Best Extra Firm Mattress

            Some people suffer from back pains, improper alignment of the spine, or disruptions in sleep. But not all of them know that this may be the cause of sleeping on the wrong mattress. According to the recent studies, firm mattresses can eliminate back problems and are an excellent weight distrubter. The result? The best sleep of your life.

            In case you have decided to change your old mattress with an extra firm one, you are in the right place. We have gathered in this article the best hard mattresses that not only provide superior comfort but also many years of satisfying performance. Being made of high-quality materials, these models will make you forget about poor sleep or back pains. Compare them, read their reviews, and pick the one you like the most.

Top Extra Firm Mattresses Comparison

1. Serta iComfort Blue 300 2. Beautyrest Platinum Badger 3. Allassea Gold Perfect Nite 4. Zinus Performance Plus 5. Sleep BodyComfort Select 2000


Profile Height (in.) 11.5 13 12 12 13
Sizes Available
Twin (H x W/in.) 75 x 39
Twin XL (H x W/in.) 80 x 39 79.5 x 38 79 x 37.5
Full (H x W/in.) 75 x 54 73.5 x 53 75 x 53.5 75 x 54 74 x 53
Queen (H x W/in.) 80 x 60 79.5 x 60 79 x 59.5 80 x 60 79 x 59
King (H x W/in.) 80 x 76 79.5 x 76 79 x 75.5 80 x 76 79 x 75
California King (H x W/in.) 84 x 72 83.5 x 72


Memory Foam/Hybrid Memory Foam Hybrid Hybrid Hybrid Hybrid
Cover Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Comfort Layer ¾” TempActiv Gel Memory Foam; 1” EverCool Fuze Memory Foam;
1” Serta Support Foam;
1 ½” Deep Reaction Memory Foam
SurfaceCool Plus Fiber; Luxury Firm Comfort Foam High Density Support Memory Foam 1.5” Comfort Foam; 2.5” High Density Foam Support 5-Zone Convoluted Foam; Gel-Infused Layer of Memory Foam
Support Layer 7” Sert Ultimate Edge Foam Core Energy Foam; Ventilated AirCool BeautyEdge; 1000 Density Extra Firm Pocketed Coil Technology Spring Pocket Coils 17.5” Layer of Individually Wrapped Coils Innerspring Support System with Hundreds of Inner Springs


Gel Memory Foam SmartMotion Compatible Swirl Gel Memory Foam iCoil Pocketed Springs 360-Degree Foam Encasement
Deep Reaction Memory Foam SurfaceCool Plus Fiber Spring Pocket Coils Multiple Foam Layers Gel Infused Lumbar Band
Ultimate Edge Foam Core Pocketed Coil Technology Versatility Convoluted Foam
Versatility AirCool BeautyEdge Foam


Warranty 10-Year Limited Warranty 10-Year Limited Warranty 10-Year Non-Prorated Limited Warranty 10-Year Limited Warranty 10-Year Non-Prorated Limited Warranty
Customer Support
Online Support

The Mattresses Evaluation

1. Serta iComfort Blue 300

Serta iComfort Blue 300 is undoubtedly the first option to consider if you want a well-made hard mattress. With a height of 11.5 inches and multiple sizes to choose from, this model will be the solution for your back pains. There are 5 different sizes available, so finding one for your needs shouldn’t be that difficult. Designed and made in the USA by one of the most respectable brands in this industry, this bed also comes with a CertPUR certification.
In what concerns the construction, the mattress is entirely made of memory foam. The top features multiple foam layers for keeping you cool and providing you the necessary support, while the base layer features edge foam cover that straightness the edges and adds extra support. For more convenience, the manufacturer made it compatible with all bed frames, which is a great plus. Last but not least, the mattress comes with a 10 years limited warranty.



Made by a reliable brand Not available in twin size
Great materials
5 layers of foam
Comaptible with all the available bed frames
Multiple foam technologies


All in all, this mattress differentiates itself by some pretty innovative features. The multiple foam layers design make it both comfortable and supportive. It is worth considering if you’re looking for a mattress exclusively made of foam as it doesn’t contain any innerspring.

2. Beautyrest Platinum Badger

Beautyrest Platinum Badger is one of our favorite mattresses as it successfully combines the memory foam with pocketed coils. With a profile height of 13 inches and no less than 5 sizes to choose from, this model is a great ally in eliminating back pains and promoting a deeper sleep. You will surely appreciate the fact that is made in the USA and it comes with a CertiPUR certification.
You won’t see many beds as innovative as this one. The top layer consists of density foam that provides a comfortable feel and an infused layer of fibers that dissipate heat and maintain the proper sleeping temperature. The pocketed coil technology does a great job in promoting point pressure relief and assuring no motion transfer. Additionally, the Air Cool memory foam contour layer promotes airflow and provides the necessary edge support. Another great feature is the compatibility with SmartMotion base which allows you to monitor the quality of your sleep through the Sleeptracker app.



SmartMotion compatible You can opt for the twin size
Made by a top brand
Beautiful design
Innovative features
Durable construction


There are many reasons we like Beautyrest Platinum. First of all, this mattress is made of both foam and coils to provide a firm yet comfortable support. Secondly, it features a very durable construction, and thirdly it has an attractive design. Additionally, you for extra money, you can get the SmartMotion base for monitoring your sleeping patterns.

3. Allassea Gold Perfect Nite Slicer

Another great option to go with is Allassea Gold Perfect Nite. You will love the design of this mattress as well as the well-made construction and the comfortable support. It has a profile height of 12 inches and 4 sizes to choose from (twin XL, full, queen, and king). For a better protection during the transportation, the mattress is carefully wrapped in plastic and then packed in a highly-resistant carton.
This model is a hybrid one, so it features both memory foam and pocketed coils. It comes with a stylish cover that compliments any bedroom decor while protecting the mattress. The swirl gel memory foam, which is the top layer, is very comfortable and maintains the ideal body temperature while conforming to your body. Additionally, the spring pocket coils do a great job in reducing pressure on the body shape. Moreover, the bed is compatible with all bed frames.



Affordable price Not available in twin and California king sizes
Attractive cover No online support
Very well-made
Carefully stored for a safe transport
High-quality materials


We recommend Allassea Gold Perfect Nite because it delivers a great night’s sleep and it won’t cost you a fortune. This mattress is built to last for many years and is nicely designed. The smart combination of foam and pocketed coils make it the perfect solution for those who want a firm cushion that doesn’t feel too rigid.

4. Zinus Performance Plus

When it comes to a nicely made extra firm mattress, you can try Zinus Performance Plus. This is a hybrid model and it has a profile height of 12 inches. It features an attractive design and it comes in various sizes. Specially made to alleviate back pain and to promote a better sleep during the night, this model is perfect for all those who want to enjoy superior quality at a great price.
The mattress comes with a 0.5-inch celliant fabric cover that protects the mattress and makes it more durable. As for the construction, this bed is made of 1.5-inch comfort foam and 2.5-inch high-density foam that contours the shape of your body and helps relieve pressure points. The base layer contains hundreds of iCoil pocketed springs that provide superior support and motion separation. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy an uninterrupted sleep every night. For more convenience, this model comes with a 10-year warranty and a CertiPUR certification.



Features a multiple layer of iCoil Sping Not available in twin XL and California king sizes
Budget-friendly Less durable than the other models
Reduced motion transfer
Nice design
Powerful motor


According to the many customers who have tested Zinus Performance Plus, it really does provide a restful sleep. It is nicely made, comfortable, and affordable. The multiple foam layers and the individually wrapped coils are the perfect combination for helping you enjoy a deeper rest and feel more energized in the morning.

5. Sleep BodyComfort Select 2000

For a hard mattress, you can go Sleep BodyComfort Select 2000. This model is 13-inch high and you can choose one of the 3 sizes available (full, queen, and king). With a simple, yet attractive design, this model is a nice addition to any bedroom, being a great companion for all those who suffer from back pains and have a restless sleep.

The top layer is made of foam while the base layers contains hundreds of inner springs. The convoluted foam provides great support and the gel infused lumbar makes sure your lumbar region is well supported, successfully dissipating the heat during the night. For maximizing the results, the manufacturer added a 360-degree foam encasement from edge to edge. The innerspring support system not only provides the needed support but also minimal motion transfer.



Lightweight Not available in twin, twin XL, and California king sizes
Great lumbar support Sitting on the edges may cause a permanent dip
Comes with a Tencel cover
Excellent edge support


Sleep BodyComfort Select 2000 is a very well-made firm mattress and it does a great job in providing the needed support. It is made of high-quality memory foam and inner springs, being totally encased in foam. This model is affordable, durable, and comes with a beautiful fabric cover.

In conclusion, we believe that a firm mattress offers excellent support to all those who suffer from back pains. Additionally, this type of mattress is specially designed to promote a comfortable sleep while helping maintain proper spine alignment. The best model to consider is Serta iComfort Blue 300 as it features superior memory foam technology. It comes in multiple sizes and is compatible with all bed frames. We also like Beautyrest Platinum Badger because is made by a trustworthy brand with a long experience in this field. This is a hybrid mattress that successfully combines memory foam with pocketed coil technology. Of course, these 2 models are more expensive but they worth every extra penny. For a cheaper yet reliable alternative, you can go with any of the other mattresses.

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