Best Cordless Leaf Blowers

When autumn comes, homeowners are terrified at the thought they will have to collect all the leaves that fall in their yard, a time-consuming chore that is anything but fun. Luckily, there is a simpler and more effective way to clean up the garden and that is by using a leaf blower. There are endless models on the market but the cordless one is the most convenient because since there is no cord to step in your way, the job will be done faster and safer. If you are considering getting one and you want to guarantee a successful purchase, check out our comparison table of the most reliable electric cordless blowers.

Top 5 Cordless Leaf Blowers Comparison

1. EGO Power+ 480CFM 2. DEWALT DCBL720P1 3. GreenWorks 24252 G-MAX 4. WORX WG546 TURBINE 5. BLACK+DECKER LSW321
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Product Specifications

Manufacturer EGO Power+ DeWalt GreenWorks WORX BLACK+DECKER
Dimensions (D x H x W) 6.7” x 10.8” x 35.9” 15.2” x 23.4” x 7.8” 17” x 10” x 7” 16.8” x 11” x 9” 19” x 8” x 6.7”
Weight 5.2 lbs 7.1 lbs 3.3 lbs 5.5 lbs 3.7 lbs
Weatherproof Construction


Motor High-efficiency brushless electric High-efficiency brushless electric Electric Brushed electric Electric
Start Type Electric Electric Electric Electric Electric
Voltage 56 20 40 20 20
Maximum Air Volume(CFM) 480 400 135 340 100
Battery Type Lithium-ion Lithium-ion Lithium-ion Lithium-ion Lithium-ion
Battery Power 2.0 Amp hours 5.0 Amp hours 2.0 Amp hours 2.0 Amp hours 2.0 Amp hours
Watt Hours 112 100 80 28 40
Variable Speed Trigger
Highest Speed 92 mph 90 mph 150 mph 90 mph 130 mph
Run Time 1 hour N/A 35 minutes N/A 25 minutes
Charge Time 40 minutes N/A 1 hour 5 hours N/A
Battery Indicator N/A
Fan Turbine fan Axial fan N/A Turbine fan N/A
Noise Level 64 dB 61 dB 64 dB 75 dB 54 dB
Features Antivibration Speed Lock Interchangeable Nozzle Hyper-Stream Air Nozzle Powerboost

Accessories Included

Shoulder Strap


Tool Warranty 5 years 3 years, 1 year free service 4 years 3 years 2 years
Battery Warranty 3 years 3 years 2 years 3 years 2 years
Additional Warranty 90-day money back 90-day money back 90-day money back, 10 years on the motor 90-day money back 90-day money back
Customer Support

The Types Available on the Market

The operating mode is basically the same in any type of leaf thrower, based on an engine that blows air at high speeds so that it will be able to move leaves and debris from the ground. However, the main differences are in the power source and the design of each model. Below, you will find a brief description of all the types you can choose from.


This type is powered by electricity, being more silent and lightweight than the other type. They rely on a power source so you must ensure a socket is at hand but the biggest advantage is that no gas or oils are used to start the engine. Also, they are appropriate for all year round use due to the electric start that isn’t affected by cold or hot weather. Electric leaf blowers come in two categories:

  • Corded

    – they rely on a battery that you must recharge before use so that the blower will have enough juice for the task. They have the advantage of not being tethered to a cord so you have more freedom of movement.

  • Cordless

    – same as any other electric device, they are connected to the socket via a cord so mobility is restricted, which is not a good thing especially if you have to clean a large area with plenty of trees.


Given the larger engine powered by gas, this type is heavier and larger so it’s harder to use by some. It’s very powerful and efficient in blowing large amounts of leaves and the fact it doesn’t have a cord tied to it makes it more convenient. However, it’s noisier and more expensive as well so people hardly choose this type unless they need a heavy-duty unit. In terms of design, there are three types available:

  • Handheld

    – they look similar to the electric cordless ones but they are heavier so you might find them hard to use on large areas. They have a higher air output and are best suited for orchards, gardens, and backyards.

  • Backpack

    – to eliminate the hassle of carrying such a heavy tool, manufacturers have come up with the backpack type that minimizes the effort without sacrificing power. They are great for large areas and not the average homeowner who needs to sweep a driveway or alley.

  • Walk behind

    – this is the largest type available that looks like a walk behind lawn mower but instead of cutting grass, it blows leaves at a high velocity. It’s the most expensive as well and hardly used for homes, being more appropriate for commercial use.

Why Cordless instead of Corded?

After inspecting all the types, we focused on the cordless electric leaf blowers because we were convinced that it was the most comfortable and practical type. Many aspects promote it as a more convenient choice compared to the corded type, as you will see from the following lines.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry

  • Given you will have to carry it in your hand, it’s a good thing that this type weighs less and is smaller in size. The lightweight design eliminates hand fatigue and ensures you will have enough energy to finish cleaning the entire yard without having to move around a big tool.

  • Doesn’t depend on a power supply

  • The fact you will be using it outdoors can also mean you won’t have a power socket within reach all the time. Having to depend on electricity means you will often have to limit the usage area due to the lack of a power supply. Also, if the power goes off, you will no longer be able to use a corded tool. Hence, big points for the cordless blower that doesn’t depend on a socket.

  • Safer than the corded units

  • As with any kind of tool used outdoors, it’s best not to have a power cord lying on the ground because you could trip over it and hurt yourself. Even worse, the cord could be cut and the electric wires could be left exposed and someone could get electrocuted especially in contact with water. Bottom line, it’s safer to use a cordless tool that doesn’t represent a safety hazard.

The Cons of Cordless Tools

After analyzing all the good sides, you can tell that it’s a wonderful choice for residential use and that you will certainly find it very useful. However, there are also some bad sides to take into account and it’s best to consider every detail if you don’t want to regret your purchase.

  • Limited battery life

  • Although the lack of a cord makes it safer and less hassle-free, the fact it depends on a battery means it will only work for as long as the battery is charged. The best models can last around 1 hour after being charged for 40 minutes but there are poorer units that can only last 25 minutes after being charged for much longer.

  • They move less air

  • Without a doubt, the power is no match to the corded ones that have a higher air output. While there are units that can exceed 480 CFM, which is the number of cubic feet per meter the blower releases at the highest speed, most of them can hardly reach 200 CFM.

How We Rated Our Top Picks

There are so many blowers available for sale that it’s almost impossible to know which one is the best and is really worth your attention. This is why we analyzed and rated the best models we could find so that it will be easier for you to decide which one to buy. Our selection of important features will come in handy when perusing the market of leaf blowers so take a look at the aspects we rated them by.

  • By the volume of air they blow

  • One of the essential aspects of a blower is the amount of air it is able to release through the nozzle because this is what determines its power and efficiency. As such, we looked for products that were able to release a maximum of CFM so that they will be truly efficient in clearing the ground. Although cordless models are known to be weaker when it comes to power, we managed to find two top products that could deliver a maximum volume of 480, respectively, 400 CFM.

  • By the battery life

  • Considering that the operating time relies on the amount of time the battery will last after a full charge, we rated the blowers by both the charging and operating time. While some took less than an hour to charge and could yield for a full 60-minutes, others took more to recharge and could only operate for 30 minutes or less. Therefore, we considered those that offered a reasonable balance between how much they needed to be charged for and how much they lasted.

  • By the speed reached

  • Having multiple speeds levels to choose from is a good thing because you might want to customize the intensity of the air blown based on how much debris you need to remove. The speed is measured in mph and it can range from 60 to 110 or more. The higher the speed, the more intense the airflow and the higher the power to clean up the leaves.

  • By the noise level

  • It’s known that outdoor tools are loud because they use large engines to operate but this doesn’t mean that you can’t find more silent versions that will allow you to use them early in the morning or late at night. We analyzed the noise level of the best blowers and we picked those that were the most discreet at the highest level so that you wouldn’t disturb your neighbors.

  • By the warranty

  • How the manufacturer stands behind their product is important and offers you the certainty of having spent your money wisely. Quality leaf blowers are backed by extended warranties up to 5 years and the battery is also protected against defects for as much as 3 years. A good customer service and intuitive instructions complete the image of a reliable product.

Best Leaf Blowers Brands

One of the aspects that influence a purchase is the brand of a product because clients are more confident when buying from a popular brand. The advantages are endless, from the certainty of a higher quality to a more prompt warranty and better customer service. When it comes to buying a tool you want to use for many years to come, the following reputable brands promise to offer the most reliable products.

    EGO Power+

    In terms of gardening tools such as trimmers, mowers, saws, and leaf blowers, this brand is an industry leader that has managed to remain at the top of the chart with high-quality products designed to perform at high standards. With a 20-year history behind, the company has constantly improved their products in order to keep up with the demands of the market.


    One of the biggest tools manufacturers, DeWalt also provides a series of gardening tools meant to make this chore easier and more relaxing. Their blowers are made with attention and durability in mind so that the results will be satisfying for a wide niche of customers. Being designed for extended use, you will find the tools useful for removing leaves, dust, and other debris from your home and garden.


    When it comes to electric tools, be it lawn mowers, trimmers, or leaf blowers, GreenWorks is one of the brands that offer clients the best products at the lowest prices. The blowers they design are extremely stylish so they stand out from the moment you see them. Also, they are very resistant and reliable, being suited for heavy-duty use.

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