worrying that the water might be contaminated with debris or sediments.

  • Rapid Heating System

  • A rapid heating system is crucial because it shows that the hot tub will be ready for use fast. In the fast-paced world we live in, speed is a very important element to look for. This is one of the reasons why the efficient SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet Pro ranks as number 1 in our top, having the impressive capability of heating the water by 2-3°F per hour.

  • Accessories

  • There is a large variety of accessories that help maintain them in a great shape or help enhance the experience for those who use them. These accessories are the carry bag, the cover, the filter cartridge, and the chemical floater. The cover ensures the insulation when it’s not in use for the heating process to go faster when it will be put to use once again. Also, it ensures increased safety for those who have children, making it impossible for the small ones to use it without adult supervision. The carry bag provides a convenient transportation method when deflated. The other accessories that we have mentioned, more precisely the filter cartridge and the chemical floater, ensure that the water will remain clean and safe to sit in.

Frequently Asked Questions

?Is there a problem if I set the hot tub on a concrete surface?
As long as you opt for a high-end inflatable made with puncture-resistant materials, there should be no issues when it comes to setting it up on this type of surface. However, it is still advisable that you place a mat or cloth underneath the tub if you want to make sure the risk for puncturing is eliminated rather than reduced.

?What maintenance work is required for the inflatable tub?
Aside from sanitizing the water once in a while to ensure it does not contain harmful contaminants, you should periodically clean its exterior and the interior walls. Use a soft damp sponge for cleaning tasks, removing dirt and debris deposits that might have gathered on the surfaces of the tub this way.

?Should I deposit the hot tub during winter?
Considering the fact that this hot tub is inflatable, thus easy to deflate and store away, you should not take risks and put it in storage during the cold season when it is not in use. If you do happen to need to use it, simply take it out of its storage place, inflate, and use it. Just do not forget to put it back to its rightful place when you are done using it to avoid any damage being done to its construction.

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