Foldable Bed

The first thought that pops into your mind when you think about a bed is a hefty four-legged wooden platform that has a mattress on top of it. This classic bed is comfy and ideal to sleep on, but when you have guests over, you cannot give up on your sleeping haven for them. Instead, what you can do is take your rollaway bed out of storage and provide them with a comfy surface to sleep on. Ideal for vacations, emergency situations where you need a bed for someone to sleep on, and even great for your own personal use, a folding bed is great to have around.

Top 5 Foldable Beds Comparison

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Zinus OLB-HT-GB-BF-T Image
Best Overall

1. Zinus OLB-HT-GB-BF-T

  • Available sizes: Narrow Twin, Twin
  • Frame: Powder-coated solid steel
  • Mattress: 5” – 1” memory foam and 4” high-density foam base
  • CertiPUR-US certified: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 year
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Our Choice


  • Available sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Cot
  • Frame: Steel
  • Mattress: 4” – 1” memory foam and 3” support foam
  • CertiPUR-US certified: Yes
  • Warranty: 10 years
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Zinus Traveler Elite SM-M-GB-T Image

3. Zinus Traveler Elite SM-M-GB-T

  • Available sizes: Twin
  • Frame: Steel
  • Mattress: 4” – 1” support foam, 0.5” fiber padding, 2.5” comfort foam
  • CertiPUR-US certified: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 year
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Milliard Premium Image

4. Milliard Premium

  • Available sizes: Twin
  • Frame: Metal
  • Mattress: 4” memory foam
  • CertiPUR-US certified: Yes
  • Warranty: N/A
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iBED FPB956 Image

5. iBED FPB956

  • Available sizes: Cot
  • Frame: Steel
  • Mattress: 2” memory foam
  • CertiPUR-US certified: No
  • Warranty: 10 years
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The Rollaway Bed Evaluation


When guests come over unexpectedly, you won’t be caught off-guard anymore if you have the Zinus as all you need to do is take it out of storage, unfold it, and provide the people who paid you a visit with a comfy sleeping surface. It comes in 2 size options that are both reasonably priced, so you won’t have to make a big financial effort in order to purchase it. Durability is one of its strong points, and it provides a healthy, hypoallergenic surface to lie on, meaning that even those who suffer from asthma or allergies will find it soothing and pleasant to sleep on. Furthermore, it even comes with a strap and hook that keep it securely closed when it is in storage so that it won’t accidentally unfold and knock everything around it over.


As we previously mentioned, there are two size options with this product, more precisely a narrow twin that measures 30 inches by 75 inches by 15 inches, and a twin size that measures 38 inches by 75 inches by 19 inches. The solid steel frame it features boasts a grey powder coating finish that ensures it won’t rust or corrode as time passes. Additionally, this structural strength of the frame guarantees that it won’t succumb under heavy weight. Another interesting design element is the fact that the frame features wheels which make it easy for you to change its placement and move it from room to room whenever needed without any complications.

Mattress Details

The only element that actually makes a difference is the quality of the accompanying mattress as it is the surface you enter into contact with when you are sleeping. The Zinus comes with a 5-inch mattress that features 2 layers – a 1-inch memory foam layer, and a 4-inch high-density foam base. The memory foam used in its manufacturing is hypoallergenic and CertiPUR-US certified, ensuring a safe, healthy surface to sleep on. It is made with natural plant oil, including natural green tea extract that helps eliminate odors and provides it with a fresh smell even as the years pass.

Mention Worthy Features and Specs
  • CertiPUR-US certification ensures this is a safe mattress for kids to sleep on.
  • Natural green tea extract is used in the manufacturing of the memory foam, ensuring a healthy sleeping surface.
  • There are 2 size options that you can pick between – narrow twin, and twin.

Zinus provides a 1-year warranty for this product, meaning that you will enjoy free replacement or the repair of the frame in case the structure is affected. However, do take note that the warranty agreement becomes invalid if you succumb the product to improper use or storage, so you must take care of it in order to benefit from this perk.

  • Included strap and hook ensure it will sit securely in storage when folded
  • Frame features wheels that make it easy to transport it from room to room
  • Safe even for kids as it does not emit harmful odors

As it comes with a comfy 5-nch mattress, and the frame boasts a solid construction which ensures there is no risk of it falling apart when someone on the heavy side sleeps on it, it makes for an ideal solution in emergency situation where you need an extra sleeping surface.


There are three size option you can select between with the LUCID, more precisely a Twin option, a Twin XL option, and a Cot option. Made with utter care to even the smallest detail, it provides a strong construction which ensures it will last for years, regardless how often you use it. It comes with a medium-feel mattress which features a 1-inch layer of memory foam and a 3-inch layer of support foam. Thus, back pain and discomfort will be a long forgotten memory if you sleep on the comfy memory it provides. The mattress even comes with a rayon from bamboo cover which provides a hypoallergenic surface to sleep on, being ideal for those who suffer from allergies or asthma, and even for people with sensitive skin. The frame is made with strong steel to ensure support even for those who are on the heavy side. The 11-inch clearance underneath it provides a neat storage space for the luggage of your guests. The deck features spring support to provide a bouncy feeling when lying on it. The dual locking wheels it features keep it in place during the night. Additionally, the product is backed with a 10-year warranty by the manufacturing company, warranty which vastly exceeds industry standard.

  • Comes with a rayon from bamboo cover ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers
  • Dual locking wheels ensure it will sit in place while you sleep, and they provide an easy manner to move it around when they aren’t locked
  • Spring-supported deck provides a bouncy and comfy sleeping surface
  • 11 inches of clearance provided for easy storage of luggage underneath it
  • Price might be out of your budget range

Providing comfort during sleep while managing to get out of the way when it isn’t needed as you can fold and store it with ease, the LUCID is great when you have guests over. The 11-inch clearance provides with a space where you can place their luggage, while the medium-firm mattress ensures a nice sleeping session which won’t be followed by back pains.

Zinus Traveler Elite SM-M-GB-T

Available in Twin size and measuring 31 inches by 75 inches by 17 inches when open, it is convenient in terms of storage as it fold to a small size, ensuring it will fit almost anywhere you need it to. As it provides a 14-inch clearance, your guests can feel free to get their luggage out of the way by storing it underneath it. The steel frame ensures it can even accommodate people who are on the heavy side, not being exclusively targeted for kids as other folding beds are. It comes with a 4-inch mattress which is composed of a 1-inch layer of support foam, a 0.5-inch fiber padding layer, and a 2.5-inch comfort foam layer that targets pressure points to relieve them of stress and ensure you will wake up feeling rejuvenated. It might not feature transportation wheels, but this isn’t a big deal considering the lightweight profile it boasts. When it comes to warranty, it is backed for 1 year, period during which you can have it replaced for free in case anything happens to the frame.

  • 14-inch clearance for convenient luggage placement underneath it
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to carry
  • Can accommodate kids, as well as adults due to its strong frame build
  • Mattress foam helps relieve pressure
  • Does not feature transportation wheels

Your guests deserve to sleep on a bed as comfy as yours, and the Zinus provides just that. The strong build of the frame ensures it can support adults, while the quality materials that go into the manufacturing of the mattress guarantee the relief of pressure points, making it ideal for pretentious sleepers.

Milliard Premium

The trampoline base the Milliard features provides a bouncy and comfy surface to lay on at night. As it delivers a 16-inch clearance, bags can be easily stored underneath it to save space in the closet. It is designed to accommodate a weight of up to 400 pounds, so regardless how heavy the person sleeping on it is, the structure won’t cave. When folded, it measures a mere 12 inches in thickness and 44 inches in height, so depositing it will be a cinch as it doesn’t take up much space. It features auto-folding legs that ensure an easy and convenient opening. Another great feature is the adjustable trident buckle that ensures a safe, strong closing grip so that it won’t open when stored. The cover of the mattress is removable and machine washable, which means that you can keep it clean without much hassle. Speaking of the mattress, as it is made with memory foam, it provides a comfortable sleeping surface, ensuring that no back pain or discomfort will be felt in the morning by the person sleeping on it. Additionally, it comes fully assembled, so you won’t have to go through any setup procedure and waste time to start using it.

  • 16-inch clearance underneath it provides a convenient place to store baggages
  • Can accommodate individuals weighing up to 400 pounds
  • Fold to a convenient 12-inch thick and 44-inch high size
  • Features an adjustable trident buckle that ensures a tight fold

Able to accommodate a maximum weight of up to 400 pounds, this sturdy bed that features a comfy memory foam mattress is one of the best options you could go for, especially if you are on a budget. It folds down to a small size to fit in any storage space you have in mind, and as it comes fully assembled, you can directly use it without wasting any time.


A rollaway model that you can fold in only seconds down to a convenient 36-inch by 31.5-inch by 5.5-inch size for easy storage, the iBED is great for when you have guests over. The springs and nylon mesh design ensure it will conform to your body in the most comfortable manner possible. Its legs can be locked to ensure extra stability during the sleep session. It provides a 16-inch clearance for convenient luggage storing, which is great when guests come over and you need a space to deposit their belongings without crowding your own closet. The 275-pound maximum weight it can accommodate ensures an adult can sleep on it just as safely as a child does. As it arrives fully assembled, there is no time wasted on setting it up, but rather you can directly turn to using it. The small asking price makes it ideal even for those who are on a limited budget. It comes with a storage bag where you can place it when folded for easy storage and carrying. Furthermore, the manufacturing company provides a hearty 10-year warranty for it.

  • Can accommodate a person weighing up to 275 pounds
  • Legs lock to ensure stability and safety during the nocturnal slumber
  • Provides a generous 16-inch clearance for baggage depositation
  • Cheap asking price
  • Does not feature wheels that would have made transportation more easy

Your go-to option in case money is an issue for you, it provides a comfortable sleeping surface without occupying much space, and folding down to a small size which is perfect for storage even in a crowded spot. In terms of stability and safety, it’s hard to surpass it, and considering the fact that it is accompanied by a lengthy 10-year warranty, we see no reason why you shouldn’t make this acquisition.

Frequently Asked Questions

?Does it provide proper support when sleeping?
The support it provides lies in the quality of the mattress as well as the deck’s design. Preferably, it should be a spring and mesh design which conforms to your body when you sleep. When it comes to the mattress, it is ideal for it to be made of memory foam, a plush, marshmallow-like foam that makes you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud, conforming to the shape of your body while providing proper support to ensure you won’t wake up feeling any back pain.

?Does the risk of it opening when it is folded exist?
If the model you opt for features a strap and hook, or an adjustable buckle to keep it in place, there won’t exist the risk of it opening from the folded position. However, this isn’t to say that without a feature like the aforementioned ones there would exist this risk as the folding design is generally of a good quality.

?Are they appropriate for adults?
Generally, each model has the maximum weight it accommodates specified on the spec sheet, or you can find out this piece of information by checking online. By checking the maximum weight it can handle can you truly figure out for who it is appropriate for or not. However, in general, they do accommodate kids just as well as adults, only in rare cases existing drastic limitations which make them suited only for kids.

Presenting you with a budget-smart solution to situations where you need an extra sleeping surface as guests have arrived at your place, a rollaway bed is more of a necessity rather than a luxury. For those living in small condos or for whom free space is limited, it even provides a comfy, convenient, and space-saving bed to sleep on every night. The models we presented in this article make for perfect acquisitions as they all not only provide a perfect guest bed which you can conveniently put into storage when the guests leave but because they are all comfortable to lie on and provide proper support during sleep. The 5-inch mattress of the Zinus OLB-HT-GB-BF-T, which is made with memory foam, ensures that proper back support is provided, all while delivering a plush surface to sleep on like a baby. When it comes to frame stability, the LUCID LU04TTMFRB is the best, ensuring that even the heaviest of individuals will be able to sleep on it without worrying that the construction might fail. As for those who are on a budget, the Zinus Traveler Elite SM-M-GB-T and the iBED FPB965 make for the best selections as they come at cheap prices.

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