No one can argue that eggs are one of the healthiest foods. You can cook them in many different ways, being extremely versatile from this point of view. From boiled or pouched eggs to omelets or scrambled eggs, this food is always present in our meals. However, in order to be perfect, eggs need special attention. In most cases, you either undercook or overcook them, which is very frustrating. It’s like you never find the right recipe to make them “à la carte”.
            This is when an egg cooker comes to save your day. Most models are countertop units and they use steam to cook eggs. You can use an egg cooker to make various egg recipes in a healthy way. Currently, there are many models to choose from, each of them having both positive and negative aspects. Our main purpose was to find those cookers with fewer drawbacks and more advantages. We selected 5 appliances that offer many years of satisfying performance.

Top Egg Cookers Comparison

1. Krups F23070 2. Cuisinart CEC-10 3. Chef’s Choice 810 4. Dash Rapid DEC005RD 5. Chefman RJ24-V2
Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price


Length (in.) 7.7 6.3 8 7.5 7
Width (in.) 6.4 7.3 7 6 8.6
Height (in.) 5.5 7.75 7.12 6.5 7
Weight (lbs.) 1.14 2.1 2.02 1 1.85
Color White Black and Silver Black and Silver Red Red
Material Plastic Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Plastic Plastic
Transparent Lid


Wattage 400 600 350 360 360
Boiled Eggs
Capacity 7 10 7 6 6
Consistency Hard, Medium, Soft Hard, Medium, Soft Hard, Medium, Soft Hard, Medium, Soft Hard, Medium, Soft
Other Cooking Methods
Poached Eggs
Individual Omelets
Scrambled Eggs


Controls On/Off and Keep Warm Switch On/Off Switch On/Off Switch Power Button Power Button
Audible Ready Alert
Automatic Shut Off&Light
Automatic Shut Off
Indicator Light
Cord Storage Cord Storage Electronic Timer
Standby Mode Water Pan with Water Level Indicators

Accesories Included

Removable Egg Holding Tray Removable Egg Holding Tray Removable Egg Holding Tray Removable Egg Holding Tray Removable Egg Holding Tray
2 Poaching Trays 4-Egg Poaching Tray 3-Egg Poaching Tray Poaching Tray Poaching Tray
Measuring Cup with Piercing Pin 3-Egg Omelete Tray Omelete Tray Measuring Cup with Piercing Pin
Measuring Cup with Piercing Pin Measuring Cup with Piercing Pin
2 Egg Stands
Dishwasher Safe Accesories


Warranty 2-Year Warranty 3-Year Warranty 1-Year Warranty 1-Year Warranty 1-Year Warranty
User Manual
Customer Support

Product Ratings

To better understand how we rated the products, take a look at the most important aspects we took into consideration. Starting with the size of the unit and ending with the warranty provided by the manufacturer, all this information has helped us determine which egg cookers are the best.

  • Dimensions

  • Being able to cook more eggs is definitely an advantage but a unit with a greater capacity can turn into a bulky appliance. And no one wants an egg cooker that occupies too much space. Fortunately, all the units selected come with a compact design. Therefore, they won’t occupy too much space on the countertop or in the kitchen cabinet. All models have similar dimensions, but if you want a unit that is not very tall you can go with Krups F23070.

  • Power

  • A powerful appliance will always be more efficient. Of course, the performance can also be influenced by other factors, but the amount of electric power the appliance uses is very important. As you can see, the most powerful model is Cuisinart CEC-10 with a 600-watt heater, followed by Krups F23070 with 400 watts. The other models use 350 or 360 watts.

  • Capacity

  • The capacity refers to how many eggs the unit can boil at once. From this point of view, the most generous model is Cuisinart CEC-10 because it can cook up to 10 eggs. The second place is occupied by Krups F23070 and Chef’s Choice 810 with cook maximum 7 eggs. Dash Rapid DEC005RD and Chefman RJ24-V2 can makeno less than 6 eggs each. Usually, the units that can cook more eggs are great for larger families.

  • Consistency

  • Not all of us like boiled eggs with the same consistency. While some people like them soft, others may want them medium or hard. Fortunately, all our models are very versatile as they can cook different consistencies. And the best thing is that they boil eggs perfectly every time. For this, most models come with a measuring cup to add the right amount of water. The only exception is Chef’s Choice 810 that features a water pan with water level indicators.

  • Audible Ready Alert

  • Many manufacturers added an audible ready alert to notify you when eggs are done. This feature is very convenient because you don’t have to constantly monitor the cooking process. You can do something else in the meantime and save more time. All our models feature a buzzer and some of them even come with an automatic shut off feature for extra protection. Therefore, when eggs are cooked, the appliance shuts off by itself, without having to manually turn it off. The models that come with this feature are Dash Rapid DEC005RD and Chefman RJ24-V2.

  • Accessories

  • All models come with a removable egg holding tray to place eggs on it. When the cooking process is done, you can simply take out the tray and put it under cold running water. Additionally, some appliances come with a poaching tray and/or an omelet tray for preparing eggs just as you like. Most manufacturers offer a measuring cup that usually has a piercing pin to poke holes in eggs before boiling them. Cuisinart CEC-10 also comes with 2 egg stands for more convenience.

  • Warranty

  • The warranty is very important as it offers you peace of mind in case the product you buy has any manufacturing defects. Usually, the warranty covers any defects in materials and workmanship. The standard warranty for this type of products is 1-year, but some egg cookers come with a longer warranty. Cuisinart CEC-10 is covered by 3 years, while Krups F23070 features a 2-year warranty.

How to Use an Electric Egg Cooker

Even though they may be different, most electric egg cookers work on the same principle: they steam eggs. The convenience is that, instead of boiling water on the kitchen stove, you just have to add the necessary amount of water in the cooker and let it do all the job for you. To make things easier for you, we will outline the main steps involved in the cooking process. Of course, each model comes with instructions for use, but it’s always better to be prepared, right?

Step 1: Before placing eggs in the holding tray, it’s recommended to poke holes with the help of a pin. Usually, some models come with a piercing pin, so this problem is solved. The main reason to poke holes in eggs is to prevent the shell from cracking while cooking. In case you want to prepare eggs in a different way, you have to use stirred eggs.

Step 2: After all eggs are placed in the tray, you have to add a certain amount of water in the unit. Depending on the recipes you want to prepare, you should fill the measuring cup to the appropriated line. The models which don’t come with a measuring cup, such as Chef’s Choice 810, come with a water pan with water level indicators. In general, you have to add more water for making hard boiled eggs and less water for soft eggs.

Step 3: When you finish adding the water, you have to place the lid over eggs and turn the unit on. The cooking process may take more or less time, depending on the recipe. In general, when eggs are ready, you will hear an audible alert. Then, all you have to do is turn the unit off, take the eggs tray and ran eggs under cold water.

An egg cooker is a great helper in the kitchen, making perfect eggs for delicious meals. There are many advantages of using it, including the fact that it’s easy to use, affordable, and fast. Most units have an elegant and compact design, complimenting your kitchen’s decor while making it more functional. The best model is undoubtedly Krups F23070 but we also like Cuisinart CEC-10. Both of them are powerful, come with helpful accessories and are covered by a generous warranty. Of course, you can also opt for the other models, all of them being easy to use and efficient. The decision is all your, so take your time and pick the one you like best.

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