A delicious plate filled with waffles makes anyone’s morning better, and for your day to go perfect, you need a boost of energy at this early hour. Instead of making the experience of eating the delicious waffles a nightmare because of the preparation process, invest in a quality waffle making appliance that delivers the food in no time and ensures a perfect taste each and every time.

Top 5 Waffle Makers Comparison

Photo Waffle Makers Price
Presto 03510 Image

1. Presto 03510

  • Bakes a 7-inch Belgian waffle
  • Countdown timer that signals when the waffle is done
  • Flips 180 degrees to evenly spread the batter
  • Non-stick interior
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Cuisinart WMR-CA Image

2. Cuisinart WMR-CA

  • 5-setting browning control
  • Signals when it is ready to bake and when the waffles are done
  • Bakes a large traditional-style waffle
  • Non-stick cook plate
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Proctor Silex 26070 Image

3. Proctor Silex 26070

  • Deep grooves allow you to make fluffy waffles
  • Takes between 5-8 minutes for the appliance to prepare delicious waffles
  • Features a useful indicator light
  • Easy clean-up
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Oster CKSTWF2000 Image

4. Oster CKSTWF2000

  • 8-inch baking plate
  • Features indicator lights
  • Non-stick surface
  • Cool-touch handles
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Hamilton Beach 26030 Image

5. Hamilton Beach 26030

  • Can prepare fluffy waffles
  • Ready to cook and power on indicator lights
  • Advanced heating technology for consistent baking and browning
  • Browning control
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Gourmia GWM440 Image

6. Gourmia GWM440

  • You can prepare 7-inch waffles with it
  • Easy to use design – just turn the Power/Off switch to the position you want
  • Prepares a delicious waffle in less than 5 minutes
  • Handle remains cool to the touch

Waffle Making Appliances Reviews

Presto 03510

We all love to have a healthy and delicious waffle-based breakfast, but we need the right tools to prepare this delicious meal. When it comes to the perfect appliance for making waffles whenever you are in the mood for them, none compare to the Presto 03510. The professional-style rotating design of this model makes it possible to serve your favorite dessert in a matter of minutes. For you to enjoy eating fluffy, well-prepared waffles, it flips to 180 degrees to evenly spread the batter. One of the features that make it the best choice to go with is the fact that it has a unique dual function base which ensures not only a convenient rotation, but that locks the unit perfectly in a vertical position for compact storage as well. It features a countdown timer with a digital display that signals when the cooking time is up. It is incredibly easy and safe to use to its magnificent design. Also, it is a breeze to clean it due to the fact that it features a non-stick surface. In addition, it is covered by a 1-year warranty, a time during which it will be fixed by the manufacturer free of charge for any defects that appear.



Makes crispy waffles that are tender inside
The stainless steel construction makes it a durable appliance
Easy vertical storage due to smart design
Allows you to prepare a variety of recipes with it
Comes at a reasonable and affordable price


Boasting a professional design while maintaining a more than reasonable asking price, this is the waffle machine you must get your hands on to enjoy a hearty, delicious breakfast every morning. It is easy to clean and it prepares your breakfast in only a few minutes, so there are only ebenfits to be enjoyed with it.

Cuisinart WMR-CA

Another great choice to go with for preparing delicious waffles each morning is the Cuisinart WMR-CA, a model that you can have in your own kitchen for a very low price. The stainless steel construction doesn’t only make it a durable appliance that will last for years, but it makes it go well in any modern kitchen. For increased safety, the weighted lid it features won’t rise as the waffles bake. It features browning control adjustment, allowing you to choose one of 5 browning settings in order to have the perfect breakfast to jump start your day. Also, the regulating thermostat it comes with allows you to have complete control over how the breakfast will be made. It features red and green indicator lights that announce you when the unit is ready to bake and when it finishes cooking. It comes with a useful recipe book that will inspire you to prepare a variety of breakfasts. For easy storage, it comes with a cord that conveniently wraps under the bottom. Best of all, it is backed up by a generous 3-year warranty that ensures you will have this appliance by your side for a long time.



Prepares your favorite breakfast in only 5 minutes
Easy to use and clean
The latching feature ensures that the lid will stay closed during storage and baking
Generous 3-year warranty


Cuisinart is renowned for making quality appliances, and this waffle machine is no exception. It is affordable and it prepares your favorite breakfast in a matter of minutes, all without asking you to put much effort into the preparation process.

Proctor Silex 26070

A top of the line model that you cannot skip on if you want to enjoy a healthy and nourishing breakfast is the Proctor Silex 26070. It comes at a low price, and its modern design makes it the perfect addition to your kitchen. It takes between 5 to 8 minutes for it to prepare the 7-inch waffles that you enjoy eating in the morning to start off your day in the best way possible. The non-stick plates that it features make it easy to clean the appliance once you are done using it. Due to the fact that it stores upright, it won’t take up much space in your cabinet. The deep grooves that it features allow you to prepare fluffy waffles that you and your entire family will surely enjoy. It features power and preheat indicator lights that make using it incredibly easy. Also, the heat-resistant handles allow you to maneuver it without fearing that you might get burned. In addition, it comes with a 1-year warranty for parts and labor.



Heat-resistant handles for increased safety Waffles are hard to remove from the griddle irons without the prior use of cooking spray
Cool exterior that ensures you won’t harm yourself
Compact storage
Affordable price


A real bang for your buck and an appliance that goes perfectly on the counter of any modern kitchen, this Proctor Silex machine is a must-have for waffle lovers who want to eat their breakfast in peace, not having to go through hell in order to prepare it.

Oster CKSTWF2000

If you care about the quality of the appliances that you use in your kitchen, then you have to give the Oster CKSTWF2000 a try. It can sit on your counter for a cheap price. The compact size makes it ideal even for those who have limited space in their kitchen, and it allows for an easy and convenient storage as well. What makes this model a fan favorite is the fact that it allows temperature adjustment. Therefore, you have complete control over how your breakfast will be prepared. The 8-inch round Belgian-style waffles it produces are fluffy and nourishing, ensuring that you won’t feel hungry for hours after eating one. The cool touch handle allows you to maneuver it without fearing that you might burn your hands in the process. It is incredibly easy to clean due to the fact that it features a non-stick design for the plates. In addition, it is backed up by a 1-year warranty, meaning that the manufacturer will repair or replace it in case anything happens to the appliance during this period of time.



It allows you to have a complete control over the baking process
You will be able to prepare a variety of recipes with it
Compact size that makes it great for small kitchens
Durable construction


The Oster company outdid itself with this waffle making appliance, delivering a safe to use, easy to clean, affordable, and overall qualitative product. What adds to its desirability even further is the fact that it produces 8-inch round fluffy waffles, thus providing you with the most nourishing breakfast out there.

Hamilton Beach 26030

We end our top with the 26030, an appliance that you can have in your kitchen for an affordable price. With it, you will be able to prepare your favorite breakfast in 12 different ways, taking the unit only 5 to 8 minutes in order to finish baking. The design makes it not only a stylish addition to the kitchen, but it makes it easy to use as well. Best of all, it features removable grids that are dishwasher safe. Also, the drip tray can be cleaned using the dishwasher. Therefore, if you have a dishwasher, you won’t actually need to lift a finger to clean them after use. The easy-flip handle that it features allows for easy and compact storage, making it ideal even for those who do not have a lot of free space to work with. The brushed stainless steel exterior that it features ensures that this is a long-lasting investment. Also, it is covered by a limited 1-year warranty for parts and labor.



Compact size and easy storage You must apply cooking spray on the plates before using it for the waffles to not stick to the surface
Stainless steel housing that makes it a durable appliance
Features a drip tray that catches excess batter
Easy to use and clean


It takes 8 minutes at tops for your waffles to be ready with this machine, so if time is generally of the essence for you, this is your best option. Sure, it might not feature a non-stick surface, but the price the appliance comes at and its ease of use compensate for its minor downside.

Gourmia GWM440

As it provides you delicious 7-inch Belgian waffles in a matter of minutes, this Gourmia appliance was an inevitable appearance in our top. What makes it so special and top other entries is the fact that it features a 180-degree rotation that flips the waffle in order to ensure the batter will spread evenly across the surface and to crisp it consistently. The status of the baking process can be followed by the user by checking out the LCD display it features. It features adjustable controls that enable you to choose the exact settings for each waffle you prefer in terms of color and consistency. In addition, as the plates of the appliance boast a non-stick design, they will not only be easy to clean, but the waffles you prepare won’t stick to them either.



180-degree rotation feature ensures the battery will be evenly distributed for perfect consistency Some customers have had issues with the timer when flipping the handle
Non-stick cooking plates ensure the waffle won’t stick to the surface
Adjustable controls allow you to prepare any color and crispiness waffle you like
LCD display ensures a user-friendly operation
One of the more reasonably priced top products on the market


Although there are plenty of arguments to why this is a must-have kitchen appliance, the feature that truly makes it shine is the 180-degree rotation it puts at your disposal, ensuring an evenly distributed batter with every waffle you prepare so that consistency is always granted.

Why You Need a Waffle Making Appliance

The waffle maker is not complicated to understand, doing exactly what the name says, more precisely delivering freshly made waffles when using it. But is this appliance an addition worth making to the kitchen? Read the following lines to learn about its importance in a modern kitchen.

  • Eat Homemade Food In a Convenient Manner

  • Consuming homemade food is one of the main secrets of leading a long and healthy life as the ingredients used in the preparation of the meal are guaranteed to be healthy and the cooking method is one that you supervise or perform yourself, ensuring that it is of a good quality. With the waffle making machine, you will be able to enjoy a scrumptious and delicious homemade breakfast every morning, all without having to put a lot of effort into preparing it.

  • Health Boost Due to Eating a Consistent Breakfast

  • The breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day as it is the first time you eat, needing a lot of energy to start off your day properly. Thus, it is mandatory for this meal to be healthy, grease-free, and consistent in order to give you energy without making you feel sick after consuming it. Waffles are the preferred breakfast for many people due to the fact that they provide sustenance and because of their delicious taste. With the machine, you are able to prepare waffles without much hassle and in a healthy manner, ensuring that you will enjoy a proper breakfast every morning.

  • No Greasy Mess Is Left Behind

  • Preparing waffles might be fun and easy, but what is a certainty is the fact that it is a messy cooking task as well. Let’s face it, nobody likes cleaning up greasy messes left behind after cooking, so it is easy to understand how you can benefit from using the waffle making machine as the annoying mess does not occur with it. Just put the ingredients in carefully and let the appliance do its magic, all without having to clean up the counter or a ton of dishes and bowls afterward.

  • It Does Not Take Up a Lot of Space

  • Another advantage of this kitchen appliance is the fact that it does not take up a lot of space on the counter. For those who have small or overcrowded kitchens, this is definitely a plus as finding a convenient permanent location for it won’t be hard at all. Additionally, it will be easy to find a storage space in a drawer or a cabinet for the machine due to its compact size and lightweight construction in case you do not want it to sit on the counter at all times.

  • Intuitive Operation

  • A lot of modern kitchen appliances have become complicated to use as they feature too many settings and innovative technologies that are hard to understand. While modern waffle making machines are quite innovative and they differ hugely from their more traditional predecessors, these appliances still boast an intuitive operation. Thus, they are easy to use and you won’t get headaches or need assistance when preparing waffles with them.

Buying a Waffle Making Machine – What to Look Into

Want to add a waffle maker to your collection of kitchen appliances? Then confidently check out our listing of the important traits that make up a quality waffle machine. With these pieces of wisdom at your disposal, you will be able to make the right purchase and own a machine that will serve your needs for years on end.

  • Ready Indicator Light

  • When it finishes preparing your delicious waffles, the ready indicator light is going to announce you that it is alright to take food out. This feature comes in handy and we strongly recommend that you invest in a product that comes with it, like the Presto 03510 for example, or any other model that appears in our top for that matter.

  • Preparation Speed

  • How long it takes for it to finish preparing your waffles is one of your main concerns when it comes to this investment as you definitely would not like waiting too much time in the morning until you get to enjoy your breakfast. The ideal preparation time and what we recommend you aim for when scouting the market is approximately 5 minutes.

  • Non-Stick Surface

  • We cannot stress enough about the importance of a non-stick surface in this appliance. What makes this one of the main features to look into is the fact that the waffles won’t break apart when you take them out of the machine as they will not burn on any side or stick to the interior surface of the cooking appliance.

  • Browning Selection

  • While it is not a mandatory spec to look into, we do recommend that you look for a model that features browning selection. This option won’t change the taste of the waffles, but what it will deliver is the opportunity to choose the exterior aspect of the food. If you have small kids, it is especially recommended to take the feature into consideration as a healthy and pleasant looking breakfast is more likely to convince the small ones that eating in the morning is necessary.

  • Cool to the Touch Handles

  • At one point, when you were in the kitchen, you probably put your hands on the hot handle or surface of an appliance. Keep your hands safe and avoid any unpleasant or even health-threatening accidents by purchasing a waffle making machine that comes with cool-touch handles, like the Oster CKSTWF-2000, for example.

Enjoying a delicious breakfast each day, one that you do not have to slave over is a common dream we all have. If pancakes are what make you tick and start out the day feeling great, it is imperious that you buy a waffle making machine obviously. However, instead of risking spending your money on a poor quality product, you should use the Presto 0351 which prepares a 7-inch Belgian waffle in a matter of minutes. Its non-stick interior makes cleaning up a hassle-free task, while the fact that it allows you to flip it at 180 degrees ensures the batter will be evenly spread. Another option worth taking into consideration is the Cuisinart WMR-CA that not only provides 5 different settings to choose between when it comes to browning control, but that features a latch which keeps the lid closed throughout the entire baking process. If a money-smart option is what you are more interested in, then we recommend the Hamilton Beach 26030 as it not only comes at a great price, but it features a drip tray that ensures the counter will be clean after using it as it catches excess batter.

Frequently Asked Questions

?How do I properly clean the appliance?
Cleaning the waffle making appliance is no big deal, fortunately. All you need is a sponge and washing up liquid you use for your plates, with these two being able to clean the plates as well as the body of the appliance. Obviously, when you are done, wipe it dry with a cloth or kitchen paper before you use it again. What you should never to in order to avoid damaging it is to use harsh abrasive powder or scouring pads when cleaning it. Also, you should never immerse it into water.

?Should I still use non-stick cooking spray if the plates of the waffle iron are non-stick?
No, there is no need for non-stick cooking spray anymore if the plates are rated to be non-stick already. If you ignore this advice, the cooking spray will build up on the plates, causing them to get sticky and making it more difficult to remove the waffle and clean the appliance. In case you accidentally did this already, unplug the appliance and clean the plates thoroughly before using them again.

?Is there a difference between regular waffles and Belgian waffles?
The difference between traditional and Belgian waffles is in the texture and crispness. Belgian waffles have a deeper pocket, which means that they are better at holding syrup and fruits. Also, they are crispier than American-style waffles, the crunchy sensation when eating them making Belgian waffles more popular with consumers.

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