Best Sump Pump Alarm

           A sump pump is a common presence in modern households as this device ensures a flood-free basement. As with any product out there, there are things that can go wrong with the sump pump, a moment when an alarm comes in handy. In this article, we will take a look at the best, most innovative sump pump alarms on the market, alarms that will announce you when a depleted battery occurrences or high water levels are taking place.

Top 5 Sump Pump Alarms Comparison

1. Cellular Water Alarm 2. Level Sense PRO- Wi-Fi Enabled 3. Wireless (Wifi) Sump Alarm High Water Alarm 4. Home HS-700 HomeSitter Alarm System 5. Zoeller 10-1494 High Water Alarm
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General Information

Manufacturer PumpAlarm Level Sense Sump Alarm Control Products Zoeller
Dimensions (in.) 5.5 x 3.5 x 1.375 5 x 6 x 1.25 3 x 3.5 x 4 5.8 x 3.5 x 1.5 7.5 x 7.5 x 4.5
Weight (lbs) 0.4 2 2.6 1.2 2.8
Recommended For Water Detection and Power Monitoring Water Level, Water Leaks, Power Outage, Temperature Levels, and Humidity Levels High Water Level and Pump Failure Temperature Extremes, Water Leaks, and Power Outage High Water Level
Indoor/Outdoor Use Indoor Use Indoor Use Indoor and Outdoor Use Indoor Use Indoor Use


Power Source
Power Type Corded-Electric Corded-Electric Corded-Electric Corded-Electric Corded-Electric
Voltage 12VDC 12VDC 110V 110VAC 115V
Backup Batteries
Battery Type 4 AAA Batteries Built in Auto-Recharging Lithium Polymer Battery N/A 2 AA Batteries 2 AA Batteries
Audible Alarm
Text Message Yes Yes Yes
Voice Notifications Yes Yes
E-mail Yes Yes
Low Battery Notification Server Side Backup Battery
No Internet Connection Notification Server Side Backup Battery
Compatible With Any Mobile Phone Any Wi-Fi Device with Web Browsing Any Home Computer, Tablet or Data Phone Any Phone N/A
Requires Internet Connectivity No Yes Yes No No
Monitoring Service
Posibility to Subscribe to the Service Yes Yes Yes No No
Fee $49.99/year $9.95/year $0.99/month N/A N/A
Posibility to Unsubscribe to the Service Yes Yes Yes N/A N/A
Other Specifications
Alarm Sound (dB) 100 dBA with wall power and 75 dBA on backup batteries 100dB 90 dB N/A 87 dB
DIY Installation


Warranty 2-year limited warranty 1-year limited warranty 5-year limited warranty 1-year limited warranty 1-year limited warranty
User Manual
Customer Support

Top Rated 2018 Sump Pump Alarms Reviews

1. Cellular Water Alarm

           This model is a great option if you want to make sure your sump pump will be constantly monitored. Specially designed for indoor use, the Cellular Water Alarm provides excellent results for years. Besides the fact that it alerts you when it detects water, it will also notify you every time there’s a power failure. A really helpful feature of this alarm is the backup battery which means it will continue to work even when the power is out. Once the water is detected, a loud audible alarm will announce you to take the necessary measures, receiving at the same time a text message on your mobile phone. However, for the latter service, you will have to pay an additional annual fee. For more convenience, the alarm will also announce you when the battery is running low. In what concerns the installation, the process is quite simple, you just have to follow the provided instructions and you’re done. Additionally, for ease of mind, the model comes with a 2-year warranty.



Works with any mobile phone It doesn’t sends voice notifications or e-mails
Notifies you when the battery is running low Batteries are not included
Comes with mounting straps
Loud alarm

Cellular Water Alarm is one of the best options you can go with. Made by a reliable brand, this sump pump alarm offers you peace of mind 24/7. Preventing water leaks is much simpler with the help of this system as it comes with many innovative features. All in all, this model is great even though it comes with some minor drawbacks.

2. Level Sense PRO- Wi-Fi Enabled

            With the help of this particular sump pump alarm system, you will surely be able to minimize the risk associated with water damage. The model is for indoor use only and it’s also a home environmental monitor because it can successfully monitor the humidity and the temperature in your basement. Also, it sends you an alarm every time it detects leaks or the power is out. Apart from the loud alarm, the Level Sense will also send you text messages and emails in case there’s something wrong, but you’ll have to pay some extra money to receive them. In order to install it, you need an internet connection and a smart device, the entire process being rather easy if you carefully read the provided instructions. Besides the mentioned alerts, the system will send you notifications when the battery is low or when there’s no internet connection. For more convenience, the model features a built-in rechargeable battery with an integrated battery charger, so you won’t have to constantly spend your money on batteries. The product is covered by a 1-year warranty which is the standard one for these systems.



Features an auto-recharging battery No voice notifications
Notifies you when the battery runs low Short warranty
Can also monitor temperature and humidity levels
The annual fee is affordable


Level Sense PRO- Wi-Fi Enabled is an advanced system that will help you prevent water leaks without too much effort on your part. The built-in alarm is loud enough to hear it when there’s a high water level. In case you are not at home, you will receive a text message or an e-mail.

3. Wireless (Wifi) Sump Alarm High Water Alarm

            The alarm is made for both indoor and outdoor use, featuring weatherproof housing and elements. Therefore, if you want to be announced every time there’s a high water level or a pump failure, you can confidently go with this model because it won’t disappoint you. However, you will need an internet connection and access to a home computer, tablet or smartphone. In case the device detects water, the alarm will notify you about the situation, being loud enough to hear it when you’re at home. However, besides the alarm, you will also be alerted by email, text message, and voice notification, the latter two services being available only if you pay an additional fee. What is interesting about this alarm is the fact that in comparison to the other models, it doesn’t have a battery backup, but you will still be alerted when there’s a power outage or if there’s no internet connection. This is possible due to the Server Side Backup Battery feature that enables the Level Sense server to announce you that your alarm is without power or internet connection. Another advantage is the generous 5-year warranty.



Can be also installed outdoors The WiFi connection process needs some improvments
It sends voice notifications
Features an innovative server side backup battery
Generous warranty
Durable consturction


Wireless (Wifi) Sump Alarm High Water Alarm is indeed a great system to go with if you want to make sure there will be detected any water leaks. We truly like the fact that it’s backed by a long warranty and that you can install it outdoors. Additionally, the system is very easy to instal and comes with some pretty inovative features.

4. Home HS-700 HomeSitter Alarm System

            Another great option to go with is the Home HS-700 HomeSitter Alarm System. The main purpose of the device is to prevent water leaks and other damages caused by high or low temperatures. Also, the Home HS-700 will notify you whenever there’s a power failure. One of the greatest advantages of the system is that it’s quite affordable and it doesn’t require any costs for monitoring services. Once the alarm is on, the system calls up to three telephone numbers, letting you know there’s a certain problem. The installation process is very easy if you follow the instructions and you only need a phone line and a power outlet. Additionally, the system features a battery backup in case of a power outage, announcing you when the batteries run low in order to replace them. The system is compatible with any phone and the system calls until the alarm is acknowledged and canceled by one of the provided numbers. This particular model comes with a 1-year warranty.



Low battery notification It doesn’t send text messages or e-mails
Features a battery backup Short warranty
Power failure notification
Made to last
Easy to install


Home HS-700 HomeSitter is a reliable alarm system that notifies you every time it detects water. The system is easy to instal and it provides many years of satisfying performance for all those who buy it. Additionally, it is compatible with any phone and you don’t need an internet connection.

5. Zoeller 10-1494 High Water Alarm

            The Zoeller 10-1494 does a pretty good job when it comes to preventing the expensive damages that may be caused by a higher water level. The system is pretty simple, so there’s nothing complicated in installing and using it. Once it detects a high water level, an alarm starts to announce you about the immediate danger, allowing you to take the necessary measures. Also, just like the other models, the alarm features a backup battery, so in case of a power failure, you will be covered. Additionally, when the batteries run low, the Zoeller 10-1494 will let you know about the situation. Furthermore, the unit is recommended for indoor use only and according to the manufacturer’s specifications, it’s best to plug it into a separate circuit from the sump pump. All in all, this alarm is a great option for sump pumps or other locations with higher water levels, being very popular among customers. Moreover, for peace of mind, it comes with a 1-year warranty.



Affordable You won’t receive any notifications on your phone
Low battery notification Only 1-year warranty
Features a backup battery
Easy installation
Durable perfomance


Zoeller 10-1494 is a simple, yet efficient system that easily detects any water leaks. Even though it doesn’t send you any notifications on your phone, the system features a loud audible alarm which can be immediately heard. At the same time, the system is made to last for many years, so we consider it a trustful investment.

What’s Behind Our Ratings

In case you want to know how exactly we ranked our products, take a look at the ratings that stand behind our decision. By reading them, you will find out more useful information on these devices and how exactly they function.

  • Recommended Usage

  • Besides the fact that these devices are designed to detect water, which is the most important aspect, they can also act like a home environmental monitor if you want a more versatile alarm. Some of them can detect a power outage, temperatures extremes, water leaks, or humidity levels. The more advanced features the better, although it all comes with a cost.

  • Backup Batteries

  • Having the backup batteries feature, simply means that the device can monitor the water level and alert you without any interruption. When the power is out, the batteries will help the device continue its monitoring process until the power is on. Nevertheless, you have to make sure you always replace your batteries after a power failure so they can work properly next time the power is off. Some models, such as the Wireless (Wifi) Sump Alarm High Water Alarm, have a built-in auto-recharging battery that basically needs no replacement. There is, however, a limited number of power outages it can handle.

  • Audible Alarm

  • All devices should have an audible alarm that is loud enough to hear it in case there’s something wrong with the sump pump. Other types of notifications, such as text messages, or voice notifications are also important because they offer more convenience to the user, but they are not as vital as an alarm.

  • Low Battery Notification

  • The low battery notification is a great advantage because it reminds you to replace the batteries and rest assured in case there is a power outage. All our models carry this feature, the Wireless (Wifi) Sump Alarm High Water Alarm model having a unique system called Server Side Backup Battery, which means that you will be notified by a server that communicates with the device.

  • DIY Installation

  • An easy, do-it-yourself installation will help you save more money because you will be able to install the alarm all by yourself, without requiring professional help. However, you can opt for professional installation if that’s what you want or if you want to subscribe to a monitoring service, but you always have the option to install the alarm without any help.

Interesting Facts About These Systems

There are many people who have a sump pump because it helps them get rid of the extra water from the basement or other underground location. Nevertheless, to be sure there won’t be any unpleasant incidents, it’s recommended to also install a sump pump alarm in case something happens with the pump.

The main purpose of a sump pump alarm is to prevent a damage caused by water in your basement, being one of the simplest ways to protect your property. You can think about it as a backup system, offering you peace of mind in case the sump pump encounters any malfunctions or if there’s a power failure.

Understanding how an alarm is functioning is quite easy, the installation being uncomplicated. This means that you can do it by yourself without asking the help of a professional.

The alarm is placed in the sump hole and whenever the water reaches a certain level and the pump doesn’t start, an alarm will be triggered to notify you on the malfunction. Also, when the power is out, the alarm will also notify you, so there’s no need to worry about this aspect. Usually, most of the systems come with a battery backup, so they will continue to operate even if there’s no electrical power.

There are some models that do even more than just detecting water. They can also monitor the temperature and humidity, as well as water leaks, so you may have a better control of what is happening in your basement. This means that you can also prevent excessive humidity and mold growth, frozen or leaky pipes, and so on.

3 Reasons to Install an Alarm

           There’s an old saying that it’s better to prevent than cure which perfectly applies when it comes to basement flooding. You may have a sump pump that never stopped working when you needed it, but incidents can happen at any time, so why not preventing them? Here are the main reasons why a sump pump monitoring system worth every penny.

  • It Offers You Peace of Mind

  •             We all want to leave the troubles always and enjoy relaxing moments with our family and friends. However, these days it seems quite difficult to do this because we are constantly feeling stressed about something. Well, fortunately, the technology offers us all sorts of safety and security solutions that are meant to help us forget the hassle of controlling everything. Such is the case with a sump pump monitoring system that notifies you to take the necessary measurements and prevent a flood in your basement.

  • It’s Very Easy to Use

  •             One of the greatest advantages of an alarm is that it’s very easy to use because it simply alerts you when there’s something wrong. The most advanced models can even alert you on your mobile device or e-mail, letting you know what exactly goes wrong. There’s nothing complicated about using and understanding an alarm system of this kind because it was specially designed to be used with ease.

  • It Doesn’t Cost a Fortune

  •             If you are concerned about money, you should know that there are options for everyone. You don’t have to pay a fortune to have a quiet mind and protect your values because there are some alarms that are as good as those which are more expensive. Of course, you may not be able to enjoy the same features, such as internet connection, or monitoring service, but in essence, they do the same thing: they notify you when there’s a high water level that may cause a lot of damage. It’s your option to choose what you consider it’s best for your needs.

Buying Guide

            Picking a reliable alarm to monitor your sump pump may not be as simple as you think. Since there are various models to choose from, the process can be rather confusing for some people if they don’t know which are the most important aspects to look for. Here are some hints that will help you select the best device much easier.

  • Decide Where You Want to Install It

  •             This is a very important aspect because if you decide to install the alarm outdoor, then you have to pay attention to the manufacturer’s specifications on this aspect. An indoor model will certainly not resist the harsh weather conditions because it’s designed for indoor purposes. The outdoor models have an enclosure that is weatherproof, so you can install it outside with absolutely no problem.

  • Set a Budget

  •             Look at the price range of the most popular alarms and try to set a budget that allows you to buy a trusted model. You can buy an alarm that comes with the standard features without having to pay a fortune, you just have to spend some time comparing more models until you decide which one is more suitable for you. However, if you want more advanced features, like an internet connection or the possibility to also monitor the humidity or temperature, you can opt for a more expensive device.

  • Read the Reviews of the Product

  •            Make a research and see what people think about the alarm you intend to buy. People’s opinions are usually a key factor in buying a product because they simply express their experience with that particular product. Therefore, you will know for sure if the alarm works as stated by the manufacturer and if it really worth the money.

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