Electric Car Jack

There are plenty of situations when people travel long distances without taking the right precaution measures. Besides the emergency health kit and food supplies, you should be aware of all possible incidents on your way. In case you have the unfortunate chance to deal with a flat tire, you need to have in your car besides the spare tire, a car jack. Because this kind of events are more often than anyone could imagine, you should probably be prepared to use an electric jack because it is a simple device that provides an easy operating method. Unlike other products, electric jacks don’t involve physical effort or a lot of time and energy consumption. For a more detailed presentation, we have provided you a list of the best products that are able to save you from a lot of trouble.

Top 8 Electric Car Jacks Comparison

Photo Product Material Rated Load Capacity (lbs.) Control Method Lifting Range (in.) Input Voltage Maximum Current Price

Best Overall
1. ROGTZ DC All-in-one Automatic Lift Scissor Jack Steel 6000 Wire 4.7-13.7/4.7-14.5/6.7-16.5 DC 12V 15A Check Price

Our Choice
2. MarchInn ZS-K-03 Steel 6000 Wire 4.7-17.7 DC 12V 15A Check Price
3. JMZP 3T Steel 6600 Wire 4.7-15.6 DC 12V 15A Check Price
4. BestEquip Electric Jack Steel 5000/6000 Wire 5-14.6/6.7-16.5 DC 12V 15A Check Price
5. Estink Electric Jack Lifting Metal 4000/6000 Wire 4.72-13.77 DC 12V 15A Check Price
6. Black Bull EJ212 Metal 2000 Wire 5-14 DC 12V 15A Check Price
7. Comie 1-1/2 Ton Steel 3300 Wire 5-14 DC 12V 10A Check Price
8. Pilot Autmotive Q-HY-1500L Steel 6000 Wire 4.3-13.4 DC 12V 15A Check Price

The Car Jacks Reviews

ROGTZ DC All-in-one Automatic Lift Scissor Jack

An automatic tool any car owner could use, the ROGTZ delivers an outstanding performance as it only takes 2 minutes for it to reach its maximum lifting height of 42 centimeters. As long as you make sure to not exceed its maximum lifting capacity, it won’t crack or have anything happen to it as it boasts a durable stainless steel construction. It boasts a water resistant design due to the anti-oxidation painting body it features. Furthermore, there are two methods to power it, more previse with a direct current of 12 volts, or with the vehicle battery power supply.


Ideal for those who own an SUV or a Sedan, the ROGTZ can lift up to 3 tons without a problem. Make sure that you respect this limitation and not use it on cars or trucks that are heavier than 3 tons or you risk breaking it. Additionally, the lifting range it provides is from 17 to 42 centimeters, more than enough to safely and properly lift the car in order to change the tire.

Nighttime Use

Tires can get deflated at any moment of the day, and you have to change them fast to be able to move on with your commute. Normally, changing a tire at night is a challenging task as you cannot see properly. However, the ROGTZ fixes this issue and makes it just as easy to change the tire during the night as it is in the day as it features a built-in flash LED light that enlightens the working space.

Stability and Safety

In terms of stability and safety, it doesn’t get any better than this jack as its heavy-duty stainless steel construction combined with the saddle ensure it can withstand lifting heavy weights without cracking. Furthermore, to ensure that nothing can ever go wrong, it automatically stops working when the maximum height limitation of 42 centimeters is reached.

  • Made from a strong and durable material
  • Has anti-rust properties
  • It can be connected to either a 12V outlet or the car’s battery
  • Easy to use in low light conditions, due to its built-in flash led
  • It’s heavy

Many lifting ranges and multiple uses. This model is versatile and it doesn’t need more than 2 minutes to get to maximum height. You can even power it by using the car battery charger. The body painting features anti-rust properties while the steel construction increases its durability. For extra money you can buy a wrench.

MarchInn ZS-K-03

The ZS-K-03 model comes with a 3T capacity, meaning that it has the capability to support the weight of various heavy vehicles. The device is very convenient, providing a plastic storage case for a better organization and has a stable and secure structure. At the moment of reaching its highest limit, the tool stops working which is great, because it provides safety to the user. Made from high-strength steel, it can ensure durability and resistance over time. Plus, it has anti-rust properties, due to its anti-oxidation painting body and can be used even on rough rainy days.

  • Made from a strong and durable material
  • Designed to be easy to operate and safe
  • Has anti-rust properties
  • It’s energy saving due to its 12 V DC low power motor
  • The storage bag is made from plastic

Popular option among customers. This model is a little bit more expensive but is very efficient and easy to use. For more convenience, once you reach the maximum height limit, the jack will stop working. It is very solid and stable and features anti-rust properties. If you’re willing to pay extra money, you can also get the wrench.


With a maximum loading power of 6200 pounds, this jack is perfect for sedans, as well as SUVs. It is equipped with two different height, more precisely 13.8 inches and 15.6 inches. It comes in a storage box where you can keep it alongside all the other accessories neatly organized. For roadside emergencies, it is the perfect tool to have at your disposal. It boasts a heavy-duty steel construction and a large saddle and base which ensure durability and reliability. Furthermore, it comes with a wireless remote for an easier operation.

  • It is equipped with two different heights – 13.8 and 15.6 inches
  • Suitable for ordinary cars, as well as SUVs
  • Wireless remote makes it all the more easier to operate
  • Rated power of 120 watts
  • Comes at a rather expensive price

Able to help you during roadside emergencies, regardless of the type of vehicle you are driving, whether it is a sedan or an SUV, this jack is a tool you must have in your reach at all times. It comes in a storage box where you can keep it and the accompanying accessories neatly organized, and it is equipped with 2 different heights for versatility in use.

BestEquip Electric Jack

BestEquip brings this model of car jack with a strong steel construction, that will definitely not get deformed so easy. It comes with low and high saddles suitable for SUV and Sedan vehicles weighing up to 2.5 or 3 tonnes. This type of car repair tool is able to provide a fast and safe tire changing, unlike the old-fashioned products that used to give a lot of trouble in emergency situations. It is a practical tool that only requires power and it will offer the easiest method of tire replacing by only pressing a button.

  • Made of high-strength durable material
  • Low and high saddles are included to suit on both sedans and SUV’s
  • Suitable for heavy duty trucks
  • Easy to operate
  • Comes packed in a plastic case

Very practical as it comes with low and high saddles. It can work for up to 30 minutes until it needs to be recharged. The steel body increases its durability and resistance. The machine can hold up to 2.5 tones but the manufacturer also offers a model that can handle 3 tones. If you want, you can opt for a scissor jack with a remote control included.

Estink Electric Jack Lifting

This electric device is made from a strong and powerful metal material and can be placed in your car without taking too much space. It is able to lift high weighted vehicles up to 2.5 and 3 tonnes, without the risk of getting deformed. Besides its simple design that can create an easy operating way, the device comes packed in a hard plastic case which is great for storage and transportation. You just need to find a power source and leave the hard work to Estink Electric, the perfect solution for emergency situations.

  • Made of high-strength durable material
  • Has a simple design and provides an easy operating way
  • Provides a plastic case for an easy transportation and storage
  • Straightforward to understand operation
  • Comes packed in a plastic case

Easy to use due to the remote control that features a luminous lamp. The wires and fuses are pretty long. It needs approximately 2 minutes to reach the maximum lifting height. There’s the possibility to connect it to the car battery. This model can handle a maximum weight of 2 tones but you can also opt for a 3-tone machine.

Black Bull EJ212

The Black Bull is an electric device made of hard metal which can provide you great results when replacing a flat tire. It comes in a hard plastic case which you can store in your car and use in emergency situations. Unlike other products, it has a lightweight design and supports a maximum vehicle weight of 1 ton, more convenient for teens and elders or other persons with mobility issues. It is fully automatic and can provide you the needed help when it is powered by the car’s cigarette lighter.

  • Has a compact size to be easily stored in case of emergencies
  • Has a lightweight design
  • Provides a plastic case for an easy transportation and storage
  • It’s fully automatic
  • Lack of warranty

Great value for the price. This is the most affordable machine selected by us but it can’t be used for weights more than 1 tone. Therefore, it is not recommended for use on trucks or SUVs. It features a compact and lightweight design. It comes with a wired remote control and the cord is 12 feet long.

Comie 1-1/2 Ton

Tires can puncture at any moment, requiring a quick change for you to be able to make it back home. The complete set provided by the Comie makes your life as a car owner easier as it provides with everything you need to change the tire quick and easy in emergency situations. It provides a lifting height ranging from 5 to 14 inches, so you won’t have to hunch your back during the procedure. As it can handle lifting vehicles that weighs up to 3300 pounds, it is perfect for those who own 2- or 4-door cars. Best of all, it comes in a convenient carry case and the whole set weighs a total of 11 pounds, making it easy to store and transport it.

  • Uses power from the cigarette lighter power line
  • Lift most 2- and 4-door vehicles
  • Comes at a cheap price
  • Comes with a carry case for easy transportation and storage
  • Reducer is made of plastic gears

A complete set for changing the tires when needed that comes in a convenient carry case which endorses easy transport and storage, the Comie is an ideal budget solution to have at hand in emergency situations.

Pilot Autmotive Q-HY-1500L

This powerful 400-lb capacity scissor jack can be powered from any vehicle. It comes with a heavy-duty 15 amp motor that is permenantly-lubricated. As well as the rotating pawl. The 12-volt cigarette lighter adapter adaptor is 12-foot. Thus, it will reach all of the areas of the car or truck. In addition to this, the built-in circuit breaker within the jack protects the vehicle’s wiring from over-load. You will be thoroughly pleased to know that the rugged storage case is compact and will help you to organize the tools properly. Additionally, it has a 2000lb capacity which is capable of lifting most cars and trucks. Therefore, it will be less demanding from your part as you don’t have to do any heavy lifting.

  • The power cord is very long
  • Storage case is made from strong non-corrosive material
  • The motor is maintenance-free
  • Circuit breaker protects wiring from over-load
  • It’s heavy

The reason why this sells so well is because it’s capable of lifting cars within seconds. In addition to this, it has a very large maximum capacity which means that you never have to worry about not being able to rely on it whenever you’re in need. As well as, it’s motor is maintenance-free which means that it’s suitable for beginners.

Electric Vs. Manual Car Lifting

  • Saves a lot of time and energy

Unlike manual devices which you must struggle to operate them. The only effort you have to deal with is to connect it to the car’s lighter and it will be able to provide you enough torque to raise your car in less than 2 minutes. Their prices are slightly higher than manual jacks’ but they can vary depending on their models and other additional tools that might come along with the main product.

  • Provides a safe use

Due to the fact that they automatically stop working when they exceed their highest lifting point. Electric jacks involve less torque and more turns to raise a vehicle, and their motors can provide a higher rate of turns than you should do by hand when using a manual car jack.

  • Capable to lift really high weights

These electric devices come with strong and resistant body construction being able to lift vans, trucks, SUV’s or MPV’s that weigh up to 3 tonnes. They don’t require anything else than a power source, in this case, the cigarette lighter.

  • Allows you to save a loot of space

They usually come in plastic cases so they can easily be stored in small places and transported. It is also a good way of keeping all the additional items well organized.

Safety tips

  • Consult the car’s owner manual and check its recommended lift and support spots;
  • Never go under a car if it is held up only by a jack, no matter its type;
  • Block the car’s wheels before lifting the car;
  • Always engage the parking brake before jacking up the car
  • When dealing with this kind of tool is highly recommended to ask all the passengers get down from the vehicle before using it. Additional loads might have a bad influence on the tool’s performance.

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