Camping Sleeping Pad

       Camping comes with excellent health benefits, including the fact that it helps reduce stress. It is a great way to explore nature and a good opportunity to spend time with your friends and family. Regardless, what type of camper you are – first timer or experienced – you surely have a camping essentials list. And it surely includes a sleeping pad. If not, it should.

       We searched for the best pads you can find on the market and selected those that promise great quality and optimal support. But since we aren’t that confident in promises, we also looked at the customers’ opinion. Finally, we managed to pick the best 5 models for all campers out there. Here is what we found.

Top 5 Camping Sleeping Pads Comparison

Photo Sleeping Pad Price
 Therm-A-Rest NeoAir Xtherm Image

1. Therm-A-Rest NeoAir Xtherm

  • Inflated size (in.): 77 x 25 x 2.5
  • Packed size (in.): 11 x 4.5
  • Weight (oz.): 20
  • Color: Vapor
  • Material: 30D rip HT nylon top, 70D nylon bottom, and nylon core
  • R-value: 5.7
  • Inflation (breaths of air): 25-30
  • Accessories: Stuff sack and repair kit
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime
 Klymit Static V Image

2. Klymit Static V

  • Inflated size (in.): 72 x 23 x 2.5
  • Packed size (in.): 8 x 3
  • Weight (oz.): 18.6
  • Color: Green
  • Material: 75D polyester
  • R-value: 1.3
  • Inflation (breaths of air): 10-15
  • Accessories: Stuff sack and patch kit
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime
TNH Outdoors Image

3. TNH Outdoors

  • Inflated size (in.): 72 x 22 x 1.5
  • Packed size (in.): 11 x 7
  • Weight (oz.): 32
  • Color: Blue&gray
  • Material: 75D polyester nylon shell
  • R-value: 4
  • Inflation (breaths of air): Self-inflating
  • Accessories: Stuff sack
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime
 Lightspeed Outdoors XL Image

4. Lightspeed Outdoors XL

  • Inflated size (in.): 77 x 30 x 3
  • Packed size (in.): 30 x 7.75
  • Weight (oz.): 96
  • Color:Teal
  • Material: 75D polyester nylon shell
  • R-value: 9.66
  • Inflation (breaths of air): Self-inflating
  • Accessories: Stuff sack
  • Warranty: 1-year limited
 Outdoorsman Lab Ultralight Image

5. Outdoorsman Lab Ultralight

  • Inflated size (in.): 73 x 21.6 x 2.2
  • Packed size (in.): 8 x 3.5
  • Weight (oz.): 16
  • Color: Orange
  • Material: 20D nylon fabric and extruded TPU layer
  • R-value: 1.3
  • Inflation (breaths of air): 10-15
  • Accessories: Stuff sack
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime

Sleeping Pads Reviews

Therm-A-Rest NeoAir Xtherm

       This is a versatile air pad as you can use it both in your summer and winter trips. It is available in 2 sizes to match your preferences. It is pretty lightweight and when packed is compact enough to fit in your backpack. The materials used for manufacturing this pad are very comfortable and keep you warm during the night. You won’t need more than two minutes to fully inflate it. The 2.5-inch thickness transforms it into a great barrier between the sleeping bag and the ground.

       The reflective Thermacapture technology is meant to trap the heat and reflect it back to you. Additionally, the triangular Core Matrix construction limits the airflow and retain heat. The insulating capacity is rated at 5.7 which makes it a great choice in various temperatures. This is possible because the interior is made of more than 100 cells. It features a durable twist valve and inflating it is a breeze. The included stuff has a hole at the end that fits over the valve. This product is covered by a lifetime warranty and includes a repair kit.



Features innovative technologies that trap radiant heat and reduce heat loss Rather loud, so you may want to avoid tossing and turning
Pretty large as it has a width of 25 inches
Comfortable construction
Insulates very well, being able to keep you worm during the night
When packed it has a similar size to a 1-liter bottle


You can consider this pad if you camp on snow as it insulates you from cold and keeps you warm no matter how low are the temperatures. Very comfortable and well-made. Nevertheless, it is much expensive in comparison to the other models. Other than that, the only complaint is that it is a little bit noisy.

Klymit Static V

       This model comes in a wide range of beautiful colors. The manufacturing material is highly resistant to tear and it has anti-microbial properties. It is very lightweight and compact when deflated, so it won’t add too much weight to your backpack. It features a push valve that allows you to easily inflate and deflate it every time you want to camp. The 1.3 insulation value makes it more appropriate for campgrounds during the summer.

       Among the features that we like best there are the V-shape design and the side rails. The V-shape provides support for back, side, and stomach sleepers while the side rails place you on the center and block the air movement when turning. Additionally, in order to increase the level of comfort the pad features a deep well patterning. This translates to expansion zones that enable your sleeping bag to full loft underneath you. Besides the pad, you will also receive a stuff sack and a patch kit. The manufacturer warrants this product for lifetime.



The side rails center you on the pad Not enough padding, so not the most comfortable option
Features a V-shaped design, providing the same support regardless of how you sleep Low thermal resistance, only 1.3
Compact and lightweight design that makes it portable
Features a deep weld patterning
Comes in a wide range of colors


Nice option for summer campers. It is not only stylish, but also comfortable and easy to inflate. Made of durable materials and lightweight design. The built-in features add extra value. However, it has a low insulation value and we would’ve liked it to come with more padding.

TNH Outdoors

       This is a self-inflating pad that once unrolled starts to inflate by itself. Nevertheless, in order to fully inflate it, the manufacturer recommends adding a few breaths of air. It is 1.5 inches thick, so is the slimmest model select by us. Its ability to insulate is rated at 4, being suitable for various temperatures. In order to increase the durability of the outer shell, the pad is made of 75D polyester.

       At 32 ounces, the pad is a little bit heavier but this is because it comes with extra padding. However, the fact that it lacks padding on the corners helps reduce its overall weight. Also, it reduces heat loss and keeps you warm in almost all weather conditions. This model doesn’t come with a repair kit, but only a stuff sack. For more convenience, the manufacturer backs it for a lifetime.



Inflates automatically once you unroll it Rather heavy
Comes with extra padding for more comfort Not very compact
Features a 500 series valve Thinner in comparison to the other models
Ideal for summer and mild winter camping
Very easy to inflate and deflate


You can consider this model if you want a self-inflating pad. You can use it on cold temperatures but is not recommended on extreme temperatures. The extra padding makes it very comfortable. However, it has a bulky design, so is not the best option when it comes to portability.

Lightspeed Outdoors XL

       Another self-insulating model for all those who want a more practical pad. It features 2 large air valves you can use for fully inflating it. It is made of highly-resistant materials and is PVC-free. The most impressing thing about this product is the fact that it has an R-value of 9.66. Therefore, you can take it with you in cold climate with total confidence. It will keep you warm on snow and provide you the needed support at night.

       With a width of 30 inches it offers you plenty of room to roll and have a comfortable sleep. For added convenience, it comes with a built-in pillow to support your neck. It is 0.5-inch wider at the pillow. The foam core easily adapts to the body temperature and equalizes the pressure in your body. However, since it’s filled with foam, the pad is much heavier, weighing no less than 96 pounds. This will make it rather inconvenient to carry. For protection, it comes with a stuff sack, but no repair kit. It is warranted for a period of 1 year.



Wider in comparison to the other pads Only 1-year warranty
Impressive thermal resistance, 9.66 Plastic valves
Inflates and deflates very quickly Heavy design which makes it less convenient in terms of portability
Features FlexFoam can adapt to your body temperature
Comes with a built-in pillow


Overall, this is a good pad that provides you comfort and support in all weather conditions. It comes with some nice features that make it a great long term option. The best pad for cold temperatures. The only things we don’t like are the short warranty and the heavy design.

Outdoorsman Lab Ultralight

       Another great option for summer camping. This model is the lightest pad selected by us, being a perfect choice if you want to carry a light backpack. The pad is ideal for thin people and provides great support during the night. It is made of superior material, similar to that used for making the sleeping pads. It is weather-proof, so it will resist for many years. However, this pad is not as wide as the others, having a width of only 21.6 inches.

       We like the fact that is slip-resistant, being very stable beneath the sleeping bag. It features interconnected air cells that come in a shape of diamond. They provide great support and comfort. Moreover, the isolated air cells are specially designed to reduce air flow and minimize heat loss. The air valve allows a quick inflation. This product comes with a stuff sack and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.



Very lightweight and compact Rather narrow, so it’s not the best option for all people
Slip-resistant and weather-proof Not very easy to deflate
Self-adjusting diamond shaped air cells Not a great choice for side sleepers
Features isolated air cells
Oversized air valve


Not a great option for mountaineering camping. Instead, it is suitable for campgrounds. Also, it is narrow, being a better option for thin people. It is very easy to inflate but rather hard to deflate. Very lightweight and compact, so extremely portable and easy to carry in the backpack.

       Each of the sleeping pads selected by us have both advantages and disadvantages. We highlighted them for you in order to make an educated decision. In our opinion, the best option to go with is Therm-A-Rest NeoAir Xtherm as it successfully combines a good thermal resistance with a compact design. This makes it ideal for a four-season camping. It’s true that is more expensive but it’s a long-term investment. If you’re looking for a lighter pad than you can go with either Klymit Static V or Outdoorsman Lab Ultralight. Both of them will fit in your backpack with absolutely no problem. The other two models, TNH Outdoors and Lightspeed Outdoors XL have the main advantage of being self-inflating. However, they are rather heavy and bulky, especially the model made by Lightspeed Outdoors. As a conclusion, we can’t say that there are bad pads as all of them offer certain benefits. For this reason, when looking for the right pad for you, it’s best to consider your needs and choose accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

? What Does the R-Value Mean?
The R-value refers to the ability of the sleeping pad to insulate. The more effective in protecting you from cold, the higher the R-value of the pad. For cold environments, it’s recommended to use a pad with a rated value of minimum 4 or 5.
?How to Extend the Durability of the Bag?
In order to prevent damaging the sleeping bag, you need to store and clean it properly. Therefore, it’s recommended to always place it in a protective bag. Most pads come with a stuff sack, so make sure you use it. After you use it, you clean need to clean it before storage. Clean it with a damp cloth and let it dry completely before placing it back in the storage bag. Don’t use any cleaning solutions, just water.
?What Is the Difference Between Air Pads and Foam Pads?
The air pads are lighter and thus more compact. Nevertheless, they are prone to leaks. Also, they make noise when turning. On the other hand, foam pads, provide a better insulation and are more durable. Unfortunately, they are rather bulky.

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