Lately, the world seems to evolve faster and faster and new things get created to make life and everyday activities easier. For example, garden hoses are welcomed in many households for people that use large amounts of water for different purposes. In order to save a lot of your time and energy and also save a lot of space, you should consider one of these hoses that come in handy during daily home activities. Depending on their features, you are free to choose the one that fits your needs best. You can find below, our list containing some of the best products and their specifications.

Top 9 Expandable Hoses Comparison

Photo Product Material Weight (lbs.) Length (ft.) Sizes Available (ft.) Hose Nozzle Included Price

Best Overall
1. Triumph Stream Expandable Double layered latex 2.9 100 50/100 Check Price

Our Choice
2. GrowGreen 91-BH Latex, brass, PVC, polyester cloth 4.25 100 25/50/75/100 Check Price
3. The Best Industries 50FT-1 4-layer latex, 3750D fabric 2.8 50 50 Check Price
4. Lifecolor Expanding Hose Dual latex core, polyester fabric cover 4.81 100 50/100 Check Price
5. GrowGreen Garden Hose Triple layered latex core, strong fabric protection 4 25 25/50/100 Check Price
6. Garden Hose by Live Green Rubber inner core covered with high quality nylon 4.05 150 50/75/100/150 Check Price
7. Greentec USA Heavy Duty Flexible Water Hose Triple layered latex, polyester 4.62 100 50/100 Check Price
8. Hospaip Garden Hose 3750D polyester fabric 3.7 50 50 Check Price
9. Gada Garden Expanding Hose Triple latex core, biaxial braid micromesh fabric cover 4.5 100 50/100 Check Price

Hoses Reviews

Triumph Stream Expandable

Outfitted with sturdy fittings which ensure there won’t be any leaks involved with using it, and crafted with a high-quality material, this hose provides you with a convenient manner to water your plants and do other gardening chores. Its 100-foot maximum length expandability ensures you will walk around freely on your property without worrying its length might not suffice. Furthermore, the asking price is quite reasonable, so you needn’t make any troublesome financial efforts to purchase it.


Boasting a flexible technology which ensures it won’t leak, burst, or kink, this hose presents you with a useful year round garden watering solution. It can expand to a maximum of 100 feet in length, which is more than enough to cover your entire property. Delivering a burst pressure of 175 PSI or 12 bars, you will receive the watering power to do your job normally. When the water pressure is off and it collapses, it retracts to 33 feet. Furthermore, it rids you of one issue which is quite common with other products in its category, more precisely the water won’t freeze inside it.

Mention Worthy Details
  • Comes with 8 adjustable patterns on spray nozzle.
  • Comes with crack-proof and rust-resistant brass fittings.
  • Solid brass ends with sealing rings.

The reason why this aspect is important is because, due to its Eco-friendly design granted by the cadmium-free construction, it doesn’t only help protect the environment by not releasing or being made with dangerous materials, but because it also provides you with the possibility of drinking water straight from the hose without worrying it might be contaminated.

Included Content

There is only one item included with the package, more precisely a water hose nozzle that perfectly fits the hose. This is a welcomed accessory as it is the last piece you need to use the hose properly, and it spares you of having to go to the store to buy a new one in case your old nozzle isn’t compatible with this purchase.


What if the hose actually starts to leak, or has any other issue? Will you have to repair it on your own? The answer to this question is no, as the manufacturing company will handle repairing or replacing it, depending on the gravity of the issue, as long as the product is still under warranty. As the warranty lasts 1 year from the date of purchase, you are ensured to benefit from this free perk for a long time.

  • Cadmium-free and Eco-friendly
  • Doesn’t kink under pressure
  • Doesn’t freeze at low temperatures
  • 1 Year product warranty
  • It is not retractable

This is a well-made product that comes in need around the house. It is the lightest model in our list. The materials it is made of are so safe that you can use it to drink water. It comes with nice features and some pretty helpful accessories. The only complaint is that it doesn’t retract.

GrowGreen 91-BH

When you don’t extend it to its full potential, this hose has a 33 foot length. However, when you do need it at its fullest, it can reach as much as 100 feet. There are 3 other size options to select between with this model, more precisely a 25-foot, a 50-foot, and a 75-foot option. It is made with PVC, latex, brass, and polyester cloth, and it weighs only 4.25 pounds, so it won’t be hard to maneuver it. It features solid brass fittings and metal connectors which are basically indestructible. Furthermore, it is backed by a 1-year warranty.

  • Features solid brass fittings
  • Metal connectors are basically indestructible
  • Comes with a sack in which you can place it when it’s not in use
  • There are 4 total size options to select between
  • Limited warranty

As it can extend to up to 100 feet, this hose ensures you will get the whole garden watered in no time. There are 3 other size options to select from if this seems like a bit too much, it comes with a rust-free shut-off valve, and there is a storage sack included with it as well.

The Best Industries 50FT-1

A fan-favorite due to the cheap price, high durability, and the amazingly versatile nozzle it comes with, the 50FT-1 will never disappoint. It is made with 3750 denier fabric and 4-layer latex, ensuring it won’t break easily. Its standard length is 17 feet, but it can expand to a maximum of 50 feet, which is more than enough for most gardens. It doesn’t rust or leak due to its qualitative design, while the 9 spraying functions provided by the nozzle grant you the possibility to customize how water will eject from it. Additionally, there is lifetime backing provided by the manufacturing company for it.

  • Features heavy-duty brass connectors and protectors
  • Sprayer nozzle provides 9 ways to spray that you can pick between
  • Guaranteed to be kink, tangle, and twist free
  • Reasonably priced
  • None

Made with durable materials that ensure it won’t break easily and accompanied by a great leak-proof nozzle which provides 9 functions when it comes to spraying manner, it is not only one of our favorite selections on the market, but a fan-favorite as well.

Lifecolor Expanding Hose

This hose comes packed with a protection bag and a hanging hook where can be placed after its job is done. Its sprayer handle has anti-skidding features and is made from hard rubber. The Lifecolor hose is retractable and can be stored in small places. It has removable brass fittings and metal seal to prevent possible leaks. Its sprayer has 9 types of patterns that can be changed depending on its usage. The hose comes along with 1 year of Warranty Certificate and the possibility of refund within 45 days in case you are not satisfied with the product.

  • The sprayer has anti-skidding rubber handle
  • Has removable brass fittings and metal seal to avoid leakage
  • It is retractable and fits in small places
  • Comes with 9 adjustable patterns on spray nozzle
  • Limited warranty

Unlike the previous model, this hose is retractable. We like the protection bag it comes with as you can conveniently store it after usage. Also the hanging hook is a nice addition. In case you are not satisfied with the results, you can return the product within 45 days of purchase.

GrowGreen Garden Hose

The product comes in 3 different lengths 25, 50, and 75 feet and it gets the full length of expanding when used with high water pressure. The hose does not kink or twist during its performance and its shut off valve has anti-rust features. It gives the opportunity of choosing between 8 types of patterns for its high quality spray nozzle and owns bras fittings and connectors. The GrowGreen hose provides durable quality and supports 1 year of warranty in case of manufacturing defects.

  • It has solid brass fittings and connectors
  • Doesn’t kink or twist under pressure
  • The shutoff valve has rust-resistant features
  • Comes with 8 adjustable patterns on spray nozzle
  • Lower water pressure

This model is more expensive but is made of high-quality materials. This particular model is 25 feet long but you can also opt for a 50 or 75 feet model. There are some nice features included, such as the shutoff valve. Nevertheless, it delivers lower water pressure.

Garden Hose by Live Green

When it comes to this product there are three words that define it best. It is durable, flexible and lightweight due to its light high-quality built-in material. The hose is retractable, meaning that after use, it comes back to its initial length and is easy to move and carry around. In order to avoid possible leaking, it comes with extra thick rubber washers on the ends and solid brass fittings to prevent corrosion. The sprayer has 8 adjustable patterns which you can use while washing the lawn, the car, or even your pets. In addition, the product offers a 5-year extended warranty which makes it even more attractive.

  • It is made from a light high quality material
  • It is retractable and easy to move and carry
  • Extra thick rubber washers on the ends
  • Comes with 8 adjustable patterns on spray nozzle
  • Lower water pressure

Nice option if you’re looking for a longer hose. This model is available in 4 sizes and 2 color options. The materials used for making it are highly resistant and durable, so we can say is a long-term investment. The flexible design makes it tangle-free and twist-free. Additionally, it is backed by 5 years.

Greentec USA Heavy Duty Flexible Water Hose

The Heavy Duty hose is available in two different colors, black and green and comes packed with a protection bag where it can be stored when not in use. Its sprayer has 9 available patterns which can ease your job while using. The hose comes with solid brass fittings and connectors and 9 adjustable patterns on the spray nozzle that can be useful for different activities. The product also offers the possibility of refund within 30 days and 1-year Certificate of Warranty.

  • Doesn’t kink or twist under pressure
  • It has solid brass fittings and connectors
  • Comes with 9 adjustable patterns on spray nozzle
  • Possibility of refund in 30 days and 1 year warranty
  • Poor quality material of sprayer

Affordable option and great quality. This model is available in 2 sizes: 50 and 100 feet and 2 colors: black and green. We like the included storage bag that protects it when not using it. It is made by using the latest technology, so it can expand without kinking or twisting under pressure. We don’t like the fact that the sprayer is made of a cheap material.

Hospaip Garden Hose

The product is made from a sturdy material that provides durability on long-term and is light-weighted and flexible, meaning that it can be easily carried and stored. The hose comes packed with a storage bag, so you will be able to save a lot of space when it is not used. Its 8-pattern sprayer can be used in multiple modes, to clean the pool, water plants or trees, or simply wash your car. It measures the right length for any kind of outdoor activities.

  • Sturdy fabric and a leak-resistant build
  • Lightweight design
  • Comes with 8 adjustable patterns on spray nozzle
  • It is flexible and easy to store
  • It has a shorter Warranty period compared to other products

Very popular model and affordable option. It is flexible, easy to use, and includes only high-quality materials. Comes with a storage bag for keeping it safe when not in use. The coating is rubberized to prevent slipping. However, we would’ve want it to come with a longer warranty.

Gada Garden Expanding Hose

This durable hose will never tangle, twist, or kink. It’s flexible and easy to handle and to store. In addition to this, the triple layer and the micromesh fabric will make it last for many years to come. Furthermore, to start it off, you can use the 33ft and expand it to 100ft. You can make it larger by increasing the water pressure. In addition to this, you can use the nozzle in 8 ways. This icnludes soaker, flat, shower, cone, mist, center, jet, and rinse. In case something breaks, you can take full advantage of the 12 months warranty period. You can use it for watering flowers, car cleaning, and cleaning pets.

  • It can be used as a pressure washer
  • You can use your own nozzle
  • Numerous colour available
  • Multi-functiona
  • Limited warranty

The reason why this sells so well is because you will receive a lot of accessories at no extra price. For example, inside of the package you will receive a spray nozzle, microfiber towel, shut-off valve, 3 washers, and a user manual.

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