W hen it comes to kids, it is important to organize all the stuff that is needed for a better care, especially in their rooms. It is important to have all the things within reach, especially when feeding or changing the diapers. For this reason, a diaper pail is very useful in a baby’s room, because it will help you save a lot of time and space. The available models come in different sizes and colors and with specific features, like, for example, foot pedal, self-locking system, and others. Our selection of diaper bins will definitely help you deal much easier with the role of being a parent. We reviewed 5 of the most popular systems and highlighted both the advantages and disadvantages of using them.

Top 8 Diaper Pails Comparison

Photo Product Construction Opening System Capacity Available Colors Price

Best Overall
1. Prince Lionheart Twist’R Candy Stripe ABS plastic Foot pedal 35 diapers Candy stripe, grey arrow Check Price

Our Choice
2. Ubbi Steel Sliding door 35 diapers 10 different colors Check Price
3. Munchkin Step ABS plastic Foot pedal 30 diapers White Check Price
4. Diaper Dekor Mini ABS plastic Foot pedal 25 diapers White, grey Check Price
5. Playtex Diaper Genie ABS plastic Foot pedal 25 diapers Blue, pink, green, gray, white Check Price
6. Safety 1st Easy Saver ABS plastic Spring loaded button 8 gal. White Check Price
7. Baby Trend DC50500K ABS plastic Button 30 diapers Blue, pink Check Price
8. Vliba VLDU00001 ABS plastic Foot pedal 45 diapers White, grey Check Price

Prince Lionheart Twist’R Candy Stripe

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Disposing of dirty diapers is one of a parents’ worst nightmares as there are foul smells involved, and there is the inevitable inconvenience of throwing it in the trash can that you won’t empty soon as it hasn’t been filled up to that point. With the Twist’R, however, this won’t be an issue anymore as it provides a convenient location to dispose of the baby’s diapers, and, best of all, it doesn’t retain the nasty odors, making your life a bit easier. Reasonably priced, easy to use, and coming already assembled so that you may start using it right away, it is the product we recommend the most due to its convenience in use, capacity, and durability.


As the disposal system measures 15 inches in width, 24.25 inches in height, and 11.75 inches in length, you won’t have a hard time finding a permanent location for it in the nursery as it doesn’t take up much space. It is made with ABS plastic, a construction that ensures long-lasting durability even if it is kicked over regularly. Furthermore, as it weighs only 7 pounds, you will find it easy to relocate it whenever needed.

Mention Worthy Details
  • Comes fully assembled, so you can get straight to using it instead of waste any time.
  • Built to last – ABS plastic construction ensures it can handle tipping over without having anything break.
  • Available in 2 different designs, ensuring you will find the right one to suit the décor of the nursery.
No Odors

What you, as a parent, dread the most when it comes to taking care of your small bundle of joy is changing dirty diapers as there are unpleasant smells involved. Now you can relax and enjoy yourself a bit more as this pail features 4 different ways in which it eliminates the nasty odors of diapers, more precisely with the help of the self-sealing doors that isolate and contain the smell, the activated charcoal it contains that absorbs the unwanted odors, the 7-layer bag which is specially designed to trap the molecules that cause the smell, and the Twist technology that further helps seal the odors inside, not having the whole room smell like the inside of the diaper.

  • 7-layer bag fulfills the purpose of trapping odor molecules
  • Activated charcoal sachet tends to the removal of unwanted odors
  • Twist technology has the purpose of sealing in any unwanted odors
  • It comes with 2 refill bags and 2 activated charcoal sachets
  • Lack of warranty

A pail that you can empty once per week, or even less than that, depending on how many dirty diapers you dispose of per day, the Prince Lionhead is our top recommendation for parents of newborns. No more unpleasant smells inside the room if you use it, and you will have the convenience of disposing of the dirty diapers in a clean and odor-free fashion.


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This system does a great job when it comes to this kind of problem. Made from steel, it is capable of locking all smells and odors inside, without the possibility of spreading it in the room, due to its rubber seals and sliding lid. Unlike other products, it uses standard bags, doesn’t require any special refills that are may be hard to find or expensive. It comes with the smart lock system feature, that keeps the baby away from reaching its content. It has a satisfying capacity, so it can be used for a longer period of time before emptying it.

  • It doesn’t require special bags, fits standard kitchen bags
  • Has rubber seals that keep odors locked inside
  • Can be used with reusable diapers
  • It is safe and easy to load and clean
  • Customer service team could be better

This product is practical and convenient because it doesn’t require a specific bag type which might be hard to find or expensive. Plus, it is a safe product and has an easy way of cleaning and loading, so you don’t have to do any extra efforts when it fills up.

Munchkin Step

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This product comes in a really large variety of color combination, so fitting in the room’s decor will never be a problem. Its great look combined with the easy way of using it give you a great opportunity of facing this kind of situation in the best way possible. To be even more simple, the product has a step pedal that is very convenient when you keep your baby with one arm and hold a dirty diaper with the other. Its sealing feature is capable of twisting tight the bag, every time the lid is opened, keeping the odors away from spreading around.

  • It includes a lavender-scented baking soda puck that absorbs odors
  • It features a self-sealing technology that prevents the air from blasting out when the lid snaps
  • It comes with childproof locking system button
  • Foot pedal is very convenient
  • Difficult to clean

Munchkin did a great job with this item by adding it a fragranced puck that can absorb unpleasant smells. Plus its built-in childproof locking system is another well-thought thing because it ensures a secure use so you don’t have to worry about its possibility of being open by mistake.

Diaper Dekor Mini

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The Dekor Mini comes with “no-hands” feature that allows you to open its lid by simply pressing the pedal with your foot, without bending or twisting. Besides dirty diapers, can also store pet waste, which makes it even more convenient to use in any other rooms of the house. When it is full, you can easily access its front service door, that allows you to remove its content by simply taking out the bag without getting dirty. Although it has a smaller capacity than other products, it is to have around when you want to quickly get rid of such things as diapers or pet wastes.

  • It has an easy-access service door to remove its content
  • It has a foot pedal that makes it easy and hygienic to access
  • It can be used as a convenient odor free way to dispose pet waste
  • Foot pedal is very convenient
  • Lack of warranty

The fact that it has a foot pedal brings 2 advantages to the user, one ensures a hygyenic use and the other provides an easy way of accesing it with your foot, in case you have busy both of your hands. Also when it’s time to empty it, you can efortlessly access its front service door.

Playtex Diaper Genie

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The Playtex Genie comes with a built-in system that keeps away microbial elements. Inside its lid has a carbon filter that captures odors and doesn’t allow them to get out, due to its double-air tight clamps. To be even more easy and effective, the product comes with a step pedal that you can gently press and open the lid when you cannot use your hands. Changing the bag is easier than ever, due to its front tilt bin that allows you to remove the bag by pulling it out through the built-in cutter. Blue, pink, green, gray or white, it can easily fit in any room and look great near the furniture.

  • It provides a simple and easy way of diaper removal due to its front tilt bin
  • It has the right height for an easy way of diaper disposal without bending
  • Its lid has a carbon filter system for smell control
  • Available in many colours
  • Has a smaller capacity than other products

It has the right height, so you don’t have to bend your body or make uncomfortable moves when disposing of a diaper. It gives an easy way of cleaning, due to its front tilt bin and is able to solve odor problems using its carbon filter system. All these things make it a practical and convenient product, the perfect solution for a baby’s room.

Safety 1st Easy Saver

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It might not be the best out there when it comes to features, but it makes up for this flaw through its cheap asking price and overall quality. Its 8-gallon capacity ensures you can throw plenty of diapers inside before you need to empty it, while the compatibility with standard plastic bags provides a lack of pretentiousness. The locking lid is child-resistant, so you won’t have to worry the small one might get access inside and make a complete mess. It features a deodorizer compartment where you place the deodorizer disc to ensure no bad smells will escape. In regards to its operation, it is as simple as it can get, all you need to do being to open or close it with one hand.

  • Convenient one-step operational system
  • Standard plastic bags needed for it
  • Cheap asking price
  • Lacks features other higher-priced models come with

There’s not much to say about it feature-wise as it doesn’t come with as many as some of our other picks do, but it is still an option worth taking into consideration, especially for those who are on a budget as it keeps the bad smells in and provides a convenient place to throw dirty diapers.

Baby Trend DC50500K

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This guy knows what to do with those nasty diapers. Its simplistic look can easily blend into the baby’s room, without taking too much space. It has a satisfying capacity, being able to hold up to 30 diapers and provides a good sealing, keeping bad smells away from spreading around the room. Baby Trend Champ doesn’t need assembly and is very easy to use and to empty. It can be used with any type of garbage bags, unlike other products that require specific bags that might be hard to find or expensive.

  • Keeps inside bad odors
  • Doesn’t require assembly
  • Can be used with any type of garbage bags
  • It can trap bad smells
  • Some people might consider it is not tall enough

What is great about this product, is the fact that unlike products it doesn’t require assembly and can be used with any type of garbage bags. In addition, its ability to keep bad odors well-sealed inside is another interesting feature that you might be interested in when choosing this kind of products.

Vliba VLDU00001

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This sleek and stylish design will look fabulous wherever you put it. It has a simplistic design that will fit with any décor. The foot pedal is hands-free which means it’s a very hygenic unit. In addition to this, it will be much easier to handle it, especially when your hands are full. You will be thoroughly pleased to know that the double sealed inner and outer lids will provide you with protection against odor. In addition to this, the refill bags are lighlty-scented in order to neutralize smells. If you purchase this product, you will recive up to 6 months’ supply of refill bags. That’s to accomodat up to 1125 diapers! Furthermore, the safety locks will be able to keep away any wandering hands. Thus, it will be impossible for the little ones to fiddle around with it.

  • Low total cost for refill bags
  • It can tackle bad smells
  • The foot pad is conveniently positioned
  • Refill bags are included in the package
  • Some would have prefered it to be larger

The reason why this product sells so well is because it’s very practical for those that don’t want to spend more money. In addition to this, it helps to fight odors so it’s very convenient for newborn babies.

Making the Right Choice

Our suggestions regarding this category of products give you specific details about 5 products of this kind, providing plenty of key features that you should consider when choosing such a sanitary product.

  • The ease of bag change: This is an important key for these products because you don’t want to lose a lot of time with this detail, so you should probably keep in mind choosing an item that provides a simple diaper loading and disposing system, without too much effort. This is probably the last thing you will want to deal with.
  • Odor control: Besides all the “cutie and sweetie” moments between you and your baby, there are few situations less pleasant. Like when it comes to diaper changing and dealing with nasty odors and smells. It would be recommended to choose a product that comes with hermetic sealing and is capable of keeping inside odors. You definitely don’t want to spread around all those nasty smells, every time you open the bin’s lid.
  • The ease of diaper disposal: There are the products that feature foot pedals and can be easily opened without using the hand. In case you are holding the baby with one hand and the diaper with the other, it would be much easier to access it with your foot and toss it right away.
  • Child safety lock features: This key is definitely important when it comes to children’s safety. You would not want your kid get in contact with the dirty, toxic content of the diaper bin. Children are attracted to new things that are colored and can easily be reached. In this case, it would be recommended to get a product that comes with available safety lock features because it would mean a less worry for you.
  • Costs: This is another key that should be checked before making a purchase. There are products that require specific brands of bags and in some cases, you might encounter 2 problems. Either the bags are really hard to find, either their costs are too high. So, you might want a product that can be used with normal garbage bags and is not expensive.

Becoming a parent is very exciting but it seems that there are a lot of preparations that must be done. Sanitary products, must not miss from the baby’s room. Diaper bins are helpful items that will help you make your job much easier. No matter their dimensions, features, or design, they all do the same thing: they allow you to dispose of diapers while promising odor control. We hope that our selection of diapers will help you choose the best model for your needs. Our first option is Ubbi for many reasons. It has a large capacity and it comes in various color options. Also, it has a child lock feature and you can use it with standard bags.

We also like Munchkin Step as it features a self-sealing system and a childproof lock. Additionally, this model has a foot pedal that is very practical. Both products come at similar prices and are very popular among parents. For a more compact model, we recommend you Diaper Dekor Mini. It can hold up to 25 diapers and it comes with a foot pedal. Also, this model is less expensive. No matter what is your final decision, you can be sure you won’t be disappointed with the utility of these systems. After all, they are specially designed to make parenting easier.

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