Shoes for Nurses

Given how much nurses have to walk and stand, it’s essential that they wear a comfortable pair of shoes that keep their feet comfy and prevents fatigue and sore muscles. The shoes designed for nurses have a sturdy sole and a thick padding that ensures a superior comfort while promoting a good blood circulation in the feet. Bottom line, nurses shoes definitely wear a pair of footwear that takes care of their feet as they take care of their patients.

Top 9 Shoes for Nurses Comparison

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Best Overall

1. Dansko Women’s Professional Clogs

  • Comfortable 1.75 inches heel height
  • Leather upper
  • Polyurethane outsole with rocker bottom
  • 54 color options
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Nurse Mates Women's Dove

2. Nurse Mates Women’s Dove

  • Comfortable 1.5 inches heel height
  • Leather upper
  • EVA outsoles with rubber inserts
  • 3 color options
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Nurse Mates - Womens - Bryar

3. Nurse Mates – Womens – Bryar

  • Comfortable 2.25 inches heel height
  • Soft full-grain or rich patent leather upper
  • Polyurethane outsole
  • 7 color options
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StickyPRO Comfortable Work Shoes for Women Image
Our Choice

4. StickyPRO Comfortable Work Shoes for Women

  • Comfortable 1-inch platform
  • Waterproof upper and outsole
  • Shock absorbent sole
  • 11 color options
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Nurse Mates Quark Women's Nursing Shoe

5. Nurse Mates Quark Women’s Nursing Shoe

  • Comfortable heel
  • Patented compound of EVA and rubber
  • Superior slip-resistant sole
  • 3 color options
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Natural Uniforms - Women's Lightweight Nurse Shoes

6. Natural Uniforms – Women’s Lightweight Nurse Shoes

  • Comfortable heel
  • EVA foam upper
  • Non-marking sole
  • 8 color options
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Cherokee Women's Peacock Work Shoe

7. Cherokee Women’s Peacock Work Shoe

  • Comfortable 1.75 inches heel
  • Leather upper
  • DBL outsole
  • 3 color options
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Skechers 76536

8. Skechers 76536

  • Rubber sole
  • True to size
  • Superior slip-resistant sole
  • 1 color option
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Sticky Shoes Keep Nursing

9. Sticky Shoes Keep Nursing

  • Rubber sole
  • Footbed is made from absorbent material
  • Superior slip-resistant sole
  • 4 colors option

Nurse Shoes Reviews

Nursing shoes must meet some requirements in order to be as comfy as possible. Also, the design must be ergonomic and the materials need to be of the highest quality otherwise, they will wear out too soon. Thankfully, the following models are the best in their class and they manage to deliver pain relief and eliminate tiredness in the feet.

Dansko Women’s Professional Clogs

Superior Stability

The heels measure approximately 1.75 inches, which is not too high, and the platform measures approximately 0.75 inches. The wide heel strike for excellent stability. If you decide to choose these shoes, then you will have the possibility to choose between a large range of colors. The rocker bottom of these clogs will highly reduce fatigue and provide shock absorption comparable to athletic footwear. Furthermore, the breathable PU foam footbed offers temperature control, so that your feet do not sweat even if you are going to wear them for several hours, continuously.

Proper Protection

The high-quality leather follows the natural colors so you won’t stand out. Thus, they are ideal for workplace environments. The leather will protect your foot from acidic, wet and greasy conditions. In order to clean it, all that you will have to do is wipe it with a damp cloth. The foam will let your skin breathe and the perspiration will evaporate. If you’re looking for lateral support, these shoes will provide you that as they act as a natural shoe horn. As well as, it’s able to absorb shock, and provide you the flexibility to walk on whatever ground there is. Furthermore, you will also like the fact that it protects you from extreme weather conditions. Regardless if it’s cold or hot.

  • Very lightweight
  • Padded instep collar
  • Wide heel strike for greater stability
  • Breathable PU foam footbed
  • Quite hard plastic

If you are are a nurse and you are looking for one of the most comfortable pair of shoes, then you definitely need to choose this model from Dansko Women. These shoes are made of a high-quality leather, very durable, and most of all, extremely comfortable.

Nurse Mates Women’s Dove

They feature rubber inserts in order to highly improve wear and slip resistance. The heel is 1.5-inch high, and thanks to the sturdy steel shanks, a great support in arch will be provided. Therefore, you can reduce fatigue without adding weight to the shoes. There is also a removable EVA insole, that actually adds another layer of cushioning and arch support. The collar is padded and the elastic at the opening of this Nurse Mates Slip-On shoe is absolutely perfect for you. You can just put the shoe on and still have a great fit. You will also find very easy to clean these shoes, which is without a doubt another greater advantage. These amazing shoes are available on the market at the moment on black and well, and even if they are quite expensive, they are certainly excellent for nurses all over the world.

  • One of the best products available on the market
  • Very easy to clean
  • Provide a high comfort
  • No cloth parts to worry about
  • Quite expensive

This wonderful pair of shoes especially designed for nurses all over the world is, first of all, extremely lightweight. The full grain leather uppers come with a stain resistant finish in order to keep them looking fresh at all times. Another great detail that you should consider is the fact that the EVA outsoles are feather light.

Nurse Mates – Womens – Bryar

Are you a nurse who is looking for a pair of shoes that will allow you to feel extremely comfortable no matter how many hours you will have to stand? Do you want to avoid the unpleasant back pains that are usually caused by an inadequate pair of shoes? If so, then the Nurse Mates – Womens – Bryar is exactly what you need. These shoes come with a stain resistant finish, which means that you will find very easy to clean them, no matter what sort of stains you deal with. The flexible goring provides customfit. These shoes have a heel height of 2 1/4-inch, and they are available on the market these days on 9 different models: black leather, white leather, black/grey paisley, black crinkle patent, blue splash, aqua, steel, steel gray, black/grey patent PU. All in all, by purchasing this pair of shoes, you will definitely not make a mistake but an excellent choice for your health.

  • One of the most recommended models
  • Very comfortable
  • Stain resistant finish
  • Great for your back
  • Their heel can be quite high for some people

The reason why these shoes are without a doubt one of the best sellers on the market is because they are very comfortable. They feature a shock absorbing, slip-resistant polyurethane outsole, a pillowtop comfort footbed, and a soft full-grain or rich patent leather upper.

StickyPRO Comfortable Work Shoes for Women

Available in 11 different color options and 9 size options, these nurse shoes are perfect for all women as you are sure to find the one to suit your taste best. It features a 1-inch platform that keeps your feet off of the hard surface, while the lightweight design ensures your feet won’t get tired even after 8 hours of standing up and walking. They feature a non-slip outsole which is waterproof, just like the upper sole is, so you know that your feet won’t sweat in them. The footbed is made with a moisture absorbent material as well. Another interesting design feature is the sole which absorbs shock and prevents torsions.

  • 9 size options to select between
  • Sole is designed to absorb shock and prevent torsions
  • Weatherproof profile of the upper sole and outsole
  • Non-slip outsole for comfort while wearing them
  • Lack of warranty period

Reasonably priced as opposed to other shoes, with these work shoes you are sure to resist throughout the entire duration of the day as they are waterproof. Furthermore, the non-slip design of their outsole ensures comfort when wearing them, even if you have to walk continuously.

Nurse Mates Quark Women’s Nursing Shoe

The Nurse Mates Quark Women’s is one of the lightest and most comfortable pair of shoes available on the market today. These shoes also have an attractive design. Another wonderful thing about them is that they are water resistant inside and out, and extremely easy to clean. The ventilated latex footbed is absolutely excellent for odor and moisture control. This product provides without a doubt softness and flexibility as well. You will not regret purchasing this product, which is available in the specific shops on three colors: white, black, and navy.

  • Ventilated latex footbed for odor and moisture control
  • DRYZ moisture management system
  • Impermeable upper
  • Water resistant inside and out
  • Lack of warranty period

These shoes will stretch and mold to the shape of your foot, in order to provide you a superior comfort and a perfect fit. Therefore, you will not have any sort of problems, no matter how long you will stay at work. They are the most suitable for the nurses that are on their feet for many hours.

Natural Uniforms Women’s Lightweight Nurse Shoes

As a nurse, you certainly know how important it is to wear extremely comfortable shoes at all times, in order to be able to do your job properly without dealing with back and neck pains. Therefore, in order to obtain this result you must carefully choose the pair of shoes you are actually going to wear in the future. The Natural Uniforms nurse shoes is another wonderful choice you could make, beside the products presented earlier. First of all, these shoes are very comfortable. They will definitely provide you the necessary comfort, even if you must stand for long periods of time. You have the possibility to choose between eight different colors: black, white, navy, aqua, pink, ceil, lilac, royal. All in all, if you are a nurse and you are on your feet all day, then these shoes will definitely help you protect your health and feel comfortable at all times.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Very lightweight
  • They accommodate socks with ease
  • Pure padded comfort
  • Quite hard plastic

They are very easy to clean, and they accommodate socks with ease. Take into account the fact that they come with removable insole that can be wiped down for cleaning. If you want clean shoes and your feet sweat free you should definitly purchase this product.

Cherokee Women’s Peacock Work Shoe

These shoes come with some wonderful features that will definitely help you feel ultra comfortable for long periods of time. They have breathable linings and extremely lightweight outsole, which is up to half the weight of other outsoles. The heel measures approximately 1.75-inch and the platform measures approximately 0.75 inches. The design is also very nice, compared with other shoes of this type which are quite unattractive. Users say that these shoes are very durable as well, which means that your investment will be a long term one. The Cherokee Women’s Peacock Work Shoes are absolutely excellent for standing all day, without actually having back and neck pains. They are available on the market on three colors: white, white wide, and grey/black marble.

  • Breathable linings
  • Cherokee work wear double-gored slip-on
  • Light outsole, up to half the weight of other outsoles
  • Affordable
  • Quite hard plastic

They are high quality thanks to the durable leather and breathable linings. Users all over the world recommend these shoes, which are especially designed to provide a great comfort.

Skechers 76536

These extremely comfortable shoes are the pair you need when you have a long day at work. They have rubber sole and the top is made out of leather. This means that your feet will be able to breathe without feeling sticky or excessively sweating. The superior slip-resistant sole is designed with athletic cushion in order to provide you with maximum comfort. In addition to this, they also feature extra layers at the toe and heel. This means that you will be able to be protected from things such as needles and many others. Furthermore, the greatest thing about this model is that they have memory foam topped cushioned that can be removed if you feel like. Therefore, you will be able to be on your feet the whole day without feeling pain in your feet. They’re definitely the shoes you need if you are a nurse.

  • Very lightweight
  • Shock absorbent
  • Reliable customer service team
  • Breathable shoes
  • Quite hard plastic

This is another popular choice because on top of all the amazing features, they are also very supportive as they are shock resistant. Therefore, whenever you step on a hard floor, you will feel like you are walking on clouds. They are very comfortable.

Sticky Shoes Keep Nursing

There’s no hiding the fact that healthcare professionals have to worry about so many things, that unfortunately, they bypass their shoes. This footwear is waterproof and it has non-slip outsoles. This means that it’s suitable to use it in different environments without getting wet. Due to the fact that they are so efficient, it will fully protect you even when the floors are extremely slippery and unsafe. You may be aware that sometimes, waterproof shoes means that your feet will not be able to breathe properly. This is why this model has been created with the absorbent footbed. It will be able to keep feet dry and keep you comfortable by letting your feet breathe. Additionally, you will find it very comfortable to walk for many miles.

  • They are oil resistant
  • Lightweight
  • You can put inserts in the insides
  • Suitable to wear socks
  • They are prone to stain

The reason why we recommend this model is because they are designed for an intense routine. They are shock absorbant and will allow you to feel comfortable even if you’re walking for many miles for long periods of time. It will keep you safe and comfortable at the same time.

Tips to Choose the Most Comfortable Models

They have to be very comfortable and to offer great feet support, otherwise, you will encounter a negative experience during the long working shifts. In general, nursing is a demanding job and this is why we will guide you choose the right pair of shoes that will help you keep the stress to a minimum.

  • Choose a Comfortable Pair of Shoes

    Feeling comfortable while working is very important, especially if you have to stand for a long time or to perform all sorts of tasks during the shift. Therefore, before you buy the shoes, try them and see how comfortable are your feet. At the same time, don’t be afraid to try different pairs of shoes until you find the right one.

  • Make Sure the Shoes are Lightweight

    Heavy shoes can seriously affect the comfort level because you are forced to make effort to walk from one place to another. So, we recommend you to check out the weight of the shoes and if you notice they are too heavy then you should definitely avoid buying them.

  • Check Out Their Level of Stability

    Another helpful tip to find the right pair of nursing shoes is to check out their level of stability. In order to figure out if they are stable, you should pay a special attention to the design, heel height, or shape, because your legs and back will surely thank you after a long shift.

  • Look for a Quality Material

    The material used in manufacturing the shoes has to be superior in order to allow the feet to breathe and to eliminate any unpleasant odor. At the same time, a top quality material will be more resistant and easier to take care of, which means you will be able to enjoy the shoes for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions

?Why is it important for them to have heel?
The heel makes the shoe ergonomic and more comfortable to lean on it for long periods of time.

?What's the difference between rubber and foam?
It all depends on what material you feel comfortable in, the prices of them are similar so it makes no difference.

?Can I wear colorful ones?
Yes, there is no law to forbid you from wearing other colors apart from white or black. Please check with your workplace if you are unsure.

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