Fingerprint Door Lock

As technology advances, our homes get smarter with each new device and system we add to them. The biometric locks are security devices that will surely satisfy your needs. These intelligent devices allow you to open the door with your fingerprint, a pin code or even a mechanical key. Therefore, if you are on the hunt for a smart lock based on biometric authentication instead of a standard keyhole, below, you will find 5 of the best locks with fingerprint identification available on the market.

These models use an advanced technology and are equipped with so many impressive features, that it is quite difficult to decide which is the right one for your home. To compare these smart door locks, take a look at the matrix below.

Top 5 Fingerprint Door Locks Comparison

1. Samsung Digital SHS-P718 2. Ardwolf A20 3. Ardwolf A1 4. Itouchless Bio-Matic 5. SCYAN X7SC
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General Information

Manufacturer Samsung Ardwolf Ardwolf iTouchless SCYAN
Model SHS-P718 A20 A1 BM003L X7SC
Product Dimensions 17.7 x 4.7 x 12.6 inches 11.2x 7.9 x 4.3 inches 11.4 x 8.5 x 3.9 inches 2.6 x 4.9 x 5.9 inches N/A
Product Weight 10 lbs. 5.4 lbs. 3.6 lbs. 5.56 lbs. N/A
Finish Type Black Silver Satin Chrome Silver Satin Chrome
Handle Type Both Left hand & Right hand Both Left hand & Right hand Both Left hand & Right hand Left hand Both Left hand & Right hand
Material Nickel Zinc Alloy, Plastic Nickel Zinc Alloy Zinc Alloy, Plastic


Application Type Exterior door Interior door Interior door Exterior door Interior door
Type of Fingerprint Sensor N/A Optical Optical N/A Optical
Password 4 ~ 12 digit number combination 8 digits 12 digit number combination 4 ~ 6 digit number combination 12 digit number combination
Fingerprint 100 fingerprints 100 fingerprints/ 100 user codes 100 fingerprints/ 100 user codes 150 fingerprints/ 78 PIN passcodes 100 fingerprints/ 100 user codes
Door thickness AML220 : 40 ~ 60 mm
AML320 : 61 ~ 80 mm
1-3/8″ (35mm) – 1-3/4″(45mm) 1-3/8″ – 2-3/8″ 1.375” 1-1/4″ to 2-1/4″
Power 8 AA Alkaline batteries of DC 6V 4 AA Alkaline of 1.5V (not included) 4 AA Alkaline 4 AA Alkaline 4 AA Alkaline
Battery life Approximately 12 months Approximately 5000-6000 times N/A Up to 15.000 uses N/A
Basket N/A 2-3/8” – 2-3/4” 2-3/8″ or 2-3/4″ N/A 2 ⅜” or 2 ¾”
Operating Temperature N/A -15 centigrades~55 centigrade -4 degrees F to 150 degrees F -4° to 140° F -4°F to 150°F


Push-Pull Design High speed processor Passage mode support 560 DPI scanner Build-in touch active sensor
Automatic wake-up Touch screen keypad Reversible lever Free passage mode Support passage mode
Manner mode Ultra sensitive sensor Two dual-verification modes
Welcome feature Durable Build-in Sensor
Locking Notification Feature Backlit Keypad
Intruder prevention feature 9W Battery Probe


Warranty 1-Year 1-Year 1-Year 2-Year 1-Year
Customer Support
Online Manual

Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks Evaluation

1. Samsung Digital SHS-P718

After reviewing several types of locks, we are proud to present you the best one available on the market. The SHS-P718 is a digital lock introduced by Samsung. It is a finger push-pull model that works with any Samsung card or key tags. As compared to other similar locks, it comes with an impressive technology and a lot of advanced features, including a fingerprint scanning system, a manner mode, and an anti-theft function. In addition to all these features, you will be amazed to discover that it is also equipped with an extra security feature. Once this is activated, you can lock and unlock the door by using your fingerprint and a password. The fingerprint capacity is maximum 100 and the door thickness must be 40 to 80 mm. Also, it is important to know that the user access code is of 4 to 12 digits number combination.

  • stylish design
  • It provides double protection with the fingerprint scanner and password
  • Push-pull innovating system
  • Easy installation
  • Expensive price tag
Although this model is not for any budget, as it has a high price tag, we are proud to include it on our list. It comes with a futuristic design and it has a double verification system that ensured total security in your home.

2. Ardwolf A20

The Ardwolf A20 is one of the most popular digital locks on the market. Thanks to its impressive features it has quickly become a loved product by most buyers. If you are thinking about purchasing it, it is very important to know that it is specially made for left-handed people. What we really like about this lock is the fact that it provides you with three keyless ways to lock and unlock your door. You can use a password or a code, your fingerprint or a mechanical key. Also, it comes with a user data backup and a record tracking. Like any other model, it comes with some advanced security features, such as passage mode and random password protection. By using the passage mode, your guests will be able to open the door just by pressing the door handle. Additionally, there is a touchscreen keypad which won’t let you leave finger marks on the screen.

  • Accurate fingerprint recognition
  • Easy install
  • Durable construction
  • Great value for money
  • It does not have the number 0 or 9 on keypad
If you are looking for an easy to use lock which can provide easy access to your home, the Ardwolf A20 is the best addition you can make. It is a great smart lock which will surely draw your attention with its impressive features and advanced settings.

3. Ardwolf A1

There are so many models on the market, that it is quite difficult to find exactly what you are looking for. But, after we spent more than 10 hours testing and reviewing fingerprint keyless locks, we can say that the Ardwolf A1 is exactly what you need. This smart lock comes with a strong construction and it is very accurate in fingerprint recognition. More than that, it is much faster and it comes with more features than the models above. It presents 5 ways to unlock, such as fingerprint, code or password, mechanical key and two dual verification modes ( fingerprint+fingerprint and fingerprint+code). Additionally, it is very important to know that it supports up to 100 users. It has adjustable handle direction, which means that it can be installed either to the right or left and the most interesting thing out there is that it has a self-learning ability. This means that it is capable of recognizing every fingerprint after every fingerprint entry.

  • It is equipped with extra security features (dual-verification mode)
  • Ability to disable the sounds of the lock
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Easy to install
  • Poor instructions manual
  • Poor customer support
If you are looking to purchase a fingerprint keyless lock to secure your home, the Ardwolf A1 is exactly what you need. It comes with a plethora of intelligent features at a very reasonable price.

4. Itouchless Bio-Matic F

In spite of how good the others are, we still want to present you the Itouchless Bio-Matic model. It is an easy to install model which can store up to 150 fingerprints and 78 passcodes. It has 2 back up keys for optimal use and a cover that protects the scanner and the pin pad. As compared to other similar models, it uses an advanced optical sensor technology, also known as the Live Layer technology which ensures accuracy and maximum security. However, it is also worth mentioning that it comes with several drawbacks. Several users complain that it is unreliable under some weather conditions. Also, the customer service is hit-or-miss, which is not exactly what you expect from a digital lock. However, it has some others features that will certainly draw your attention. It can easily be programmed, which means that you will be able to add or delete someone’s fingerprints directly from the lock’s pin pad.

  • Great price
  • Easy to install and operate
  • It provides maximum accuracy
  • Heavy and sturdy
  • Inconsistent fingerprint recognition
  • Keypad is not illuminated
In comparison to other lock doors, the Itouchless Bio-Matic model can be used as a main entrance door or office. It features a durable construction and it is extremely accurate in detecting fingerprints. Overall, it is an option worth taking into consideration.


Although we place it in the 5th position, the SCYAN X7SC is a good lock equipped with a lot of features. Capable of storing up to 100 fingerprints and 100 user codes, this incredible product provides a convenient and secure lock system solution. It comes with a 12-key keypad and a built-in touch active sensor which needs only one touch to be unlocked. Additionally, there is a support passage mode and a memory function which will not cause the loss of registered user codes and fingerprints. Another important thing to mention is that it fits door thickness between 1 ½ inch and 2 ½ inches. It is powered by 4 AA Alkaline batteries and it comes with only one year warranty. Also, keep in mind that it is designed for the interior door only, so if you need an exterior door lock take a look at one of the models above.

  • Great price
  • Optical sensor
  • Easy to install
  • Not as accurate as other models
  • For interior door only
If you have a limited budget but you still want to secure your home or office, the SCYAN X7SC is the best option you have. It comes with a lot of features at a very reasonable price. Although it is not as accurate as other models, it still is an option worth taking into consideration.

6. Ultraloq UL3 BT

The Ultraloq UL3 BT another impressive model whose incredible features place it in the 6th position. It is a 5-in-1 model that can be used with code, fingerprint, smartphone, key and knock-to-open method. It is equipped with an advanced fingerprint identification and uses an Anti-peep touch keypad technology. This smart lock was designed with convenience in mind, so you can open or lock your door even if you don’t have keys or your phone is not in your pocket. In fact, this is what we like about this product and that’s why most people choose it. With this modern door lock, you will never be locked outside, neither insider. As mentioned above it uses an advanced fingerprint identification. You are probably wondering how it works. As you know, everyone’s fingerprint is unique, so no one can use its fingerprint to open your door. Thanks to this technology that uses a scratchproof, dustproof and waterproof sensor, the locking and unlocking process is more secure. The raport quality-price is very good, so if you are interested in purchasing an advanced door lock, this will definitely impress you with all its features.

  • It comes with an Advanced Fingerprint Identification
  • It uses an Anti-peep Touch Keypad Technology
  • OLED display
  • Long battery life
  • Short warranty
If you are thinking about replacing your old door lock and buy a smart lock to secure your home, this is exactly what you need. It is a modern model that uses an advanced technology comes equipped with a plethora of impressive features.

7. ZKTeco Electronic Door Lock

It should come as no surprise that we selected the ZKTeco Electronic Door Lock as one of the most efficient yet affordable models available in the current market. It uses an advanced technology and it comes equipped with so many features that it is quite difficult to find something better than that. In fact, it has the same features as the Ultraloq UL3 BT but has several upgrades. It is very easy to use and the fact that it has the “one-touch” option is a major perk as you can open and close the door much easier and you don’t need keys. Thanks to its encrypted technology, it works without keys. You can operate it with your smartphone via Bluetooth. There is nothing more convenient than using your smartphone as your key. Furthermore, if you are thinking about installing this model you need to consider the door thickness. In this case, it is very important to know that it fits door thickness between 1.18″ and 2.12″. Also, keep in mind that it is not waterproof, so if you intend to buy it, make sure you buy it for your bedroom or office interior doors. Overall, considering its price range, this is a great option to consider when making a purchase.

  • One-touch operation
  • Great price
  • Bluetooth keyless home entry
  • Advanced fingerprint recognition algorithm
  • Not waterproof
  • Indoors installation only
The ZKTeco Electronic is a smart door lock that comes with a lot of features, including an advanced fingerprint recognition algorithm. It works via Bluetooth, which means that it can easily be controlled with your smartphone. What we really like about this smart lock is that it knows who enters your home. It has a 24/7 activity log thanks to which it tracks every person who enters your home.


The HARFO HL90 is another door lock with fingerprint feature to consider when making a purchase. In terms of reliability and performance, this is a great model. Specially designed for home and offices, this keyless lock with OLED display has become one of the most popular options on the market. For a more convenient process, it has voice control that will help you use the lock easily. As mentioned above, it is a keyless model. This means that it allows you to close and open the door in other ways. Therefore, you can use your fingerprint or you can open with an access card. More than that, you can register a code with 4 to 12 digits. What we really like about this smart lock is the fact that more than 300 users can use their own code with your permission. With the semiconductor sensor, your fingerprint will be safe and secure. The lock is great as it uses an advanced technology, but if we are talking about its price, it is a bit expensive and not everyone can afford this.

  • OLED display
  • Voice guide
  • Easy to navigate
  • Advanced fingerprint recognition algorithm
  • Expensive
Although it comes at a high price, it still is a good option to consider when making a purchase. With a plethora of interesting features and an advanced technology, we are proud to include this smart door lock on our list.

How We Rated these Models

Over the past few years, the smart locks have become every homeowner’s favorite. Although they offer the same level of security as typical mechanical locks, they are much easier to install and most of them are equipped with more features than standard locks. These incredible security systems are made to change our lifestyle, making us witnesses to a new digital era of keyless locking.

  • Fingerprint capacity

    One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a digital lock is the fingerprint capacity. Biometric locks work with fingerprints instead of keys. In fact, they work by scanning your fingerprints in order to identify its unique structure. You may be surprised to discover that they have a fingerprint capacity. This represents the number of fingerprints that can be saved into the memory. While most locks come with a capacity of 100 users, there are also models that are able to store more than 100 fingerprints. Take a look at the Itouchless Bio-Matic model and you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that it has a 150 fingerprint capacity.

  • Door thickness

    If you are thinking about installing a security system, pay special attention to the door measurements. While the residential exterior doors are 1-3/4” thick, the interior doors are usually 1-3/8” thick.

  • Backset

    The backseat is the distance between the center of the keyhole and the edge of the door. This is extremely important especially if you need to replace your old lock and you have to drill new holes. The common sizes for door locks are 44mm and 60 mm. There are also other measurements, such as 50mm, but these are much less common.

  • PIN codes

    Digital locks use a numerical code for authentication. They typically use combination numbers between 4 and 12 digits. Also, these types of locks do not require users to use any key to gain access. While some locks use PIN codes instead of standard keys, other models use a proximity card for authentication. However, as mentioned above, the most advanced models use a person’s physical unique characteristic such as a fingerprint, eye scan, and even voice to verify their identity.

  • Battery

    Since the digital locks continue to grow in popularity due to their high level of efficiency and convenience, you should not be surprised that the market is overflowing with a broad array of types and models. The most advanced models use AA alkaline batteries which are able to work approximately 12 months, which means almost 10 times per day. Also, most of these models come with a battery indicator which announces the user when the battery is getting low.

Entry Methods

If you are familiar with these security systems, then you probably know that the most advanced electronic locks feature more than one means of entry, such as RFID, fingerprint, Bluetooth or keypad.

  • The RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) locks are designed with convenience in mind. They use a card or a key fob for entry. This is a great and easy way to open your door. Do you remember those days fumbling in the dark trying to find your keys in your purse? Now, those days are gone. With the RFID technology, you can lock and unlock the door without having to remove the card from your pocket.
  • The Biometric entry is based on fingerprint identification. All you have to do is to program your fingerprint and the device will memorize it. While some models are able to store up to 100, you can also find devices with a larger capacity which can store up to 150 fingerprints. Also, keep in mind that if a fingerprint is not memorized, the system will not lock or unlock the door.
  • While some electronic locks use fingerprints to unlock the door, others use keypads with a pin combination for entry. The most advanced models use touchscreen panels and are equipped with a plethora of security features in order to prevent burglars from finding the combination code.
  • The Bluetooth locks are similar to the RFID locks. They operate in a similar way, opening the door when you approach. What we really like about these devices is that in case something happens with your key fob or with your smartphone, they use a secondary means of electronic entry.

After hundreds of reviews about some of the most advanced and impressive security systems, we can truly confirm that the biometric recognition is the most popular option out there. It is one of the most advanced and impressive technologies and it is certainly an option to keep in mind when considering the safety of your home. As compared to standard locks which use metal keys, the biometric locks are battery-powered security options that ensure access by identifying and scanning a person’s unique identification, such as a fingerprint. The fingerprint is the main form of identification. Once it is scanned by the lock, it is stored in a database. Most of the models available on the market store up to 150 unique fingerprints to memory, which is extremely helpful in situations where family members or close friends are constantly coming and going.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Can the Samsung Digital SHS-P718 be used on an exterior door?
It is not water resistant, so it is not recommended to install it on an exterior door. Plus, you shouldn’t operate it with wet hands as it may malfunction or be damaged.

2Is there any chance to get locked in if it auto locks?
This door lock is always unlocked on the inside. However, if there is an issue, it comes with 2 keys to solve the problem.

3 Does the SCYAN X7SC door lock has a light sensor?
It features a backlight that allows you to see the codes easily in the dark.

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