Best Window Air Conditioners

Hot days can become impossible to bear and when you feel like you can’t breathe, you could need a cooling device that will freshen you up. Air conditioners are popular in the hot season but they come at high prices and not everyone has enough space for one. In cases like these, the window air conditioner could be your best ally in fighting the heat wave, so if you are interested in these devices, keep reading to learn more.

Top 5 Window Air Conditioners Comparison

1. Frigidaire FFRE1033Q1 2. Koldfront WAC12001W 3. Haier ESAQ406P Serenity Series 4. Friedrich Chill CP06G10B 5. LG LW6016R
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Size (inches) 21.5 x 19 x 14.5 16.1 x 22.6 x 23 21.25 x 9 x 12.44 20.9 x 18.4 x 14 18.6 x 15.1 x 12.3
Weight (pounds) 59 88 55 60 50
Controls Intuitive Touchscreen Intuitive Touchscreen Intuitive Touchscreen Intuitive Touchscreen Intuitive Touchscreen
Side Curtains Included
Installation Kit Included


Power(BTU) 10,000 12,000 for cooling, 11,000 for heating 6,000 6,000 6,000
Capacity (sq. ft.) 450 550 up to 250 250 260
Energy Efficiency Ratio 11.3 10.9 11.2 12.2 11.5
Energy Consumption (kWh/ year) 670 825 400 400 400
Power Supply (Volts) 115 220 115 N/A 115
Air Deflection 8-way 4-way 4-way 4-way 2-way
Noise Level(dB) 57 N/A 43 N/A 54


Operating Modes 3 4 4 4 4
Auto Restart
Dehumidification Capacity (pints/ hour) 3 2.5 1.5 1.8 1.8
Variable Speeds 4 4 4 6 6
Air Ionizer
Indicator Lights
Remote Control
Air Filter
Slide-Out Chassis
Money Saver Mode
Anti-Intrusion Protection
Auto Swing Louvers
Sleep Function


Parts and Labor Warranty 1 year, 5 years for sealed system 2 Years 1 Year 1 year, 5 years for sealed system 1 Year
Customer Support
User Manual

Window Air Conditioners Reviews

The market is full of various models that promise to be the best choice for your home but after thorough tests, we came to the conclusion that the following 5 products are the top rated ones that manage to cover every aspect and provide the highest performance.

1. Frigidaire FFRE1033Q1

This one is our top pick for all the right reasons. First of all, it’s a unit that can handle large rooms so it is designed to work at high rates, all this without using too much electricity. Second, it has a good energy efficiency ratio and it doesn’t require more than 670 kWh/year even though it’s a powerful unit of 10,000 BTU. Thanks to the sleep and economy mode, the machine minimizes the energy use for an efficient operation. It can spread cool air in 8 different ways and it offers 3 different operating modes to choose from and 4 increasing speeds.
The unit boasts a sleek design and is very easy to use, with the touchscreen controls, the indicator lights and the remote control that enables distance handling. Aside from the air filter that prevents dust from spreading around the room, the Frigidaire FFRE1033Q1 also features an air ionizer that improves the air quality without adding any ozone. It can remove up to 3 pints of moisture from the air per hour. If the power goes off, the unit will start again when the power comes back due to the auto restart feature.



Powerful 10,000 BTU capacity
Dehumidifies the air while cooling it
Features an ir ionizer for cleaning the air
Can handle rooms of 450 sq. ft.


Frigidaire FFRE1033Q1 is a powerful unit that comes with some pretty innovative features. What is great about this model is that is lightweight, energy efficient, and silent. Additionally, this is the only model that features an air ionizer, which is a great plus. Also, for more convenience, it can dehumidify the air, thus maintaining the proper humidity level in case there too much moisture. The only drawbacks are that is doesn’t come with side curtains and it lacks some advanced features like anti-intrusion protection or slide-out chassis.

2. Koldfront WAC12001W

We loved this unit because it’s able to deliver both cool and hot air, which means you can use it all year round. The 12,000 BTU power enables it to handle large rooms measuring up to 550 sq.ft without overburdening your electricity grid. Thanks to the low EER and the energy saving modes, the unit keeps a low energy usage and doesn’t affect your bills. Although it’s a bulky machine, it can fit your window and blend into the design. Customize its operation as you like using either the touchscreen controls or the remote control and enjoy a draft of cool and fresh air that is being constantly filtered.
This model boasts almost any feature you might look for and it can help you maintain a temperature between 62 and 86F by spreading air in 4 different directions due to the adjustable louvers. While it does that, around 60 pints of air moisture are removed per day.



Increased cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU
Both cools and heats up the air
Multiple functions like Sleep Mode and Dehumidifier
Efficient for rooms of 450 sq. ft.


Koldfront WAC12001W is more versatile as it can also warm the air if necessary. It is suitable for larger rooms and it features multiple modes for more convenience. For example, it can dehumidify the air, allowing you to enjoy a healthy indoor environment. However, this model doesn’t come with side curtains and it lacks some features. Therefore, it can’t automatically restart in case there’s a power outage and it doesn’t have a built-in air ionizer.

3. Haier ESAQ406P Serenity Series

Our third choice is the Haier Serenity Series that has suffered some improvements from the previous model. This model has a 6,000 BTU power and is suitable for rooms of 200-250 sq.ft. One thing worth mentioning about this item is that it’s so silent you won’t even know it’s on. Compared to others that create a noise level of over 55dB, this one creates no more than 43 dB on any of the 4 variable speeds.
It manages to save energy and provide an EER of 11.2 due to the E-Save mode and the sleep function. Use the timer to set an operating interval so you will save more energy by avoiding power waste when you are not at home. It also features an air filter and indicator lights to let you know when it’s time to change the filter. The dehumidification feature enables it to remove around 1.8 pints of water from the air every hour.



Silent operation It doesn’t have an auto restart feature
Lightweight Lacks some advanced features
Multiple operating modes
Can also dehumidify the room
Easy to operate


Haier ESAQ406P Serenity Series is a great option for smaller rooms and it can also be used to reduce the moisture and achieve a proper humidity level. What we like about this model is that is very silent, so you won’t even hear it when running. The convenient remote control allows you to operate it from the distance while the sleep function helps save energy. Unfortunately, the unit can’t restart automatically when there’s a power outage.

4. Friedrich Chill CP06G10B

Next in line is the Friedrich Chill that can do a great job at keeping you cool all summer long. This 6,000 BTU machine can handle rooms of around 250 sq.ft. and although it has a 12.2 energy efficiency ratio, it doesn’t add more than 400 kWh to your annual energy bill. It comes with an included installation kit and side curtains that help it fit any window size Other design details worth mentioning are the slide-out chassis that lets you easily remove the machine for maintenance and the anti-intrusion protection that secures the chassis in place.
There are 4 operating modes to choose from, including a dehumidification and an energy saving one, and 3 fan speeds along with 3 cooling speeds so you can adjust the intensity of the cool air.



Comes with side curtains It doesn’t feature a sleep mode
Multiple speed to choose from No built-in air ionizer
Features a slide-out chassis
Comes with protection against intrusions


Friedrich Chill CP06G10B is a well-made window air conditioner and we definitely like its ease of use. The unit is perfect for smaller rooms of maximum 250 sq. ft. and you can also use it to reduce the moisture. You can choose one of the 6 speeds according to your preferences and you can also select the operating mode with the help of the included remote control. This model comes with many advanced features but it doesn’t have a sleep mode to help you reduce energy consumption.

5. LG LW6016R

Although the LG made it to the fifth place, it doesn’t mean that it’s less efficient, and you can see it from the way it manages to cool areas of over 250 sq.ft. with minimum energy usage. The drawback of this item is the limited 2-way air flow deflection, compared to the previous models. Still, it has 4 operating modes and 6 cooling and fan speeds and it can filter the air while cooling it as well. The unit comes with a remote control for easy handling and indicator lights so you will keep tabs on its status at any time.



Comes with side curtains Only 2-way air deflection
Lightweight No sleep function
Features an auto restart function
6 speed settings
No auto swing louvers


Made by LG, this window air conditioner is one of the most reliable ones on the market. You can opt for this unit if you want to cool a smaller room, as it can efficiently handle spaces of maximum 260 sq. ft. What is great about this model is the fact that it features a silent operation and it has no less than 6 variable speeds to choose from. However, this model lacks some features, including auto sawing lovers, sleep function, or anti-intrusion protection.

6. Koldfront WAC18001W

Koldfront makes yet another appearance in our top of the best window air conditioners, this time with the WAC18001W model. This spectacular air conditioner is among fan favorites as it delivers an impressive 18500 BTU cooling and a 16000 BTU heating, thus guaranteeing perfect living conditions throughout the year as long as you use it. It is designed to be used in spaces of up to 1000 square feet, so it will effectively handle a large area. The 4-way air directional louvers that it features provide a complete coverage of the room that it’s placed in, cooling you off or warming you up in no time regardless of where you’re sitting in the room. It requires a minimum window height of 19.5 inches and a minimum of 31 to 42 inches in width. To lower the air conditioner’s energy consumption as much as possible, it features an energy saving mode. For your convenience, you can use the remote control that it comes with to change the unit’s settings. There are 3 fan speeds and an automatic option that you can choose between. Another important feature is the 24-hour timer that allows you to set it to work for as long as you consider it to be necessary. In addition, this product is backed up by the manufacturer during the first two years after you purchase it.



Can handle rooms up to 1000 sq. ft. Not very powerful
Washable air filters
Built-in timer
Easy operation
Comes with a remote control


According to the manufacturer, Koldfront WAC18001W can cool or heat rooms up to 1000 sq. ft. This makes it the most powerful window air conditioner in our top. However, some people complaint about the fact that it works better for rooms up to 800 sq. ft. The unit features a sleeping mode and a timer that allows you to program it run continuously up to 24 hours. Moreover, the product comes with electronic touch controls and a remote control for more convenience.

Things You Should Know About Window AC

Most people know what air conditioners are and they resort to these items because they are effective in adjusting the temperature, but few have heard about a window air conditioning unit. This device doesn’t differ much from a regular A.C. unit but it still remains a separate item. The window version, as the name itself suggests, is installed at the window in order to collect air from outside faster and provide a higher efficiency while limiting the electricity use.

It’s more compact than the regular type and the fact it fits within your window frame means you won’t have to find a place for it in case you have a small home. However, aside from the good sides, these units also come with some drawbacks that are worth taking into account before shopping for a unit.

The Pros and Cons of Using Them

Window air coolers are a better choice than other types of coolers for many reasons but they aren’t perfect and come with their own disadvantages. For you to be convinced that this unit is what you need for your home, you must have everything figured out and be aware of both the pros and cons of the window-mounted units.


  • Lower Cost

  • Unlike the large A.C units or the portable ones that cost a lot of money, the window version is more affordable and it implies lower costs. While the range of prices varies from $100 to $2000, you must know that a reasonably good unit costs around $400 so you shouldn’t be too drastic when making up your mind. Of course, the price depends mainly on the brand and the features provided, as well as on the capacity of the unit to cool a certain room area.

  • Energy Efficient

  • When you think of an air conditioner, you automatically assume that buying one will severely affect your household electricity bill but this is not the case with the window version. After comparing the two models, you can see that you can save a lot of money if you choose a window unit instead of a regular or a portable A.C. This is because the window models are designed to consume less energy and meet some energy efficiency standards.

  • Efficient Operation

  • Thanks to the fact that the unit is installed directly outdoors, it also manages to send the hot air outside while circulating the cool air inside. This maximizes its efficiency in creating cool air without requiring too much electricity or redirecting the warm air indoors.

    • Space Saving

    • If you were to make a list of all the appliances and devices you need to have at home, there would be little space left for you to live in, so finding compact and space-saving items is a wise way of organizing your home. Portable air conditioners or fans that provide you with cool air take floor space that can be limited in some points so installing the window air conditioner could be a great way to save more space without sacrificing comfort.

    • Versatile Installation

    • Although not fully portable, the window air conditioner still provides many installation options. You can always move it from one room to another without the need to drill holes or make house changes. Whether you live in an apartment, a ground house, a dorm room, or you want it for the office, it can be installed anywhere and moved around.


    • Harder to Install

    • If you are not a handyman, you might find it hard to install the air conditioner because it requires some work. You need to be very careful how you handle it because it can easily fall if not secured in place. Also, you must pay attention to your window type as not every window can support such a unit.

    • Might Affect Your Home Security

    • No matter how well you install it, chances are it can become an entrance for potential burglars. Although the unit is secured inside the window frame and it doesn’t allow air to get inside the house, it could weaken your home security by making the window easier to crack open.

    • Unaesthetic Design

    • Although the window unit is mounted on the outskirts of the room and doesn’t interfere with your space or stand in your way, it hardly complements the design of a room. Most units come in a white finish with a plain design that hardly fits into a room décor and seeing it every time you take a look at the window is not the most appealing sight.

    Tips for Maintenance

    Just like any other product out there, a window air conditioner needs to be taken care of properly to perform well at all times and to last for as long as possible. If you already own such a unit or you plan on buying one, check out this section of the article to find out how to take proper care of it.

    • Wash the Filter Every Month

    • Most models feature filters that are easily accessible, all you have to do to reach them is to remove the front panel. After you have removed the filter, clean it gently using warm water and dish soap. Let it air dry completely and then put it back in the unit. You should do this once per month to ensure a proper operation of the conditioner and to make sure that the unit won’t release nocive particles in the air.

    • Clean the Condenser Coils

    • Inevitably, as time passes, dust and dirt will build up on the inside of the condenser coils. When this happens, the unit will work harder to remove the heat, thus increasing energy consumption. This is the reason why it’s necessary to clean the condensing coils at least once per month, ensuring that the operation of the unit won’t be made difficult.

    • Clean the Water Pan

    • Another part of the unit that requires your attention once in a while is the water pan. Once every 2-3 weeks, use warm water and dish detergent to thoroughly clean it in order to prevent mold from forming as it is one of the most potent allergens and most harmful contaminants.

    • Check the Cooling Coils for Ice or Frost Buildup

    • During the cold seasons, there is another aspect that you have to take into consideration when it comes to maintenance work, more precisely the fact that ice and frost might build up on the cooling coils. When the temperature is so low that ice and frost build up, you should stop using the unit altogether if you want to ensure its protection. After all, you won’t need it anymore anyway because the environment indoors will be cool enough.

    Features that Matter

    Now that you know what these units are and which are their pros and cons, you need to pay attention to the details that influence the quality and utility of a particular model. As with any other object you buy for your house, there are some aspects that matter and contribute to a successful purchase.

    • The cooling capacity

    • Not all the air conditioners are as powerful and manage to deliver the same amount of cool air and this has to do with their number of BTU or the British Thermal Units. The bigger the number, the larger the area the unit can cool, meaning that you need to consider this when choosing a unit for your home, as well as other factors such as the usage of the room or the amount of lighting it receives. Luckily, you can find BTU calculators on the internet so you don’t need to do the math by yourself.

    • A unit that is suitable for all-year use

    • If you really want to spend your money wisely, you could consider a unit that can be used both for cold and hot air. Not every air conditioner can deliver hot air as well so even though the price of such a unit is bigger, you won’t have to invest in another heater for the cold season so the investment is worthy.

    • The air deflection directions

    • You want to find a unit that will spread cool air throughout the entire room while still being comfortable to have around so it’s best to look for one that has more than 2 ways of directing the air flow. The best models have adjustable louvers so the air can be sent upwards, downwards, to the left, and to the right.

    How We Rated our Top Picks

    • We observed the ease of installation

    • All our units come with an included installation kit that ensures ease of installation and limits the potential issues you might experience. Two of our models also come with included side curtains so they will perfectly fit your window size.

    • We analyzed the performance

    • Perhaps the most important aspect of any appliance is how well it yields so we only chose the window A.C. Units that showed the best performance in creating cool air. Depending on their BTU power and the room size they were designed for, the models we chose were the most efficient in keeping the room temperature at a comfortable level.

    • We looked for reliable manufacturers

    • It’s important to know that the manufacturer provides quality products that don’t break down and in case they do, they are backed by a good warranty. The products we chose come with warranties that cover their malfunctions for up to 5 years and there is also customer support at your service at any time.

    • We checked the energy efficiency

    • Window air conditioning units use less energy than the regular units and are designed to meet some strict standards that guarantee a good operating at low costs. The energy efficiency ratio is the benchmark that shows how energy-saving a certain product is. In our chart, you can find models with an EER of 10.9 or 11.2 that promise to offer you a great performance without increasing your bills.

    • We opted for multiple features

    • Besides the actual air cooling feature, we also looked for other particularities that turned out to be very useful, like the multiple speeds or the various operating modes that let you customize your unit. We also chose models that came with an air filter because the quality of the indoor air is of utmost importance. Also, all our units come with indicator lights that let you know the status of the appliance and some of them have features like an air ionizer, auto restart, programmable timers or sleep functions.

    Learn How to Reduce the Costs of Cooling Your Home

    It’s known that keeping the air conditioner on can even double your electricity bill but what can you do when the temperatures get unbearably hot? If you must turn it on but you still want to feel cool at home, the window air conditioner is your best solution. It can reduce the bill by 50% so you can enjoy the highest level of comfort. Still, there are some tips that can help you cut down even more on the electricity bill.

    • Turn it off when you are not in the room

    • It’s common sense that you shouldn’t keep the AC running when you are not at home and you should also turn it off if you won’t be in the room for a long period of time. If you plan to go out or you will take a shower, pause its functioning and turn it back on only when you come back into the room to avoid wasting energy. If you still want to come home to a cool room, try a higher temperature setting like 85 degrees instead of 70 and you will manage to save some bucks.

    • Keep it lower at night

    • At night, you don’t need to feel as cool as you do during the day so now it’s a good time to reduce the running costs of your AC. If you have a smarter unit that has a Sleep mode, you can take advantage of it and choose it for the night. A great tip would be to turn it on 20 minutes before going to bed so it will manage to lower the room temperature and you will feel comfortable the entire night.

    • Clean the ducts

    • If one of the ducts that deliver cool air is clogged, the unit will run more in order to compensate the lack of performance. This is why it’s important to clean all the vents and ducts to prevent a faulty functioning. Also, make sure the ducts are properly insulated otherwise, you won’t be getting the cool air you are aiming for.

    • Ensure proper maintenance

    • Every malfunction should be handled in time in order to prevent further damage that could alter its functioning. A clogged filter can make it work harder without actually showing an improvement in colling your home. For more complicated maintenance task, it’s always best to reach for the help of a professional.

    • Turn the lights off

    • It’s known that light creates more heat so you’d better turn them off to keep the indoor temperatures as low as possible. Given that the window AC is placed in direct sun, it will have to deal with heat so you wouldn’t want to add more burden to it.

    Top Window Air Conditioner Brands to Choose From

    Any field brings several manufacturers to the attention of clients but only some of them manage to remain among the most reliable ones that customers go back to every time they need a new appliance. Below, you will find the finest brands that design efficient and quality window air conditioners so you will know which one to go for.

    • Frigidaire

    • You probably know that Frigidaire provides a wide range of appliances of all sizes and types, from refrigerators to microwaves and even air cooling machines. The window air conditioners designed by this reputable manufacturer are among the customers’ favorite for many reasons and once you lay eyes on the Frigidaire FFRE1033Q1, you will be convinced of its high quality.

    • Haier

    • When looking for affordable yet durable and satisfying appliances, Haier is a great option because you will discover a great price-quality ratio. The products coming from this brand suit many of your needs and can be successful replacements of more expensive models, which means you can save money without sacrificing quality and performance.

    • Koldfront

    Koldfront appliances are made with care and performance in mind for those looking for a great price-quality ratio. They design a wide range of products from portable and window air conditioners to portable dishwashers that can fit small kitchens and can be moved. They also specialize in coolers and ice makers that can perfectly complete a home bar or kitchen.

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