Folding Bike Lock

Finding the best lock for your bike can be a backbreaking task. The market is stuffed with so many different types of bike locks, so it can be quite complicated to find exactly what you need. The most important things to consider when buying a lock for your bicycle is the security and easy to use. You will need something secure enough to protect you from thieves and easy to use on a daily basis. With that in mind, we want to present you 5 of the most quality bike locks available on the market. We have chosen some folding models that in our opinion are the most efficient ones out there.

Top 5 Folding Bike Locks Compared

Photo Product Name Dimensions Construction Unfolding Size Safety Feature Number of keys Main Highlight Price
Abus Bordo GRANIT X Plus 6500 Image
Best Overall
1. Abus Bordo GRANIT X Plus 6500 9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches 5 mm steel bars – plastic coated Unfolds to 85 cm ABUS X-Plus cylinder 2 1 LED-lighted Check Price
Foldylock Bike Lock Image 2. Foldylock Bike Lock 8 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches 6 heavy duty steel bars and links Unfolds to 90 cm Ultra protected rivets 3 Anti rattle mechanism Check Price
ADeroace Bike Lock-Foldable Image
Our Choice
3. ADeroace Bike Lock-Foldable 5.7 x 2.4 inches 10 mm alloy steel Unfolds to 90 cm Bike frame protection 3 Theft-proof and waterproof design Check Price
SIGTUNA Folding Lock Image 4. SIGTUNA Folding Lock 7.5 x 1.6 x 2.2 inches A3 High Carbon Steels combined with compact zie Unfolds to 60 cm High-quality rivets 3 High-quality locking cylinder Check Price
Trelock Bike Folding Lock Image 5. Trelock Bike Folding Lock N/A Heavy duty steel bar Unfolds to 85 cm In-X Cylinder Patent Design 2 Flexible Hinge Pins Check Price

1. Abus Bordo GRANIT X Plus 6500

After reviewing more than 10 models, we have finally selected 5 quality bike locks and this is our first option. The Abus Bordo GRANIT X Plus 6500 is the best option out there. It is a folding lock specially made to secure and protect your bike from thieves. It has a strong construction that features 5 mm steel bars with plastic coated. Furthermore, it features an ABUS X-Plus cylinder that provides every user with maximum protection.

This is a lightweight folding lock that comes with a compact design. Thanks to its size and shape, it is very easy to transport and store. Also, it has a carrying bag for easy transportation. The lock measures 9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches and it unfolds to 2.8 ft. It comes with 2 extra keys and 1 LED-lighted. It is more expensive than its competitors but we guarantee for its durability and resistance. In what regards its warranty, it is recommended to contact the customer service department or visit the manufacturer official website.

  • ABUS X-Plus cylinder
  • Fast assembling
  • It protects your bike against thieves
  • Versatile folding technology
Looking to protect your bike from thieves? Then, this is exactly what you are looking for. The bike lock by Abus is made from strong steel and comes with a cylinder that provides great protection against attacks. Also, it comes with 2 keys and 1 LED-lighted. It is a bit expensive, but it help you keep your bike safe and secure.

2. Foldylock Bike Lock

Our second option is a model that features a thief-proof design. The Foldylock Bike Lock has 6 heavy-duty steel bars and links that are coated with durable paint. This is a major perk as it prevents damage to your bike frame. Also, its heavy-duty steel links will increase security. It will keep your bike safe and secure. What we really like about this model is its interesting anti-rattle mechanism. The mechanism will make your ride more pleasant and enjoyable as you won’t be disturbed by a noisy lock.

In what regards its dimensions, keep in mind that it measures 8 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches and weighs 3.68 oz. It unfolds to 90 cm and folds to a compact shape. This is a big plus, as it is easy to carry and not to heavy to use. It is also worth mentioning that it is waterproof. Its metal components are rust free with UV protected cover, so nothing will happen if you leave your bike out in the rain.

  • Weather-proof components
  • Easy to carry
  • Ultra protected rivets
  • Anti rattle mechanism
Take a look at the Foldylock Bike Lock. It is a heavy-duty lock engineered to secure your bike. It features a durable construction and a lot of other interesting features including an anti-rattle mechanism that will help you ride your bike in a quiet manner. The foldable shape of this lock allows you to store it inside the frame mounted case with ease. All in all, it is a nice option to consider when making a purchase.

3. ADeroace Bike Lock-Foldable

It should come as no surprise that we selected the ADeroace lock as one of the most secure bike lock available in the current market. With a compact shape and a multifunctional taillight design, the ADeroace lock is one of the safest models out there. As compared to other locks, this one is able to secure multiple bikes at the same time. More than that, it is suitable not only for bikes but also for ladders, fences, gates and other pieces of equipment.

Like the above competitors, it is waterproof and theft-proof. Its entire surface is sprayed with rubber lacquer to prevent scratches and other damages to the bike frame. It unfolds to 90 cm and after folding its size measures 5.7 by 2.4inch. Its foldable size is similar to the one of a smartphone. It is so small and lightweight that you can carry it into your pocket. Since it comes with 3 keys, you shouldn’t worry about unlocking.

  • Multipurpose lock
  • 3 keys
  • Strong construction
  • Waterproof design
The ADeroace Bike Lock-Foldable is another interesting option to make if you want to keep your bike well secured. It is a multipurpose lock that comes with 3 keys and a waterproof design. It is compact and very easy to transport. It folds and unfolds in seconds. Overall, it is a nice option to consider.

4. SIGTUNA Folding Lock

Secure your bike with this incredible model by SIGTUNA! We have chosen this folding lock as it is a great value for money. It is strong, durable and very easy to fold and unfold. It measures 7.5 x 1.6 x 2.2 inches and it unfolds to 60 cm. It features an ABS steel design with steel bars and housing. Plus, it has a durable locking cylinder. The bars which are made of alloy steel are connected to some special rivets.

The rivets are made to last and to provide protection from theft. Since it has a soft-touch coating, you can rest assured that nothing will happen with your bike’s paint. As we mentioned above, it is very easy to install and lock. Just try it once and you will see how easy to wrap around it is! More than that, if you want to lock your 2 bikes at the same time, it will provide you with the needed room for that. Also, remember that its small size allows for easy storage.

  • ABS steel design
  • Quality locking cylinder
  • 3-year warranty
  • Easy to lock
If you intend to purchase a look for your bike’s security, this can be exactly what you need. In terms of affordability and durability, it is the best model out there. Plus, it comes with 3 keys and not 2 like some of the above competitors and it has a 3-year warranty.

5. Trelock Bike Folding Lock

With a resistant construction and an In-X cylinder design, we are proud to present our next option. The Trelock Bike Folding Lock is a quality bike lock. It is very easy to transport and store. When unfolded it measures 35-inch. On the other hand, when folded, it is small, compact and can easily be carried inside your pocket.

This is a nice option if you want to secure your bike from thieves. In fact, a quality lock is a good way to secure your values, including your bikes. This is not a multipurpose lock, so you can use it for bikes only. However, it still is a good option to consider.

  • Cut resistant
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to lock
The folding lock by Trelock is specially made to secure your bikes. It is strong, cut resistant and has a compact size. More than that, it is easy to lock and transport. Due to its compact size, it can easily be stored in a carrying case or attached to the bike.

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