Portable Air Compressors

Having an air compressor at your disposal is something you need because there are a variety of situations in which these products come in handy. For example, they are mandatory for car owners as they can get the people out of an unpleasant situation like a tire going flat, this situation leading to the abrupt end of a vacation if it is not dealt with fast. This is where mobile models come in, allowing you to keep them in the trunk of your car or in your garage and to use them with ease, thus ensuring that a flat tire or any other item which is deflating will be dealt with on the spot.

Top 5 Portable Air Compressors Comparison

1. Mi-T-M AM2-PH09-20M 2. Mi-T-M AM1-PE02-20M 3. Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 4. PORTER-CABLE C2002-WK 5. Viair 00073 70P
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Product Specifications
Manufacturer Mi-T-M Mi-T-M Makita PORTER-CABLE Viair
Dimensions (L x W x H) 46″ x 26″ x 39.5″ 40″ x 24″ x 32″ 20″ x 18.8″ x 18″ 17″ x 17″ x 20.5″ 6.5″ x 3.6″ x 6.2″
Weight 306 Lbs 203 Lbs 77 Lbs 30 Lbs 5.05 Lbs
Material Powder Coated Steel Powder Coated Steel Cast Iron Cast Iron N/A
Connector Type Quick Connect/Disconnect Quick Connect/Disconnect Quick Connect/Disconnect Quick Connect/Disconnect Quick Connect/Disconnect
Motor 270cc Honda GX270 OHV Industrial UL-Listed Electric 4-Pole Model Low Amp 120V Permanent Magnetic
Horsepower 9.00 2.00 2.5 0.8 N/A
Type Two-Stage Single Stage Framing & Roofing Trim Single Stage
Cylinder Cast Iron Cast Iron Cast Iron N/A Anonized Aluminum Alloy
Power Source Gas Electric Electric Electric Electric
Capacity 20 Gallons 20 Gallons 4.2 Gallons 6 Gallons N/A
Air Flow Capacity 17.2 CFM 9.2 CFM 4.2 CFM 2.6 CFM 1.27 CFM
Maximum Working Pressure 175 PSI 90 PSI 130 PSI 150 PSI 100 PSI
Maximum AMP Draw 20 18.8 12.3 10 15
Motor RPM Rating 1750 1750 1720 1730 N/A
Noise Level 90 dB 80 dB 79 dB 82 dB 65 dB
Features & Accessories
Industrial Filter N/A
Manual Drain Valve
Oil Level Sight Indicator
Lifting Handle
Thermal Overload Protection N/A
Automatic Shut-Off N/A
Other Features
Venting System Venting System Oil Lubricated Pump Oil-Less Design Vibration Isolators
Stainless Steel Braided Discharge Hose Stainless Steel Braided Discharge Hose Copper Finned Discharge Tubing High-Flo Air Regulator Nozzle Adapters
3/16″ Base Plate 3/16″ Base Plate 25-Foot Long Air Hose 30-Minute Duty Cycle at 30 PSI
Belt Tightening System Belt Tightening System 13-Piece Accessory Kit l-Less Design
Quick Access to Belts Quick Access to Belts 4-Foot Long Air Hose
16.5″ Fly Wheel 10″ Fly Wheel 16-Foot Long Power Cord
Pneumatic Idle Control Carry Bag
Product Warranty 2 Years for Pump Exchange; 3 Years for Engine 2 Years for Pump; 1 Year for Motor 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Customer Support
User Manual

Mobile Air Compressors Reviews

As you have probably already noticed, we have rounded up the best products on the market in the comparison table above, giving you the chance to analyze each and every one of them in detail to establish what is the best choice for you easily. Also, in the rest of the article, we will explain more about them, from their use to the advantages they bring, even covering aspects like what are the best brands out there. Therefore, stick with us for the rest of the article to learn more about these products.

1. Mi-T-M AM2-PH09-20M

While the heavy weight might have you think it is impossible to move, due to the fact that it features wheels and a convenient handle, you will be able to conveniently change its location when needed, although you are still likely to need another person’s help for the task.


It features an impressive Honda GX270 OHV motor which has a fierce 270cc displacement, ensuring a great performance at all times. The 20-gallon capacity tank assures you of the fact that you will not find yourself in an unpleasant situation where you will be forced to stop inflating the tires due to the pressure dropping. The splash lubricated cast iron crankcase it features guarantees you will enjoy extended hours of top performance if you go with it. Also, durability is shown by other specs like the cast iron head and cylinder. Another aspect that will make you fall in love with it is the fact that it features a 14-gauge two-piece belt guard that has a 1/4-turn release, allowing a quick access to the belts when maintenance work is due.

  • Manual drain valve that ensure maintenance work won’t be difficult.
  • Belt tightening system that plays the role of pulling the engine straight to ensure proper alignment.
  • Proper cooling is ensures by the 16.5-inch fly wheel that helps prolong its lifespan.

The receiver tank it features is powder coated to ensure it won’t rust or corrode as time passes. It features a 3/16-inch base plate that helps reduce vibration in order to ensure it won’t suffer damage easily. The 14-gauge powder coated belt it comes with is composed of two pieces and provides a ¼-turn release that allows quick access when maintenance work is due. The tires it features measure 13 inches, and it also features a convenient lifting handle.

  • Convenient pneumatic engine idle control
  • Discharge hose is made from durable stainless steel
  • It features a regulator and two gauges for outlet and tank pressure
  • Superior quality pilot valve unloader
  • Features manual drain valve that allows proper maintenance
  • There are no downsides to this product

Our top pick for more than obvious reasons, this MI-TM-M product is a purchase you cannot skip on. Great for light as well as heavy-duty tasks, it is delivers an incomparable performance. Sure, it might cost a pretty penny, but if you want to enjoy the best quality possible, you will not regret purchasing it.

2. Mi-T-M AM1-PE02-20M

Obviously, the AM1-PE02-20M as to take the number two spot on our top, being very similar in performance to the first ranked model that comes from Mi-T-M. It might come at a spicy price, but it is worth the investment, being a reliable product that will be by your side for years to come. Also, considering its versatility, you will be able to use it in a variety of situation, thus making back the money you spend on it in a couple of years.

It comes with a 2.0 HP, 18.8A, 120V motor that provides it enough power to handle all the tasks you want to do with it. The 20-gallon capacity of the tank ensures the pressure won’t drop as you are using it. It produces 80 dB while operating, so it will not be too bothersome for you or those around you to inflate tires with it. It features both thermal overload protection and an automatic shut-off, ensuring complete safety in use.

The high-quality venting system it comes with reduces crankcase temperature and pressure. It features a 3/16-inch base plate that has the role of reducing vibration, allowing a more convenient operation. It provides quick access to the belts due to the 16-gauge powder coated two-piece belt guard with 1/4-turn release it features. Also, it comes with a lifting handle which makes it easier to move around this 203-pound heavy item as you like.

  • Thermal overload feature ensures the motor’s protection
  • Vibration is dramatically decreased by the 3/16-inch base plate it features
  • Maintenance work is made easy by the manual drain valves it features
  • 20-gallon receiver tank is powder coated
  • Convenient handle makes lifting it easy
  • There are no downsides to this product

Another top of the line option to go with, the 20M does not actually have any flaws performance nor feature-wise. Quiet considering the heavy-duty tasks it is designed to take on without even flinching, this is a purchase we strongly recommend you make as we have tested it and been stunned by its versatility in use.

3. Makita MAC2400 Big Bore

Makita really took the market by storm when producing the MAC2400 Big Bore due to the fact that it boasts both a great performance and an approachable price. It weighs a mere 77 pounds, and it measures only 20 inches in length, 18.8 inches in width, and 18 inches in height. Therefore, you will have an easy time moving it around and storing it once you are done using it. The 4-pole motor provides it enormous power has an impressive 2.5 HP, ensuring you will love working with it.

It produces only 79 dB while operating, so you can rest assured it will not inconvenience anyone who happens to be in your vicinity when you are using it, not even you. The heavy duty industrial air filter ensures a great air intake and an increased efficiency, offering a reliable overall performance. Maintenance work will not be hard at all with it due to the fact that it features a manual drain valve. For your safety as a user and to ensure it will be reliable for years to come, it features an automatic shut-off and thermal overload protection.

It comes with a convenient lifting handle that makes it even easier to move it around. Unfortunately, the tank capacity is only 4.2 gallons, which is a lot less than what the first two ranked models have to offer. Nonetheless, this capacity is enough to ensure you can use it for various tasks without the pressure dropping.

  • Durable motor – oil lubricated for cool and durable running
  • Impressive efficiency ensured by its industrial air filter
  • Perfect for heady-duty tasks
  • High CFM rating makes it a reliable tool for any task at hand
  • Despite its impressive power, it does not produce a lot of noise when operating
  • A bit heavier than other models

Makita tools are quite popular, so this entry does not come as a surprise considering the quality of the products manufactured by this company. Perfect for handling all sorts of task, regardless how challenging they might be, it is a tool that will sit by your side for years on end. Best of all, it comes at a rather reasonable price too, so you need not worry about making too large of an investment with it.


As mentioned earlier, when we talked about the leading brands on this market, it is impossible for you to not have already heard about PORTER-CABLE. This top brand is responsible for the release of the C2002-WK, a product that is both affordable and effective. What you will surely appreciate when buying it is the fact that it comes with a 13-piece accessory kit which allows you to use it for a variety of inflating tasks.

Another element that will surely delight you is the High-Flo air regulator feature it comes with, ensuring protection against large pressure drops. It has an oil-less design that makes it ideal for those who do not want to do maintenance work on the tools and appliances they own, eliminating the need for you to care of it. It measures 17 inches in length, 17 inches in width, 20.5 inches in height, and it weighs 30 pounds, being a dream come true for those who want a truly portable tool.

It has a 6-gallon capacity tank that makes it perfect for household use and for doing various auto repair tasks. It produces 82 dB when it operates, thus ensuring your neighbors will not hear you when you use it. Also, it is accompanied by a 1-year warranty, a period of time during which all the defects will be repaired by the manufacturer free of charge.

  • Air coupler and plug are installed during the manufacturing process
  • Discrete operation when compared to other models
  • Oil-free pump ensures little to no maintenance work is required with it
  • Highly portable – lightweight and features a built-in carry handle
  • Extended motor life ensured by the replaceable brushes it features
  • Some customers have reported occasional air leaks
  • Repair kit for the regulator is quite expensive

This pancake-style air compressor is a delight to work with, its design and easy maneuverability ensuring you will not be faced with any issues when using it for inflating tasks. Reasonably priced and easy to work with, we strongly suggest you opt for it if you want to enjoy a remarkable performance.

5. Viair 00073 70P

The 00073 70P perfectly combines high performance with affordable pricing, being a fan favorite due to these two elements. It measures 6.5 inches in length, 3.6 inches in width, 6.2 inches in height, and it weighs only 5.05 pounds, allowing handheld use and ensuring an impressive portability. From this point of view, it is superior to all the other models in our top, allowing you to store it with ease and use it without tiring your hands at all despite the fact that you are literally carrying it.

The 1.27 CFM rating it boasts is reached when the working pressure is at 0 PSI, having a maximum working pressure of 100 PSI. It produces only 65 dB when it operates, being the quietest entry in our top. The power cord measures 16 feet and the air hose measures 4 feet, allowing a convenient use.

It has an oil-less design which shows this is a maintenance free tool. The vibration isolators it boasts ensure that it will not inconvenience you in any way while using it. It is backed up by the manufacturer for defects for 1 year. Also, it comes with a carry bag in which you can place it to ensure a safe and convenient storage.

  • One of the best quality to price ratios at the moment
  • Designed to be one of the best portable options out there
  • Oil-free design ensures you will not waste much time on maintenance work
  • Ideal for light and average inflation jobs
  • Stays reasonably cool even when succumbed to intense use
  • Some customers have complained that it got too noisy when operating

Based on what we have learned from customers who have already purchased it and what we found after performing our own tests, we can safely say that this is a reliable tool to go with. Ready to confront any heavy-duty task thrown its way and designed to last for years even though it is put to intense use, it is one of our favorite models at the moment.

6. Bostitch BTFP02012

Boasting a compact size and weighing only 29 pounds, the Bostitch makes for one of the most reliable entries on its market not only due to the high portability, but due to the overall performance it provides. It is able to deliver a maximum working pressure of up to 150 PSI, which means that you will be done in no time with the task you intended to use it on.

When it runs, it produces only 80 decibels, which might not make it the quietest product you will stumble upon but still guarantees a peaceful work environment. It features a high flow regulator and couplers which maximize its performance and support two users. Another mention-worthy element is the fact that its tank boasts a generous 6-gallon capacity.

Due to the fact that it boasts an oil-free design, it won’t require daily maintenance as other models do, and there is no risk of staining either. Furthermore, the company that manufactures it offers the product a 1-year backing on parts and labor, so you will enjoy free repairs or even an eventual replacement if needed while the agreement is active.

  • Oil-free design ensures maintenance will be hassle-free
  • Maximum working pressure of 150 PSI
  • Generous 6-gallon tank capacity
  • Weighs only 29 pounds
  • Produces only 80 decibels when it runs

The quiet work environment it provides as it doesn’t produce a noisy sound when operating combined with its high working pressure and the affordable asking price make the Bostitch one of the best products that you could opt for.

7. Tcisa TSA-AC

A compact and lightweight inflation tool you need to keep in the trunk of your car or garage so that it will be in your reach when an emergency situation arises, the Tcisa is not only one of our favorite entries on the market, but the best-selling product on it as well. The small asking price makes it all the more desirable as it is affordable for a wider range of customers.

The measuring range it provides is from 0 to 150 PSI, the accuracy it boasts being of only 0.5 PSI. It features an LCD display which adds to its user-friendliness, and it comes with 4 LED lights that make operation in the dark possible. The power cord measures 10 feet, so you will be able to reach the tires of the car without a problem.

It is able to operate in temperatures ranging from -22 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The 140-watt motor it uses makes it provide an impressive 35 l/min inflating rate. In addition, it is backed by a 3-year warranty for manufacturing defects and parts, and it comes with a carry bag where you can neatly place it for easier transportation.

  • Inflates at a 35 l/min rate due to the 140-watt motor it features
  • Features a rubber protector that ensures vibrations won’t make it move
  • LCD display grants ease of use
  • LED lights allow use even in poor light conditions
  • Best-selling product on the market right now

The best-selling product on the market, this Tcisa entry is one of our favorites as it comes at a reasonable price and provides a hefty inflating performance of 35 l/minute. Best of all, the reasonable asking price makes it an approachable option for most customers.


With an efficient 12 amps motor that enables an easy start-up, it is definitely a great choice if you want to buy a high-quality unit. The 2.5-gallon tank, as well as the 200 max PSI, make the unit very powerful, but quite silent at the same time, the operating noise level being 71.5 dB. In comparison to the traditional models, the pump recharges up to 15% faster at 3.0 SCFM. Furthermore, whenever the pressure drops below 165 PSI, it automatically begins to recharge the tank in order to make sure your work will not be interrupted.

Additionally, even if the temperature is below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, it will start with absolutely no inconvenience. Here we also have to mention the fact that the pump it comes with does not use oil and it does not require maintenance, so it is very convenient. Another interesting aspect is the fact that the roll cage and the control panel were specially made to protect the components.

Also, the unit features a lightweight and compact design, weighing 36 pounds, and it can be operated both in a vertical or horizontal position. All in all, it is a great option because it comes with many features at a reasonable price. Besides the main unit, you will also receive 2 universal air couplers and a 1-year warranty to enjoy the unit free from manufacturing defects.

  • One of the most silent models
  • Great price to quality ratio – highly affordable
  • Designed to ensure you will not run out of air mid-job
  • Can be used on light and medium inflating jobs
  • Efficient motor provides an easy start-up
  • Task is quite small when compared to what other models offer

Affordable and a real force to be reckoned with when it comes to its inflating performance, this DeWalt product might not have made it into our top 5, but it still boasts a hard-to-top performance. Silent but deadly, we strongly advise you to not overlook it.

9. EPAuto AT-010-1Z

We start off by praising the cheap price it comes at, a price which makes it a viable acquisition for all customers. Furthermore, we must mention that it is actually the best-selling product in this niche, so it is easy to understand why it had to make an appearance in our top. Also, you should know that this is a CE certified product, meaning that safety and quality are two issues you need not worry about.

Since we are on the safety subject, we should mention the fact that it features an overheat protector which causes it to automatically shut off when the temperature exceeds 167 degrees Fahrenheit. Its maximum operating pressure is 100 PSI, which for some can seem like too little, but depending on the applications for which you intend to use it, this aspect might not present a problem ever.

It boasts a marvelous inflating speed of 1.06 cubic feet per minute, which means that it won’t take long for it to inflate your car tire, for example. To use it, all you have to do is to plug it into the cigarette lighter socket of the vehicle. To end the review, we mention that it displays 4 different units, which makes it convenient and easy to use. There units include – PSI, Bar, Kg/Cm, and KPA.

  • Best-selling compact size model on the market right now
  • Comes at a cheap price which makes it a viable acquisition
  • Intuitive display makes it easy for you to read off of it – Kg/Cm, PSI, Bar, KPA
  • Conveniently plugs into the cigarette lighter socket of the car
  • Automatically turns off when the desired pressure is reached
  • Can only reach a maximum working pressure of 100 PSI

With security measures in check not only to boost your convenience while using it, but to enhance safety in use as well, it is a highly desirable tool to have in your personal collection. Best of all, it comes at a very cheap price, this aspect alongside its overall capability making it the best-selling product in this niche.

Getting Acquainted with the Tool

These machines have many uses, ranging from fixing a flat tire by pumping air into it to supplying a large amount of moderate-pressure air for industrial processes like oxidation for petroleum cooking. Fortunately for us, the consumers, due to the fact that they are used in a wide range of situations, it means that this market has blossomed in an ideal way, having plenty of choices to pick from. Just be aware of the fact that it is highly important to inform yourself about everything related to them before making a choice. For example, you should be aware of the fact that there is a multitude of types to choose from, as you have probably already noticed from the comparison table.

The most popular types are the positive-displacement models, being the favorites of contractors, homeowners, woodworkers, and mechanics. But they are not the only types out there, existing models that use rotating impellers to generate the air pressure as well. Of course, it is all a matter of choice and preference, but we still recommend you listen to the majority in this case as these products are used in too many situations, and they are not all cheap either. Therefore, it is best to spend your money wisely and understand why a certain compressor is seen as being the best instead of taking an expensive decision you will regret later.

How Is It Useful?

These tools come at different prices, some being affordable for most people while top products coming at more expensive prices that make them a tough choice to go with. But quality is of an utter importance when it comes to this type of machines, being important that you spend some extra dollars to make sure you are fully benefiting from what these products have to offer. If you are not aware of the many benefits of owning one, then make sure you check out this section of the article.

  • Portability

    The portability benefit of these items is obvious when you spell out their name and it is by far the most important advantage that comes with owning them. This significant advantage allows you, the owner, to take it with you wherever you go in order to use it for a wide variety of applications. It will be easy to move it where it is needed, the task not requiring you to put in too much effort. It is precisely their high portability that makes them both very easy to work with and highly effective as well.

  • Compact Size

    These items are available in many different sizes, but they are generally pretty compact. This can be noticed better when you compare them to stationary models which are impossible to move, having a fixed location. It is the compact size they boast that makes them portable, ensuring you will be able to take them with you wherever you want. Also, the compact size of these items makes them more flexible to work with, being easy to find a storage place for them when they are not in use.

  • Versatility

    The versatility and cost-effectiveness of portable air compressors are impossible to beat, being used in a wide range of situations. There are many air tools which can be used with them, making these tools great for use when doing countless jobs around the house, for example. No matter if you want to clean up sawdust, or change the look of a room with new crown moldings, you can use the motor to make these tasks possible and easy.

  • Fast and Easy Auto Repairs

    Let’s face it, none of us like paying exorbitant sums of money to the mechanic whenever something goes wrong with a car. Having it at your disposal changes the situation, allowing you to do various auto repairs on your own in a fast and easy manner, thus helping you save a lot of money in the long run. For example, owning it will help you when it comes to inflating flat tires, tuning up PCV valves, and removing bolts that have rusted from tight places.

  • Quiet Operation

    If you have ever seen a stationary machine of this type, you know how noisy it actually gets. But this is not the case with portable models as they produce significantly less noise. This makes them more convenient to use as they will not bother you while operating with them. Also, they won’t make a lot of ruckuses, thus not bothering your neighbors or the people who are around you at that moment, being ideal for both indoor and outdoor tasks.

Safety Tips

To make sure you are out of harm’s way when using the tool, you must be aware of how to properly and safely handle the tool. In the following, we will tell you what these safety considerations are. To simplify matters for you, we have structured the tips into three categories, more precisely general safety tips, pre-operational safety checks, and operational safety checks.

  • General safety tips:

    These are the general safety aspects to take into consideration whenever you are handling the tool:

  • Wear safety glasses to ensure your eyes are protected in case any mishap occurs;
  • Take off all types of jewelry before operating it;
  • In case you have long or loose hair, contain it before you start using the tool;
  • Do not use it next to flammable materials;
  • Wear protective or close fitting clothing to protect your body.
  • Pre-operational safety checks:

    The safety checks you must perform prior to using the tool:

  • Clear the workspace of all tripping hazards;
  • Place it in a suitable location;
  • In case it features wheels, lock them to prevent the tool from moving while in use;
  • Check to make sure the fittings and connections are in a good condition;
  • Read the instruction manual thoroughly in case it is your first time using the tool.
  • Operational safety checks:

    Safety checks that must be performed during the operation of the tool:

  • Check if any of the flexible airlines have air leaks;
  • Adjust the pressure regulator according to the requirements of the project you are working on;
  • At regular intervals while using it, check for any type of operational issue.

Maintenance Tips

Just like any tool, it requires your attention in order to function properly for a long time. This means that some maintenance work must be done on it once in a while. With this machine, there are maintenance tasks which must be done on a daily basis, some on a monthly basis, while other tasks must be done after a long period since using it, more precisely after at least 500 hours. To make sure that you will protect your investment and keep it running perfectly for a long time, read this section of the article to find out what maintenance work you must perform.

  • Daily Checks

    The most critical maintenance work you must perform is the daily one. More precisely, you have to take 10 minutes out of your time to ensure that the tool performs well, without disruption. What you must do is to check the machine for leaks, check the oil, the radiator coolant levels, make sure the gauges and lamps work, that there is no debris in the pre-cleaner and that the radiator cap is secured in its place.

  • Monthly Checks

    Now that you know what are the daily checks you must perform, let’s move on to the monthly ones. Once per month, you should check to see if there are any parts that need to be replaced, clean the cleaner system and the engine radiator, and ensure the automatic shutdown system works well. By doing this, you can prevent any real damage from occurring, thus keeping the tool in a top-notch shape.

  • Checks that You Must Perform in Time

    When the 500-hour mark is reached, do not forget to replace all the filters it features. However, in case you use it in a dirty environment, you should check more often to see if the filters need to be replaced and do so when it is necessary. When the 2000-hour mark is reached, you have to replace the separator element. This is basically everything you need to do to keep it up and running perfectly for as long as possible.

Buying Guide

Making sure the product you buy is indeed of a great quality is extremely important, being a shame to waste your money on an item which will break down easily or will not perform as expected. This is the reason why we have done the proper research and written this detailed buying guide, offering you the help you need when you go shopping for a new tool of this type.

  • Pay Attention to the Horsepower

    Generally, the horsepower of these tools ranges between 1.5 and 6.5, but there are models that exceed these values. An example is the top of the line Mi-T-M AM2-PH09-20M that boasts no less than 9.0 HP. Of course, this is not the only spec you should focus on, but it is among the top stats that you have to look into.

  • Take the Cubic Feet per Minute into Consideration

    CFM or cubic feet per minute is another stat you have to pay attention to when purchasing it. As expected, the higher the CFM rating is, the better when it comes to performance. Just keep in mind that this spec is correlated to the PSI, meaning it will vary depending on the value of the PSI.

  • Check the Power Source

    Another important thing you have to take into consideration when you go shopping is the power source it requires to operate. If you know that you won’t always have an electric source at your disposal, for example, it is best for you to go with a gas-powered model like the Mi-T-M AM2-PH09-20M. If not, then you can turn to a model like the Makita MAC2400 Big Bore which requires electricity to run. This choice solely depends on you, so think it through well before you go shopping.

  • Do Not Forget About Tank Size

    To avoid stopping in the middle of the task you are doing with it, then you have to make sure that the tank has a large enough capacity for the pressure to not drop fast. Therefore, look for models that have a big capacity, like the Mi-T-M AM2-PH09-20M and the Mi-T-M AM1-PE02-20M, both of which boast a great 20-gallon capacity.

  • Look at Its Noise Level

    How much noise it produces is important because you would not want to end up bothering everyone around you when you use it. Generally, they produce between 60 and 90 dB. It might not seem like the difference between a 60 dB and a 90 dB model is huge, but it actually is because the decibel scale is very different from other types of scales we are used to. On this scale, even 10 dB makes a huge difference. Therefore, go for a model that produces as little noise as possible, a great example being the Viair 00073 70P that makes only 65 dB while operating.

  • Consider how Compact it Actually is

    Seeing that portability is tightly linked to the size of the unit, you have to make sure you buy one that is as compact as possible for it to be portable and easy to use. The smaller the footprint and weight are, the better, as you will have an easier time not only using it but carrying it with you and storing it as well.

Brands that Produce Quality Tools

On each market, there are certain brands that have managed to take the spotlight and become household names through the high-quality tools they deliver to customers. You will find reliable brands like Mi-T-M, Makita, PORTER-CABLE, and Viair. To learn more about these amazing brands that get worldwide recognition from consumers for their work, read this section of the article.

  • Mi-T-M

    Mi-T-M is a great example of excellence, being the brand that we have to thank for the production of the AM2-PH09-20M and the AM1-PE02-20M, 2 excellent machines which exceed all expectations when it comes to high performance and durability. This company has been around since 1971 and it prides on manufacturing only high-quality products. In fact, this is the reason why the company was able to make it in this competitive market, being considered as one of the best for many years.

  • Makita

    A company that has a long and beautiful history behind it is Makita, the manufacturer of the MAC2400 Big Bore. This great company has been founded back in 1915, having over 100 years of experience in the production of power tools. Their experience alone shows how much passion goes into the products they deliver, this being the secret of their immense success.


    PORTER-CABLE is a brand you have surely already heard of, existing since 1906. Since this company has been founded, it has managed to innovate the market for professional woodworking power tools, becoming the top choice for many people. If you are looking for unique, high-quality compressors, they are certainly the brand you should opt for. To get a better idea of how great they work, know they are the ones that released the great C20002-WK.v

  • Viair

    We end our discussion regarding the best brands by talking about Viair, another leading brand that has become a household name. Viair is a young and responsible company that does everything in its power to meet and even exceed the standards of this industry. One of their best products is the Viair 00073 70P, a model that is affordable but does not sacrifice quality despite the low price.

How the Rating Process Went

Criteria Impact/Importance Best Product
Weight and Dimensions Considering the fact that these items are supposed to be highly portable, it was obvious we had to rate them according to their weight and dimensions as well. Of course, this was not the most important rating as the performance is much more important, but the weight and dimensions still affected our decisions. Viair 00073 70P
Motor A powerful motor automatically spells a powerful performance, this being the reason why we put so much accent on the quality of the motor when rating and ranking these products. Mi-T-M AM2-PH09-20M
Thermal Overload Protection The presence of thermal overload protection is crucial, ensuring safety and durability. This protection ensures that where there is a spike, the motor will stop, thus preventing damage to it. A complete shut-down will occur as this happens, the tool not working again until the situation is addressed. Mi-T-M AM1-PE02-20M, Makita MAC2400 Big Bore, Porter-Cable C2002-WK, Viair 00073 70P
High-Flo Air Regulator Pressure drops are completely unwanted. The High-Flo air regulator feature protects against large pressure drops, thus ensuring you will work in a very efficient manner with the tool. Porter-Cable C2002-WK

Frequently Asked Questions

?What does CFM stand for?
CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. It is a measure of the flow rate it pushes out. it is important to check this rating as it shows for what type of applications it is best suited. However, when you do make a pick, do not base it solely on cubic feet per minute, and take the operating pressure into consideration as well.

?Is an oil-less model better?
If it boasts an oil-less design, this does not imply that its performance tops that of a model which requires oil. However, what it does show is that little to no maintenance is required for it. For most, this is a big enough perk on its own as it spares them of having to remember any work needs to be done on the tool.

?What is a decent outputted noise level to go for?
If you do not want to wake everyone up when you use it, what we recommend you go for in terms of outputted noise level is approximately 60 decibels. While the range of 60 to 90 decibels is not all that loud either, it might present a nuisance to your neighbors.

Everyone gets a flat tire once in a while or needs the help of an air compressor for who knows what reason. Due to their inevitable requirability in the collection of handy people, manufacturers have turned to produce portable models which can be more easily handled. As we were searching the market for the best product, we stumbled upon the Mi-T-M AM2-PH09-20M that has a powerful 9HP 270cc Honda motor and a staggering 17.2 cubic feet per minute airflow capacity. Thus, it inflates tires faster than you would expect, making this task seem like a breeze.

Another portable model that caught our eye is the Makita MAC2400 Big Bore which is more reasonably priced and boasts a more compact design, all without sacrificing performance quality. Its 4.2 cubic feet per minute air flow capacity should suffice for any task at hand, and its 79-decibel noise output does not present a nuisance. But if you want a real bargain, the one we recommend is the Viair 00073 70P as it comes at the best price, all without being inferior in performance to our other entries. Overall, regardless of your choice, we are sure you will be pleased with any of the products we presented as they truly are of a great quality.

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