There are many ways to cook food and deep frying is, perhaps, one of the most popular because it’s fast and it provides an evenly fried meal with little effort. They are what you need if you want to cook something in a short amount of time and also have the possibility to get rid of some of the excess fat from the oil. Although they seem simple and not really necessary compared to a frying pan, you will soon notice that these fryers can help you prepare a meal fast and easy any time you need to.

Top 5 Deep Fryers Comparison

1. Presto 05442 CoolDaddy 2. T-fal FR8000 3. Elite Platinum EDF-4080 Maxi-Matic 4. Cuisinart CDF-200 5. Hamilton Beach Electric
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Size 14.5”D x 9”H x 10”W 18.3”D x 14.8”H x 12”W 13”D x 8.2”H x 16”W 16.5”D x 12.2”H x 11”W 14.8”D x 11”H x15.6”W
Weight 6.9 lbs 12.4 lbs 15 lbs 12.7 lbs 12.9 lbs
Shape Round Rectangular Rectangular Rectangular Rectangular
Lid Window
Side Handles
Material Plastic Stainless Steel Stainless Steel/Plastic Stainless Steel Stainless Steel/Plastic


Power 1500 Watts 1700 Watts 1500 Watts 1800 Watts N/A
Oil Capacity 6 Cups 3.5l 33 Cups 1 Gallon 4.5l
Food Capacity 6 Servings 2.6 lbs 6 lbs in each basket 12 Cups 12 Cups
Number of Baskets Included 1 1 2 1 3
Baskets Used Simultaneously 1 1 2 1 1 or 2
Temperature Control
Minimum Temperature 250F 320F/150C 140C 265F 265F
Maximum Temperature 375F 374F/190C 190C 375F 375F


Oil Filtration
Odor Filter
Power Light Indicator
Ready Light Indicator
Removable Inner Containers
Removable Heating Element
Locking Lid
Cool-Touch Basket Handle
Steam Vents


Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year
Customer Support

Reviews of the Top Deep Fryers of 2018

Presto 05442 CoolDaddy

This is one of the best product on the market because even though it looks small, it has a 1500 Watt heat source which means that it can heat up to the right cooking temperature in no more than 12-minutes. Oil will get hot again fast after you have put in the food. This is one of the best qualities a deep fryer should have. You do not have to worry about your safety because the lid stays shut through an advanced locking system and you do not have to open it because there is a large viewing window on the lid. In addition to this, you may know that cheap and bad quality fryers get a very hot handle which is dangerous to touch. With this model, you do not have to worry about this because even though it fryers at very high temperatures, the handle will not get hot.



Food capacity is 6 servings It does not have a timer
It has an odor filter
Oil capacity is 6 cups
It feels sturdy
Maximum temperature can reach 375F


The reason why this is the bestseller is because it will cook food within minutes. This makes it the most suitable model to use in case you have a big family or you are always rushing. In addition to this, you will also enjoy the see-through glass that makes it much safer than the other models.

T-fal FR8000

The many great reviews this product has described it to be one of the easiest devices to use out of all of its competitors. You will notice that the lid has a ventilation system that keeps the oil from splattering on the sides. Additionally, there’s also a large window from which you can monitor your food whilst it’s cooking. The reason why this item is so popular is because it has an innovative filtration system which stores the extra oils that form from cooking. Thus, you can even prepare a healthier meal with your deep fryer. This is one of the most effective machines because it can heat up to its full potential within 15 minutes. In other words, for a small amount of money you can purchase this very effective product.



Extra fats will get drain in a different compartment The registered temperatures aren’t always correct
Easy to clean Some claimed that the food capacity is small
Easy to assemble
It has a 1-Year warranty
Cool touch handle


The reason why this model is another bestseller is because the company has spent a lot of years to make this product similar to its competitors but at a better price. This can be seen by the many great features the product has and the numerous positive reviews this model has all over the internet.

Elite Platinum EDF-4080 Maxi-Matic

This dual fryer is the ideal solution for your family. With it, you will be able to cook large quantities of foods fast without any hustle. A great feature this item has is a timer that allows you to set the time so you will no longer have to linger around it. Furthermore, you will also notice that the device has a ventilation system which means that you will be safe to touch the handle. The machine will allow you to cook any type of food you wish, from zucchini to onion rings. As you may be aware, the product is dual which means that in one container you can cook one type of food and in the other another thing. This is a great feature to have if you want to get the job done fast.



It has side handles It does not have a window on the lid
Oil capacity is 33 cups Power adapter is sold separately
It’s durable
Easy to clean
Indicator light shows you when oil is ready


We have chosen this model because we truly believe that it’s better than many other models in this niche. This can be seen by the functionality of it. For example, you will not need to use any other appliances to cook food because this machine can cook anything you want.

Cuisinart CDF-200

This product is one of the best choices you can make if you want to buy an efficient product. The company promises that the item will do everything in its description at very high standard. It has an immersion system which makes it perfect if you want crispy food. This is because this model keeps a steady temperature which allows it to recover after you add the food inside. The company is known for its very good customer service support because a team of professionals is always ready to answer any of your questions or deal with your concerns. Another reason why this product is so good is because the oil heats up within 5 to 10 minutes which is perfect if you want to deep-fry something fast.



There’s a temperature control system Some people claim that it uses too much oil
There’s a power light indicator
You can remove the inside containers
Simple to assemble
The handle does not get hot


This models sells so well because it’s a versatile product. This means that you will be able to get evenly crisp food everytime you cook or you can deep-fry your food and get the same results. Whatever you do, it doen’t matter because you will always be happy about the way the food has come out.

Hamilton Beach Electric

One of the reasons why this product sells so well is because of the extra feature it has which is an audible alert that lets you know when the cooking time has finished. This way, it’s much easier to manage it and you do not have to stay beside it to monitor your food. As well as, you can set the timer at any time you wish so you can cook any type of food you want. Furthermore, another key feature of this product is that it’s easy to put together because the product comes assembled so you do not need extra tools. The design of it makes it very easy to clean because you can access all parts fast and they are rather lightweight. In addition to this, as you may be already aware, it’s a double unit which means you can cook large quantities of food.



You can cook two different types of food at the same time Some people say that it’s too bulky
It has a windowed lid Some claim that it requires too much oil
It’s durable
The devices manages the grease splatter well
Pockets friendly


This is another bestseller because it’s one of the most suitable models to use if you have a large family. What we mean by this is that you can cook more than one type of food if you purchase this item. This is the perfect solution if not everyone in the family likes the same thing.

Frying Compared to Different Cooking Methods

There are many ways to prepare a meal, some healthier than others and some tastier than others. How people choose to cook their foods is a matter of personal preferences but also a choice of leading a certain lifestyle. Frying implies using a certain amount of fat that will eventually reach into the food and make it smoother and tastier, which is why many people prefer it over other types of cooking. However, some prefer to avoid it because it’s not the most beneficial for one’s health. Either way, it remains one of the most popular forms of preparing all sorts of meat or vegetables.
When it comes to preparing food, you have several other options that include:

  • Boiling:

    is the healthiest method that doesn’t add any fats to the food as it involves water. However, along with the toxins in food, the nutrients and vitamins are also released into the water, hence thrown away along with it. Is commonly used by people who want to lose weight and keep their cholesterol level under control.

  • Broiling:

    this involves using an oven to make food taste like it has been fried but using only a pinch of fat, thus keeping it much healthier. Broiling takes longer than frying and it hardly makes food taste as delicious as when adding some fat.

  • Steaming:

    a combination of broiling and boiling, this cooking method implies using steam to cook food in such way that it will remain tender and tasty without the fade texture of boiled food. It’s very convenient to use because it relies on a steamer that does all the hard work.

  • Grilling:

    another healthy way to prepare meat or vegetables involves grilling them either on a wood or a gas grill. With the heat coming from the bottom, the food seals some of the juices inside so the result is a very tasty meal.

  • Saute:

    by sauteing the food, you add just a pinch of fat on a low heat so that the juices inside the food will come out and allow it to cook until tender.

  • Pan frying:

    by adding some fat to a pan, you can cook food on one side at a time until it becomes golden brown on each side. This means you will have to flip it over to ensure the heat also reaches the other half and deep into the food.

  • Searing:

    with a small amount of fat and a high heat source, you can sear food rapidly. However, it only cooks the exterior, leaving the interior slightly raw.

  • Simmering:

    this method involves adding some liquid and even a sauce and covering the pan with a lid so that the food will cook in its own juices and flavors.

  • There are also other methods that include a combination of two main methods, like blanching that involves boiling then throwing in an ice bath to stop the cooking process, or stewing that means first searing food than cooking it in liquid.

Reasons to Buy a Deep Fryer

Although deep frying your food in oil is not the healthiest meal alternative, there are ways to make it more acceptable and one of them is to use a deep fryer. What this device does is completely cover the food with oil so that it will be fried evenly and in a much shorter time than in a regular pan, thus limiting the effects of oil frying on your health. Moreover, when the frying is done, you can lift the basket and leave it hanging above the oil to allow the extra oil to drain so the resulted meal will not be soaked in fat. Therefore, you can say that deep frying is actually a healthier way of frying food in all sorts of oils. In case you are not convinced, here are some reasons why you should consider getting a fryer.

  • More cooking space

  • Compared to a regular frying pan, the fryer offers twice as much cooking space so you will be able to prepare full meals for a large family. Also, you can choose a model with two separate baskets so you can prepare two different dishes at the same time without having to use two separate pans.

  • Faster frying

  • Given that the food will be covered by oil completely, it will be cooked evenly on all sides so the time required for preparing a meal will be significantly reduced. This will not only make your household chores easier but will also allow you to reduce the frying time of your food.

  • Less oil in your food

  • It’s true that you will submerge the food in oil but once it’s done, you have the possibility to lift the basket and allow the excess oil to drain so that you won’t be eating food filled with fat. It will only absorb the necessary amount it needs for cooking and the rest will be conveniently removed for a healthier way of frying.

  • An easier way to fry

  • When you fry in a pan, you have to constantly stir and flip the food over to ensure both sides will get evenly cooked. If you are making french fries, this procedure will ruin their shape and you will no longer get those perfect pieces. Since in the deep fryer the food is completely covered by oil, it will be evenly fried without you having to supervise the entire process. With less hassle, you will always get the best taste and aspect of your food.

  • No more mess

  • You all know what it’s like to fry meat or potatoes in a pan, how the boiling oil gets all over the stove and the tiles next to it. With a deep fryer, this will become history thanks to the generous deep frying container that accommodates the mesh basket so that the oil will not reach outside. Also, the lid fully covers the frying compartment for the entire time so no oil drops will get on the sides. When you are done, simply remove the heating element and the oil container and give the fryer a good wash.

Features that Make a Good Fryer

Once you have learned how great it can be, it’s time to see how you can be certain that you have chosen a good fryer that will make up for the purchase. There are some features that really matter when it comes to the functionality and reliability of a fryer and here are the most important ones.

  • Generous cooking capacity

  • Before buying, you need to make sure you will have plenty of room for all the portions you want to cook. Therefore, check both the cooking and the oil capacity to see how much food you will be able to cook at once. The larger the mesh basket and oil container, the better.

  • Solid handles

  • You will have to move the fryer and often when it’s filled with oil so you will need sturdy handles that won’t get hot while cooking. Also, the basket needs to be maneuvered so it should also have a long and solid handle that will remain cool to touch.

  • Wide temperature range

  • To make sure you will be able to cook a variety of foods in proper conditions, your fryer needs to come with temperature adjustment. The heat range is also important to ensure that various types of foods will have the proper cooking conditions. Most fryers range from 250F to 375F so the cooking choices can be adjusted to any type of food.

  • Indicator lights

  • To make it easier for you to know when it’s the right time to toss in those fries, it’s best to get a model that not only comes with a power indicator light but also with a Ready light indicator. This way, you will be notified when the oil has reached the proper temperature for you to add the raw food.

Frequently Asked Questions

?How do I know when I've put enough food inside?
The majority of the models come with a signal build-in when it will let you know that you have reached the maximum capacity.

?Can I cook more with the remained oil?
We strongly recommend that you do not re-cook with that oil because it can be dangerous for your health.

?Why isn't my product heating?
This is because it may have some technical problems, shut it off and restart it and then contact customer service support team.

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