Best Tower Fans

Keeping your house cool can be a real challenge, especially if you do not want to resort to an air conditioner. In cases like these, the tower fan is your best option because it is compact, easy to use, and manages to create enough air to cool down your home. If you are not convinced of the utility of this type of room fan, you will be once you read the following lines.

Top 5 Tower Fans Comparison

1. Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 2. Ozeri 360 3. Honeywell HY-280 4. Holmes HT38R-U 5. Lasko 2551
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Design Specifications

Size (inches) 9.1 x 9.1 x 39.6 38 x 6 x 6 10.8 x 8.2 x 32.8 6.3 x 7.5 x 32 10 x 9 x 42.5
Weight (pounds) 9 9 9.3 8.8 12.1
Colors Available Multiple Black Black Multiple Multiple
LCD Display
Controls Remote Only Push Buttons Push Buttons Push Buttons Push Buttons
Cord Length(feet) 6.6 6 N/A N/A 6
Carry Handle


Technology Used Air Multiplier Cylindrical Motion Technology Spinning Blades Spinning Blades Spinning Blades, Air Ionizer
Number of Speeds 10 3 5 3 3
CFM 1271 N/A N/A N/A 710
Operating Modes 10 airflow settings 3 airflow settings 8 airflow settings 2 airflow settings N/A
Silent Operating


Oscillation 90 degrees 360 degrees 90 degrees
Timer from 15 minutes to 9 hours up to 8 hours in 30 minutes increments 1,2, 4 & 8 hour up to 8 hours from 30 minutes to 7 1/2 hours
Thermostat N/A
Remote Control with Storage
Indicator Lights


Parts and Labor Warranty 2-year 1 Year 1 Year 3-year 1 Year
Customer Support
User Manual

Top Tower Fans Reviews

1. Dyson Air Multiplier AM07

This fan catches your eye from the moment you see it and this is due to its intriguing and appealing design that looks nothing like a regular fan. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and safe for pets and children who cannot get hurt by rotating blades. Choose your favorite color from Black/Nickel, White Silver, and Iron Blue. There are no blades in sight and no housing to cover them because the Dyson AM07 brings upfront the innovative Air Multiplier technology which draws air from the room, runs it through an aperture and sends cool air back. The lack of buttons that would make it look common enhances the design of this cutting-edge fan. Along with this impressive technology, the fan also offers features like a programmable timer, a thermostat which enables it to turn on or off when the temperature suffers changes and an astonishing number of 10 speeds and 10 airflow settings that allow you to customize the intensity of the airflow.



Bladeless profile ensures ultimate safety in use Some customers have reported that the remote must be directly aimed at the fan to work, which has often times inconvenienced them
Energy Star compliant – consumes little energy to run, ensuring your bills won’t rise too much when using it
Powerful, uninterrupted airflow provided by the Air Multiplier technology it features
Lack of blades and safety grills makes it very easy to clean


The inevitable pick for number 1, this bladeless Dyson tower room fan is an adequate addition to any indoor space. Designed to boast a discrete and silent operation, and built with safety in mind as it does not feature external blades you could injure yourself with, this is the fan we recommend you opt for if you do not want to settle for less than the best.

2. Ozeri 360

Another stylish room fan comes from Ozeri and its performance matches the luxurious aesthetics. The black shiny housing hides 200 staggered micro blades that put together the cylindrical motion technology designed to create cool air at the lowest noise level possible. The innovation continues with the 360-degree oscillating feature which enables it to practically fully rotate around its own axis in order to send cool air not only to the front and sides but also to the back. You can also choose to set the oscillating angle to 60, 90, or 120 degrees. You can either let the fan work on its own based on the included thermostat or you can set it to blow cool air for short intervals of time of up to 8 hours using the timer function. With the three pre-programmed settings and the three speed levels, you will enjoy airflow patterns which promote relaxation and comfort.



Narrow design allows it to oscillate freely without bumping into other objects While not obnoxiously loud, on the highest speed setting, this fan does create some ruckus
360-degree oscillation ensures a complete coverage of the room, especially when placed in its center
Fan functions and settings are conveniently displayed on the LCD the unit features
Remote control boasts an extended range which enhances convenience in use


Stylish and reliable in its operation, the 360 from Ozeri is a fan we definitely recommend you go for. Reasonably priced considering the features and functions it puts to your disposal, and intended to be convenient in use as proved by its ingenious design, it is an offer you will most likely not refuse after taking a closer look.

3. Honeywell HY-280

Our third option comes from Honeywell and it’s the HY-280 model that manages to look great and to offer some useful features. All the controls are placed at the top, giving it a clean and neat aspect. The large solid base keeps it upwards and you can easily move it by the carry handle which also serves as a storage place for the remote control. The fan has 5 speed levels and 8 airflow settings that let you adjust the intensity of the air draft, a freedom of choice you hardly see in other competitors. With the oscillating feature and the thermostat which controls the functioning of the fan, the performance is maximized. There is also a timer setting that lets you choose a working interval from 1 to 8 hours and a slim remote control that is stored on the unit so you won’t ever lose it.



Pet-friendly design ensures your furry companion will not get injured when approaching it Some customers have complained that it gets noisy when set on the superior speed settings
Allows you to set the precise cooling speed you desire for a customized experience
Convenient operation granted by the touch button electronic controls
Due to the fact that it oscillates, the entire area of the room will be evenly cooled


As the name suggests, this tower fan is one of the quietest options to go for. Thus, if silence is your game or if you intend to mostly use it in the bedroom, you cannot overlook this model as a primary option. Oscillating to provide full coverage of the area it is placed in, and featuring a convenient automatic shut-off, we recommend you give it a chance.

4. Holmes HT38R-U

When looking for a tall room fan, do not overlook the Holmes HT38R-U because you could miss out on a great unit. It is slim, easy to fit in any room, and available in two color finishes to blend into any home décor. Due to the oscillating base, the fan rotates around its own axis so that the air is spread on a 90-degree angle, thus making it more efficient. What are worth mentioning are the multiple features which make it a customer’s favorite: the 3-speed settings, the adjustable thermostat that lets you set a specific temperature and the 8-hour timer for convenient use. It also includes an automatic shut-off timer that avoids energy waste and two quiet modes which allow you to place it in the bedroom. It is powerful enough to handle rooms as large as 300 sq. ft. and thanks to the slim design, it can be easily fitted in a corner. The remote control enables for distance control of the settings.



Control panel is mounted at the top to provide a convenient manner to operate it Does not cool the room as quickly as higher-end products in this niche do
Space-saving design makes it a fan favorite when it comes to how it scores in crowded spaces
Storage area for the remote control ensures you will not misplace or lose it
Can be adjusted to continuously run for up to 8 hours


Another reasonably priced and high-performance fan to go for, this Holmes product has impressed us with its design and capabilities. Although it is one of the feature-rich products in this niche, it consumes an absurdly small amount of energy to run, so it makes for an even better option to go with if you want to avoid pricey bills during summer.

5. Lasko 2551

On the fifth position, we have the Lasko 2551 that comes from a wide series of Lasko fans, all designed to provide comfort, performance, and ease of use. This one is not so impressive in design but surely manages to offer efficiency in cooling the air with the oscillating feature and the Wind Curve profile which ensures maximum air distribution. It has three speed levels and an optional oscillation feature that maximizes the cool air distribution without creating too much noise. The fan features a programmable timer that lets you set the operating time from half an hour to 7 and a half hour so you can limit energy waste. You can either use the buttons on the top or the remote control that conveniently sits at the back of the unit so you won’t misplace it. Moreover, it comes with a CARB compliant air ionizer which refreshes the air while cooling it. All in all, this fan can be a great choice if you are not too demanding.



Oscillation movement enables it to spread cool air evenly throughout the room Some customers have reported hearing a humming noise come from the room fan
Fully customizable experience – adjust working speed, operating time, and oscillation on/off
Stylish design makes it a great addition to modern households
Intuitive operation granted by the simplistic design it boasts


Manufactured by an industry-leading company, the 2551 does not disappoint as it produces little noise when operating, it is energy efficient, and it cools down the area it is placed in fast. Furthermore, there is no fuss when it comes to its operation, so you need not worry that you might get your ears stuck when setting it up and using it.

6. Arctic-Pro 2103

Although Arctic-Pro is not one of the most renowned manufacturers of tower fans on the market, the company has managed to release an impressive product that will boost its ratings for sure. Obviously, the product we are referring to is the Arctic-Pro 2103, a fan that comes at a great price without sacrificing quality in performance. The 3 speed settings it offers ensure you will always be able to choose a suitable airflow for the conditions in the room it is placed in. Best of all, regardless what speed setting you choose, the unit will remain incredibly silent in its operation, not presenting a distraction or nuisance. Due to the fact that it provides 80 degrees of oscillation, it ensures complete room coverage in the most effective way possible, cooling you off no matter in what corner of the room you are sitting. It is a perfect choice for those who want to cool off while they are sleeping as it features the useful night mode which turns off the screen of the fan at night without turning the appliance off. What you will surely appreciate is the fact that it comes with a remote control which allows you to change the settings without getting off of the sofa or bed. In addition, it features a 12-hour timer that saves up on energy bill costs as it guarantees the fan won’t operate longer than it’s needed.



Night mode comes in handy for those who intend to use it in the bedroom – no bothersome lights Assembly is required
Convenience in use ensured by the intuitive control panel and the included remote control
Small footprint makes it a perfect fit in a crowded office or room at home
Reasonable quality to price ratio makes it a successful investment


The customizable speed settings as well as the fact that it can oscillate to 80 degrees are probably the main highlights of this Acrtic-Pro room fan. Its slim design should not be overlooked either as it allows you freedom of choice when it comes to the unit’s placement. Overall, it is an option worth taking into consideration, especially considering the small asking price it boasts.

Things to Know About These Appliances

When the thermometers start showing hot temperatures indoors, it is time to resort to some air cooling devices that will restore your comfort and help you feel at ease in your house. The AC conditioner might seem like a good idea but considering how much energy it requires, it’s not a wise investment in the long run. This is where tower fans come into discussion and why people are so fond of these compact yet efficient room fans that can create an impressive flow of cool air.

Tower air fans are slim in design and boast a long shape which enables them to fit anywhere in your house and also serves as an effective means of spreading cool air into a room. Unlike other types of fans, the blades are placed along the tall housing, without being exposed, hence the stylish design. As for operating, they can be used in any room because they are more silent and easier to blend into the décor.

What Makes them Better than Other Fans?

There are many types of fans, from ceiling ones that stay out of your reach to the pedestal ones that rotate large blades to create a draft of air. Among all these models, the tower fans manage to stand out for many reasons.

  • Slim design

  • Without a doubt, the narrow shape makes the room fan an excellent choice for any area of your house, no matter how crowded it is. The pedestal fans are bulky and require plenty of space but the tower ones can be placed in a corner, near a piece of furniture, or on a window sill and you won’t even notice it is there. Thanks to the slim shape and the lightweight design, using the fan in different rooms and moving it around is not a burden.

  • Stylish appearance

  • When choosing the appliances for your house, you must take into account the overall design so that the items chosen will perfectly blend into any room décor. There are so many models of fans to choose from that look so different that finding the one to satisfy your tastes should not be hard. Whether you want a classic one which imitates wood or you want a futuristic fan with an LCD display, there is no way you won’t find an awesome room air fan for the hot days that will also complement your house design.

  • Safety in use

  • Another advantage of choosing a tower model over another type is the safe design that makes them appropriate for use even around children and pets. The little ones can be curious and the rotating blades of a fan could seem interesting for them, which could result in an accident. The tower room fan has no visible blades that could hurt someone and all the electrical parts are hidden inside the housing so there is no risk of incidents. You might think that the tall design makes them more prone to tilting and falling but the sturdy and wide base prevents them from becoming a danger. Moreover, some models even turn off when tipped over so the risks are minimized.

  • Efficient operating

  • The shape was designed with performance and functionality in mind. Since the fans are distributed along the tall housing, the cool air is spread on a wider surface, hence the increased efficiency. Moreover, these fans come with an oscillating feature with an angle which can vary from 90 to 180 degrees so the cool air reaches an even wider surface. Therefore, the fan will deliver more cool air to a larger area without requiring more operating time or electricity.

  • More silent

  • Compared to other fans, the tower ones are more silent in operating so using them in bedrooms, nurseries, or living rooms will not become an intrusion. They are particularly designed to eliminate unnecessary noise caused by large rotating blades. Since they are larger and deliver cool air to a wider area, you won’t need to set them at a high speed so they will create little noise. On a low speed, it creates no more than 24dB while the highest speed does not exceed 70 dB.

  • Environmentally friendly

  • It is important to choose appliances which do not harm the environment, especially those that you use regularly and for a long time. Luckily, slim fans use less electricity than other types and they also come with timers that allow you to set them to work for a period of time before turning off to preserve energy. Models with a built-in thermostat turn the fan on and off only when they sense changes of temperature in order to prevent energy waste.

  • Easy to use

You might think that a sleek slim room fan comes with complicated functions that you won’t need or you won’t know how to handle but, in fact, this cooling fan is very user-friendly. The majority of the models come with intuitive controls and indicator lights which guide you through operating and maintenance. Moreover, there is also a remote control coming with the device so distance operating is possible. In most cases, the remote control sits in a compartment in the housing so you won’t misplace it.

Tips for Choosing the Best Room Fans

Before making any purchase, and this also goes for tower room fans, you need to do some research and learn more about each item in order to be able to select the best of the best. Tower fans have some particularities and knowing them can guide you towards finding an efficient unit that will use little energy and will give a whole lot of cool air.

  • Check the CFM

  • These fans are designed to cool rooms of certain areas and although not every model comes with specifications which promote it for a certain room size, you will know that an item will show great results if it can handle the air in a room. The CFM or the cubic feet of air it can move within a minute shows its ability to handle either large or small rooms. While some have a CFM of 450, others can reach 2,500 meaning they are more suitable for large areas and they will yield better. Therefore, keep this in mind when choosing a new fan for a tiny bedroom, a large living room or a crowded kitchen.

  • Choose a sturdy design

  • It is essential to pick a stable and strong fan if you want to keep your family away from incidents. If you do not go for a model with a large base and slip-resistant feet, it can become a safety hazard, especially for children. The tall shape makes them more fragile and easier to tilt so you must choose an item that is stable and does not flip over. Also, avoid placing them at height and since the slim shape allows you, hide them in narrow corners that are hard to reach.

  • Opt for customizable operating

  • The air fan is an appliance that you use to make you feel comfortable and that you must adapt to your own needs so it is important to go for one that has adjustable features. Different operating speeds are a must because you might not always need to keep it on the high setting and several airflow modes will come in handy if you want a soft breeze. Also, why not go for a fan with a thermostat that will turn it on or off depending on the ambient temperature? The programmable timer will come in handy for when you want to fall asleep or if you plan to leave the house and you are afraid you will forget to turn the fan off.

  • Look for convenient features

Needless to say, a room cooling fan should be easy to use and for that, it must come with some great features which ensure convenience. The remote control comes in handy when you do not want to get out of bed to change the settings of your fan and the indicator lights will always tell you the status.

What Stands Behind our Ratings?

Before making a top of the greatest tower fans that can be used indoors, we had a look at different aspects that were helpful in deciding on the best unit. Given how many products you can find on the market, knowing a thing or two about their operating and the essential features it should have will help you make the best purchase.

  • Innovative air cooling technology

  • We looked only for the best tower fans that could provide the most advanced cooling technologies which contribute to an energy-efficient operating. This is why we chose the Dyson AM 07 as the finest unit based on the Air Multiplier technology it uses. All the other models were very efficient in delivering cool air using rotating blades which spread the air over a wide area.

  • Useful oscillating feature

  • Despite the fact that they distribute the cool air on a wider area, we agreed that the oscillating feature can maximize the efficiency so we only looked for models which came with this feature. All our picks come with an oscillating base which allows the unit to rotate around its own axis in order to spread the air on a much larger surface.

  • Adjustable speeds and airflow settings

  • Having full control over your fan means that you can customize its operating in order to create the perfect ambiance and to save energy. Therefore, we only looked for fans with more speed levels that operate at a low noise to preserve silence and comfort. The Dyson AM07 comes with no less than 10 speeds and 10 airflow settings which let you use it as you best like.

  • Convenient thermostat and timer

The best fans feature a timer so you can set it to work within certain time intervals that differ from model to model. Moreover, among the three top-rated fans, you can also find a thermostat that automatically turns them on or off whenever the room temperature rises or drops compared to the set temperature.

The Most Reliable Brands on the Market

Although there are many manufacturers that provide a wide range of fans of different types, not all of them manage to remain in the attention of their customers. Many years of experience, dedication, and hard work show results in the quality products that people trust, which is why it’s vital to look for fans designed by popular and reliable brands.

  • Dyson

  • When you think of innovation in the fans domain, Dyson is the first name that comes to your mind and that is mostly due to the unique technologies they use in designing the state-of-the-art AM series. Dyson manages to please the most demanding customers with the most stylish and advanced fans which completely change the way a fan should look and work.

  • Ozeri

  • Another brand that makes a difference in the field is Ozeri and their products also seem to stand out from the crowd not only through the elegant design but also through the efficient operating. Those looking for a great tower fan at reasonable price should focus on the products offered by Ozeri, among which we mention the Ozeri Ultra, Ozeri 360, and Ozeri OZH1.

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