Elliptical Trainer

It is well known that constant physical effort has a lot of benefits for health, but in some situations, time doesn’t allow us to go to the gym. For many people, home exercising is definitely more pleasant than giving up the comfort of their houses to go somewhere else. This is why elliptical machines are some of the most effective and friendly training machines, they come with a lot of features and in a lot of sizes to satisfy 100% of the people needs and requirements. Elliptical training is quiet and comfortable and gives you the possibility of starting with light exercises and keep up the good work without exhausting your body. Take a look at our suggestions and find out which are the best trainers taking into consideration their specifications and features.

Top 5 Elliptical Trainers Comparison

1. Schwinn 470 2. Schwinn 430 3. Fitness Reality X-Class 710 4. NordicTrack E 7.0 Z 5. XTERRA FS380
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General Info
Manufacturer Schwinn Schwinn Fitness Reality NordicTrack Xterra Fitness
Dimensions 70.1″ L x 28.2″ W x 63.2″ H 70.1″ L x 28.2″ W x 63.2″ H 67” L x 24” W x 68” H 66” L x 25” W x 69” H 63″ L x 22″ W x 62″ H
Maximum supported weight 300 lbs. 300 lbs. 300 lbs. 300 lbs. 300 lbs.
Product weight 164 lbs. 168.7 lbs. 154 lbs. 205 lbs. 121 lbs.
Power source Electrical outlet Electrical outlet Electrical outlet Electrical outlet Electrical outlet
Levels of resistance 25 20 24 20 24
Exercise programs 29 22 20 20 16
Adjustable ramp Between 0-10 degrees 6 incline options 5 incline options N/A
Charging USB port N/A N/A
Transportation wheels N/A
LCD Display
Heart rate monitor Telemetry heart rate enabled Heart rate contact grips Heart Rate Recovery Test Integrated pulse sensors Dual heart rate sensors on stationary bars
Calories tracker
Audio system Sealed acoustic chamber speakers In-console speakers Embedded dual console speakers Dedicated sound system Built-in speakers
Water bottle holder
Other features
Foot Motion Technology Adjustable three speed fan Bluetooth Smart Technology iFit compatible Compatible MP3
Adjustable three speed fan Multiple user set-up Stores up to 4 user profiles Narrow Q-Factor Pedals with Q-factor spacing
18 real world maps in HD Media shelf Hand Pulse Sensors Tablet shelf
Product Warranty
Frame 10 years 10 years 10 years Lifetime Lifetime
Parts 2 years mechanical, 1 year electrical 2 years mechanical, 1 year electrical 2 years Wearable Parts and Electronics 1 year 2 years
Labour 90 days 90 days N/A 1 year 1 year
User Manual
Customer Support
Telephone Support (800)605-3369 (800)605-3369 N/A N/A 1-888-707-1880
E-mail Support

Elliptical Bikes Evaluation

1. Schwinn 470

A cardio workout equipment that promotes a healthier and more active lifestyle, the 470 model is a must-have for anyone looking to lose weight or stay in shape without leaving home. It features a 10-degree motorized ramp that can be adjusted to 6 different positions. The integrated heart monitor it features lets you know when you are in the fat-burning zone to add more efficiency to your workout routines. It provides a total of 25 levels of eddy current resistance to switch between and suit your fitness level, while the weighted flywheel it features ensures your exercise sessions will be silent and are going to go as smoothly as possible.


It features the SchwinnDualTrack LCD display where all the stats of your workout session are displayed. It’s a two-window display system where you can track up to 13 different feedbacks at the same time. You can set goals and see how your path towards achieving them is going due to the SchinnConnect tracking feature that keeps you aware of your progress, helping you better focus on what you want to achieve. The USB port featured on the console allows data exchange, and it even enables you to connect smart devices while you work out. In addition, there are a total of 29 programs that you can pick between, and up to 4 different users can insert their preferred settings.


In terms of design, this is the ideal workout equipment for home use as it doesn’t occupy much space. Furthermore, it comes with all the features you could ask for to make your workout experience as comfortable as possible. It measures 70.1 inches in length, 28.2 inches in width, and 63.2 inches in height, so its footprint is rather reasonable as opposed to other machines. It features 20-inch long precision path stride, and the 10-degree manual ramp can be adjusted to 6 different positions. To ensure your feet will sit comfortably, it features large articulating footplates that have soft cushioning. The handlebars are ergonomically shaped and when you grip them, your heart rate is displayed on the console. Additionally, the handlebars are angled so that you may find the right position for you. The transport wheels it features ensure you will have an easy time moving it from one room to another when needed, while the oversized crossbar tubing it comes with ensures proper stability in use.

Mention Worthy Details
  • Features a 3-speed fan that makes working out for long periods possible as it helps keep you cool.
  • Puts 5 quick keys for incline and 5 keys for resistance adjustability to ensure a more convenient change of settings.
  • Features acoustic chamber speakers that ensure quality sound output to have more fun when you’re working out.

As any serious company does, Schwinn provides a lengthy warranty for the products it manufactures. The 470 model is backed with a 10-year warranty for the frame, a 2-year warranty for the mechanical parts, a 1-year warranty for the electrical parts, and a 90-day labor warranty. Make sure that you use the workout equipment as instructed in the manual to not inflict direct damage upon it, and never allow anyone weighing over 300 pounds to ride it, or you will void the warranty agreements.

  • Has customizable workouts
  • Updated LCD screen and goal tracking
  • Integrated heart monitor
  • Large pedals for reduced foot soreness and injury
  • Not ideal for those with knee injuries

Schwinn 470 has great features and presets and is a versatile model due to its thrilling features. It is a great fact that it comes with the possibility of workout customization and 4 available user profiles, meaning that it can keep more than one person’s performance track.

2. Schwinn 430

The product is a strong competitor in the elliptical game, coming with 20 levels of resistance and 22 preset workout programs available for 2 users. It brings a smooth but powerful exercise experience that helps you improve cardio functions and lose unwanted pounds. It is great that Schwinn didn’t disappoint expectations, bringing the possibility of tracking data and monitoring results over time. Its adjustable ramp comes with 6 incline options for more challenging workouts and for an extra flexibility and safety, the producer added ergonomic moving handlebars with integrated heart rate contact grips.

Its dual track LCD system provides an increased visibility and a better goal tracking while listening to your favorite plays through the in-console speakers and MP3 input. The machine also comes with a 3-speed cooling fan to keep you refreshed and with a bottle holder that reminds you always to stay hydrated.

  • DualTrack LCD screen system
  • Comes with charging USB port
  • Media shelf for easy viewing of your device
  • Heart rate contact grips
  • Some people might think it works a little loud

Schwin 430 is a high-quality product that will remain in the top of bike trainers for a long time, due to its satisfying features and great performance. Using this product, you will definitely experience a challenging workout along with a great stability and precision.

3. Fitness Reality X-Class 710

This machine comes with a solid body and high-grade metal parts, which makes it reliable for everyday workouts. Whether you are a beginner and want to start easy with low cardio exercises, or build muscles and completely tone your body, Fitness Reality offers varied challenging workout options. With 24 levels of resistance, it is able to provide plenty options for training difficulty and gives you the chance even to customize your own type of workout and use it anytime you jump on its pedals.

The machine comes with this great Bluetooth built-in feature that you can use every time you want to connect wireless your mobile phone or tablet and listen to your favorite songs while building endurance. Its bright visible LCD screen features a lot of parameters such as the number of calories you burn, the time, distance, heart rate and speed you have reached, that are important every time you want to reach the established target for physical performance.

  • Has a very durable construction and high-quality parts
  • The dual external speakers sound very loud
  • Hand pulse sensors for monitoring the target heart rate zone
  • ‘Front Drive’ belt system
  • It has no incline options

We can say that Fitness Reality X-Class 710 is a quite smooth machine with a sleek and modern design, coming with plenty of interesting features, able to provide a full body workout with all its challenging programs that help you quickly get back in shape.

4. NordicTrack E 7.0 Z

The NordicTrack E 7.0 Z features a heavy steel frame, adding a lot of stability to the trainer. Its transportation will not be a problem due to its front integrated set of wheels and rear base handle that can be used to easily lift up the machine from behind. It comes with a pair of large pedals, enough to accommodate shoes of any size and give a natural placement of the feet. The trainer features a manual incline option with 5 available incline settings and by pushing the button on the front of the rail, you can easily lock it down in the desired position.

The console comes with 20 preset exercising programs, 10 are designed for calorie burning and the rest are performance oriented. Along with all these features, the console is compatible with iFit, meaning you can connect iFit modules to it and sync up all your data from laptop or tablet and transfer to your iFit account.

  • Heavy frame and sturdy construction
  • Motorized, magnetic resistance with up to 20 levels
  • Goal settings for time, distance, and calories
  • Very little maintenance is required
  • A tablet placed on the lower media support may cover the control unit display

We can say this trainer is perfect for users of all levels, giving the possibility to increase or decrease the intensity of your workouts, build strength and stamina and lose weight. Along with its sturdy and aesthetic design that can easily fit with any decoration, it has enough features to motivate you and keep you in a good shape.


The Xterra machine gives you the right type of motivation you need when you are decided to strengthen up your body, core muscles, build up endurance and increase bone density. The dual action movement of pedals and handlebars provide an excellent workout for your upper and lower body while burning the unwanted excess of calories and fats. It comes with 16 preset workout programs which you can use when you want to target specific zones of your body and muscle groups, ensuring you the exact type of challenge you want each time you use it.

Inside the pedals, you can see there is a gap called “ Q Factor”, that ensures you that your body is in the right ergonomically position that gives you the same natural sensation of walking or running. In addition, the elliptical is also Mp3 compatible and has integrated speakers, so you can freely listen to your favorite songs while training your muscles and burn calories.

  • Has 24 levels of computerized Eddy Current braking resistance
  • Dual action handlebars with contact heart rate grips on handlebarsli>
  • Built-in speakers with audio input, MP3 compatible
  • Very little maintenance is required
  • Comes with less preset workout programs than other

This model may not be as fancy as other products but is effective when it comes to its job. The entire family will be able to use it due to its oversized pedals and sturdy handlebars that give an extra comfort available for all body sizes and shapes.


Compact in size, which makes it ideal for home use, the short 11-inch stride length ensuring you can even use it in one of the smaller rooms in your home, the E005 present you with the opportunity to stay fit without having to go all the way to the gym. The total body workout it provides is not only beneficial for the way you look and feel, but it’s safe on the knees as well. It uses a belt driven flywheel that maintains a quiet operation, while the LCD monitor it features displays important stats including calories burned, distance, pulse rate, speed, time, and scan.

It features oversized textured non-slip foot plates that make it perfect for use by different individuals. It can accommodate individuals who weigh a maximum of 220 pounds. It provides a total of 8 different levels of magnetic resistance to allow you to customize the workout session to your needs and physical possibilities. In terms of design, it measures 41 inches in length, 26 inches in width, 59.5 inches in height, and weighs only 63 pounds.

  • Puts at your disposal 8 levels of magnetic resistance to select between
  • Can accommodate users weighing up to 220 pounds
  • Features a pulse monitor that helps monitor your heart rate when exercising
  • 11-inch stride length ensures it is usable even in small rooms or spaces
  • Some customers have complained about its sturdiness

If you don’t have the biggest budget out there and you weigh up to 220 pounds, the E005 could be your best guess to work out in the comfort of your own home in a convenient and safe manner. It provides a hearty full body workout, and the compact design makes it ideal even for small spaces.

7. Stamina In-Motion

This portable and efficient cardio machine is suitable for those that want to workout from home but they have limited space available. By purchasing this product, you will be able to work out your thighs, legs, and improve your fitness level immensely. In addition to this, it comes with an adjustable tension with the monitor. Thus, it will be able to intensify your workout by you turning the adjustable dial while you stride. Furthermore, the multi-functional monitor allows you to keep an up-to-date data sheet with important statistics.

As the model has been created with your needs in mind, it provides multiple movement options depending on your needs and abilities. Thus, by standing you will work out your lower body and by standing, the whole body gets more toned. The greatest thing about this product is the fact that it’s made from solid steel construction. This means that you will have it for many years to come.

  • Multiple colours available
  • Non-slip endcaps protect your floor space
  • Suitable with more than one way of exercising
  • Easy to assemble
  • It doesn’t have handheld bars to hold yourself

The reason why this product sells so well is because it provides a great workout for those that want to do it from home. You should thoroughly consider this product if you have limited space available in your home.

How We Rated Our Products

After getting informed about all the technical information, features and product capabilities and which are the main things that you must keep in mind before getting a trainer, you can say that you are ready to make an informed purchase decision. Compare their design, costs, and features, check out your available budget and choose the model that fits your body shape and workout needs.

  • Budget and goals

    You have to establish what is the price you are willing to pay for this type of machine after doing the research and find out all the information you need to know about those products. For example, our top product Schwinn 470 got the first place because it provides a lot of features and has great specifications that raise a lot its work capability. With 29 preset exercising programs and 25 levels of resistance, it goes in the top of the list and remains a strong competitor. Also, you can freely establish your goals and track all your progress using its high-end features using the latest electronic technology.

  • Design and space

    Depending on the model and the brand some of the elliptical machines are more compact than others. Another thing that might raise a problem can be your available space and what are the products’ transportation possibilities and storing requirements. In this case, the Xterra FS380, although is the last on our list it takes less space to install and has a really modern and attractive design. Also, transportation will not be a problem in its case, due to its integrated front wheels that give an easy opportunity to be relocated in case this is needed.

  • Products features

    The console comes with a large list of features and options. If you are interested in advanced technology options you will be impressed by all the available options that these products can bring.

  • Schwinn 470

    For example, the Schwinn company challenges its competitors with its “Foot motion technology” that gives you the natural feeling of walking or running, while training in the comfort of your house. Schwinn continues to surprise, by making the elliptical “MyFitnessPal” compatible, which means that you can make your own nutrition plan and track it without needing other devices. To keep you refreshed you can use its 3-speed built-in cooling fan which is great to use, especially during summertime. It can store exercising progress and data up to 4 users, in case the product is used by more than one person.

  • Schwinn 430

    Schwinn also did a great job with model 430, by adding it the multiple user capabilities for 2 users in this case and integrating the cooling adjustable fan that offers you the refreshing sensation of challenging workouts. The product comes with a built-in media shelf which you can use to place your tablet or phone while exercising and Mp3 input that allows you to listen to your favorite plays any time you want.

  • Fitness Reality X-Class 710

    Fitness Reality comes with this great “Bluetooth Smart Technology” which you can use to stream your workout progress to your free MyFitQuest app. It is able to store up to 4 users profiles and data which is great in case there are more people that are willing to use it. Designed with hand pulse sensors, the machine is able to monitor your target heart rate zone.

  • NordicTrack E 7.0 Z

    The NordicTrack company did a great job with this model, making it iFit compatible which means you can synchronize all your data from your phone or laptop to the trainer through your iFit account. The machine has a tablet shelf where you can place your electronic devices and freely watch them while training your body.

  • XTERRA FS380

    This model offers Mp3 compatibility, meaning you can play all your songs anytime you want and enjoy your workout using its built-in speakers. It has this great “Q-factor” feature, so every time you place your feet on its pedals you will experience the same natural sensation of real walking or running.

  • Warranty and Support

    Although all these features and smart technologies are impressionable, warranty and support are also strong indicators of quality and trust. Warranties can vary from one product to another, no matter we are talking about basic, standard or elite trainers. Some of them list the warranty separately while others may not list it at all. A lifetime warranty would be preferable, but not all products come with this option.
    In this case, our top 3 products Schwinn 470, Schwinn 430 and Fitness Reality X-Class 710 offer a 10-year warranty for the frames, while NordicTrack E 7.0 Z and XTERRA FS380 give it for a lifetime.

Check Out Our Buying Guide

How much are you willing to pay for these trainers? No matter the price, you must know few things before rushing into decisions. Like many other products, they come in different sizes and with different features and options. The most effective product is the one that fits your needs best.

Check out the performance

  • Resistance

    Most of these devices come with a variety of resistance levels. Maybe a heavier flywheel makes this type of machine have raised costs but they are the ones that make a big difference to their performance quality. If you want to take your training beyond a beginner’s level, look for a flywheel that weighs at least 20 pounds. You should consider this fact also in the case that one of the users weighs too much, otherwise the elliptical motion will not give the expected smooth feeling.

  • Upper and lower body training

    There are plenty of products that come with built-in armbars, but not all them own them. Due to this fact, while on the trainer, the coordination between the upper and lower body feels more natural. On other machines, the feeling might not be synchronized and not give the expected result.

  • Durability

    What are the things that influence the durability of the machine? Well, for example, cheaper products have poor and simple electronics. Because most of the resources are added to the essential components to keep them away from breaking down, they come with less electronic capability and features.

  • Incline options

    Some products come with manual incline options, others have adjustable strides to vary the workouts. This counts a lot when you are simulating climbing at different angles and influences the period of calories burning and muscle toning.

  • Preset programs

    Cheaper products may come with a lot of customized exercising programs, but there might not be any variety. We recommend choosing one elliptical machine that comes with many programs that provide an excellent variety and also can support multiple user profiles and personalized workout possibility.

  • Check out the features

    This topic might have great or less importance for some people than for others. Let’s say that it is important to choose a machine that has the right amount of features that can keep you motivated and entertained during the workouts.

  • Heart rate monitoring

    It is important to measure your heart rate while exercising because you know what body targets to establish and what is the highest intensity your body is able to support. You don’t want to pose a risk and injure yourself with severe moves that exhaust your body. We can say this feature is quite important for all types of users, no matter they are beginners or advanced.

  • Calories tracker

    Besides closely monitoring heartbeats, some of the best machines come with this feature of calories tracking. This feature has the purpose of keeping you motivated and updated on your workout evolution and is required by numerous users.

  • Multiple user profiles

    This feature you definitely must take into consideration. Once you have established your own track and pace, next time when you start your workout you will want to continue the training right from the point where you left it. Storing your progress information is important for your physical evolution and performance. This is why a multiple user profile capability is desired for an elliptical machine, especially if there are more than 2 users on the same equipment.

  • Entertaining features

    Besides basic features that are highly important for tracking your physical progress, there are other features that can make your exercising program more enjoyable and fun. For example, some machines come with Mp3 inputs and built-in speakers that allow you to freely listen to your favorite songs while burning calories. Or maybe they come with a tablet shelf or cooling fans to keep you refreshed and updated with all the information you need right in front of you. This fact can differ from person to person, considering what are your expectations and how much money you are willing to spend on extra features and comfort.

Improving physical condition

  • Involves the entire body

    Using an elliptical device means working all groups of muscles from the upper but also the lower part of your body at the same time. Their preset workout programs are made with the purpose of training all the body’s zones and strengthening bones. Plus, it is a good way to lose unwanted pounds and burn calories either you sit or not during workouts.

  • The cardio capacity is improving

    If you start creating a daily exercising program on this machine, let’s say for about half an hour per day, your stamina will increase, you will build endurance and so your cardio functions will start improving.

  • You can simulate a lot of types of exercising

    The products come with plenty of working programs and levels of resistance, so you can freely mimic a real running, walking or climbing due to the challenging features that are able to create such an intense type of movement.

  • It improves mobility and coordination

    There are plenty of hospitals that encourage using these type of trainers, due to their ability to give you a full mobility and control of all your body, that help you be more aware of your body parts and raise coordination skills.

  • It is a non-impact type of exercising

    During training your feet are always connected to the machine’s pedals, so you have a better stability and fewer chances to get injured, unlike other activities as cycling or running that pose a real risk to your joints and knees. This type of workout is recommended even for elder people who suffer from joints affections or have varicose veins.

  • Entertaining activity

    Besides helping you build endurance and improve cardio functions and burn a lot of calories, this kind of workout is more than pleasant. It is fun and creates a positive mood, because while training you have the freedom of listening to music, to watch TV shows or movies or navigate on different browsers and stay informed with all daily news.

Frequently Asked Questions

?Is it worth buying this kind of trainer at home?
They are the most popular machines used in the gym. They are used by people who want a good cardio workout without injuring their joints. Considering how much money you want to invest in this type of workout and mostly if you are not the “gym type” you should consider buying such a machine that can get you in shape as soon as you start using it anytime in the comfort of your house.

?How can they improve our health condition?
Ellipticals do a great job in toning your body and while increasing your cardio capacity, without the need of leaving your house, it helps you save money and uses minimal space. Plus, you are able to multitask, for example, you can do your daily workout and watch your favorite TV show or listen to music.

?Are they effective for overweighted people?
It is true that the risk of the joints might be greater in these cases, but if they are really determined to use this type of exercising they can start with low-impact moves and do them repeatedly until the body starts getting used to this kind of physical effort.

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