Best Vacuum Sealers

By sealing food, you keep germs and bacteria away from it and you manage to keep it fresh for a longer amount of time. Vacuum sealing is also a method of saving refrigerator space by taking out the air from the bags thus, limiting their size. Given all the benefits of this method, it’s understandable why people are so enthusiastic by it and why vacuum sealers are so popular. These machines can help you keep your food more organized and fresher for more time and without having to buy casseroles or containers.

Top 6 Vacuum Sealers Comparison

Photo Vacuum Sealer Price
Weston Pro-2300 Image

1. Weston Pro-2300

  • Can handle bags that have a maximum width of 15 inches
  • It is able to seal soft foods, liquids, solid foods, valuables, photos, or delicate objects
  • It doesn’t come with bags, but it features a transparent lid that allows an easier bag alignment
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FoodSaver v4840

2. FoodSaver v4840

  • The built-in bag cutter makes creating custom size bags easy
  • Seals any type of food including delicate items such as cookies, muffins, fruit, and more
  • The starter kit includes: 3 qt heat-seal bags, 2 gal heat-seal bags, 3 qt zipper bags, 2 gal zipper bags, and 1 11 x10 inches roll
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FoodSaver FM2435-ECR

3. FoodSaver FM2435-ECR

  • The built-in bag cutter makes creating custom size bags easy
  • It can safely seal and also freeze cheeses, vegetables, meats, and even soups and sauces
  • The starter kit includes handheld sealer + holder clip, 1 11 x 10 inches roll, 3 qt vacuum zipper bags, 2 gal vacuum zipper bags, 3 qt pre-cut bags, and 2 gal pre-cut bags
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Seal-a-Meal FSSMSL0160-000

4. Seal-a-Meal FSSMSL0160-000

  • Accommodates 8, 11-inch, quart-size, and gallon-size heat-seal bags and rolls
  • It can seal fruits, vegetables, cuts of meat, freshly caught fish, cheese, dry goods like party crackers or homemade cookies, and items like documents, jewelry, silverware, and more
  • The starter kit includes 4-quart starter bags and the user manual
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Nesco VS-02

5. Nesco VS-02

  • Accommodates up to an 11.8 inches wide bag or roll
  • It can seal whole meals in advance, leftovers, reseal foods such as potato chips and cereal in their original package, and also protect documents, or to keep supplies dry during camping or traveling
  • The starter kit includes 2 rolls of 8.66 x 9.8 inches extra strong bag material, 5 pieces of 8.66 x 11.8 inches bags and 5 pieces of 11.0 x 11.8 inches bags
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Ivation Vacuum Sealer

6. Ivation Vacuum Sealer

  • Accommodate up to 12-inch wide bags and rolls
  • It can seal liquid, solid, or dry foods, and non-food items like stamps, documents, or photos
  • The starter kit includes 5 qt and 5 gal bags, and built-in port for optional accessories
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2017 Vacuum Sealers Reviews

Weston Pro-2300

At the top of any professional cook’s list when it comes to vacuum sealers is the magnificent Weston Pro-2300. It’s a commercial-grade model that can handle intense use with no problem and that will last form many years as it boasts an incredibly durable construction due to the fact that it’s made with stainless steel. The extra large bar that it features makes it perfect for sealing bags that are up to 15 inches wide, which is more generous than what most models on the market have to offer. To better understand how well it performs, know that it delivers an impressive vacuum strength of 28-inch HG. It features LED lights that allow you to keep a close eye on the way the sealing process is going. Also, it comes with a see-through acrylic vacuum lid that guarantees it will be a cinch for you to perfectly align the bags when using the product. For superior convenience when it comes to storing it, know that the power cord is actually detachable and that there’s a special compartment where you can place it when the sealer is not in use. There are two operational modes that you can choose between, more precisely the automatic and the manual modes. The manual seal mode allows you to control the amount of vacuum pressure put into sealing the bags, while the automatic mode requires you to only push a button and let the machine do its job. Additionally, the manufacturer covers this sealer for 2 years after you purchase it, repairing or replacing it in the event that a defect or malfunction appears.



Double piston vacuum-pump offers an impressive vacuum strength
Features LED lights that allow a monitorization of the sealing process
Power cord can be detached for a more convenient storage
Durable stainless steel construction
Features an automatic and a manual mode that you can choose between when operating it

FoodSaver v4840

We think that this is one of the best products of this type you can find on the market today due to its innovative features. Furthermore, there are plenty of positive customer reviews that show how much the v4840 is appreciated. First of all, you need to take into consideration the fact that this is a fully automatic device. It actually combines a handheld and a standard sealer as well. Thanks to the automatic bag detection and vacuum sealing you will quickly and easily obtain the desired result. If you seal zipper bags, containers, and canisters, then the convenient handheld retractable sealer will eliminate the need for additional attachments. It features a pull-out drip tray drawer with removable, patented, and dishwasher-safe drip tray, a convenient roll storage and bag cutter in order to make custom sized bags, and a rapid marinate mode which will help marinate in just a few minutes instead of hours. Furthermore, you can easily seal delicate food as well, such as fruits, cookies, muffins, and more. This machine can remove air from specially designed bags. This is possible thanks to the Air-Tight Heat Seal feature. The multi-layer material heat seals in order to keep the air out and therefore, prevent freezer burn. It is BPA free. The v4840 also comes equipped with a reinforced double zipper that will keep the air out and seal the freshness in. This appliance measures 11 x 20 x 12 inches, and it weighs not more and not less than 10 pounds. It has an attractive design and and black and silver finish.



Moist/Dry food settings for optimal sealing
Convenient roll storage and bag cutter
It automatically detects FoodSaver bags and starts vacuum sealing
Marinates in a few minutes instead of hours
Multi-layer material heat seals that keep air out and prevent freezer burn

FoodSaver FM2435-ECR

The third product in our top is produced by the same great manufacturer, the FoodSaver. This model, named FM2435-ECR, is absolutely amazing from many points of view. First of all, it has a beautiful and attractive stainless steel body, it measures 18.4 x 6.5 x 11 inches, and it weighs 7.7 pounds. Thanks to the integrated seal and vacuum chamber that this device has, the bag waste will considerably be reduced. It also features an extra large sealing strip for the strongest seal. The hand sealer allows you to seal jarred items as well. There is also a convenient roll-storage and cutter. The manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty, which is absolutely great. This vacuum sealer is very easy to use. What you actually need to do is to fill the bag and then place the open end into vacuum sealing channel. Don’t forget to close the lid and lock. Then, press the vacuum and seal button. Safely seal and freeze meats, cheeses, vegetables, soups and sauces. This item is a highly recommended one to anyone who wants to save food for longer periods of time.



5-year warranty
Convenient roll-storage and cutter
Extra wide sealing strip for a very strong seal
Stainless steel body

Seal-a-Meal FSSMSL0160-000

This wonderful sealer has a sleek and straightforward design. When it comes to its efficeincy, you must know that the FSSMSL0160-000 will perfectly remove air from inside the bag and then it will actually use heat in order to create a reliable seal. This means that the stored food will take up less space in the fridge or freezer, and it will also stay fresh for longer periods of time, in comparison with traditional storage methods like zipper bags, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and bulky containers. It helps preserve the taste and nutrients of all your foods. You can confidently use it in order to store fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, cheese, or dry goods like party crackers or homemade cookies. You can even use it for important documents, jewelry, and other household items. It will make vacuum sealing a breeze. You only need to add the desired item in the bag, place the open end of the bag into the drip tray, and then lower the lid. Make sure you press very well on both sides of the lid until the “Hands-Free” indicator light will start to illuminate. Once the vacuum sealing cycle has ended, the motor and the “Sealing” indicator light as well will turn off. Take into account the fact that there is a “Open/Cancel” button that can cancel the process at any time or raise the lid when finished so that you can easily and quickly remove the vacuum-sealed bag.



Very easy to use Very loud
Patented removable drip tray
Press/Hold release system
Hands-free and seal indicator lights

Nesco VS-02

The fifth product on our list is this one from Nesco. Even if it is at the lower part of this top, it is actually an excellent sealer. By using it you will be able to save not only time but money as well. You can easily use it for preparing whole meals in advance, for saving leftovers, and also for resealing foods such as potato chips and cereal in their original package. You can use the VS-02 for protecting special papers and documents, or for keeping supplies dry during camping or traveling. This is a fully automatic sealer that features a one-touch operation and automatic shut off. Moreover, it also comes equipped with a powerful piston pump with a seal only switch in order to prevent over vacuuming and crushing of delicate foods. There is also a switch to extend sealing time for wet items or tighter sealing. A roller storage compartment has a bag cutter for added convenience. The bagging material is a very strong one, with crossed air venting ribs on both sides for an excellent air extraction. It’s available on the market today with a white or a black&silver finish.



It helps eliminate freezer burn, reduce spoilage and food waste Not as durable as other models
Reasonably priced
Seal time selection switch
Roll storage compartment with bag cutter and sealing tray

Ivation Vacuum Sealer

This wonderful sealer helps preserve the freshness and flavor of your food for up to five times longer than conventional storage methods. It actually provides an airtight seal in order to prevent freezer burn. It is absolutely excellent for storing individual portions or entire prepared meals. You can confidently use the Ivation sealer for storing liquid, solid, or dry foods. Furthermore, it is also perfect even for non-food items like stamps, documents, or photos. The wonderful ability of vacuuming seal food in an airtight bag is without a doubt invaluable. This actually means that the lifespan of fresh produce will be extended by up to five times its original shelf life. Therefore, this will help with preventing freezer burn on frozen vegetables and fruits, and also with keeping all your food entirely free from bacteria and bugs. All in all, vacuum sealing is definitely a lifesaver of a domestic process for most keen cooks, and this product will help you obtain the desired results. It is an indispensable device for all those who need to store food and ration for a longer period of time without affecting its quality. This model is lightweight and compact, it features a very easy operation and a built-in port for optional accessories, and it can easily accommodate 12-inch wide bags and rolls. The included starter kit comes with 5 quart bags and 5 gallon bags as well.



Lightweight and compact It is quite loud
Very attractive design
Gentle setting to prevent crushing of dry or delicate foods
Moist and dry food settings
Easy, one-touch operation

Tips to Properly Use the Sealer

As you have probably already figured out on your own, it’s quite necessary to have a quality vacuum sealer at your disposal. Unfortunately, many view using the appliance as being extremely easy and they don’t bother to check if they’re doing anything wrong. If you already have a sealer in your collection or you plan on buying one, read this section of the article to learn some useful tips regarding the proper use of this product.

  • Tip #1: Don’t rely on the fact that vacuum sealing will prevent your food from spoiling. For example, sealing raw meat and leaving it in the closet won’t decrease the degradation process at all. On the other hand, what will slow the process down is sealing the meat and storing it in the freezer.
  • Tip #2: A common mistake is using other types of bags with the appliance. There’s a good reason to why there exist bags specially made for the machine, and you should only work with those made for the specific model you’re using. If you ignore this advice, the bags won’t seal properly and the food will spoil fast.
  • Tip #3: In case you want to place fruits or vegetables in storage, make sure that you do so properly. In case you want to freeze them, pre-freeze the foods before packaging. Also, in case you want to store them in a closet, dehydrate them completely prior to doing so.
  • Tip #4: When the sealer operates, there’s the risk that it might suck in liquids or crumbs, damage occurring. To avoid this from taking place, what you should do is to pre-freeze liquid based foods and filter finely grained foods before the sealing process begins.
  • Tip #5: Although the machine does an excellent job at clearing the air from the bag, you should be cautious and add a moisture absorber inside the bag in order to ensure that food freshness will be maintained for as long as possible.
  • Tip #6: In case you plan on sealing items that have sharp edges, such as non-food items, pasta, dried fruits, and so on, avoid puncturing the bags from occurring by wrapping the items in a soft material.
  • Tip #7: Clean the machine after each use and make sure that you properly store it in order to prolong its lifespan and to maintain its effective performance for as long as possible.
  • Tip #8: Never overfill the bag! What you should do is to always leave at least 3 inches of clear space at the top before sealing it tight, avoiding the bag from puncturing or bursting by doing so.
  • Tip #9: Keep the bag smooth and free of wrinkles during the sealing process to ensure that food spoilage won’t occur.

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