Best Nail Guns

The variety of situations in which you need to use a nail gun make this tool be of an immense popularity, all handy people having at least one in their tool collection. This tool is used to drive nails into all kind of materials, but mostly it’s used for wood. There are a lot of types of nail guns out there when it comes to their type and power source, the most common being the pneumatic models. Other types include units that are driven by electromagnetism, electricity and highly flammable gasses.

Top 5 Nail Guns Comparison

1. DeWalt DC618K XRP 2. Bostitch N62FNK-2 3. DeWalt DC608K 4. Hitachi NR90AES1 5. WEN 61720

Product Specifications

Manufacturer DeWalt Bostitch DeWalt Hitachi WEN
Dimensions (L x W x H) 12.5″ x 4.18″ x 12.4″ 14.17″ x 3.63″ x 11.69″ 11.5″ x 3.5″ x 11.25″ 20.75″ x 4.94″ x 12.69″ 12.5″ x 3.13″ x 11″
Weight 8.6 Lbs 4.15 Lbs 7.5 Lbs 7.5 Lbs 5.4 Lbs
Type Battery Powered Pneumatic Battery Powered Pneumatic Pneumatic
Grip Overmold Rubber Overmold Rubber Rubber


Operating Mode Selective Selective Selective Selective Selective
Application Angled Finish Model Angled Finish Model Brad Model Framing Model Framing Model
Magazine Capacity 120 130 110 64 100
Collation Type Glue Glue Glue Plastic N/A
Nailing Rate (nails/sec) 4 – 5 4 – 5 4 – 5 N/A 4 – 5
Magazine Angle 20 Degrees 34 Degrees 0 Degrees 21 Degrees 0 Degrees
Fastener Type/Gauge 16 Gauge 15 Gauge 18 Gauge N/A 18 Gauge
Minimum Fastener Size 1.25″ 1.25″ 5/8″ 2″ 0.75″
Maximum Fastener Size 2.5″ 2.5″ 2″ 3.5″ 2″
Magazine Loading Rear Load Rear Load Side Load Rear Load N/A


Tool-Free Jam Clearance
No Mar Pad
Easy Maintenance
Other Features Integrated LED Lights Integrated LED Lights Integrated LED Lights Tool-less Depth Adjustment Dial Adjustable Exhaust Port
Integrated Belt Hook Integrated Belt Hook Integrated Belt Hook Head Guard Design Quick Release Magazine
6 Position Dial Trigger Lock-Off 12 Position Dial Depth Adjustment Wheel
Contact Trip Lock-Off Dial-a-Depth Adjustment Contact Trip Lock-Off
Automatic Tune-Up Mode Dry Fire Lockout Automatic Tune-Up Mode
Low Battery Indicator Low Battery Indicator
Jammed Nail Indicator Jammed Nail Indicator


1-Hour Charger Carrying Case 1-Hour Charger Safety Glasses Carrying Case
18V XRP Battery Sample Finish Nails 18V XRP Battery S3 Hex Wrench
Reversible Belt Hook Two Standard No-Mar Tips Reversible Belt Hook S4 Hex Wrench
No-Mar Tip Four Profile No-Mar Tips DeWalt Safety Glasses Non-Detergent Oil
DeWalt Safety Glasses Steel Belt Hook Heavy-Duty Kit Box
Heavy-Duty Kit Box Hex Wrench


Product Warranty 3 Years 7 Years 3 Years 5 Years 1 Year
Customer Support
User Manual

Top Rated 2017 Nail Guns Reviews

If you want to learn more about the high-end nail guns that feature in the comparison table from the beginning of the article, you must check out these detailed reviews for each product.

1. DeWalt DC618K XRP

One of the biggest advantages of using the DeWalt DC618K XRP model is the fact that it’s extremely portable, this unit not only weighing little and being compact in size, but being cordless and battery powered as well. The comfortable design that it boasts ensures that you won’t be worn out fast when using it. The convenience in use is even higher with this power tool considering the fact that it comes with a 20-degree angled magazine that ensures you won’t have to turn the unit at a steep angle when working with it. Another impressive aspect of this model is the fact that it can store up to 120 nails in the loading magazine, so you won’t have to replenish it too often. Of course, we can’t skip on the fact that it helps you be more precise and productive when working with it due to the fact that it allows you to choose between two operating modes, more precisely the sequential mode and the bump or contact mode. When it comes to safety in use, this model is a dream to work with as it features a lockable contact trip that ensures it won’t accidentally fire when you’re not using it. All of these features combined with the generous 3-year warranty make the DeWalt DC618K XRP the ideal tool for any handy person, so make sure that you have it at your disposal if you want to work smart and fast.

2. Bostitch N62FNK-2

The Bostitch N62FNK-2 is our choice for the second best model on the market due to the fact that it provides a fast and convenient operation, and it’s extremely easy to use. This pneumatic model features an ultra-quiet rear exhaust that directs the air away from you as you’re using it, a feature that you can use to your advantage when working in dusty areas. The LED lights that it features add to the functionality of the tool, allowing you to use it in dark spaces. The operating pressure that this pneumatic model comes with ranges from 70 PSI to 120 PSI. It comes with tool-free jam clearance to ensure that you will have an easy time getting out the nails that get stuck in the loading magazine. Of course, we can’t overlook the fact that the loading magazine of this model has an impressive capacity of up to 130 nails. Therefore, you won’t have to reload it too often when operating the tool. It offers you the possibility to choose between single or multiple fastener drive modes due to the fact that it comes with an adjustable trigger that has a safety lock-out. Another feature that you will surely love is the fact that this unit boasts a dial-a-depth adjustment that allows precise fastener placement. Also, the oil-free operation ensures that there won’t be much maintenance work to do when using it.

3. DeWalt DC608K

Just like the DC618K XRP model, the DC608K from DeWalt had to feature in our top due to its impressive excellence and quality operation. One of the reasons why we are very fond of this model is the fact that it is highly portable and convenient to work with, this being all due to the fact that it’s cordless and battery operated. Also, the compact size and the fact that it’s lightweight add to its portability, ensuring that you won’t get tired fast when working with it. The easy access to the nosepiece allows for a fast and easy removal of nails that get jammed during operation. The 12-position dial of the unit allows you to switch between applications without setting an exact depth. Due to the fact that it features a powerful engine, the tool will work fast and consistent no matter if you’re using it on soft or hard surfaces. In the loading magazine, it can store up to 110 nails at once, ensuring that you won’t have to replenish it with nails too often. The top cap that it comes with is highly impact resistant, thus making the unit very durable. Also, it is easy to remove, ensuring that maintenance work won’t be hard at all. Of course, we can’t overlook the fact that this model features contact trip lock-off, meaning that the trigger will be automatically disabled when the tool is not in use to ensure safety.

4. Hitachi NR90AES1

One of the most popular power tools of this kind on the market is the Hitachi NR90AES1, a model that we ranked fourth in our top due to its excellent, high-quality operation. It’s an air-powered unit that is ideal for framing, driving nails that range from 2 inches to 3.5 inches in length with ease. The design of the head guard allows for an easy disassembly of the unit, thus reducing the time you waste when doing maintenance work. It features a selective action trigger that allows you to switch between the contact operating mode and the sequential operating mode with ease. It can store up to 64 nails at once in the loading magazine, which is reasonable considering that you won’t spend a lot of time replenishing the magazine once it’s emptied. This round head framing model can be used for tasks such as sheathing, framing, subflooring, fencing, pallet assembly, decking, and truss building. It’s extremely light and compact in size, being easy to work with it for long hours because operating it won’t tire you at all. It boasts a great operating pressure that ranges from 70 PSI to 120 PSI, and it allows tool-less depth adjustment to make it more convenient to use it. Also, it’s backed up by an impressive 5-year warranty, a period of time during which the tool will be fixed or replaced by the manufacturer free of charge.

5. WEN 61720

As we have already mentioned, WEN is one of the best brands on the market, so you shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that the 61720 model produced by this manufacturer appears in our top. What makes it one of our favorite models out there is the fact that it offers effortless shots, being able to work with nails that range from 0.75 inches to 2 inches in size. The lightweight body and the comfortable rubber grip handle that it boasts ensure that you will be able to use it for hours without getting exhausted. This pneumatic model has an operating pressure that ranges from 60 PSI to 100 PSI. The spacious loading magazine that it comes with is capable of storing up to 100 nails at once. Of course, we can’t overlook the fact that it comes with the amazing quick-release design that ensures it will be a breeze to clear any jams that appear. The overall design and performance of this model make it ideal for light assemblies and trim work. The depth adjustment wheel that it comes with allows you to choose the precise depth at which you want the nails to be driven. Last but not least, it’s covered by a 1-year warranty that ensures it will be repaired or replaced in case anything happens to it.

6. NuMax SFN64

If you need a high-quality tool in your workshop, have a look at the SFN64 finish nailer by NuMax. This amazing tool has been designed to fit every workman’s needs. It features an aluminum cylinder and convenient and fatigue-minimizing grip handle for added protection. Furthermore, it comes with a nail adjustment function for easier nail depth setting and a single drive blade which minimizes internal failure tendencies. The SFN64 nailer is specifically designed to drive 16-gauge straight finish nails from 1″ to 2 ½”. Also, there is an anti-dust cap which is capable of protecting the nailer from dust and surface fragments. There is also an interesting feature, such as the speedy jam release function which can help you remove jammed nails. Another excellent feature is the exhaust port which can be adjusted to 360°. The device comes with oils for maintenance and free wrenches. The SFN64 is without a doubt the ideal tool for craft and DIY projects, including interior and exterior finish and trim, baseboards, furniture, cabinet work, chair rail molding, window casing and so on.

What You Need to Know About These Tools

As mentioned earlier, nail guns are important tools that all handy people must have due to the fact that they make driving nails into wood and other types of materials easy and convenient, being the ideal replacement for hammers. These powerful tools launch the nails at high speed, perfectly embedding them into the material in only a fraction of a second.

It’s their convenience and ease of use that has made them replace hammers as the tools of choice for builders, being no surprise that so many different models can be found on the market considering how big the demand for these tools is. If you are searching for a new tool of this kind to add to your collection and you want to make sure that you will invest in a top quality model, then you have to check out the comparison table above. In case you want to learn more about these tools, such as how they work and what makes them so great, make sure that you check out the rest of the article.

The most popular types of such tools have a loading mechanism that holds the nails glued together loosely in a strip. When operating with the tool, the friction heat causes the glue to melt, thus allowing the nails to get out of the gun.

What makes these tools even more tempting to work with is the fact that they are safer to use than hammers are. Of course, there are risks to operating with these tools as well, but it’s less likely to injure yourself when using such a product if you make sure that you use it properly.

Advantages of Working with a Top of the Line Tool

If you’re still not sure whether it’s worth investing in a top of the line product of this kind or not, you have come to the right place. The advantages that we will talk to you about in this section of the article will definitely help you make up your mind, understanding after you read why it’s necessary to have this tool at your disposal.

  • You Finish Faster

  • No matter how experienced you are when it comes to hammering nails into wood or other types of materials, you will never be as fast as this tool is. After you align the pieces of wood, the power tool will drive the nails in only a few seconds, securing the joints faster than you could have done it by hand. Therefore, if you want to get the job done faster, make sure that you use such a tool.

  • Increased Safety

  • When you drive nails manually, more precisely using a hammer, you have to hold them in place. This exposes your fingers and thumbs, increasing the chances for you to injure yourself while working. On the other hand, if you use this type of power tool and you make sure that you’re using it properly, there won’t be any chance for you to injure yourself as you won’t actually hold the nails in place with your fingers.

  • Improved Accuracy

  • One of the biggest advantages of using such a power tool is the fact that you will enjoy an improved accuracy. When you’re driving nails manually, you might miss the target or crook the nails. With such a tool, this won’t ever happen as the nail will go precisely where the tip is. By improving your accuracy when driving nails, your projects will look better, so it’s clear why you need this tool at your disposal.

  • Convenience

  • Of course, we can’t skip on the fact that using such a tool offers an increased convenience. This is all due to the fact that you won’t have to keep the nails in place with your fingers. Also, you won’t have to carry nails around with you, but rather place them in the loading mechanism. If you go with a model such as the Bostitch N62FNK-2, you will be able to store as many as 130 nails in the loading mechanism at once, thus ensuring that you won’t need to reload often.

  • Incomparable Power

  • When you do the procedure of driving the nails manually, you need to hit about three times in order to get the job done. This won’t be an issue when you will use a unit like this as the tool uses an equal amount of pressurized forced each time, thus ensuring that the job will be done in a single pass. The improved power that these tools boast makes them essential for handy people, helping save a lot of time when doing various projects, and making it less tiring to do them as well.

How to Choose the Most Effective Model

Have you decided that a product of this kind is an addition that you must make to your collection in order to finish various woodworking projects faster? Then make sure that you’re buying the right one by reading the following lines and finding out exactly what you must look for.

  • Power Source

  • The first aspect that you have to look into when making such a purchase is the power source as this is a major factor in establishing the mobility of the tool. Also, it shows what type of work can be done using it. The pneumatic models use air from a compressor to work, being very powerful and ideal for heavy-duty tasks. Battery-powered models offer the best mobility, not requiring an air compressor or a hose to operate. Also, they have a quick start-up time, the only downside being that they are less powerful when compared to pneumatic models. Fuel-driven models use combustion to operate, and they are great for heavy-duty jobs due to the fact that they are extremely powerful.

  • Firing Method

  • Another element that you have to take into consideration is the firing method of the tool. Of course, when making this choice, it’s all about your personal preference and what type of work you want to do with the tool, existing no issues if you choose a certain method over the others. The firing methods that exist are contact, single sequential, single actuation, and full sequential. Also, know that there are models that offer multiple settings when it comes to the firing method, ensuring a higher versatility in use.

  • Jam Clearance

  • Occasionally, nails get stuck in the loading mechanism. When this happens, you have to clear them out in order to be able to use the power tool once again. For this to be an easy and fast task, you must look for a model that features tool-free jam clearance. As you have probably already noticed, all the models in out top come with this feature as we are aware of its importance.

  • Depth Adjustment

  • Another feature that you can’t skip on when looking for the perfect model to go with is depth adjustment. A model that features depth adjustment allows you to drive the nail into the work surface as much as you want. If the unit doesn’t come with this feature, the nails might be left protruding, something that you definitely don’t want to happen.

  • Directional Exhaust

  • A directional exhaust system is a necessity when working with such a tool as it allows you to channel the exhaust. It’s valuable especially when you’re working in a dusty area, providing a quick clean-up. Some systems of this kind require tools for adjustment, while others don’t, so make sure that you look into this aspect as well when making the choice to ensure that you will go with the most convenient type for you.

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