Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Electric bicycles are becoming more popular day by day as technology goes on. Technology improvements made it easy for everyone to enjoy this type of vehicle. So you will not be forced to buy a new one when you can just purchase the needed equipment in order to create your own. With this equipment all you need is a regular bicycle and the material. Below you can find our top 5 favorite items so you can decide which one is suitable for you.

Top 5 Electric Bike Conversion Kit Comparison

Bafang BBS01B 350W
E-Bike Conversion AW
Voilamart 1000W
AW Frame Kit
Pinty FT2000
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General Info
Manufacturer Bafang BBS01B 350W E-Bike Conversion AW Voilamart 1000W AW Frame Kit Pinty FT2000
Wheel size 26 in 26 in 26 in 24 in 26 in
Color Black Black Black Black Black
Material Nylon & Alloy & Stainless Steel Nylon & Alloy & Stainless Steel Nylon & Alloy & Stainless Steel Nylon & Alloy & Stainless Steel Nylon & Alloy & Stainless Steel

Technical Specifications

Voltage 36V/48V 12 V 48V 48V 36V
Wattage 350W 1000W 1000W 750W 1000W
Motor type Brushless Gear Motor Brushless Hub Motor Brushless Gearless Motor Brushless Hub Motor Brushless Gear Motor
Motor weight 3.7 kg 4 kg 4 kg 3.7 kg 4 kg
Location Rear Wheel Rear Wheel Front Wheel Front Wheel Front Wheel
Motor efficiency ≥78% >80% >80% ≥80% ≥ 80%
Max torque 100 N.M 35 N.M 45 N.M 100 N.M 45 N.M
Noise grade < 55 Db < 55 Db < 55 Db < 55 Db < 55 Db
Limit speed 25km/h 45-48 km/h 38 km/h or 45 km/h 25km/h 45-48 km/h


Other Features
Compatible with fatbike, mountain bike, road bike Dual-mode controller for longer living Built to the highest international standards Waterproof connection Assembled with 7-speed cog set


Product Warranty 1-Year 1-Year 1-Year 1-Year 1-Year
User Manual
Costumer Support
Telephone Support

In-depth Analysis

Bafang BBS01B 350W


This equipment provides the perfect mix of high efficiency, strong torque and noise output. The mid drive motor transfers power through the bicycle gears so that the motor can perform within its optimum range. Having a voltage power of 36/48V and a wattage power of 350W it might be the best alternative of creating your own motorized bicycle. The key features are its Brushless Gear Motor, the LED display that will help you monitor your activity, the fact that it is strong and efficient so that you can take a relaxing, long travel or maybe just exercise. It is easy to install and it is universal compatible. The product comes with all the needed accessories such as brake lever, thumb throttle, chain wheel and cover, crank, speed sensor and magnets, 1 to 4 cables and nuts.


Being a mid drive equipment expect a crank motor that performs on 350W and 48V. The Lithium battery guarantees that the motor has the needed energy to offer you comfortable cycling. The Brushless Gear Motor will also stimulate the vehicle’s performance. Its maximum torque is 100 N.M. so be sure that noise will never be an inconvenient. Its limit speed is 25 km/h but it is enough everyone who wants to travel or exercise with it. This powerful and dynamic item might be the best choice when converting your bicycle.

  • Compatible with fatbike, mountain bike, road bike
  • Powerful and dynamic
  • Easy to install
  • Universal Compatible
  • The battery is delivered separately

This product is saleable due to its voltage and wattage power, the Brushless Gear Motor, its efficiency and its compatibility with all types of bicycles. This might be the best choice for your vehicle due to its easy installing system so in just 1 hour you will have your motorized bicycle.

E-Bike Conversion AW

This one is another of our favorites due to its peculiarities and key features. This model has a 48V voltage power and 1000W wattage power. Coming with a Brushless Hub Motor it includes everything you need in order to convert your bicycle from regular into a motorized one. It has a motor efficiency >80%, a max torque of 35 N.M and the limit speed is 45-48 km/h. The package contains an electric controller, brake pullers, speed throttle, handlebar grips, LCD display, controller bag, battery connection cable and Pedal Assistance System. It also has a complete wheel set with reinforced 32 mm rim and 40 mm tire. Another important element is its dual mode controller so the motor can work under Hall effect and also non-Hall effect for an extended life.

  • Dual-mode controller for longer living
  • Pedal Assistance System
  • Reinforced 32mm rim and 40mm tire
  • Durable 600D Oxford cloth
  • No battery included

A great purchase for your vehicle taking into consideration its specifications and features. This product might meet your expectations due to its efficiency and versatility. Its special traits will help you convert your old vehicle into a motorized one in just few moments.

Voilamart 1000W

This one is another item that you might take into consideration. Operating with a voltage power of 48V and a wattage of 1000W, its Brushless Gearless Motor will obviously bring the best performance on your vehicle. Regarding the capacity aspects it has a motor efficiency >80%, a max torque of 45 N.M. and a limit speed of 38- 45 km/h. Its most important components that will help you make the conversion are the motor controller, Pedal Assistance System, cable ties, handle grips, and brake handles. Note that the package does not include the battery and charger and also that it requires a 48V cell battery with a capacity not less than 11.6Ah.

  • Built to the highest international standards
  • Changeable 5 level pedal assistance
  • 8 Point Crank speed sensor
  • Upgraded Intelligent Motor Controller
  • Battery and charger are not included

This product is another of our favorites. Its most significant traits will help you make it easy and convert your vehicle in a motorized one. This equipment allows you to swap two power modes between the full 1000W power or 750W power by a single blue switch wire is embedded in controller.

AW Frame Kit

This one is another of our recommendations. Its 36V voltage power and 750W wattage power together with the Brushless Hub Motor will be the best combination to transform your asset. Its most significant characteristics are the motor’s efficiency ≥80%, the max torque of 100 N.M. and the limit speed up to 25 km/h. It has a new design of waterproof connection more convenient for installing and maintaining. Additionally, another particularity is that the drive system has no moving chains so that there is less chance to break. The package includes the following items: electric controller, brake pullers,speed throttle, handlebar grips, battery carrying bag, rope, widing pipe and cable tie. Note that it does not include the battery and charger.

  • New design of waterproof connection
  • Drive system has no moving chains or gears
  • Brake shuts off motor automatically
  • Thumb throttle with 3 LEDs indicator lights
  • No battery and charger included

This one is another of the saleable products due to its peculiarities and also its price. The product comes to your attention with some new features that might ease your job when installing but also using it. Its qualities like the waterproof connection and drive system without moving chains are some of the most significant things to think about before purchasing it. Do not hesitate in discovering all its performances.

Pinty FT2000

This is another item that you should consider due to its features and, why not, due to its price. Regarding all its technical specifications such as the voltage power of 48V, the 1000W of wattage power and the Brushless Gear Motor, this item is able to bring a high performance when converting the bicycle. Its motor efficiency is ≥ 80%, the max torque is 45 N.M. and the limit speed up to 48 km/h. It was never easier to convert your bicycle with this equipment that offers you a controller, handlebar grips, thumb throttle, brake lever, elastic rope, wire, and lead-acid battery charger. Additionally, this model has also a longer lifespan and it is very cost-efficient due to the fact that the drive system has no moving chains or gears. Note that the battery and disk brake are not included.

  • Assembled with 7-speed cog set
  • Easy to convert within 1 hour
  • Cost-efficient
  • Longer lifespan
  • Battery and disk brake not included

This product is saleable regarding its features and also the fair price. It is easy to convert, cost-efficient and it also has a long lifespan which obviously makes it a favorite product for many customers.

How To Install It?

After you have decided to convert your old two-wheel vehicle into a motorized one you have to make sure that you follow the right steps to install it properly. Here we come to your attention with some tips on how to do this quickly and also in an easy way. Below you will find the most important three steps regarding this conversion process.

  • Battery selection – Firstly, make sure that you have selected the adequate and suitable equipment for this transformation. Selecting a battery might be a bit confusing because there are a lot of styles to choose it starting from the manufacturer, up to voltages and amp-hours. Usually, the motor will indicate the voltage that is allowed and it is important to choose one that suits that range.
  • Wheel removal – Next, remove the wheel you want to replace by loosening the brake wire and releasing the wheel’s lever. Just lift up the wheel and replace it. Also, make sure that you remove the existing tube and tire by deflating them.
  • Installing the new wheel – After you have finished with the first two steps, start installing the new wheel and also the torque arm. Add the included washers to the axle of the wheel side because they prevent the wheel from binding. Once the wheel is properly seated in the dropout make sure that you secure it with the axle nut on the outside of the dropout. Moreover, for additional safety we recommend you to add a torque arm.

Frequently Asked Questions

?How can I convert my bicycle?
First of all, you need a bicycle with a strong frame. Secondly, you need to find the proper equipment for the needs of your two-wheel vehicle. Then, you just have to follow the instructions and change the old wheel with the new one. Also, make sure that you choose the suitable battery as most of the equipments do not have a battery included.

?Should I go for a front or rear wheel?
It just only depends on your needs because each biker needs differ. The main benefit of a front wheel is the ease of fitting, so if you choose a front one you can keep your current gear set up. A disadvantage of front wheels is the decreased grip when walking on wet conditions. On the other side, a rear conversion deals with more work. You have to do some adjustments but you will benefit from better grip in all weather conditions.
?Throttle or Pedal Assist?
It depends on your riding option. Some people opt and like throttle because it allows them to walk with or without pedalling, meanwhile, other choose the Pedal Assist due to the conventional riding system. But you do not have to worry regarding this aspect because most of the bicycles have both systems so you can choose the one that fits you the most.

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