Dog Leashes

Every pet owner would buy the best accessories for their pet safety and comfort. When discussing leashes they are an essential element, especially for dogs. It is known that dogs that do not wear leashes get into more fights with other dogs , can be hit by cars, become injured or even get lost. Choosing a leash for your pet is one of the most important decisions you have to make when it comes to caring for your animal. By purchasing your dog a leash you also protect it and offer it a good example. The leash’s role is to protect your dog from the world and also to protect the world from your dog. We come to your attention with some leashes models that may be helpful for your beloved pet.

Top 9 Dog Leashes Comparison

Photo Product Name Cord Size Brake Button Reflective Belt Anti-slip Handle High Spot Price
 Flexi CL20C8.210.S  Image
Best Overall
1. Flexi CL20C8.210.S 36 feet Yes Yes Yes Suitable for dogs up to 44 lbs Check Price
TaoTronics B075D7RMRQImage 2. TaoTronics B075D7RMRQ 16 feet Yes Yes Yes Suitable for dogs up to 110 lbs Check Price
 URPOWER DL-004  Image
Our Choice
3. URPOWER DL-0046 16.4 feet Yes Yes Yes Suitable for dogs up to 66 lbs Check Price
WINSEE B01NH50BX6 Image 4. WINSEE B01NH50BX6 16 feet Yes Yes Yes Designed for dogs up to 110 lbs Check Price
 Beastron BP-02 Image 5. Beastron BP-02 16 feet Yes Yes Yes Designed for dogs up to 110 lbs Check Price
 Pet Lovers Club Leash002-R-Red Image 6. Pet Lovers Club Leash002-R-Red 6 feet No Yes Yes Designed specifically for small breeds and puppies Check Price
TUG Patented 360° Image 7. TUG Patented 360° 16 feet Yes Yes Yes Designed for dogs up to 110 lbs Check Price
 URPOWER Walking Leash  Image 8. URPOWER Walking Leash 16 feet Yes Yes Yes Designed for dogs up to 110 lbs Check Price
Trasen Pet 360° Image 9. Trasen Pet 360° 6 feet No Yes Yes Suitable for small, medium and large dogs Check Price

In-depth Product Reviews

Flexi New Classic

Great Mobility

In order to prevent all these situations, we recommend you the Flexi New Classic retractable leashes which can be the best choice for your dog. Flexi leashes come in many sizes and they are suitable for dogs up to 44 lbs. Flexi leashes extend up to 26 feet which is obviously an advantage because they give dogs great mobility. They can offer reliability and their high quality will amaze you, their material is a durable one, due to their Germany origins. Also, the brake button is very helpful to control your pet. Leashes come in many colors such as black, blue, pink and red. As a drawback, some clients complain that the handle is very small and it cannot be grabbed easily.

Proper Control

You will be giving your dog enough freedom to do whatever they want. Regardless if it’s walking or running. The reflective components of the leash will ensure that you have a safe walk at night or in reduced visibility. Thus, you can take it your dor for a walk even if it’s foggy outside. The short-stroke braking system allows you to take proper control of your dog. Therefore, you will feel safe in heavy traffic spaces. If your dog weighs up to 20kg, you should thoroughly consider this model.

  • One-handed braking system
  • Ergonomic grip handle
  • Offers mobility for dogs due to the 26 ft cord
  • Locking collar attachment
  • Lack of waste bag container

The reason why this is the bestseller is because it can extend to a large size. This means that your beloved pet will be able to roam around safely as much as they want to. As well as, it comes with an ergonomic handle that will prevent you getting hand fatique. This means that your dog can enjoy the outdoors as much as it wants.


This type of leash is best suited for dogs up to 110 lbs. Its one button break and lock is perfect to keep your dog close without narrowing your freedom. The TaoTronics leash comes with a free bone-shaped waste bag container which is very important in order to always keep it clean; it also includes trash bags that are very handy. It has a durable nylon leash and a chrome plated hook for the collar. It fits for all dog categories from small to large. The retractable leash goes up to 16 feet and the available colors are blue, green, orange and black. This model comes with a core spring that is very solid and can pass through the harshest weather conditions such as cold or hot. Most of the people claim that it operates good, but there are also some cases when the leash has broken after a short period of time or where there are problems with the locking and unlocking button.

  • Dog waste container and bags included
  • Designed for dogs up to 110 lbs
  • Anti-slip handle
  • One button brake and lock
  • Leash extends up to only 16 feet

The reason why this product is popular is because it comes with included accessories. This means that you do not have to pay more money to get the same great benefits from it. In fact, you get more benefits from this leash than any other model. In addition to this, you will thoroughly enjoy the one button function.


Unlike the TaoTronics, URPOWER leashes are designed for dogs up to 66 lbs. Their leash extension is up to 16.4 feet, they also come with an ergonomic handle and one button brake and lock which offers you the possibility to adjust its length anytime you need. The dog leash is made of eco-friendly material which is a durable and non-toxic one and the strong reflective belt is useful for a better visibility in night walks.

  • Reliable lock and brake button
  • Durable and eco-friendly material
  • Ergonomic anti-slip handle
  • Reflectic belt
  • Only available on black

This is another bestselling product because you can also attach a collar on the chrome plated anti-rust hook. The URPOWER leash is safe, comfortable and has a simple retractable system. As drawbacks, it does not have a waste container bag and the only color available is black. Also, some people claim that the handle is heavy.


WINSEE leashes are made for dogs up to 110 lbs, and they extend to up 16 feet. The case is made of a strong material so it can provide a long lifetime. They are equipped with a comfortable anti slip handle that will not hurt your hand when the dog runs faster. WINSEE leashes have also a reflective belt that provides security for the night walks. Brake and lock button is also an important item, so when you release it, it will let your dog feel free to move.

  • Eco-friendly and durable material
  • The design for dogs up to 110 lbs
  • Reflective belt for better visibility
  • Easy to click brake and lock button
  • Lack of waste container and bags

This model is as popular as the bestseller because This cord leash with heavy internal spring can extend up to 16 feet and is suitable for small – medium – large dogs up to 110 lbs. WINSEE leashes are not equipped with waste container and bags and the colors available are black and blue.


Beastron retractable dog leash comes with a 16 feet nylon tape that retracts easily. This leash is perfect for medium and large dogs, up to 110 lbs. It has a hands free function that lets your pet run freely, it is durable and safe and as the TaoTronics model, you do not have to worry about the junk because it is also equipped with waste bag collector to clean up after your dog’s mess. It comes with the one button brake and lock and the only color available is blue.

  • Able to support up to 110 lbs
  • Equipped with waste collector and free bags
  • Hands free function
  • Easy to click brake and lock button
  • It has a heavy handle

We have chosen to include this model into the review because people say that the leash is a reliable one, extremely strong and smooth at the same time. Also, they claim that the tape is resistant and the locking mechanism is solid.

Pet Lovers Club Leash002-R-Red

This double layered leash, will keep your pet safe. It’s 100% chew proof and it has a padded handle in order to provide you with more comfort. Say goodbye to rug burns. Furthermore, the people that have already purchased it, say that this model is much lighter than many of its competitors. In addition to this, the leash has been created with reflective lines which will enhance exposure in the dark. If your dog is a puller, you can take advantage of the 6ft long cord so you have complete control of your beloved. As well as, it also has a metal loop which you can use to attach waste bags or keys. You will be thoroughly pleased to know that the leash is machine washable so it doesn’t require any special maintenance.

  • On-handed braking system
  • Ergonomic grip handle
  • It fits large dogs
  • Locking collar attachment
  • Some people reported problems with the metal hooks

This is a bestseller for many reasons. For example, in case you are not 100% with the product, you can return it and get your money back. Or if you don’t feel like it, you can donate it to a dog center and still get your money back.

TUG Patented 360°

This model has been created in two different sizes. The medium leash is suitable for dogs that are under 55 pounds and the larger sized one is made for dogs that are under 110 pounds. The leash can reach 16ft with a simple move of the thumb. As well as, you do not have to worry about it getting tangled as it has been designed to specifically avoid this. The fast lock and unlock button is another feature that can be controlled with your thumb. The actual unit has an anti-slip handle and heavy-duty plastic. Inside, the coil springs are made from stainless steel in order to provide a reliable retraction. The cord is made from nylon plastic mixed with fiberglass. This makes it impact-resistant. As well as, the woven tape is also made from the same superior nylon material. You can fully trust this model even if you have a dog that likes to pull. It’s very unlikely that the leash will snap.

  • Thumb operation
  • Ergonomic grip handle
  • Suitable for big dogs
  • Stainless steel coils
  • No accessories included

This is another popular choice because people enjoy the fact that it feels very comfortable to hold for those long walks. As well as, it’s also suitable for people that have dogs that are teething. The cord is chew-resistant.

URPOWER Walking Leash

This model has been recently upgraded in order to improve itself. This is why it comes in two sizes, choose between the medium and the large. It has been designed with one button brake and locks safety system. In addition to this, the pause function will allow for some distance between you and the pet. You do not have to lock the leash like you do for the other models. Thus, it’s much easier for you to take control of the pet. The actual leash can be extended up to 16ft and it’s retractable. The mouth of it has been created with a special system that will eliminate the possibility of it getting tangled. The double nylon tape will provide superior safety for the dog. The case is made from ABS plastic which means that it will last for many years to come. It’s good for the environment and it’s also good for your hand as it’s ergonomic.

  • 360 degrees retract freely
  • Designed for large dogs
  • Anti-slip handle
  • One button brake and lock
  • The rope is not anti-chew

This is another popular model because people enjoy the fact that it has an ergonomic handle. Thus, you can take better control of your pet and you will feel much comfortable to handle large dogs. In addition to this, the tangle-free rope is also beneficial if you do not want to deal with the consequences of a tangled tape.

Trasen Pet 360°

This is another of our recommendations due to the fact that your pet will totally enjoy using it. Made of durable nylon climbing rope, almost 2 times thicker and stronger than other pet leashes it will provide 100% comfort and safety for your dog. The item is suitable for all types of dogs no matter if small, medium, or large. It can reach a 6 ft distance so your dog will have the freedom the move, walk, or run without worries. The handle is padded in order to provide more comfort for you and it will not hurt your hand. It is easy to use at night, too due to its reflective stripes that bring more visibility. Moreover, the package includes a dog waste bag to help you clean quickly and easily.

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Anti-slip system
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • The rope is not anti-chew

The reason why this product sells so well is due to its facilities and comfort provided. Yout little friend will enjoy it and will have all the freedom to move, play, and run. Surprise your buddy by purchasing this helpful item.

Tips To Remember

It isn’t as easy as you may think to purchase such an item because there are a lot of things to consider before you purchase whatever model you wish. There are many different materials they are made out of and even the sizes are important. Each size has its own specific need so you need to determine which one is most suitable for your beloved pet. As well as, there are 3 types of materials that these are made out of. Take into consideration the following tips and we promise you will find exactly what you need.

  • Leather leashes are the most common ones but they may be expensive. As well as, some of them require a certain attention to cleaning and maintenance. It may not be resistant to your dog’s chewing but it is the most resistant one to the other things
  • Nylon is the most durable material known. It’s cheap and it’s practical even for the biggest and fluffiest dogs. They resist even in extreme weather and extensive chewing
  • Chains are good if your dog cannot resist chewing its leash. However, we recommend these for big dogs as the small pups can get too nervous when they have a metal chain around its neck. Here, you need to seriously consider which is the most suitable one for your beloved
  • A 4-foot leash is most commonly used when you walk in an area where there is a lot of traffic. Because of its size,, you will be able to have control of where your pet runs to and you will be able to train your pet to walk as safe as possible
  • A 6-foot leash is suitable for leisure walks around parks or anywhere there isn’t danger such as traffic. You will be able to make it smaller to allow your pet to roam without the cord getting tangled
  • 10-foot leash is most suitable for training your dog. Even though it may seem long, you will still be able to have a lot of control over your pet

Classic or Retractable?

We love our pets and we want to but them the best accessories. A leash plays an important role when owning a dog but we all know how difficult is to choose the suitable one. This kind of item is totally necessary because it offers safety for your beloved pet. There are two types of leashes: the classic and the retractable ones. Below you will be provided with some information in order to do the best choice.

  • Classic Leashes – Traditional leashes usually imply a rope made of nylon or leather, with a handle and a collar clip. They come in a variety of models, fabrics, lengths, and sizes in order to choose the suitable one for your dog. There is nothing to go wrong with this type of item but its standard length might be an obstacle for your dog especially when running or playing. On the other hand, they represent the perfect choice if you want to own control over your dog. Due to its short dimension, you can easily pull it away from dangerous situations. As a drawback, we can discuss its inflexibility and in this case, your dog will not be able to be totally free.
  • Retractable Leashes – This type of item is a leash with a line stored in the handle. This type of cords usually extend from 10 to 25 feet and own a locking feature to prevent your dog from walking farther than you would want to. They are very convenient for your dog letting it explore all that it wants and offer it a lot of freedom. They are excellent for open spaces where there is no risk of danger. They are great for letting your dog explore the world without having to cut off its space. Moreover, the locking button allows you to control the desired length so you can use it as a normal one, too. On the other hand, freedom could allow your dog running after another animal or even a person without having any control to stop it. So, they can be dangerous, at the same time. It is recommended to use them in open spaces such as parks, or fields not into the city or around other dogs.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    ?Can my dog chew it?
    Most of the leashes come with an anti-chew system. Normally, they cannot be chewed but you have to be careful about your pet, too.

    ?Will the handle hurt my hand?
    No, it will not. You can safely walk your dog without worries.
    ?Will they offer mobility for my dog?
    Certainly, they will. The pet will be able to freely move because the leashes are adjustable and also they are suitable for both small and big dogs.

    The leash is an essential element when you own a pet, especially a dog. Firstly, you can consider purchasing one due to its safety but also the safety of other people or animals. We all know that animals are unforeseeable and they can act differently sometimes so it is recommended to be careful when choosing their accessories, especially the most important ones such as this type of leash.

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