Cutting the meat into small slices is not a simple task. Sometimes, even if you use the sharpest knife, you may not be satisfied with the results, as having perfectly sliced meat is rather difficult. Especially if you want it to be very thin. So, which is the best solution? If you ask us, the answer is quite simple: try an electric meat slicer.

            An electric slicing machine allows you to cut not only meat, but a wide variety of foods. With the help of this kitchen tool, you will be able to prepare meals much faster for your family and friends. Most units allow you to adjust the thickness of the slices for more convenience and they come with safety features for increased protection. To help you get a good slicer, we researched for the best machines you can find at this moment. We compared and reviewed them for you, so take a closer look at the results.

Top 5 Electric Meat Slicers Comparison

1. Best Choice Products Commercial Food Slicer 2. Chef’s Choice Premium Electric Food Slicer 610 3. Continental PS77711 Professional Series Deli Slicer 4. Nesco FS-250 Food Slicer 5. Elite Gourmet EMT-503B Electric Food Slicer


Height (in.) 16.5 11 12 11 11
Length (in.) 18.07 15 16.8 15.5 15
Width (in.) 16.5 11 10.8 10.5 9
Weight (lbs.) 46.9 10 10.5 13.2 12
Color Silver Silver Silver and Black Silver and Black Black


Output Power (W) 240 100 150 180 130
Rated Voltage (V) 110 110-120 120 120 110-120
Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Heavy Cast Iron Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Type Straight Serrated Serrated Serrated Serrated
Diameter (in.) 10 7 7.5 8.7 7.5
Maximum Thickness (in.) 5/8 3/4 1/2 9/16 1/2
Numerical Scale Knob
On/Off Switch
Rubber/Suction Feet Rubber Rubber Suction Suction Rubber

Safety Features

Fixed Device Handle Special Safety Button Safety Interlock Switch Dual Safety Feature Recessed Power Switch
Waterproof Cover for the On/Off Switch Safety Fuse Hand Guard
Heat Output Holes
Built-in Dual Whetstones
Blade Cover

Additional Features

Fixed Device with Steel Nail Cord Storage Extendable Food Tray Stainless Steel Sliding Food Carriage Large Slicing Platform
Big Sliced Meat Exit Retracting Food Carriag Non-Stick Surface Die Cast Aluminum Food Press Removable and Retractable Blade


Warranty N/A 1-Year Limited Warranty 1-Year Limited Warranty 1-Year Limited Warranty 1-Year Limited Warranty
User Manual
Customer Support

            All the electric meat slicers selected by us are made to last and provide the same performance for many years. We particularly like Best Choice Products Commercial Food Slicer and Chef’s Choice Premium Electric Food Slicer 610 simply because they are the most efficient. Even though they may be more expensive, you will appreciate their overall performance. Best Choice Products Commercial Food Slicer also comes with many safety features for a safe operation. All the other models are an excellent choice if you’re looking for less expensive, yet good and reliable slicers, each of them being popular among customers.

Best 2018 Electric Meat Slicers Reviews

1. Best Choice Products Commercial Food Slicer

This food slicer by Best Choice Products was made for both commercial and home use. It comes with a stainless steel 10-inch blade, allowing you to cut through meat, vegetables, cheese, fruits, and so on. For more convenience, you can adjust the thickness of the slices. When it comes to safety, you will surely appreciate features like the fixed device handle for extra protection when you push the meat across the blade, or the build-in dual whetstones for safely sharpening the blade. Due to the fact it has a tilted design, you will find this slicer very easy to use. The powerful motor runs quietly and smoothly and the machine is very durable.



The blade is rust proof It’s rather heavy so moving isn’t that easy
Comes with many safety features
Quiet operation
Durable construction
It doesn’t overheat


Best Choice Products Commercial Food Slicer is indeed a great slicer if you want to cut your food with ease and without exposing yourself to risks. Even though it’s heavy, you can be sure that this model will provide many years of satisfying performance.

2. Chef’s Choice Premium Electric Food Slicer 610

Cutting a great variety of foods, including meat, Chef’s Choice Premium Electric Food Slicer 610 is the appliance you need for this type of job. We like this model because is affordable, it’s made of cast aluminum and stainless steel, and it features a smooth operation. The serrated blade has a diameter of 7-inch and you can choose the thickness of the slices with the help of the numerical scale knob. Since safety is very important when handling this type of appliances, the manufacturer added a special safety button that secures the food carriage in the lock position and a safety fuse for extra protection in case of a power surge.



Comes with a serving tray Not very powerful, so when it comes to demanding jobs, it runs more slowly
Made by a reliable brand
Sturdy construction
Easy to clean


From our point of view, Chef’s Choice Premium Electric Food Slicer 610 is the best choice you can make if you want an efficient slicer without paying a fortune. The unit comes with many positive reviews, being very popular among customers, so we definitely recommend it for home use.

3. Continental PS77711 Professional Series Deli Slicer

Our next slicer has a powerful 150-watt motor and it’s made of aluminum die-cast. Continental PS77711 can easily handle tough jobs, so you don’t have to put too much effort in cutting the meat. Of course, you can use it to slice a wide variety of foods, including cheese, vegetables, and so on. The 7.5-inch stainless steel blade works smoothly and you can select the desired thickness by rotating the numerical scale knob. With the safety interlock switch you can rest assured as the blade won’t start if you don’t want to use the machine. For more convenience, this model comes with an extendable food tray and a non-stick surface.



UL/ETL certified It doesn’t cut super thin slices
Features a tilt base Not very easy to clean
Lightweight It has plastic components: food press, internal gears, and carriage
Powerful motor


For those who are looking foe a more affordable machine, Continental PS77711 Professional Series is definitelty worth considering. While it’s true it lacks some features and it can’t cut the thinnest slices, you will surely like the fact that it’s easy to operate, it can handle all sorts of foods, and it’s durable.

4. Nesco FS-250 Food Slicer

Another great option to consider is Nesco FS-250 Food Slicer. This machine is powerful, it comes with 8.7-inch stainless steel blade and allows you to selected the desired thickness of the slices. The dual safety feature is a great addition, offering extra protection. Furthermore, the unit has a die cast aluminum food press and a stainless steel sliding food carriage. Even though the machine ss pocket friendly, it comes with a motor of 180 watts, which means it can easily handle tough jobs. The stainless steel housing makes it very durable, so you can be sure you will enjoy it for many years to come.



Easy to clean A little bit heavier
Affordable It needs an hour of cooling at every 10 minutes of continuous use
Comes with a hand guard
Sturdy design
Powerful motor


All in all, Nesco FS-250 Food Slicer is a reliable machine for home use. It’s easy to handle and to clean, and it’s very powerful. Even though it has some drawbacks, this model is among the best you can find, being a greater helper in the kitchen.

5. Elite Gourmet EMT-503B Electric Food Slicer

Slicing meat with Elite Gourmet EMT-503B is a breeze. With a 130-watt motor, the unit can perfectly slice a great variety of foods. The 7.5-inch stainless steel blade is serrated and runs smoothly, handling all sorts of jobs. In terms of safety, the machine features a recessed power switch for preventing the unit to turn on by accident. At the same time, the unit comes with a hand guard for keeping your hands at distance from the blade. For more convenience, the blade can be easily retracted or removed for washing it. However, you should be very careful as it is not dishwasher safe. Also, in comparison to the other 4 slicer, thuis machine is the cheapest.



Sturdy non-slip feet It doesn’t cut very thin slices
Easy to use Rather difficult to clean
ETL listed Some parts are made of plastic
Budget friendly


There are many things we like about Elite Gourmet EMT-503B including the fact it’s sturdy, silent, and safe to use. Although it needs some improvements, we believe that this machine does a great job in helping you prepare your meals much easier.

Leading Brands to Go With

Opting for a reliable brand offers you peace of mind. A great company will always invest time in research and development, so the final product can help you achieve the best results. Such is the case with the meat slicers brands. Besides the fact that a well-made slicer is easy to use, it’s also safe and durable. Here are the best brands to consider.

  • Best Choice Products

  • With a wide variety of products to choose from, Best Choice Products is definitely one of the best brands to go with. The company was established in 2002 and ever since then, its main goal has been to manufacture high-quality products for all the customers worldwide. From seasonal products to musical instruments and home products, the company covers all your needs.

  • Chef’s Choice

  • Chef’s Choice is renowned for knife sharpeners, especially electric ones. The company was founded in 1985 and now it manufactures and sells, besides knife sharpeners, food slicers, and countertop appliances. All the product sold under the name of Chef’s Choice are an excellent option for professional or amateur cooks, being made with convenience and ease of use in mind. Currently, the company produces 6 different models of food slicers, each of them offering great results.

  • Nesco

  • Nesco is another great brand to consider when looking for a food slicer. At this moment, the company manufactures and sells 4 types of food slicers. Besides slicers, Nesco also produces roaster ovens, dehydrators, vacuum sealers, and so on. And what is really great about this brand is that all the products are well-made, powerful, and easy to handle.

  • Weston

  • Weston brand has always been dedicated in reconnecting people with real food. For this reason, the company manufactures a great variety of products that help you prepare or preserve food. Sausage stuffers, slow cookers, burgers presses, and everything else you need to make delicious meals.

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