Booster Car Seats

Even though your child has moved on from forward-facing car seats, this does not mean that there is no way you can ensure the small one’s protection anymore. With the right booster vehicle seat that is designed to be used by a child of your small wonder’s age and body type, you will be able to offer the child protection during the commute. Quality booster seats like the ones shown in the comparison chart below not only provide security throughout the ride, but they keep children comfortable as well. Thus, if you want what is best for your beloved kid, check out our recommendations.

Top 6 Booster Car Seats Comparison

Photo Booster Car Seat Price
Britax Pinnacle ClickTight G1.1 E9LZ18X Image

1. Britax Pinnacle ClickTight G1.1 E9LZ18X

  • Size: 21” x 22.5” x 28”
  • Weight: 30 Lbs
  • Weight Recommendation Range: 25 Lbs – 90 Lbs, 40 Lbs – 120 Lbs
  • Age Recommendation: Children over 2 years.
  • Type: Harness to booster.
  • Comfort and Safety Features: SafeCell impact protection; Side impact protection; Foam headrest.
  • Machine Washable Cover: Yes
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Britax Pioneer Combination E9LZ66C Image

2. Britax Pioneer Combination E9LZ66C

  • Size: 19” x 28” x 21”
  • Weight: 21 Lbs
  • Weight Recommendation Range: 25 Lbs – 70 Lbs, 40 Lbs – 110 Lbs
  • Age Recommendation: Children over 2 years.
  • Type: Harness to booster.
  • Comfort and Safety Features: SafeCell impact protection; Side impact protection; Energy-absorbing headrest.
  • Machine Washable Cover: Yes
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Britax Parkway SGL G1.1 Image

3. Britax Parkway SGL G1.1

  • Size: 28” x 18” x 15”
  • Weight: 12.5 Lbs
  • Weight Recommendation Range: 40 Lbs – 120 Lbs
  • Age Recommendation: Children over 2 years.
  • Type: Booster.
  • Comfort and Safety Features: Impact-absorbing base; Isoflex lower connection system; Side-impact protection.
  • Machine Washable Cover: Yes
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Chicco KidFit 2-in-1 Image

4. Chicco KidFit 2-in-1

  • Size: 16.5” x 18.75” x 32.75”
  • Weight: 10.2 Lbs
  • Weight Recommendation Range: 30 Lbs – 100 Lbs, 40 Lbs – 110 Lbs
  • Age Recommendation: Children over 4 years.
  • Type: Harness to booster.
  • Comfort and Safety Features: DuoZone impact protection; SuperCinch latch attachment
  • Machine Washable Cover: Yes
Evenflo Securekid DLX 30831269 Image

5. Evenflo Securekid DLX 30831269

  • Size: 19.5” x 19.5” x 27.9”
  • Weight: 17 Lbs
  • Weight Recommendation Range: 22 Lbs – 65 Lbs, 40 Lbs – 110 Lbs
  • Age Recommendation: Children over 2 years.
  • Type: Harness to booster.
  • Comfort and Safety Features: E3 side impact protection
  • Machine Washable Cover: Yes
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Graco Affix Youth 1852665 Image

6. Graco Affix Youth 1852665

  • Size: 15.5” x 16.5” x 26.8”
  • Weight: 10.8 Lbs
  • Weight Recommendation Range: 30 Lbs – 100 Lbs, 40 Lbs – 100 Lbs
  • Age Recommendation: Children over 3 years.
  • Type: Booster.
  • Comfort and Safety Features: Safety buckle; Fully adjustable headrest; Energy absorbing foam.
  • Machine Washable Cover: Yes
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Booster Vehicle Seats Reviews

Britax Pinnacle ClickTight G1.1 E9LZ18X

The Cadillac of booster seats, the ClickTight G1.1 from Britax is our ultimate recommendation to parents who want nothing but the best quality for their kids. Besides making the car ride incredibly comfortable due to the 3 layers of deep foam-lined shell, the seat offers maximum protection so that in case of an accident, the child will not be harmed. It features SafeCell impact protection that reduces the force felt in case of an undesired incident. This impact protection system includes an energy-absorbing base that is extremely stable, a comfy and protective V-shaped tether, and a strong steel frame. For an easy seat belt installation that even the child can perform, it features color-coded belt paths. Due to the convenient front-adjust recline system, you will be able to position the seat at the right angle for the child to seat comfortably. It comes in 10 different colors that you can choose between. The transition from the harness mode of the chair to the booster mode is hassle-free. Additionally, when set in harness mode, it can hold up to 90 pounds, while when set in booster mode it is capable of holding up to 120 pounds.



ClickTight installation system offers a safe and easy installation.
Integrated steel frame offers strength at the seat’s connection point to the car.
Multiple reclining positions to choose between.
9 quick-adjust positions for adjusting the headrest.
Comes in 10 different color variations.
Easy transition from harness to booster.
Features integrated cup holders where the child can keep drinks and snacks in his/her reach.
1-year warranty.


As it is easy to install and it keeps the small one safely pinned to the seat throughout the entire drive, thus eliminating any incidents from occurring, the G1.1 is our #1 recommendation. It comes in 10 different colors, so you are ensured to find the one to match the inside of your car, while the multiple reclining positions guarantee a comfortable experience.

Britax Pioneer Combination E9LZ66C

Britax makes yet another appearance in our top. Obviously, this is due to the high quality of the materials used in the manufacturing process of their booster car seats. Just like the aforementioned model that took the number one spot in our top, the Pioneer Combination delivers enhanced safety and comfort for children during the car ride. As a responsible parent, you know how important it is to keep the small one safe and prevent any injuries from occurring in case of unfortunate car crashes. The side impact safety protection that it promotes reduces crash forces, shielding the child in case the windows break or any similar occurrence takes place. For convenience in use and to ensure the small one’s comfort, you can adjust the harness in one of 9 different positions. It reclines to multiple positions, so you will easily find the right angle for the seat to keep the child safely and comfortably during the commute. It features a safe and easy installation as the on/off lower latch connectors lock into place fast. Additionally, it easily turns from harness to booster mode, and the seat’s cover can be taken off hassle-free to clean it and maintain it safe for your ray of sunshine.



On/off lower anchors can be locked into place with ease through a simple click, and they are released at the touch of a button.
Color-coded belt paths make installing the seat belt easy.
9-position harness adjustability.
Multiple reclining positions offer the child ultimate comfort.
Simple transition from harness to booster.
Integrated cup holders provide storage space for drinks and snacks.
Easy to remove cover.
Comes in 15 different color options.
1-year warranty.


Putting at your disposal no less than 15 different color options and allowing a smooth transition from a harness to a booster, this combination booster seat keeps your child safe from harm, even in the event of an accident. Best of all, it features cup holders where you can place the snacks of the small one, keeping him/her distracted during the ride.

Britax Parkway SGL G1.1

The third entry in our top comes from Britax yet again. The Parkway SGL G1.1 is considered one of the safest bolt-positioning seats as it features the innovative SafeCell impact protection. This means that in case of a car crash, the child is not only kept into place, but is protected from the harsh impact force that comes with the car collision. The definite highlight of this booster seat is the Isoflex latch connection system that prevents the seat from becoming a lethal projectile in case of an accident. For convenience in use, this seat features a removable backrest that allows easy storage and installation. Additionally, for your child to feel as comfortable as possible during the commute, it comes with two integrated cup holders where the small one can store the water bottle, juice, or snacks. The easily adjustable headrest is another highlight worth mentioning as it allows the seat to suit the child’s size as the small one grows. Thus, you do not have to worry that the child might outgrow the seat in 1-2 years.



SecureGuard clip keeps the child safe during the commute.
Quick-adjust headrest for increased comfort.
Integrated retractable cup holders for storing drinks and snacks.
Removable back for easy transportation and portability.
Plush foamed fabrics guarantee a plush and pleasant ride.
Comes in 5 different color options.
1-year warranty.


If comfort is equally important to safety when looking for a car seat, Britax is your best option due to the plush foamed fabrics which provide a plush sitting surface. In terms of safety, it comes with the SecureGuard clip, among other details, which ensures that an impact of the car won’t end up with the small one getting hurt.

Chicco KidFit 2-in-1

The safety of your child might be your main concern, but realistically speaking, not everyone has the same possibilities financial-wise. This is why the KidFit is one of our top recommendations, the seat not only ensuring protection in case of an impact, but coming at a reasonable price as well. It features a foam base layer which guarantees comfort throughout the entire duration of the commute. The SuperCinch system ensures security is in check, the tight grip keeping the child in place. It offers 10 height positions of head and shoulder side-impact protection so that even as the child grows, he/she won’t outgrow the seat too soon. Two cup holders are in place so that your little wonder can keep beverages and snacks near. It can accommodate children who weigh from 30 to 110 pounds. The seat can be reclined to 2 positions, so it is sure that the child will find the right position to sit in. Furthermore, the backrest can be removed so that the seat is used as a backless booster in case that is what the child prefers.



Removable backrest allows it to double as a backless booster
Convenient pricing considering its design and features
2-position recline ensures the child will find a comfortable position to sit in
Features 2 cup holders for storing drinks and snacks
Provides 10 different height positions to ensure the seat will fit the child even as growth occurs
Features double foam padding to make the ride as comfortable as possible


One of the most comfortable seats, one which not only ensures the child will sit perfectly throughout the duration of the daily car ride, but that the small one will be safe as well, the KidFit is one of our top recommendations for concerned parents who want to make smart investments.

Evenflo Securekid DLX 30831269

This top-quality 2-in-1 harness and booster seat fits children that weigh over 22 pounds, ensuring the needed protection in case of a car crash and keeping the child comfortable during daily car rides. Easily transitioning from a harnessed bother to a belt-positioning booster, it is everything that a protective and responsible parent could ask for. It features no less than 3 layers of zone protection to reduce car crash impact force up to 50 percent. To make the car ride more fun for the child, it comes with integrated cup holders that keep drinks and snacks in the small one’s reach. It features automatically retracting latch connectors that allow an easy installation of the seat and a convenient transfer of the seat from one vehicle to another. The 5-point harnessed seat does not let your child outgrow the seat fast. Therefore, this is not an investment that you will regret making as the child won’t outgrow it after 1-2 years but rather a lot later. In addition, it features a soft cover that can be easily removed for cleaning, ensuring that the child will not have to sit in a dirty environment during the commute.



Auto-retracting Sure Latch connectors ensure an easy installation in only a matter of minutes.
Easy transition from harness to booster.
Integrated cup holders keep drinks and snacks in the child’s reach.
5-point harnessed seat allows extended comfortable use as the child grows.
Multiple position headrest with single-hand adjustability.
Money-back guarantee.


The three layers of zone protection alongside the auto-retracting connectors and other features it comes with make this booster seat a must-have for any conscious parent who puts the safety of their child above anything else.

Graco Affix Youth 1852665

Last we have the Graco Affix Youth booster seat that not only delivers ultimate safety and comfort for your child when you are in the car together, but that comes at a rather convenient price considering what it has to offer. Even though it is not the number one ranked pick, it still offers a genuinely impressive stability that ensures it won’t budge in case of an accident, keeping the child in place and safe. It is designed to allow the small one to self-buckle, thus giving the kid a sense of independence and responsibility. Just like all the other seats featured in our top, it comes with integrated cup holders that allow a convenient placement of drinks and snack during the car ride so that the child feels more comfortable. This is a bonus for those who have kids who do not really like riding in the car as they feel sick or scared easily. For increased safety and convenience in use, the seat features front adjustment, allowing a rapid tightening of the belt. Also, it is backed by Graco during the first year after purchasing it against defects in workmanship.



Seat’s steady design allows the child to self-buckle.
Front adjustment allows quick tightening of the backless booster seat.
Integrated cup holders for holding water bottles, drinks, and snacks in the small one’s reach.
1-year warranty.


As it comes at a great price without sacrificing safety features and elements, the Graco Affix is our winner in the “best bang for your buck” category. It is easy to install and it helps keep the child comfortable throughout the ride due to its plush surface, so only benefits will be reaped if you opt for it.

Is the Booster Seat a Necessity?

Accidents behind the wheel can occur even if you are not at fault. As you are driving down the road, a split second of not paying attention can result in an accident. Also, other drivers might make mistakes, colliding with you as a direct result of a poor decision. Regardless of your lifestyle, you have to ensure complete safety when driving for you as well as those who are inside the vehicle with you. When you have a child, stakes are even higher as that little ray of sunshine is the center of your universe, so you cannot afford to let anything happen to the small one.

Alas, as aforementioned, it is not always possible to evade a collision. Therefore, it is best to put safety measures in check to atone as much force when the impact occurs as possible. The best safety measure when it comes to driving with kids in the car is to secure them in a booster car seat. The car’s seat belts might be a good safety measure, but not when it comes to children as these belts are designed for average height adults. This means that in case of an accident if the child has the car’s seat belt on, the small one will most likely get injured instead of being kept securely in place.

Vehicle booster seats are the ideal safety solution as they are designed to boost the small ones until they reach the right height for the seat belt to work properly and gently restrain them instead of causing them harm. Keep in mind that it is required by law to install a booster seat in the vehicle if you are driving around with small children. Check how the law varies in your state as usually the age, weight, and height limits vary. Generally, booster seats are required by law for children under the age of 8 years.

Undoubtedly, the main concern of any parent is the safety of their child. As you are dependent on the car to get from one place to another and you have to take the small one with you, a booster seat becomes a necessity rather than a luxury. As aforementioned, the Britax Pinnacle ClickTight G1.1 E9LZ18X is the best choice you could make. It sits at the top of our ranking due to the interesting safety features which accompany it, more precisely the SafeCell impact protection that absorbs vibrations during a collision, the foam headrest which keeps the child’s head and neck comfortably and secure, and the side impact protection that absorbs the force of an impact in case you have an accident. The Evenflo Securekid DLX 30831269 is just as good, coming at a more affordable price without sacrificing safety and comfort in use. It is recommended for kids who weigh from 22 to 65 pounds when it is used in the harnessed mode, and the cover it features can be removed and machine washed. Another affordable yet qualitative choice is the Graco Affix Youth 1852665 which can be used by children over the age of 3, and that promotes responsibility on the child’s part as its steady design allows the small one to proceed with buckling for the ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

?Does an impact-absorbing base make a real difference?
In case of an accident, the impact-absorbing base does indeed make a big difference as it absorbs the shock and vibration which appears as a result of the violent impact. Thus, this feature is extremely important as it enhances the level of safety for the small one during car accidents.

?How often should I wash the cover of the booster seat?
If you take regular car rides where the small one sits in the seat, you should clean the cover at least once per month. Children tend to put their hands everywhere, and if the cover of the seat is dirty, the child will inevitably get his/her hands dirty as well, and potentially transfer the germs in the mouth depending on what the small one does after touching the seat cover. This could lead to minor or more serious health issues arising, so it is best to stay safe and wash it periodically.

?What happens when the child outgrows the booster seat?
When this does happen, it means that the child is ready for the next safety step you must take. As the child passes the age of 8 years old or grows taller than 57 inches, you can safely switch to an adult seat belt as the precautionary measure to keep the small one safe and in place during car rides.

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