A hydrating water will definitely improve your overall health, and it will also make you feel very energetic. Moreover, your appearance will highly improve as well, and therefore, you will look absolutely amazing. For such a great result it is highly recommended to purchase one of the best ionizers available on the market today. If you are interested in a product like this, then you will certainly find the following information very useful. Therefore, make yourself comfortable and take a look at the details below about these appliances.

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Top 5 Water Ionizers Comparison

1. Tyent UCE-11 2. Bawell Platinum Alkaline 2195 3. Air Water Life Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 4. M9 Next Gen. Countertop 5. IntelGadgets IT-580
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Brand Tyent Bawell Air Water Life Life Ionizers IntelGadgets
Type Under Counter Countertop Countertop Countertop Countertop
Installation Method Under the counter installation Connects to faucet or water line under sink Under the counter installation Counter Top Installation, easily converts between countertop and undercounter use Surface-Mounted
Number of Plates 11 7 7 9 5
Operational Controls Advanced interactive touch screen technology Touchscreen LCD controls Intuitive back-lit LCD Touchscreen LCD controls Comprehensive Soft Touch Button Control Panel
Features Flood prevention sensor Voice indication with adjustable volume State-of-the-art electroplate technology Advanced reverse action dual cleaning system 2-Min. cleaning function
TM Filtration mode Electrolytic antibacterial system 7 water options Heat sensor Indicator different pH levels
Filter replacement display Universal faucet adapter 7 Water pH levels Handy indicator lights
pH Concentration level display 8 Pre Programmed levels Filter change indicator
Under cleaning voice Safety feature
3-phase alkaline water


Filtration Dual filters ultra filtration .01 Micron Internal dual filtration technology (Filters Included) State-of-the-art water filter Comes with FREE custom-configured pre-filter system for ultimate water purity N/A
Flow Rate N/A 1 Gallon every 30 seconds Over 1,585 gal. Over 5 liters per minute 3 Liters per minute
ORP Value (based on source water quality) Up to -1050 ORP Range +600 to -800 +600 to -850mV Up to -800mV -850mV
pH Value (based on source water quality) 1.7-12.0 3.0 to 11.5 Pre-Programmed; 2.0 to 12.0 Capable 4.5 to 11 pH 2.0 – 11.5 pH 4.5 to 11 pH
Watts of Power 750 Watts 180 Watts 5-150 Watts adjusting to your source water Up to 450 Watts 230 Watts
Rated Voltage 100-240V a.c 50/60 Hz N/A 110V 110V 110V/60Hz (220V also available)
Self-Cleaning Setting N/A
Built-In Activated Carbon Filter N/A


Dimensions Ionizer: 14″(W) x 5-3/8″(D) x 14″(H), Dispenser: 11.5″(H) x 2″(D) 11.8″(L) x 15.2″(H) x 6.2″(W) 4.25″(L) x 8.25″(W) x 13″(H) 11.65″(W) x 14″(H) x 5.75″(D) 12.2″(H) x 8.7″(W) x 4.92″(D)
Weight (pounds) 18.4 11 11.4 15.2 13
Color White Gray Gray Black/Graphite Silver, White, Gray, Steel, Green, Purple, Red, Blue
Plate Material Solid/Mesh Hybrid Medical grade strengthened titanium plates Solid medical grade titanium platinum coated plates Platinum coated titanium plates Platinum coated titanium plates Titanium-Platinum alloy plates with precise ceramic ionic membrane


FDA Approved N/A
Other Certifications & Listings UL Listed For Safety, ISO 9001 and 14001 Certified, KFDA Certfied Medical Device, Rated Best of the Year in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 BPA approved food grade plastic components ETL Certified WQA Gold Seal Certified, 100% Lead Free, 100% BPA Free Guaranteed EC, SGS, NSF, Water Quality, ISO 9001:2008


Warranty Lifetime Warranty Lifetime warranty with 60-Day 100% money back guarantee Limited lifetime warranty Lifetime warranty on parts and labor 2-Year warranty
Customer Service

Top Rated 2018 Water Ionizers Reviews

1. Tyent UCE-11

The Tyent UCE-11 is a product that will help you stay very well hydrated at home. It has a filter replacement display, an under cleaning voice, a flood prevention sensor, a TM filtration mode, a pH concentration level display, and 11 solid/mesh hybrid medical grade, strengthened titanium plates. Thanks to the dual ultrafiltration, 99.9% of the harmful contaminants found in your tap water will be removed. It is specially designed for high-end kitchens. This product is UL Listed for safety, and it is the best model in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 as well. It is available on the market today with a forever warranty, which will certainly please customers all over the world. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable ionizer that will make your tap water a very healthy and hydrating one, then it is without a doubt exactly what you need.

2. Bawell Platinum Alkaline 2195

This modern appliance has several wonderful features such as a universal faucet adapter that fits “pull out” style faucet heads in addition to standard & older faucet designs, a voice indication with adjustable voice volume, 8 pre-programmed levels on each Power Setting, and an electrolytic antibacterial system. Furthermore, it also has a built-in activated carbon filter that can filter out typical contaminants in your water, such as chlorine, benzene, radon, volatile organic compounds, and pesticides as well, so that you can consume a very clean and safe water at all times. In order to make alkaline water, this device requires a minimum water pressure of 20lbs per sq.in. of constant water pressure (20psi) supplied by tap water pressure. Keep in mind that well water pressure that fluctuates or is not constant is definitely not suitable for use with this appliance. It has 7 solid medical grade titanium platinum coated plates, BPA free FDA approved food grade plastic components, and a forever lifetime warranty with 60-Day 100% money back guarantee.

3. Air Water Life Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe

Units from Air Water Life, like this model, do an excellent job. This model comes equipped with 7 healthy water options: 4 ionized alkaline continuously variable; 1 non-ionized purified; 2 ionized acidic presets State-of-the-Art Electroplate Technology that provides excellent conductivity and supports continuous electrolysis at high current density. The state-of-the-art water filter effectively removes trihalomethane, radon, pesticides, chlorine, benzene, VOCs and lots of other harmful pollutants found in tap water, so that the water you are going to consume doesn’t affect your health. A limited lifetime warranty is offered by the manufacturer, and the product has FDA Approved Plastics, and it is ETL Certified. All in all, with it, you will only enjoy its many benefits.

4. M9 Next Gen. Countertop

There are some features that this appliance has, and that you will absolutely love. The M9 Next Gen. Countertop has an Advanced Reverse Action Dual Cleaning system specially built for working better with hard water, a Protection System/ Automatic Heat Sensor, and 7 Water pH Levels that include 2 Acidic Levels, 4 Alkaline Levels, and 1 Purified Water Level. All the pollutants found in your tap water, such as chlorine, chloramines, benzene, trihalomethane, radon, pesticides, are identified and filtered so that you can enjoy a clean and clear water at all times. The manufacturer offers for this appliance a lifetime warranty on parts and labor. This model is available on the market today with a FREE custom-configured pre-filter system for ultimate water purity. Therefore, you will definitely not make a mistake by purchasing it. Take into account the fact that once you start to consume a clean and ionized water at all times you will be healthier and your appearance will also considerably improve, not to mention the fact that you will become a more energetic person.

5. IntelGadgets IT-580

This unit is without a doubt innovative. It features a ceramic ion membrane manufactured by Yuasa, Japan, which is non-toxic and temperature-resistant as well, an extra long flexible tube, Handy Red and Green Indicator Lights (“Filter Change” light and “Clean” light) show if water is acidic (red) or alkaline (green), Filter Change Indicator, Safety Feature, and a soft-button control panel. Furthermore, it comes equipped with 7 selectable levels of water pH values, 2-Minute Cleaning Function that cleanses the electrolysis chamber for a full 2 minutes with the press of the “Clean” button, and plays music while cleaning, so when the music stops, you know the clean cycle is finished, and an Automatic Cleaning Alarm. This modern unit will definitely help you and your entire family live a healthier life.

Essential Things You Need to Know About These Products

If you want to live a healthy life, then you do not only need to exercise regularly and eat healthily, but you also must not forget to hydrate properly at all times. A good hydration means that the water you actually consume must be very clean and clean, and most of all very hydrating. How can you obtain a result like this nowadays, when tap water in most homes is contaminated and unsafe to drink? It is very simple, what you actually need to do is to purchase an ionizer. Go for a high quality one, in order to make sure you will achieve the desired result. They are home appliances that claim to raise the pH of drinking water. They use electrolysis in order to separate the incoming water stream into alkaline and acidic components. These units can easily be attached to kitchen faucets and then used in order to treat regular tap water with minerals and an electrical current as well so that you can enjoy an ionized water. Ionized water is alkaline or low pH. This water contains large amounts of electrically charged hydroxyl ions as well as free electrons. According to proponents, if you drink only ionized water you can definitely positively benefit your health in lots of ways. These days, they come in a large range of models, some of them with innovative features, whereas other have just the basic characteristics. However, all of them do a great job, when it comes to your tap water, which will remain clean, clear, and contaminant-free. Therefore, if you and your family want to live a very healthy life, then you must make sure you own a device like this. A unit of this kind, especially if it is a high-quality model, it is definitely a long-term investment.

Benefits That it Offers

Purchasing such a product is without a doubt a lifetime investment. However, there are still many people who do not trust these units, and they do not have any idea about what are their benefits. If you are confused as well, then by having a look at the below benefits of using an ionizer, you will definitely understand why these devices are very popular these days and many people have them in their kitchen.

  • Cancer prevention benefits

  • Retailers say that ionized water has very strong antioxidant properties. An antioxidant is actually a compound that is believed to prevent free radical damage to cells and also their DNA. They do this by eliminating and neutralizing these free radicals, and also by keeping them from causing the cellular disruptions that can definitely lead to cancer. According to Ion Life, the hydroxyl ions that are found in ionized water will neutralize free radicals in the same way that other, acknowledged antioxidants like Vitamin C and Vitamin A can. Therefore, once the hydroxyl ion eliminates these free radicals with its extra electrons, the result is an oxygen molecule. This oxygen molecule is without a doubt an essential element for proper body functions.

  • Your skin will look great

  • It will definitely produce water that is much more beneficial to your skin than regular tap water. Ionized water must be used regularly, in order to obtain the desired results. It is said to confer its antioxidant effects to the skin, making it appear a lot younger. Furthermore, fine wrinkles will be eliminated. It also has the power to decrease the amounts of skin bacteria, so that you do not have to deal with acne breakouts anymore. Another great thing about ionized water is that it acts as a very strong detoxifying agent. Therefore, once the harmful toxins in your body are removed, not only your skin will look amazing, but your internal organs will also function a lot better you get home, despite the fact that you will use it throughout the entire day without charging it.

  • Cardiovascular system benefits

  • There is an Alkaline Water Plus recent research that has indicated that the overall health of the veins and arteries in the whole cardiovascular system, as well as the heart disease, are strongly correlated with oxidative damage. The free radicals that are being produced by normal oxygen metabolism will cause damage to various parts of your cardiovascular system. Therefore, the heart disease is more likely to appear. All in all, they definitely produce water that acts as a preventative measure against free radical damage, and this means that you will less prone to heart diseases. Remember that in order to obtain this result, you must consume this water regularly.

  • You will feel more energetic

  • Since ionized water is very hydrating, once you start to consume it regularly, you will definitely feel more energetic. Therefore, your entire life will change, as you will be able to concentrate much better on the things you have to do.

  • Excellent taste

  • Ionized water will definitely taste better and smoother than regular tap water, or even the filtered one. Furthermore, it will also hydrate food better than water that is not ionized, and this hydration will enhance the flavor of all foods that will be cooked with it.

How to Choose the Best Rated Model

Buying a good unit can be a very confusing job for many people, due to the large range of models that are available on the market today. It is true that a device like this is absolutely great, but it is very important that you choose a high-quality one in order to obtain the desired results. Discover what actually makes a premium high-quality unit like this different than others, before you shop for such a product so that the entire whole family can enjoy drinking a very clean and healthy alkaline, ionized water, at all times. Therefore, here is how to choose the best-rated models.

  • Go for a self-cleaning and low maintenance unit

  • When using a device like this, there are many people who do not maintain their equipment as they should. When this happens, you will definitely deal with bacterial overgrowth and a buildup of minerals on the electrodes that will neutralize the impact the appliance can make on the water. This is without a doubt something that you need to avoid, and you can do this by purchasing an ionizer machine that is self-cleaning and as low maintenance as possible. The more maintenance required the more likely is to deal with the problems mentioned earlier. Keep in mind to look for units that have a fully automatic cleaning process. This cleaning process will actually change the polarity on the electrodes, automatically and frequently as well.

  • Good units regulate incoming water pressure

  • Water pressure is certainly different from place to place. You must know exactly how flexible the unit you want to buy is, when it comes to water pressure. If it performs very well only at a particular water pressure, then you may have some problems due to the fact that most water systems do not supply water at a set pressure all the time. If the pressure is quite high then the water will pass quickly through the ionizing chamber. Therefore, it will have less time to be restructured during the process. The longer it will actually stay in the chamber the more influence the electricity will have on it.

  • Look for a device with innovative features

  • There are some innovative features that some units in this category come with so that you can obtain a very healthy and hydrating water. For example, the Advanced Reverse Action Dual Cleaning system is specially designed to work better with hard water, whereas the Built-In Activated Carbon Filter can filter out typical contaminants in your water, such as chlorine, benzene, trihalomethane, radon, pesticides and volatile organic compounds. Therefore, make sure the unit you are going to buy has these wonderful features.

  • Consider the filters

  • You will find on the market units that come equipped with a single filter or a dual filter system. These filters are located inside the unit, and they need to be replaced regularly for a proper functioning. Keep in mind that a dual filter system is a lot better than a single filter system, especially if you live in a very big city, where the pollution is without a doubt at a higher level.

The Best Brands on the Market

If you want to be sure that you will purchase a very good device, then it is essential to be well informed about all the manufacturers that build this sort of products. In order to ease your choice, we have made a list with the best brands that you can confidently go for.

  • Tyent

  • Tyent appliances come equipped with ultrafilters that feature a multi-stage filtration process, which eliminates unhealthy contaminants from your water, such as chlorine, dirt, heavy metals, as well as herbicides, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals as well. These innovative ultrafilters have .01 micron filtration, which is actually the same filtration that is being used in kidney dialysis equipment. Therefore, you will actually be provided with the highest quality, purest, alkaline water available.

  • Life Ionizers

  • This is another reliable brand that it is highly recommended to go for. This manufacturer’s mission is to be the leader in the international health water industry, and it actually wants to achieve this by creating and delivering beneficial products that exceed customer expectations, while it ensures a balanced and caring culture.

  • Bawell

  • Bawell systems are specially designed to incorporate the cutting-edge technology in order to make sure you will be provided with the clearer and the healthiest water possible. Bawell machines are without a doubt very easy to install and they will provide reliable performance for many years to come so that you and your family can enjoy an endless stream of health benefits every single day. Therefore, by purchasing a Bawell ionizer, you will certainly not regret.

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